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asked Feb 23, 2007 at 12:58pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo Stylus Photo

Epson Stylus PHOTO RX630

Print head will not move from "park" position.
Error message reads "Service required. Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life.
See your printer's documentation for details.
(No mention of this in documentation )
Solution given: Contact youy dealer.
Can anybody tell me how to get print head to move???.
Your model may not be included so look for 'unsupported model' or try the nearest model number in this:-

Go here to download the reset utility, remember to select English or you may get it in Russian:-

Then in your toolbar RIGHT CLICK on the SSC Service Utility and select SHOW MAIN WINDOW. With your printer online to your PC, select from there your printer in BOTH boxes, that is in the main list and also "installed printers".
Close the window, RIGHT CLICK again on the icon and select "Protection Counter", "Show current value".
You will then see both the maximum count allowed and the count of your printer, which at "full" will be very near to or just over that count.
Click OK to exit and then select "Protection Counter" again but this time "Reset Counter Protection".
Click it to set to zero.
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I have downlaoded the program
when I get to check the counter
it says that an error saying printer maybe off
the printer screen has the error still on it
am i doing something wrong? - Anonymous
Thank you David. Printer now works perfectly. Can't thank you enough.
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please me how to reset my stylus photo rx630 printer.....thanks for in advance.....
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tq! - Anonymous
hh - Anonymous
the easy way is to turn off your printer,,,,open the cover,,,,at the left side of the printer head you can see the lock...the white one,,,push it back with your pen,,,then,slightly slide your printer head to the left....,,,,,....gud luck..
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Is there any software to download that will allow scanning even if printer cartridges are low. This is such a stupid "feature" I would not recommmend this printer to anybody.

Epson do mention this fact in a vague way in their printer specs:

"When an ink cartridge needs replacing, you cannot continue copying or printing even if the other cartridges do not need replacing."

This always happens at night when no shops are open and we have urgent scanning and spare cartridges for every colour EXCEPT THE EMPTY ONE!!!
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Hi. I am writing this on behalf of my friend Cheryl who can't (and I can't either) figure out how tp print in black ink only on thi printer. The help menu tell you to click on "black ink only" but we can't find this option on the print dialog box(es).

I am sure it's so simple can someone advise, please.

Thank: Ross
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You can't. Ink jet printers use composite black most of the time. Composite black is made up from the other colors.
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thank you so much i had the same error as above stating part needs replaced. stumbled on this thread and am so happy i did. your wonderful thank you.
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I have tried numerous times toclean the BLACK nozzle... all other colours are good. Obviously I am using ink every time but I cant correct the black.
Is there a way I can manually clean this one nozzle?

Help would be greatly appreciated (before I scrap Epson forever)
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Please advise if paint Magenta TO633 is suitable for my ES Photo RX630 printer?

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