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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R340

Epson R340 CD/DVD tray problem

I started printing a DVD with the Epson Print CD program. The printer started sucking in the CD/DVD tray and after a few seconds and a bunch of clicks and whirls the tray shot out the back of the printer where it still remains.

I made the mistake of pulling the tray out the back (with the power on) of my old R340 but that killed the printer (Epson replaced it for me.) Needless to say I don't want to do that again.

If anyone can help me with this I would forever grateful!

Thank you,
Try lubricating the little switch on the right side of the drop-down tray platform. (A VERY brief shot of WD40 using the included spray straw, then wipe up any excess) The switch determines when the tray insertion is stopped at the beginning of CD printing. If it sticks, the tray goes to far in, and the job is botched. This fixed all of my problems with CDs with this otherwise great printer, and I've had my share. Now on my 4th similar Epson printer. (Though it doesn't sound like this is an issue, also ensure there is plenty of clearance behind the printer. If the tray even barely touches a hinderance, here come the error messages)

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I was installing the drivers to my Epson R340 and during the installing now I get an error message: "A Printer Error Occured - Please See Your Manual" The manual wants me to call Epson who wants me to send it in for repair. Since it is out of warranty they want a hefty fee. Do you know how I can reset the printer. I tried holding down the Stop - Setuo - Power buttons at the same time but it did not work. Can you help me?? Thanks, Vince - Anonymous
A million thanks for this solution,I was about to bin my printer until I read your fix. It worked brilliant and I am delighted.
Thanks again.
Jim - Anonymous
Hello rmac

Thank you very much for your hint.

I had to print 50 DVD's when I experienced this problem.

I was going to throw my printer out of the (opened) window when I had the idea of searching the web for similar problems.

Just a drop of electronic spray exactly on that little switch under the halfcircle plastic cover and IT WENT ON without any problem.

Once again thank's a lot from Luxemburg. YOU SAVED MY WORK !

[email protected] - Anonymous
Thanks for the info rmac! I will be sure to use it in the future if the problem rears its ugly head again.

It turns out that this was a one time problem (so far) and my son was able to reach behind the printer and gently pull the CD/DVD tray out the back. It wasn't stuck after all.

I am very impressed with this printer as well. It does a beautiful job printing on CDs, DVDs, Epson photo paper and inkjet paper.

Thanks again,
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Im also having a print problem when it comes to cd's. Id like to try the lubrication idea mentioned above but I dont know what switch the user is speaking of. Any way of posting a picture of this switch?
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The drop-down platform that the CD tray sits on has a switch on the right side. Can't miss it. It is under the gray half-circle plastic "roof" and has a black rounded nub on it that the tray initially touches when the tray is inserted in preparation for a CD print job. The cover and switch are 3/4" from the right index arrow mark. A flashlight will help. - rmac
Dude (or Dudette, as the case may be),
Your advice was SO right on. Oh, my gosh, I was so mad at my printer I was seriously considering throwing it out my upstairs window. The security bars stopped me, but I have other ways of dealing with balky computer peripherals.

At any rate, the WD40 (a staple in my house) worked PERFECTLY! Thank you so much for that bit of advice, you've saved me from needlessly buying another printer. Kudos to you and this site!
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Thanks Rmac! I was having this problem frequently with my Epson R340 CD/DVD tray and thought I needed a new printer. The CD tray keep sliding out the back or I kept getting an error with the CD tray. A little WD40 in that spot did the trick. Greatly appreciated! Many thanks.
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Worked for me too, thank you!
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Can somebody take a picture of the swith that i must lubricate?, because my english is not to good... and i don`t know wher is it! =S.. thanks for your help. SALUDOS DESDE NICARAGUA, TIERRA DE LAGOS Y VOLCANES!! ;)
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My tray problem is slightly different to all above. Wonder if anyone has a solution.
when i have loaded the tray into printer and click print the tray does not go in the printer at all all i get is a Error message on the display screen saying 'the cd/dvd tray is set incorrectly. reload the tray and press start to continue'.
Have tried all the solutions in threads above but stii no joy.
Normal printing is fine.
Any help would be appreciated
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If the printer is trying to ingest the CD tray, but not grabbing it, I would upgrade to the new style tray ( It has two sturdy rounded tabs at the insert end. The poorly designed original trays have the full width (fragile and slick) plastic lip. In addition, FORGET aligning the index marks! The back and forth indexing done by the optics that look at the white marks on the tray later (prior to any ink being sprayed) is what really counts. Simply push the CD tray in SNUGLY prior to hitting "Print". As the tray kicks OUT a fraction of an inch prior to the rollers attempting to pull the tray in (don't ask me why it does this), quickly nudge the tray BACK in till it is snug again. I even continue to provide a slight bit of push at this time to help out the somewhat weak roller system. I have a couple of Epson predecessors to the 340 that actually require this assist, or, like your issue, the rollers won't grab the tray at the beginning of the print process.

Good luck with your Epson! - rmac
I'm not sure exactly what the issue was with mine but I was receiving the same error message "The CD/DVD tray is not set correctly. Reload the tray and press Start to continue." I tried WD40 on the switch, and even on the two rollers but it didn't help. Eventually, I just tried wiggling the tray while providing a little forward pressure help it load and sure enough, SUCCESS! Apparently, the tray is getting stuck on something, causing it to reject the load. I have no idea what is causing the tray to get stuck but if nothing else in this forum helps, try fiddling with the cd/dvd tray. If I determine the exact cause I'll post again.

Good luck!
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My tray acts like it"sgoing to print, then it spits back out in the front of the printer.
Thank you
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Ensure there is sufficient clearance BEHIND the printer. If you'll watch the print process, the CD tray protrudes quite a bit out the back of the printer during printing setup (all that monkey motion prior to any ink being applied), and if the tray even barely touches anything (wall, desk back, etc.), the print job will be rejected, along with the tray.

Hope this helps. - rmac
can some one help me i put the dvd in the tray ready to print but the printer is only printing on one bottom left hand side of the dvd (as you look on top of the printer)

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I've got an Epson Artisan 50. I've used it for the last 6 months or so. Before today I've had no problem printing on DVDs. Today I'm getting the message:

The Source selected in the printer driver is not appropriate for the CD/DVD tray that is loaded in the printer. To print on sheets of paper, first remove the CD/DVD tray. Manually set the front tray in the lower paper position. Load paper into the selected source, then resume printing.

It's like it's not reading that the DVD tray is even there. When I move the tray up, I can hear the printer adjusting, but when I put the DVD tray in, nothing.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm getting the same error message:

"The Source selected in the printer driver is not appropriate for the CD/DVD tray that is loaded in the printer. To print on sheets of paper, first remove the CD/DVD tray. Set the front tray to the paper position by pulling up the tray lever. Load paper into the selected source, then resume printing."

Any luck? I'm in Japan and have the PM820A model.

Thanks! - unknown
After Printing 600 CD's the White Alignment Square was worn OFF preventing the printer from detecting the CD/DVD tray correctly. You can order a replacement CD/DVD tray from one of Epson parts distributors. Provide the following Part number:

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does anyone know if a cd dvd printer tray is available for my epson stylus photo 1280? i have checked ebay, contacted some of the sellers of trays and have heard nothing yet. any help?

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Sorry, according to your printer's Reference Guide your printer doesn't have that capability.
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I've since learned that if you clean the small white portion of this tray with alcohol-based cleaner, it seems to fix the issue.

I guess the white portion is used to communicate with the printer and if it's dirty (mine had some ink on it), it can cause this error.

Mine has worked with no problems since cleaning!
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Wanted to thank everyone for this solution, cleaning the switch did the trick, I almost threw the printer out. Thanks so much.
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