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Epson Epson Stylus Color 777

Epson paper load error

Epson stylus color 777. After clearing paper jam, constant noises and "paper not loaded correctly" error. When pulling paper out (backwards) to clear jam, heard gears clashing. Is someting now out of alignment or sync? Any ideas on how to realign?
We had that problem. A local shop fixed it for $40, and told us NEVER to pull paper out backwards, as it will dislodge a spring.

Unfortunately they didn't tell us what to do when the paper jams again, and there is no other way to get the @#$\%& paper out.

I too am now looking to find out how to fix it myself.
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Same thing just happened to my 777, and here's the miracle of how I (accidentally) fixed it. First, some paper jammed. My wife yanked it out. The printer freaked. When we turned the printer on, it acted normal for the first 4-5 seconds, until the carriage went all the way over to the right. Then it sounded like either a) it was shifting gears without the clutch, or b) somebody was being electrocuted inside the printer. A terrible grinding sound that lasted 3-5 seconds. I worried that the knockoff cartridges I bought on the internet 2 months ago had caused damage, but now I don't think so. After the grinding sounds, just silence and the red middle light stayed on.
I took off the cover and looked all around and all I could see was a little ink that had gotten onto the pad (I wond I phoned Epson tech support, and before they charged me $9.95, I turned the printer on and let the tech listen. She immediately said something was jammed in there or maybe a gear was stripped or maybe the printhead was jammed. She recommended I buy the C-60 for $60. I read a few posts on this site (some regarding the 740) which recommended "resetting" or something like that, by holding down the two buttons simultaneously, then turning on the power button. I did this, and continued holding the other two buttons down for about 20 seconds, then I released them.
This time the carriage came all the way to the right and didn't grind. I have no idea why. Also, I did notice that one of the springs thingy's that hold the top roller was loose, but I might have done that myself in all my rummaging around.

Anyway, good luck to everyone!
- Dave
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My Epson 777 tells the computer that it has a paper jam, even though no paper is there. It will not print. Paper will occasionally feed, but usually not. Tech support says take it to a shop, where the repair cost is more than the machine is worth. Any suggestions...anyone?
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My Epson 777 tells the computer that it has a paper jam, even though no paper is there. It will not print. Paper will occasionally feed, but usually not. Tech support says take it to a shop, where the repair cost is more than the machine is worth. Any suggestions...anyone?
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Larry, like a lot of us, you're in a messed up situation with this printer. So, what's the harm in taking the cover off and poking around inside? It's busted anyway, and you may spot something that doesn't look right (like a tiny spring hanging loose near the gears that feed the paper). My advise is to get comfortable, get a flashlight, remove the cover, and turn the gears that feed the paper supply with your fingers.
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A possible fix. Go through the maintenance check and if the paper feeds check the chips on the ink cartridges. I found a slightly loose chip and when I cleaned it up and pushed it back in place
the paper jam messages disappeared and it started printing ok.
I got some clues from www.qb7.com which suggested
a possible dirty contact or ink cartridge chip.
had some steps on doing the maintenance check.
Basically you unplug the USB. push the on/off button off. Then hold down the maintenance button.
Press and release the power button, until the power light flashes then release the maint button.
It should then print a page with rom # ink count , and nozzle check pattern.
If it feeds and prints, the problem could be in the cartridge chips, software, or cable.
In my case it was the chip.
Other alternatives could be replace the cartridges or replace the chip from a good cartridge.
Good Luck

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I'm searching this board with the same problem with an Epson 850. I have a service manual but it isn't much help for this kind of diagnosis. I will need to check the gears and check for loose spring as mentioned.
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I have an EPson Stylus Color 850 for three years now and have given me satisfaction. Unfortunately while I was printing, my kid pull out the paper while I was away.

Now when I try to print, the paper feed roll but jammed an inch inside but the printing continues with out the paper which is jammed. When I pull it out, the printing stopped.

Can any body help other than refer me to a repair shop?
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I have an Epson ActionLaser 1100 that continually misfeeds paper. I would very much appreciate any suggestions - - - Thank you.
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HERES SOME "GENERAL INFORMATION" THAT MIGHT HELP YOU. SORRY ITS LONG AND IN-DETAIL, SO THERES A LOT TO READ...ON MOST EPSON INK JET STYLE PRINTERS, WHEN YOU HAVE HAD A BAD JAM, REMOVED IT, ARE NOW GETTING A CONSTANT JAM CONDITION, OR A STRANGE NOISE, CHECK OUT THIS GENERAL INFORMATION: Usually problems occur when a customer has a really bad jam and has forcefully pulled/yanked out the jam, or a stack of paper that was pulled-in and jammed. If the jammed paper/papers were pulled out towards the front of the printer, or pulled the wrong direction [towards the rear/back], thats when a part can be unhooked/unseated, or even damaged...When you hear a loud noise and the "Print Cartridge Holder Assy" does not return to the normal "Home Position" [far right side], its usually because a part/lever/arm on the "Cleaning Station Assy" has been unseated, or otherwise out of place. With the printer turned off and unplugged you should remove the top cover, so you can visually try and see the actual problem. With the cover off, the print cartridge holder assy will normally be in its unlocked position already. If its not in its unlocked position, then your problem is probably different. If unlocked, you can manually slide the print cartridge holder assy back-n-forth [left to right]. If the assy runs into something before it gets all the way back to the home position, then you found your problem. Most of the time the part it runs into, is a small lever/arm, or other piece of the cleaning station assy. This part was probably popped out of place as the bad jam was forcefully removed. If you carefully push down on the lever/arm [if that is your problem found], it will go back into its correct position. If it is a different part, you will have to try to figure out where it came from and how it goes back on/in [good luck]...THE WORSE PROBLEM: When paper is pulled to the rear/backwards, it usually unseats the arm on the "Paper Jam Sensor Assy". As paper passes thru the printer, it causes a black plastic arm [with a spring attached] to fall forward. As the trail edge of the paper leaves the plastic arm, the spring causes it to pop back into its upright normal position. When the arm stays down, the sensor is not activated and the printer thinks there is a paper jam [even though you can not see any paper in the paper path]. If the arm is pulled out of its normal position [unhooked at its pivot points], then it causes a constant jam condition. You would probably have to remove the printers top cover to be able to shine a flashlight in to possibly see the arm of the paper jam sensor. Most of the time you will have to carefully, partially remove the plastic "Paper Holder Assy" [usually 2 screws] far enough, to be able to fully see and reinstall the arm assy into its pivot points/holder assy. TURN THE PRINTER AROUND TO DISASSEMBLE AND PARTIALLY REMOVE THE PAPER HOLDER ASSY. WATCHING NOW FROM THE REAR SIDE, CLOSELY OBSERVE how the paper holder assy comes out/slides out, esp on the LEFT SIDE. The right side is just held in by a screw, but the left side [also held in by one screw] is also positioned under and slightly into the paper feed clutch/motor assy. You don't need to fully remove the left end of the paper holder assy to be able to see and reconnect the sensor's arm and spring. You do need to be able to reinstall the left end back under/into that clutch assy, or paper won't feed-in correctly. Once the sensor's arm is correctly positioned, then slowly and carefully reassemble everything, except leave the cover off for testing. Plug-in and turn-on the printer, but don't load any paper yet. If no immediate jam indicator comes on [once the printer is turned back on], it usually indicates the sensor assy is working normally now. Now load paper as normal [with the top still off] and if no "Error Lights/LED's" come on, push the paper/resume button to feed in paper part way [as normal]. Push the same button a second time to finish feeding the paper thru the printer. If successfull, run the same test several times, just to be sure. you'll have to start over on the reassembly/reinstallation of . Go slow and check every thing/every step very closely, so you can put it back together again. If the sensor's arm was not broken, or damaged [ and its normally just unhooked]...
TIPS FOR REMOVING BAD JAMS: SORRY, no easy way to remove a large group of paper, once the jam has occurred. The only way, witout major disassembly, is to actually pull the paper backwards, hopefully by grabbing one sheet at a time and pulling that one sheet towards the rear. Even then its hard to remove just one piece at a time without it tearing, but you'll have to try. If one sheet at a time can't be removed, try removing several sheets at a time. Sometimes you'll have better luck if you go to the center of the stack and try removing a few sheets at a time. As paper is fairly slick, it will usually slide out between other sheets of paper easier than when the paper is against a hard/rough roller, or even plastic, or metal... AS A LAST RESORT: You'll have to try removing the entire group/stack at one time by pulling/yanking it backwards. REMEMBER, AFTER REMOVAL, BY PULLING/YANKING THE PAPER OUT: this is usually the method that caused your previously described problems...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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