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Canon Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 5

MP170 (5b00) Ink Tank Full Error

MP170 (5b00) Ink Tank Full Error Reset

1,power off.

2,hold stop/reset ,hold ON/OFF

2,release stop/reset, push stop/reset twice, quickly, then release ON/OFF

3,wait untill LCD display shows "Canon Idle",then push stop/reset four times, quickly

4,then push power twice, quickly

5,power off and power on.
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Worked for me too :)

Can anyone confirm that the "ink waste tank" is in fact the two sponges that sit under the print heads? Or is there a proper "tank" underneath them somewhere?
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I have been trying all the options that are outlined to sort out an MP170 Waste Ink full/error 5b00 but with no success. Any ideas to help?
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I too had no luck with the instructions above so I tried modifying them in hopes of finding a solution for the same problem on possibly a different vintage MP170. I found a solution for my printer and it is almost exactly the same proceedure outlined above(Thank you for the instructions BTW, I know that the printer companies program these "errors" so that after a fixed number of print cycles you will need service. You can get the "fix" over the phone for a fee. I would have never been able to find my solution without the original instructions.) Here is what I did:

1,power off.

2,hold stop/reset ,hold ON/OFF

2,release stop/reset then release ON/OFF

3,wait untill LCD display shows "Canon Idle",then push stop/reset four times, quickly

4,then push ON/OFF twice, quickly

5,power off and power on.

As you can see, all I did was to eliminate the two quick presses on the stop/reset button from the second step 2 in the original instructions. This worked for me, GOOD LUCK! - DoctorD

Merci beaucoup, ça fonctionne chez moi.
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Thanks, whichever method, I tried both and after after a few times I think it is the first method. I finally done it. This works okay. Some tips. Be patient, Be very patient when it ask for wait until LCD display, it will come out AND when asked to press quickly, do so, if not you cannot power off at the last step.
Thanks again, it saves me a trip to the technician not mentioning the cost of repair.
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After some fiddling with the pads I have reset the counter using the first method, I had no problem doing so and had the printer working as normal after the first try. Thank you for sharing the information with all the other (home technicians) handymen from around the world. (Australia)
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Thank you so much for the person who posted the first method! THank you. Worked for me: Dec 26, 2008
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Wonderful instructions, worked first time for me. I am in awe of folk who can find these remedies to save us mere mortals a fortune. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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thanks to who ever posted it!
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Brilliant!!! Thank you!
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From Mexico.
This work in Canon i900D too. You solved my problem.
Thank you, very thank you

Si quieres quitar el error 5b00 de la canon 1900d haz este procedimiento y te olvidas de estar buscando el servico de canon

Muchas Gracias amigo anonymous
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Thank you from Bulgaria! I tried the first method and it works!
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First method worked for me too on the first attempt. Am glad as I'd just bought four new cartridges! Thank you
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how many time have to wait until shows "idle"....???
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Brilliant. Worked for me too. Now I have another problem. Printer keeps telling me I have a Paper Jam. But I can print test pages fine and paper goes through smoothly. In anger I kept pressing OK in response to the message and suddenly it burst into life and started printing. What is going on!
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Toimii! It Works! Fine, Thanks!
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just used the first one but after the power button stops blicking yet on screen nothing is show what should i do then.
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Thanks, worked a treat!

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