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asked Oct 27, 2006 at 8:06pm
Hp HP DeskJet 1100

HP business inkjet 1100 "printhead obstruction"

Help! I am getting a "printhead is obstructed" error code. It all started with a "paper jam" error. The paper wasn't jammed it just stopped printing. After I ejected the paper, I got the printhead error code. The power light and the paper feed light are blinking. The printhead moves to the left and then back to the right when powered up, so it doesn't seem to be obstructed. I've tried re-booting, holding the power button in when turning it on, smacking it on the side, and talking nicely to it and nothing works.
Can anyone help me? I love this printer and hate to see it go!
HP and other Carriage Operation.

I'm attempting to make this generic, so I'm avoiding saying left side or right side so that this write up can be used to understand more than one printer, HP DeskJet printers, and DesignJet plotters work with the same basic timing mechanism for the print heads. Some HP printers may have a use a different style service station, but most of this document will apply to them too.

I'll start by explaining some of the components you need to understand to troubleshoot the carriage system.

The Carriage is the thing the cartridges are mounted in, it slides on the carriage rail, the bushings in most newer carriages are made of plastic, (or maybe it would actually be called a polymer, or composite material). The bushings are the pieces that wrap around the carriage rail.

The carriage rail is a shiny round rod that the carriage rides on, it is driven across the rod by the carriage belt, by the carriage motor, at the opposite end of the belt there is an idler pulley, in a DeskJet printer that idler pulley is often called the "Turnaround Assembly".

In a HP printer the device where the carriage parks, (sits at), when the machine is not printing is called the service station, it is responsible for cleaning the print heads, and for capping the heads when you are not printing, (so they won't dry up). The bottom of the service station is the "Spittoon Base", ink is spayed into the base before printing to prime the heads, there is an absorbent pad in the base to soak up the ink. Note that the pad does not always soak up all the ink, so if you tilt an HP printer you can spill the ink out of the service station, (especially if it is a heavily used printer). The piece that moves back and forth in the service station is the "Sled", it was wipers to clean the heads on it, and the caps that keep the heads from drying out are also part of this assembly. The sled is moved back and forth before the carriage leaves the service statio to wipe the heads, this happens after the heads are primed, then the carriage is moved off the service station and the sled is again moved back and forth to clean the wipers.

The encoder strip is a plastic timing fence that looks clear at first glance, but has black lines painted on it. The strip is threaded through an optical sensor on the back of the carriage.

When the printer initializes the carriage has to leave the service station, or, if the machine was powered off when the carriage was somewhere else, whatever spot it is sitting in, and travel the way to the other side of the printer, and then return to it's home position which is the service station.

When the carriage reaches the side of the printer away from the service station it sets that as a reference, then it counts lines on the encoder strip as it travels home, if it doesn't see enough lines before it gets all the way to the other side and can't move any more then the printer decides the carriage must have something blocking it.

Sometimes a service station will fail in a way where the sled does not retract fully, if that failure happens when the carriage is parked then the carriage will usually not be able to leave the service station. If the service station binds when the carriage is off of the station, then the station may not be able to move all the way to that side, and will detect a carriage jam. When the service station binds you might hear a grinding noise as it's motor tries to drive the sled back and forth.

If the encoder strip is dirty the printer may not see all the lines and detect an error, often when the strip is dirty the carriage will move too fast and slam to one side of the printer.

I use water to clean the encoder strips in HP printers, water works well on water based inks, if your printer uses ink with another base you might use alcohol, but "ONLY" if the ink is not water based.

One end of the encoder strip is attached to a spring mount, if you wipe the strip starting at the end that is attached to the frame, and wipe only towards the spring mount, then the strip will stay attached to the printer.

A dry carriage rail will cause the carriage to bind, if the carriage does not move fast enough a carriage jam will be detected. Some newer HP printers use grease on the carriage rail, many models use a liquid lubricant, Use "ONLY" light synthetic or silicone based lubricants on printers that use a liquid lubricant, Petroleoum based products may melt the plastic bushings and ruin the carriage. (YES, Petroleoum based means WD-40)

To really confuse things some HP printers have a timing disc on the service station, and if the service station binds, or the timing sensor fails they report a carriage jam, but as far as I've seen that jam always occurs before the carriage moves.

Now that you know the names of the parts you can search the forums for more information.

You can get a synthetic lubricant to use on the carriage rail at:

Here's a link to diagrams for a HP DeskJet 970 Cxi, the parts are very similar to those in many other HP ink jet printers:

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Thanks so much ST. It is good to get the theory behind things.

I am struggling to get my 7140 working again. I have had many issues in last year. This time the service station needed cleaning again. But, after doing so the sled moved a little but never fully capped or cleaned the heads. Also the carriage enters the service station area and just keep intermittently spraying ink from all four heads and never stops. I am about to replace the motor in the service station (I have 2 on order) hoping this will fix it but I think there is a more sinister problem (see below).

I also have a broken stop tab on the bottom rear of the service station sled (like someone describes in another post). I will need to fix that somehow too I suppose.

But right now I am very concerned that after I replace the motor and stop tab that there is still something else wrong. It pertains to the little PC board along the edge of the service/capping station. It has a very large gold contact on it that gets wiped by a white arm whenever the service station caps and uncaps the heads. This white arm was the culprit in my first problem 9 months ago when it got stuck out (in ink goo) in the extended position. Its own return spring could not pull it back/loose, so the arm trapped the carriage in the station making horrific sounds.

My question is: What is the "big gold contact" for on this thin PC board? Nothing on my printer ever comes in "contact" with it. The gold contact is connected to some circuitry on the PC board that is connected to the motor wiring harness. I am concerned that I am missing a metal wiper piece on the carriage that is supposed to come in contact with this big gold contact when the carriage is fully in the station. Do you know what the thin PC board does on the edge of the service/capping station and why there is a big gold contact on it? On my printer this contact is wiped clean but never seemingly used for anything? Surely the contact and the associated circuitry on the PC board must have some purpose! Your help would be appreciated. I think it will lead to finding out I have yet another problem to fix (perhaps a missing piece) on my printer!

Peter - PearlsnParagons
I just wanted to say thanks. my printer just needed to be cleaned. I was so upset after my hp chatter suggested that I spend $179.00 for a new printer when this is less than a year old. Thanks for what you do. Ebony - unknown
your information is excellent, solved my problem. Searched the internet, did what HP sight said..., hit your information off of Viewzi and all is well again. encoder strip cleaned left to right (towards spring) until Q-tips were clean and it runs great!

thank you, no more carriage jam - Anonymous

Thank You so much for this valuable information.

My husband and I have been troubleshooting a paper jam, carriage jam & no color cartridge identified for the past 2 days on our HP 6210 all-in-one. Tried several #3 reboots and no joy.

I even called up HP for help - what a waste of time that was. I had no service contract and just wanted to know if there was a way to fax a document with all these other problems going on. They wanted me to sign up for a 2 wk service contract for $65 just to answer my question. We were on the verge of purchasing a new printer when I figured I'd check out some of the forums and stumbled across this article.

I enjoyed how easily you explained each of the internal printer parts and what to do. I started cleaning what I think is the encoder strip (tiny strip with bumps) but that did not help the situation. Cleaned head at service station- lots of junk on color cartridge side - no joy. I asked my husband if he had any silicon spray to spray on the carriage rail. He was very skepticle & did not think it would work.

The silicon spray on carriage rail "did the trick".

Thanks again. Now there is no reason to go to the re-cycle center. Your truly a printer saver. - Anonymous

You're the man! Just one small one line hint from you led me to my solution.

I was getting a Carriage jammed error and like most I thought it may have been paper and had no idea that Carriage jams are not the same as paper jams even after working for 15 years in the IT world!

That one clue and I opened up the carriage door and performed certain actions that made the carraige moge and guess what.. there was for some reason a hair band on the rail right where the carriage rests after a print! That was causing the jam. Removed the band and wallah!

And before reading your post, I was one step away from buying a new printer! I just thought I'd google one last time to see if I could find a fix online and read your response to this user!

Joe - joe.dsouza
Your welcome!

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your advice works but after printing like one or two things it stops working :( - erik12456
I had already cleaned the encoder strip and the carriage rail. This is a heavily used printer so there was a pretty thick coat of sticky ink on both. That hadn't helped but I got some silicone lubricant and oiled the rail, gave the encoder strip another cleaning and IT WORKS!!!
This has been the best printer I've had. I had purchased the HP Officejet Pro K550 to replace the 1100 but I still prefer my old 1100.
I can't thank you enough.
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I have an hp business inkjet 1100. All the lights blink on it when the printer is cut on. There is no sound in the printer like it use to be when it was cut on. I have changed the print heads and the ink. Do you have any ideas for me to try.

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Check it right here -
Good Luck,
by Ypshec on Dec 18, 2006 at 10:46am Add comment
Had similar problem. Tried to use the printer's clean print head service but nothing. On-line help suggested cleaning the print heads with a soft, lint-free cloth. Removed head head, wiped connections and reinstalled. Printer worked.
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My printer does a perfect test print when I hold down resume button.
When instructed to print by pc it prints first line and then jams with all lights on. It recently printed fine. All carts have ink and are in date.
by keys27 on Apr 13, 2007 at 7:32am Add comment
I was getting black ink light so I replaced getting cyan light? Will this machine not print (even black)if one of the tank lights is on?
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I had the same problem with carriage jam being reported. I fixed it using the information in this thread, just posting here from my experience hoping that someone can use it:

My carriage was stuck in the service station. At initialization, the carriage was rocking back and forth 1 mm or so, so the printer was trying to move it but without success. I tried all simple tips given in this thread and others, but there was no way to move the carriage at all.

I started to take the printer apart as described by fatrcat in (my model is HP 6110, but overall things were pretty close). Did not need to go all the way because my service station motor was ok. I stopped disassembly as soon as I could reach inside the service station and clean up the gunk.

Put it back together in 10 minutes and it now prints beautifully.

Thanks all for the terrific job you're doing here.
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octav 1,... I have a HP 6210xi which has got to be much closer to your 6110 than the details from fatrcat, but his pictures are great. Can you give me any advice as to how to get the covers off. They don't seem to follow the 7130 that much. I have to get at the document feed wheels as my unit is getting a paper jam as soon as it powers on and wants to start an initial test. I believe there is a reset of #3 before the power is plugged in so I will try that to get it to stop feeding paper right away.
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Help - been trying to install the HP Inkjet 1100 to my computer running XP and it installs, etc but Will not print - nothing no test page - says its online and get no errors but won't print - any ideas?
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Try these things in order.

Make sure that the printer cable is connected solidly on both ends.

Go to the Control Panel, then Printers and Faxes and click on the printer icon. If there are print jobs pending delete them and try printing again.

Go to this web page for some possible causes.

If problems continue uninstall the driver and download the latest version. Also take note of the firmware upgrade that HP has made available.
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I am getting a carriage jam message. I tried cleaning print heads, put lubricant on carriage, turned off printer, unplugged printer, and then restarted it. I still get the same message. Is there any thing else to do? Please let me know.

Thanks, Deb R
by DEB R on Dec 21, 2007 at 8:44pm Add comment
You should have posted on a thread that discusses your printer model.

Assuming the carriage is being released by the service station, and the carriage rod needs to be lubricated, the wrong lubricant will make the problem worse. Clean the carriage rod with alcohol and use Lubriplate Aero, available online.
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Thank you, ST, for your explanation and suggestions re the carriage system of HP printers. I have an HP Officejet 6210xi that, last week, began reporting "carriage jam" messages and would not respond to print commands.

Following your recommendations, I cleaned the encoder strips with moistened cotton swabs, removing quite a lot of ink -- and the printer now works again.

I initially went to HP's troubleshooting site, and although there's a reference to carriage jams on the troubleshooting menu, HP offers customers no suggestions for remedying the problem.
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I have a printer 1100 HP Laserjet. But it has a problem showing all the Lights infront are all on.

When i switch it ON it does not fully initialise but just displays All the lights. I cannot print test page either.

Anybody with an idea please help

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I use my HP Officejet 6210 All-in-One to send faxes about twice a day and sometimes for scanning (I receive my faxes elsewhere). I've had it for two years and only used 2 black cartridges and one color cartridge, to date. It is not used much for printing as it’s slow and the ink is expensive (I use a laser printer for printing). On many occasions, I have received a "Carriage jam" message with a flashing orange exclamation point light. When this occurred, I usually removed and then reapplied power with the "#" and "3" (or "6" or "9") buttons pressed. This used to work (once or twice a month), but now it won’t clear the error message. Per your information, I have wiped the encoder strip on both sides with a moist/wet tissue to remove dirt or ink. The tissue came out with only a slight gray amount of dirt on it and subsequent wipes are clean. When the carriage moves, it moves smoothly and there's a light lubricant on the rail (the rail looks shiny - not tarnished). When I press the OK button to clear the "Jam" the process is as follows:
1. The carriage moves to the left to exit the docking station by first banging a "stop".
2. It then tries again, seems to retract the "stop" and then smoothly moves all the way to the left end, moves to the right 3/4 of an inch, and runs the paper rollers; I suppose to eject paper (no paper is present).
3. It then moves left-right 3/4 of an inch 3-4 times, banging at the left end and then smoothly moves to the right end.
4. At the right end docking station, it does a smooth, controlled pause, jogs to the left 1/4 inch, runs the rollers forward for a second, moves to the right end, stops momentarily runs the rollers in reverse for a half second and heads for the left end of the rail.
5. At the left end, the carriage moves left-right 3/4 of an inch 2 times, then exits to the right end docking station.
6. At the right end docking station, it seems to do a controlled stop, a controlled left shift, a controlled right shift, and then bangs left-right around by the stop a few times and reports a carriage jam. (Perhaps it’s failing while trying to cap the heads unsuccessfully). Yesterday I removed some gummy dried ink from 2 of the 10 vertical rubber flaps and from a top-mounted “brush,” and now they are all clean. It looks like the sled that holds rubber flaps does not move into appropriate wiping/sealing positions… it’ll end up resting towards the front of the machine, not under the heads. It also looks like it’s sometimes in the travel path upon the carriage return to the docking station. I my real problem is that I can’t use this 6210 to send faxes (or scan) once the error message starts flashing, and faxing/scanning is what it’s really there for. Have you got any suggestions?
BIG NEWS – I think I may have fixed it. First I used a Torx T10-75 tool to remove two screws that hold gray plastic pieces to the rear hinges. With those gray plastic pieces removed, I could lift the top all the way open (otherwise it only opens about 4 inches and it’s hard to access anything). I then removed the interior top cover plate to provide further access. I gently and thoroughly cleaned the "encoder strip" with a water moistened lint-free lens wiping cloth. I also used an alcohol moistened lint-free lens wiping cloth and then, finally a dry one. Although now spotlessly clean, it still showed a carriage jam, even after a #9 reset. I figured there was an opto-emitter and sensor in the head that can read the strip’s bars, and that it could be dirty or somehow obstructed. Since I didn’t know how to open the head, I decided on another plan. I have a shop-vac (a powerful vacuum) with a crevice tool that can place a very large amount of air suction (and air flow) at the areas where the strip runs through the head; there are two small rectangular openings with soft brushes/wipers, one on either side of the head. I spent a minute applying the suction in both areas; and would you believe it… the darn thing now works perfectly [but only after I removed and then reapplied power with the "#" and "9" buttons pressed, in order to provide a full reset)]. I probably could have used a 3 or a 6 (instead of 9) to reset it: 3 is a small partial reset, 6 resets more and 9 resets all. I hope this is useful to others – HP never told me how to clean any of this, even though I spoke to them at least 20 times. Maybe it was a pet hair or particle of dirt blocking the internal sensor, I don’t really know. Thanks to all, I hope this 6210 stays fixed.
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Wonderful !!!!! I hope it works for months or a year before you have to do that again. The banging is from the print head eye not being able to see all the bars on the encoder strip properly & the head does not know where the edge is & bangs into it. I have tried to fix many of these & have had luck with only a few. I think I have 3 or 4 sitting in the shop for parts. I'll try your method on them & may have some good printers to sell cheap to customers with a dead one or something.
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Re: HP Officejet 6210 - Have you ever taken the print head carriage apart? Do you know if it's disassemblable? How much room or clearance (gap) is there for the encoder strip to pass through? Could we thread a piece of blotter paper or other material (possibly moistened to remove ink) through and use it to wipe or lightly burnish any dirty surfaces of the emitter and receiver? Do you know if it's a smooth surface in there or are there edges that will pick up more material as a "cleaning strip" is passed through? (Note: I hear the HP Officejet 6310 has these same unresolved problems - check out the HP site (and Yahoo/Google) under "encoder strip" and "carriage jam." - CHART
Hi - mine is an HP5610 which occasionally has carriage jams, so I will clean. My problem is a little different:

at one point the carriage jammed in the middle, and I tried to "force" it a little. (I know - bad thing to try - but of course I was in a hurry and needed the print) I felt the sled sort of "jump up" a slot along the bar, and quickly Clicked it back down to it's original spot. I've obvioulsly created a mechanical error, for when I photocopy - I get a "ghost" of the image, as if some parts print about a cm over. When printing from the computer on fast draft, if I have a column about every third line shifts over about a cm, and/or the top half of a line of words is shifted from the bottom half - making the words difficult to read. Any suggestions? I too really like this printer and would hate to see it's passing.
Thanks - Toby
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Have you tried a full calibration/alignment (in your tools menu).

As far as my previous post.... It seems the gold contact on the PC board on the edge of the service station is most likely a capacitively operated sensor. When the carriage passes over it, it changes the capacitance of plate relative to ground and this is detectable by the circuit on the board. So it is simply a way of monitoring the position of the carriage, or that it has passed into or out of the station.

I don't love this explanation as I can think of several MUCH simpler, more reliable and less costly ways to do this that would not have made it susceptible to all the ink mess and therefore needing a mechanical wiper to wipe and clean, which in turn complicated the whole mechanical design of the cleaning station considerably....

So I think there is more to this sensor and what it does. However, it is the best explanation I have found so far. Thanks to David at for finding someone at HP to interpret the schematics and give us some insight into the purpose of this printed circuit board and the mysterious gold plate/contact. Go to David's website for some great info and insight and pictures on how to disassemble the 7000 series printers. Really great stuff.

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Paper Jam issue:
The printer will start the print job just fine, until the very end. After it is done printing, it does not spit the page out quite far enough to drop to the tray. Because it is still sitting there at the end, the printer thinks there is a paper jam in the way. Once I take the paper out of the way I have to reboot the printer to clear the paper jam error. Any suggestions or thoughts on what is not working correctly to not eject the paper??
by jmmac04 on Apr 8, 2008 at 1:25pm Add comment
I had the exact same problem this month. It occured right after a bad paper jam, which I have had very few paper jams. My printer would not use the duplexer and the light would flash that a paper jam had occurred. So, I switched off automatic duplexing and got the same result as you, it would print the job with the last page like yours and the jam light flashing. I looked and searched the hp site and this one as well. I saw your problem but nothing else. Eventually I did another search on MSN and got a link to HP for a false paper jam issue with the HP Business inkjet 1100 and 2600 series and CP1700. This is the link to the trouble shooting link for the problem: And this link is the page with the false paper jam issue: The page with the false paper jam issue shows a picture of the front cover open and where the paper sensor is. The sensor is on the right side when looking into the front cover with a red and black wire going to it in the area above the rollers. All that I had to do was snap the paper sensor carefully back into place, because the paper jam had popped one side of it loose. I tested the paper sensor opperation like they suggested by inserting a page from behind with the duplexer out and no response. I could see that the sensor was lifted on one side and not locked down, so I gently pushed it down until it snapped into place. I tested again with the piece of paper and the lever worked up and down on the sensor. Once popped back into place the printer worked perfectly again. As a note about HP help, there techs won't chat with you in a chat session if your product is out warranty unless you pay $25 for more coverage. I was not about to pay them any money for something that they might not be able to help with anyway, but what is more frustrating is that they could have helped with this and did not when I told them what the problem was. This is how company can easily lose it's costumer base (ARE YOU HEARING THIS HP) and I have been very satisfied with this and other HP printers I have owned. - Anonymous
My Inkjet suddenly stopped printing paper. It has the orange (not available sign), on the paper despite the paper stack being full as it is. Does anyone have any suggestions that could aid me in fixing this problem?
by unknown on Apr 8, 2008 at 3:07pm Add comment
All Colour, Black/Photo and resume lights on my printer are flashing red. And a "E" is displayed beside the start copy instruction. I have just recently changed my ink cartridges. The carriage also bangs into the side of the printer sometimes. I cannot print.

anybody, somebody. Any ideas.
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The attention lights on my hp deskjet f4180 pinter are flashing red.
The carriage bangs into the side of the printer and i cannot print. the printer also displays a "E" suggesting that it is out of paper, even when there is paper in the printer.
by chris1 on Apr 14, 2008 at 9:50am Add comment
past two weeks after trying all suggestions found for paper jam. opening printer cleaning encoder strip. Lubricating Rod still same issue.

Went back to basics found my original install cd read the alarms portion for SOLID paper jam light And Solid black ink light. Out of black ink will not print until replaced! confirmed with the the reinstalled toolbox Dry Sahara style.

Both of these Blinking will allow printing if reseted so thats why i will lift lid and could continue.

Bought black and running like a champ Viva my 1100!!
4 years 8 months 28 days and counting ! and super clean now
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Hi, I have a HP business inkjet 1100 with a few problems and any help would be appreciated.
a) After installing a ner printhead, the printer not spits out a blank page after every print job. No software settings have been changed and it started doing it straight after changing the printhead. Put the old one back to no avail.
b) The printer won't grab from the lower paper tray and taked everything from the top. If I hold the paper in the top tray it takes it from the bottom but this is not ideal. Software is setup right, and it does sound like its trying to grab from the bottom.
Any help would be great. I love this printer.
by pbu50w on Aug 28, 2008 at 5:20am Add comment

I, too, have one of HP's great HP Business Inkjet 1100 printers. Have been using for a couple of years with zero problems at all. However, after having in storage for about 9 weeks (military reassignment) I have had some issues. First, when unpacked and installed, it printed nothing but blanks.

Replaced the ink cartridges and was able to print all but yellow. HP Utilities indicate that both the cartidges and printheads are good, but running the cleaning routine results in everything, but yellow, working great.

Any suggestions on next steps? Thought about replacing the yellow printhead, but wasn't sure based on the utility indicating all is supposedly well.

Thanks, in advance, and have a HOOAH day!

by unknown on Sep 4, 2008 at 9:30am Add comment
The ink in the yellow printhead has probably dried out blocking the nozzles.

Sit it in a 1/4 inch deep saucer of hot water for a few minutes, the same way up as it sits in the printer.

Wipe with an absorbant cloth.

Repeat if it doesn't work the first time.

If this doesn't work, replace the printhead.

by mcprinter on Sep 4, 2008 at 11:57am Add comment
okay, not so fast. now, I'm thinking my hp 5610's print heads are clogged, however, I cannot even find the screws to get this thing apart. everyone has been helpful, but I'm thinking that my screws are just in a different place. does anyone know how to clean the print heads on a hp 5610 all in one? no one ever told me printers would be this much trouble...
by unknown on Sep 8, 2008 at 6:39am Add comment
My husband refilled my ink cartridge which he has done successfully for several years. This time the yellow leaked. I called HP and they said to clean it with a swab and water. I have done that and I cannot get my printer to recognize the new HP ink cartridge. Is there anything I should be doing other than what HP said to do to clean it?
by shortgirl on Jan 3, 2009 at 7:07am Add comment
My husband refilled my ink cartridge which he has done successfully for several years. This time the yellow leaked. I called HP and they said to clean it with a swab and water. I have done that and I cannot get my printer to recognize the new HP ink cartridge. Is there anything I should be doing other than what HP said to do to clean it?
by shortgirl on Jan 3, 2009 at 7:11am Add comment
My 7310 All-In-One is disolaying the 'Carriage Jam' problem in the information window. What do I do because Im desparate to fix the problem?
by unknown on Feb 3, 2009 at 9:45am Add comment
Please help me!All the Ink Cartridge lights, a Color Indicator light, and the Resume light are on.Only the printhead light is off.All the catridges are new.But the printer its started to make the same thing (All the Ink Cartridge lights, a Color Indicator light, and the Resume light are on) befor I reinstalld all cartridges.What can I donow? please help me (HP1100)
by unknown on Mar 3, 2009 at 9:59am Add comment

That doc has all the light patterns for this model. Should help you narrow it down. Hint...the left light above the colours is for printhead and the right for ink cartridge. Depending on what lights are on/flashing, this doc will tell you what is going on.
by Anonymous on Mar 10, 2009 at 5:32am Add comment
Cleaning the Strip worked for me
by Anonymous on Mar 24, 2009 at 3:16pm Add comment
Holy crap it really worked!!!!!

I've been fighting with our printer off and on for months and today I was just about to snap while printing wedding invites. I thought why not try it, if it didn't work then I would just enjoy some hammer to printer love.

There was one little itty bitty streak of ink that was making my printer do the hula. A little wipe and a reset and it prints like brand new. It had also been printing crooked lines and that problem is gone now too! Yay!!! Thank you so much...

I am now off to keep printing my wedding invites :D
by skeeps on May 6, 2009 at 8:26am Add comment
My print is off alignment. I've run the align printhead commands but it is not helping. Anyone know what the problem could be?

by unknown on May 19, 2009 at 10:52am Add comment
My Inkjet 1100 doesn't push the printed page out of the way far enough when it drops the page to the tray. Because of this the levers that hold the paper up while printing catches on the back of the page when they move into place to hold a second page. It was working just fine, then this problem started for no apparent reason. Can anyone help me?
by debbieo1950 on Jul 16, 2009 at 9:52pm Add comment
How long do print heads for the HP 1100 last?
by ScottDM on Jul 24, 2009 at 4:27pm Add comment
I kept getting carriage jams. I cleaned the ribbon (filthy) and rail, but no luck. It looked like the sled at the service station was having problems sliding back and forth. What I though was a rubber part turned out to be a massive pile of coagulated ink. Once I cleaned that and the rails the sled slid on and resest, eeverything was fine. Thanks to this thread.
by Anonymous on Nov 17, 2009 at 10:10am Add comment
Thumbs up from me!!! It fixed the problem!
by unknown on Dec 9, 2009 at 3:11pm Add comment
COLD RESET the printer by following the steps below:

1. Turn off the printer by pulling off the power cord from
behind the printer.
2. Hold down the RESUME button and turn on the printer
by inserting the power cord back in.

wait for awhile and then power off.
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To use "expired" cartridge(s).

Set the clock on your PC back a couple of years then
power on or connect the printer and print.
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You printer genius!
Have just stood my dodgy magenta printhead in a saucer of hot water and dabbed it dry as prescribed. Result: perfect printing again and £25 plus saved not having to buy a new printhead!! Can't thank you enough!!
by unknown on Jul 5, 2010 at 7:05am Add comment
Tried the option of setting the PC date back a couple of years and, yes, the Business Inkjet 1100 will now print the complete document or picture sent to it. It previously printed the first line then stopped and gave a message about Black ink cartridge being faulty. Thanks.
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Tried the option of setting the PC date back a couple of years and, yes, the Business Inkjet 1100 will now print the complete document or picture sent to it. It previously printed the first line then stopped and gave a message about Black ink cartridge being faulty. Thanks.
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Hi All,

I have the tried and true Inkjet 1100. And I have never had any issue with any of them whatsoever!!

And although I will typically always clean everything up every time I have to replace a cartridge, etc. However, when I replaced the black cartridge this past week we were a little busy. So I said, ahh well it won't hurt anything this time (as I have another light flashing and will need to replace magenta soon as well). Therefore I figured I'd get it then, well, as luck would have it that is when my troubles began!

You see, the printer was about half way through printing a document when the Carriage went to return the Station. However, for whatever reason the "Sled" was apparently stuck out? Therefore I figured that it was a "Sign" that I needed to follow my ritual cleaning! As I thought that it must be because I had failed to clean it up is all? So I cleaned it up real good and plugged it back in (thinking that the "Sled" would retract then). However, that didn't happen!

And just to be clear I cleaned the print heads, all the internal moving (and non moving parts), encoder strip, etc. And while the "Sled" still did not move at all, however the printer started off by making all of it's normal little "Pre-Print" noises and seemingly went into it's full range of motion (with the carriage moving back and forth and so on). And yet, oddly enough when the Carriage got close to the sled nothing happened still(so the Carriage slapped against it made some bumping and grinding noises and stopped).

Therefore I am now tuck wondering how do I get the "Sled" to retract (and why it is stuck in the first place)? And for some reason I can't find any information on the "Sled" being stuck out with the Carriage not being in station? So any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have just replaced all the printer heads on HP Business Inkjet 1000 and now the printer spits out a blank page after every print. Can anyone help?
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Thanks for your very clear explanation of how the carriage and ink jets work. When I got the "carriage jam" message, I tried unplugging the printer and pushing 3 and #. That worked once but I got the jam message again shortly thereafter. I tried wiping out the spittoon base next. That removed a small chunk of dried ink and seemed to do the trick. Without an understanding of how it worked, I never would have thought to try cleaning the spittoon base. Thanks for the education!
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Yeay!!! I finally have my printer back. I have had my printer offline for some 4 months having thought that I had tried everything. Everybody has been restricted to printing only the bare necessities when I have over $1000 in ink to fit the HP 1000 sitting in the cupboard. On a whim, tonight I googled and found this thread. Now I have tried everything. The transparent ribbon cleaned, the printheads cleaned, the printhead seats cleaned, the bar cleaned (the printer is near spotless and I have so many inky cloths in the rubbish!!)
Many thanks for everybody who has contributed to this thread. Sanity is returned!!
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My yellow ink light stays on even after replacing the cartridge. How does the printer tell the status of a cartridge???
by unknown on Apr 23, 2012 at 11:22am Add comment
My favourite printer!

White arm (with spring) fails to release sled, even with finger pressure to help push it back. I don't think it is a cleaning issue but I have not cleaned it yet.

Background: I had this in the shop as it would not print. After they replaced all printheads it worked for a day only. I rolled up my sleaves and did a full cleaning of rail, encoder strip, spittoon, etc. (but not this white arm) and it worked well but printhead alignment was off.

I used the on printer keys for performing a printhead alighnment but no sounds, no I turned the printer off via pulling the plug and then thought "oh oh"...

NOW the white arm fails to move back even if I push it so the sled fails to release.

Anyone with any ideas??
Thanks, Thomas
by tpkleins on Sep 11, 2012 at 6:01pm Add comment
Guys, when the printer starts it moves the carriage all the way to the left and back to the station but it then moves the carriage to the left parking it to the left of the station, I have tried pressing the resume button but it restarts again with the same result. can you please tell me how can I do to make the printer to bring the carriage to the station and park it there before start printing?
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Guys, when the printer starts it moves the carriage all the way to the left and back to the station but it then moves the carriage to the left parking it to the left of the station, I have tried pressing the resume button but it restarts again with the same result. can you please tell me how can I do to make the printer to bring the carriage to the station and park it there before start printing?
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I realized, my HP business inkjet 1100 stopped working exactly the day, the ink was 2 years expired.

I fixed it, by making the printer believe its 2009....and it works perpectly now.

Do the following:

-Unplugg printer from electricity
-set the computer date to 2009 or so
-plug printer on, let is start - and never unplug is anymore
-set computer date to the actual date

While the computer is in the "old" mode, programs might not work, ..since they are not invented yet. So set the date back to actual date right after the printer is started.

Happy printing,
by unknown on Jan 2, 2013 at 7:47am Add comment
Cleaning the encoder strip with a wet cloth and drying it with a paper tissue until no more ink traces came off did the job in getting rid of the forever returning 'carriage jam' message. A lot of ink came off.

No need to take out the encoder strip. When carriage is left, clean the right side and vice versa.
by Bruno_Belgium on Jun 22, 2013 at 8:56am Add comment

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