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Canon Canon Pixma IP1500

canon pixma ip1500 waste ink absorber is full.

can anyone help me here i would be so grateful thank you coolfatdad (dave)
So how does one change or clean the waste ink absorber on theCanon pixma ip 1500? I'm asking you, BAB, Mr Authorized Canon Tech Guy.
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Look at the thread Canon MPC waste ink full thread on this are not alone.
by lusi83 on Oct 6, 2006 at 2:15am Add comment
Stehen You got it right. Here is a message I posted on another thread warning everyone to think before they act.
Sorry guys but you all have the wrong adittude. If the printer didn't shut down when the waste ink was full, you would suddenly and mysteriously some day have ink running all down your table or computer stand or something. Then again you would blame Canon for not putting some kind of stop programming in the unit before it messed up your wifes favorty table cloth or something. Hey lets think reasonably here! HP, Epson, Lexmark all do the same thing. Ever stop to think that maybe you printed a lot of pages on the poor cheap little printer and its trying to tell you something like I have to pee! You change a baby's diaper don't you or do you just tell him to shut up and let it run down everywhere? Stop complaining and think for a change, Canon did you a favor by shutting down the printer and telling you the waste ink is full and needs to be changed before I ruin your table and computer equipment. There are plenty of post on this site to tell you how to correct the problem, but like I have said to many, if your just reset and some day have ink everywhere, DON'T BLAME THE PRINTER, YOU RESET IT WITHOUT TAKING CARE OF THE INITIAL ISSUE!

Authorized Canon Tech
by BAB on Apr 25, 2007 at 6:13am Add comment
Hey BAB,

For a CANON REPAIR TECH, you failed to explain the iP1500 top cover unscrews at the front, not Unsnaps. Hope other Canon Techs are better versed in printer repairs ;o) - Anonymous
I took out the ink absorber pads rinsed them in water let dry and it is now working fine my pixma 1500 Thanks for the help - Anonymous
I have followed all of the instructions above. The error message is gone. The waste ink absorbers are white, But I have no ink flow. Is there something I missed?? - unknown
"If the printer didn't shut down when the waste ink was full, you would suddenly and mysteriously some day have ink running all down your table or computer stand or something."

Thanks for this info.

Given how difficult it is to access the waste tanks, I wonder if they could be cleaned out by submerging the right hand half of the printer in a bathtub of water, swirling it around a bit and then leaving it to dry upside down in a warm place for a few days? - desconocido
Hi everybody.I need a photo about 2 small springs on cleaning mechanism.I don't know how they are fastened.Can you help me?
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Hi Betto,

If you know how to put the spring back, please let me know.

Thank you in advance. - Kingofwebguru
- Disconnect printer from AC power

- Press and HOLD the POWER button, and
connect printer to AC power

This simple power off procedure worked on my IP1500!

Cleaning the absorber was also easy. Power up with the cover open until the head moves to the left side then disconnect the power cord so the head is now positioned away from the pads.
The two pads can be lifted up easily with a pair of sharp tweezers then rinsed in running water. They will become white again and can be blotted with paper napkins then air dried in a warm location (I used an industrial oven set to 40°C). The wells in the rubber holder can be cleaned with cotton swabs before returning the two pads (left side first, then press down the right side).
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The silly solution from a silly anonymous is brilliant! :) Don't forget to put ur name next time, mate. You're just lovely. Cheers. - unknown
Thank you very much for your tips! It works! - Anonymous
re Anonymous' suggestion of 4/22/07:
I tried your suggestion for cleaning the "pads" -- quite easy so far, a lot better than taking the whole printer apart!
I was surprised at how dense or hard these little pads are; they both turned white as soon as they were washed -- But the place where they rest appears to be simply a plastic base. I didn't see any "wells" beneath them/ I did swab the area with cotton but there was very little ink there. Did I miss something? /dbh - unknown
Ha ha ha!It worked!!! - Anonymous
Thank you Anonymus for your wonderful advice for my Canon Pixma i1500. I had the message "waste ink absorber full" and I really did not know what to do. I was on my way out to buy a new printer when I thought to seek first advice from the Internet. Your advice looked reasonable and I tried it out. I found the two pads. Lifted them out, washed them, but only one was white the other one was black. This is really not important. I dried the two with a hair drier and voila my printer works just fine now. It was really easy as you said.

Thank you again. - unknown
Thanks for your help...found the 2 pads that sit inside the rubber boots on the right like you said..washed and am waiting for them to dry...Will the error message go away on its own or is there a need to reset??? - unknown
I did everything you said and my printer is printing. I'm a freelance writer and I had something I needed to get posted by snail mail tonight or at latest tmrw morning. I really panicked, but followed your instructions. I cleaned out the pads, dried the pads with a hair dryer and could print again.

I'm so grateful! Thank you lots and lots. Don't know if it will work forever but your advice saved me tonight. x - Anonymous
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Was starting to panic, had tried to find out what my waste ink absorter was...couldn't find anything on it, until I found this post. Your post helped me very much, and fixed it to, only doing steps 1 and 2. I will still go ahead and clean the pads after, again....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. - Anonymous
YOUR A IDIOT! - Anonymous
It worked for me as well - thank you. - unknown
The info from annonymous is interesting although he or she doesn't say what the waste ink absober is or where it is exactly. And, the ip500 is being referred to not the ip2000. The fact that you all should have to revert to the net is cause enough for concern at Canon's inability to complete their maintenance manual with this included. Personally I believe the right place for a printer that requires this kind of attention after less than a year in use is the bin!
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Ah, yes. That's just what the company wants you to do. Throw it away and go buy a new one!! This is called "planned obsolescence" and is actually taught in engineering schools. If a company plans for an item to break after a certain period of time, then they can be assured of a constant customer base. - unknown
A waste ink absorber is a pad that soaks up waste ink. Some are made of felt, others are similar to feminine products...

An absorber can only hold a certain amount of ink, too much ink leads to spillage.

Canon does not publish a reset as then end users would be mad when the waste ink overflowed and stained their furniture.
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In response to "Anonymous (4/22/07 3:57 AM)"....
The 2 small pads that sit in a rubber tray is NOT the Absorber... It is only the pickup screen.
In my iP2000 (which I am actually in the process of cleaning) the 2 pads you speek of have 2 silicone tubes attached to them that run to the rear right side of the printer.
Taking the sides off you can unsnap plastic clips to remove the top half of the printer cover. Following the silicone tubes... they run into a white plastic pump that sucks the ink that falls onto the pickup screens and dumps it onto numerous felt absorber strips under the pump mechanism.
To clean or change the absorber felts you must first remove the Pump mechanism which is held on by 2 screws so that you have access to the felt absorber pieces.
If cleaning the pads... run clean water over each piece of felt until the water runs clear. Then place them on an absorbant surface (paper towels.. newspaper etc.) and let them fully dry.
Then reassemble the whole thing in the reverse order.

You have a few choices before you start....

1) do the above proceedure and spend some time.
2) take the printer to cannon and spend some money.
3) buy a new printer and spend some money.
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In addition to the previous post....

The Waste Ink Warning came ON yesterday about 2 years after I purchased the printer.
When I opened the printer I found that the tray that holds the felt absorbers was quite large and that the felt pieces had plenty of room left to absorb much more ink.
Had I simply reset the Warning Code I believe I could have gone another two years before really needing to clean or change the absorber felts.
by jay-bee on May 15, 2007 at 2:15pm Add comment
my printer is pixma ip1000, i did follow the way all u describe, but unfortunately,at last i can see the felt absorber pieces, but can't find the way to remove the pump mechanism, even can't get where the 2 screws are.....
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For "Bab" - authorized Canon tech
When I called Canon they told me that it would cost too much to fix the problem and that I should buy a new printer. I didn't do that - I simply pulled out and cleaned the foam ink absorber pads and put them back (easy), then reset the printer. I still get the message from time to time, but for the most part the problem is solved. I don't think the warning message has anything to do with the amount of ink in the pads. I think it's programmed to come on after about two years of use so that you'll buy a new printer. With this experience, and especially in view of the answer I got from Canon, I'll never buy another Canon product.
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Refrigeration man has got it right on all counts. I followed his instructions and actually got the printer apart, cleaned the two pads under the pump (lots of water from the garden hose seemed to do the trick), then put it all back together again. However, that's the last time I'll do it - just not worth the effort and mess. I really did have it wrong the first time I tried it (see my first Post). The amount of ink in the absorber was amazing, and for sure, if I had gone on resetting without cleaning the absorbers, I would have had an awful mess.
But I now have a consequential problem. Although everything seemed to go back the way it came apart, the printer wont print. It cycles the paper half way, then tells me it's out of paper and to push the resume button, but it lies - it has lots of paper. Before I take it to the dump, does anybody have a suggestion of how to get it printing properly again. Resetting by plugging in the power while holding down the "on" button doesn't work in this case.
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Can anyone put some pictures of opened or assembled Pixma iP1500 because I had cleaned pump and pads under the pump, but I can't remember how these white plastic parts under head mechanism (you will see them without opening printer) were staying. Thanks a lot!
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I took my iP1500 to the dump, then went out and (contrary to my resolute intentions to never again buy a Canon)bought a Canon iP3300 printer for $49. One of the best decisions I ever made. Neat printer, great price, better cartridge capacity than most others.Cartridges can be refilled with JETTEC ink. I'm told that almost all printers now do the "waste ink absorber full" thing anyway, so once again I agree with Refrigeration Man. Forget cleaning the waste ink absorber pads - it's not worth the effort and frustration. Go and by a brand new inexpensive printer. Most computer gurus tell me that the most practical choice is
Canon, and now I have to agree.
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Hi again.

I now have my iP1000 working as it should. Once I got the paper feed mechanism set to the correct starting point, it all worked. The black roller must be quite clean. If it is dirty or has had any oil or other contaminants on it that will reduce its tack, paper may not feed properly.

I was wrong about the two prongs on either side of the black roller. They do stick up but drop down momentarily when the back plate flips forwards, thus allowing a sheet of paper to get between the black roller and the pressure roller.

The correct starting setting was a matter of several tries for me and I can't give accurate advice on this. The black wheel should be set just before the back plate flips forward is as close as I can get. It is possible to get it right and the paper still won't pick up because the roller is dirty. Warm water with dishwash detergent is best for the roller, I am told. Isoprop can cause the rubber to harden and lose its grippy surface. Sorry to hear Roly threw his away. Could be a good working machine now.

Just been looking at an iP4300. Looks nicely featured ......

All I need now is how to do a permanent reset of the waste ink tank full feature. All the fixes I've tried only work until the power is switched off, unless I am doing something wrong.
by alanrich on Jul 24, 2007 at 4:11am Add comment
can you tell me how (or send link) to get to the waste ink absorber in the iP1000? Some people say you can just pull the pads out and sometimes I read you must disasemble the printer. Which is it?
Thanks - squir

After stripping the printer and cleaning the ink tank after getting the "waste ink absorber is full" message, I can report that the iP1000 is now working well. I would like to correct an earlier statement that the initial positioning of the paper feed mechanism is important at reassembly. I think it resets itself. A reader picks up the postion of the black cog wheel using the two fins that pass through the reader. The important thing is to ensure the black rubber feed roller is clean and gripping the paper well. When I had reassembled the printer it wouldn't feed the paper. (I had handled it with dirty and oily fingers.) I erroneously thought that the mechanism was not working properly as a result of how I had reassembled it. I realized later that this was due to lack of roller friction and not the position of the paper feed mechanism. So it is not as tricky as I had thought but a clean roller is important.
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Here's the steps for reseting "Waste Ink Full" problem at iP1000

Step 1: Manual for Service mode (1st method)
1. Unplug POWER and USB cables.
2. Open door, PRESS and HOLD the POWER button.
3. Connect the POWER cable.
4. Close door, then release POWER button.
5. Power ON your printer a usual (It should not blinking anymore)

Step 1: Manual for Service mode (2nd method)
1. Unplug POWER and USB cables.
2. PRESS and HOLD the POWER button,
3. Connect the POWER cable.
3. Release the the POWER button
4. Power ON your printer a usual (It should not blinking anymore)

Step 2 : Software for Permanant (1st method)
1. Reconnect the USB cable and turn ON your Printer
2. Open "General Tools for iP1000",\%20Service\
3. Select (USB PORT)
It should be reseted already, but somehow it start blinking again if you ever unpluging AC POWER cable. So try the 2nd method by using ServiceTool for IP1500

Step 2 : Software for Permanant (2nd method)
1. Reconnect the USB cable and turn ON your Printer
2. Open "General Tools for iP1500",\%20Service\
3. Select (USB PORT)
It should be working, coz my printer now now work normally

I tell you what. Before you decide to reseting the waste ink counter, you should really clean up the ink absorber, or else you will find the ink watse absorber overflow...
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Thank you very much

It helped me and solved my problem

SHLOMO - Anonymous
Hi Anonymous,

Thanks a lot, "waste ink absorber full" is solved now.
I've tried with Step#1 many times earlier, but the message comes
again after power off.

Then, I follow your Step#2 suggestion (
The problem solved.

Duper2004 - unknown
I took someone's advice above on my printer by turning off the mains power, then hold the power button down and turn the mains on again. Then simply press the power again and volia! :D Cheers!
Seems to have worked anyway :)
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If you guys think canon is bad, epson is worse. at least i got a very good year of problem free service out of my canon (and three other canons before it). my epson photo printer gives me constant headaches and wastes so much ink it's a total money sucker! i'm getting another canon, they're cheap and they don't require that much maintenance.
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to everyone who contirbuted and shared their knowlegde I thank you so much.. it help me a lot on my ip1000 printer,its cool you know how to fix your things without spending money.. i hope you guys could work on the link about the resetter on ip1000 cause it doesnt work thanks a lot again
by ynohtna on Oct 2, 2007 at 4:50am Add comment
top help all of that. mine just packed up today!! cheers guys
by Anonymous on Oct 29, 2007 at 7:11am Add comment
it was the turning on and off and opening the door and holding down the power button that did it.check out Anonymous (8/25/07 12:03 PM)
just above. just reset the whole thing.
by Anonymous on Oct 29, 2007 at 7:13am Add comment
how long does the cleaning take with the "Software for Permanant (2nd method)"?
by squir on Nov 14, 2007 at 6:09am Add comment
this was my response from Cannon:
Dear Kerry:

Thank you for writing to Canon product support. We value you as a
customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I am sorry your

iP1500 printer indicates the waste ink is full.

The waste ink tank full condition occurs when the printer determines
that the internal waste ink tank is getting full. The waste ink tank
designed to capture ink from print head purges. The printer will alert

the user of the condition when it reaches capacity. Unfortunately,
is not an end user recoverable condition.

You qualify for the Canon Loyalty Program. It is designed to assist
customer's that have a Canon product that is no longer under warranty
and requires service or parts, or for those situations where the
is not compatible with a new computer or operating system. This
provides for a one-time purchase of a new Canon printer at a discounted

price. To aid in getting up and running quickly, free next business
shipping is also provided if the order is completed by 12:30 PM Eastern


If interested, please provide the following information with your
This will allow us to process your request. Upon processing, you will
receive details and your individual access code by e-mail from Canon to

purchase a new printer. You are not obligated to purchase a printer,
this is just provided as an option to help get back up and printing

Full name:
Street address:

City, State, and ZIP Code:

Daytime telephone Number:

Product model number: iP1500

Product serial number: The serial number can be found on the inside of

the printer, on the back wall, towards the right of the printer behind
the print head holder. It will begin with four letters followed by

Printer's original date of purchase:

The above information will allow us to process your request. Thank you

for your understanding and cooperation. We do hope this helps you with

your iP1500 printer.

Thank you for choosing Canon.


Technical Support Representative

Special Note: Certain issues are very difficult to resolve via e-mail.

If your question remains unanswered after you have received this
the direct assistance of a Canon telephone support representative may
required. To ensure your issue is resolved promptly, Canon has
established a special toll-free priority support telephone number that
is available exclusively for e-mail support customers with unresolved

If you would like to speak to a support representative, dial
1-866-261-9362*. Please note that this number is accessible for thirty

days from the date of your e-mail. After thirty days, any calls to
customer support should be made to 1-800-828-4040*, Monday through
Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time, and Saturday 12:00
Noon to 8:00 p.m. excluding holidays.

*Products no longer under the manufacturer's warranty are subject to a
$9.99 charge for support.

If you prefer to continue to communicate via e-mail, reply to this
message with all correspondence and we will respond to your message as
quickly as possible, which is normally within 24 hours.


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I have a suggestion for the mechanically inclined. Get some small tubing such as is used for model airplane fuel lines and extend the waste ink pump lines which empty onto the absorber. Run them through a hole in the back of the printer into a waste jar such as an empty vitamin jar. Then you will never have to take the printer apart again to clean the absorber (which you can throw away). Just reset the printer if it complains. I will make this modification out of the box on any future printer I buy. Notice that it would have been easy for canon to have designed this capacity into the printer. But that would have made too much sense for us and too little cents for them.
by unknown on Dec 11, 2007 at 9:28pm Add comment
This gentleman is absolutely correct about using tubing to extend the waste ink line into an external jar. My only additional comment is to make sure you leave a hole in the top of the jar so you don't inadvertently create back pressure in the line that could make it difficult for the small pump in the printer to pump ink through the line.

It's not that difficult if you are mechanically handy and will allow you to use your printer forever (well almost) and at very low cost if you bulk refill your own cartridges also. One of the reasons I like doing this like isn't just cost. It's a sense of not wasting resources and dumping electronics into land fills unnecessarily! - stevefoobar
I did the thing by turning off the mains power, then hold the power button down. It works only a while, when i shut down my PC and my printer, the next day when i turn it on i got window alert notify that waste ink absorber is full again. so i do it again, it works but it happened again the next day :(
Is it only me or it happened also to you guys? And how to solve this without by new printer?
by unknown on May 1, 2008 at 9:36pm Add comment
Clean the pads exactly like the 2nd post says before doing the reset.

Worked on my 1500
by unknown on May 31, 2008 at 11:20am Add comment
My problem is when I tried to get the absorb pad off. I dropped inside and I couldn't find it. I had to pull the waste ink absorb controller off and now I couldn't put it back it coz' I wasn't sure where to hook the springs back on and it was really hard to put my hand through there and hook them up. Should I pull the print apart? But I do really need a map just for setting the springs back on.

Please, somebody help me.
by wanida on Jun 12, 2008 at 5:53am Add comment
Hi wanida,

If you know how to put the sprink back, please let me know.

Thank you in advance. - Anonymous
jay-bee got it right about the pump and the waste absorber tray and pads, but he/she must have been talking about a different model. The ip1500 only has a top cover (no side panels)... and removing the cover is a little tricker than just pushing on two tabs.

After removing the top cover, I could see that the "well" looked about half full of dried ink with about 1/4" left before it overflows. The pads in the well did look saturated.

Unfortunately, one of screws holding in the pump is extremely hard to access (right angle bend phillips gets it...maybe) without first moving the entire ink cartridge caddy assembly (5 or 6 screws plus some delicate interlocking mechanisms, wires and springs that can become disloged). Because of the wires, you cannot really remove the caddy, but you can move it out of the way enough to get at the bottom pump screw. But after you remove this screw you discover ... it doesn't help.... on the ip1500 the pump housing is integrated into roller drive gears and still doesn't come out after removing the screws you can see.

Having discoverd all of this, I decided I'd pack it all back up and use the thing (resetting the alarm when necessary), until it leaks.

But ... removing the caddy did me in. After putting it all back together as carefully as possible I now have the same problem mentioned by Roly Burton in this thread on 7/23/07. At start of printing, printer quickly sucks the paper about half-way down, then jams. If you have more than one piece of paper in the hopper, 5 or 6 of them get pulled in by this initial action.

Looks like I'm headed to the dump.

If you are ambitious and more mechanically inclined than I am, here's how you get the top cover off of the ip1500:

(It's a lot easier if you remove the flip up paper holder and the front cover so they don't flop around. You remove these by bending them just slightly ... enough to pop them out of their hinges)

open the front cover to reveal two screws at the sides and just to the front of a roller. Their are two screws exactly at either side of the roller. Ignore these ... it's the two screws that are even more forward (and if you examine carefully, you can see that they hold down the top cover.) Remove them first.

You need to be aware of two non-locking tabs that are part of the top cover and that are inserted into the back of the bottom cover (main chassis) about 4 inches in from each side of the back of the printer. The insertion points are just inside the flip up paper holder hinges, but down about an inch where the top and bottom covers meet. During the process of pulling off the top cover, you need to pull out on the top cover at these points to free it from the bottom cover.

Finally, at the bottom rear sides of the top cover are recessed holes where you find locking tabs. You move these tabs toward the center of the printer to release them. After releasing, it's a little awkward to keep them from relocking while your trying to dislodge the non-locking tabs I spoke about above ... but with a little effort, you'll figure it out.

Beowulf777's tube extension workaround is probably the best fix.

If you do it, you'll probably get far more life out of your inexpensive, useful little printer than Canon ever meant you to.

This whole problem stems from a clear design decision to build obsolescence into the machine and thereby sell more printers.

Shame on Canon.
by fiddleaway on Jun 13, 2008 at 7:47pm Add comment
Correction on my previous email:

The two screws holding the front of the top cover are just to the side and front of (what appears to be) an ink pad .. not a roller as I said in my previous message - fiddleaway

>>cleaned the two pads under the pump

>>At start of printing, printer quickly sucks the paper about
>>half-way down, then jams

I had the same problem with paper going halfway after cleaning the IP1500 waist inkt pads. Later I found the problem was due to that one small plug with three wires to the printed circuit board was disconnected!!. After putting the connector back the IP1500 printed well.

The pads where cleaned with soap and lot of water. Dissasembly is not easy and only recommended for experts

by unknown on Aug 14, 2008 at 8:07am Add comment
Had the same problem with the paper only coming out half way. Thanks to your post I remembered that I forgot to plug the little cable back in! Duh.... thanks

Also I kept getting the flashing green light. I needed to close the cover to get rid of the flashing. I thought that since it is only plastic, it would not affect anything. But it must move a switch or something when closed. - unknown
My Canon ip1500 was only printing certain colors and not others so I tried to clean the print head - I decided that the print head must be defective so I ordered a new print head from Canon (not cheap). I really like this model and didn't want to buy another that had expensive replacement ink cartridges. Anyway the new print head will only print black ink - no color. Not sure where to go from here. I tried cleaning and deep cleaning and everything else I could think of. Now of course I am getting the message that my waste ink absorber is almost full - not surprisingly seeing as how much cleaning I have tried. Anyone with any suggestions for me? How can I find out why my color isn't working - it's almost like it is not recognizing that there is color. Thanks for any help you can give me.
by wjd on Aug 25, 2008 at 3:49pm Add comment
Glad I helped but I got the info off of this site myself. So far, all is well with my printer, which I love due to low cost of ink refills.
by Anonymous on Sep 3, 2008 at 7:46am Add comment
Sorry to write this but I just trashed my Pixma and got a new all in one HP printer. Canon sent another message saying ink absorber was full and then cartridge would not slide over to the left side when I opened the printer to check the ink waste absorper. It had worked fine after cleaning it that one time but now I couldn't even change ink tanks since it wouldn't slide over any more so decided to trash it and get a new printer which I hope will be more reliable.
by unknown on Oct 6, 2008 at 1:18pm Add comment
Hi guys!My canon pixma ip 8500 [given to me by my brother-in-law,cos it was dead..],flashed 7 times orange,then one long green,repeating the sequence.I tried all the fixes,nothing worked.So i took a long intelligent look at it,and,using the principle that if it isn't screwed,then it's clipped,and proceeded to set about disassembling the case.This took about 20 minutes,including the study period!
once the chassis was exposed,it was a matter of extracting 4 pozi screws,2 at the front, and 2 at the rear,and the chassis was lifted clear by holding the steel bar along the top..oh...i forgot,the power and resume buttons circuit card was removed also,by two small screws.[be very,verrry, careful not to damage the paper output door microswitch lever,cos i is very delicate!]The waste tank absorber pads were saturated!I washed them in warm running water only,dried them for two days,they shrunk slightly,but dont think it matters,cos waste ink will swell them again.Reassembly took about 20 minutes,so i formed the opinion that it would take a canon tech.guy about 20 minutes to do the whole job from scratch,considering he would put new pads in!I fiddled for a long time trying to reset it,without success,then i took out the printer head,tried again,and it worked!Because the printer has stood a long time in a shed,["dead"]..i now have a problem trying to get all colours to print,the printout shows a shift to the red.never mind,i'll keep plodding on,i am really chuffed at getting this far,and i appreciate all the advice of all you guys!
by unknown on Oct 6, 2008 at 4:32pm Add comment
Er..the power button circuit card on the ip8500 printer,just clips into place by "hooking it" onto two sets of slots on the main body,and isn't screwed at all. silly mistake...!
That's when i damaged the microswitch lever,trying to re-fit that card..even though i was acutely aware how delicate it was..
actually,i think it was a really cheapo component for canon to fit into a costly machine!Anyone intending to attempt the stripdown,can get excellent advice from this and other sites,just takes a little of your time...but well worth it !!!
by proff.peanut on Oct 6, 2008 at 4:56pm Add comment
proff.peanut. Print a nozzle test pattern and tell us what that shows. This site does not allow you to post pictures of the results but you could describe them in detail. Most every time you get mixed colors, this is telling you that one of the color printheads is partially clogged, especially after setting awhile. Run several Deep cleaning cycles and print nozzle check after each one. If you see improvement, keep cleaning. Your next option is to take out the printhead and clean it.

There should be all kinds of info on this site about how to do that for a Canon printer.
by unknown on Oct 7, 2008 at 12:00am Add comment
Hey Trigger..this morning i ran several cleaning cycles,and nozzle check printouts,with all the same results..a shift to the blue or green..well seeing as blue and yellow make green,i decided i was wasting inks,thinking the cyan nozzles,and also the green ones must be severely clogged.So again this great
forum advised me,as you have also,to remove the print head,and fairly doosh it!!![a geordie term for giving it a good clean with some fluid and tissue.]Instead of using isopropyl alcohol,as i intended to,i thought i would try the jet-tec cartridge flushing fluid,that comes in with the ink refilling packs.BINGO!!! I turned the printhead upside down,and,using a cotton bud soaked in flushing fluid,gently rubbed the bud over the whole surface of the printhead,dooshing it,then draching [soaking]it up with a nice soft mens tissue....put it in..ran a
cleaning cycle,nozzle check,and ALL colours came out!!WAHEY!
Ran a printout of a photo taken in beautiful Alnwick garden,in
Northumberland,on plain paper,and it came out lovely!!
Ran a couple more to convince myself it was true...and went for the obligatory cup of tea to celebrate!!
Then started to curse canon for the misery and heartache that their mean-ness causes to owners of their printers!
The consolation brings us together to share our problems,and to help one and another..and that ain't a bad thing!!! many thanks to all you dudes..![hope i can help out in the future!]
by unknown on Oct 7, 2008 at 6:42am Add comment
This has been a gold-mine of ideas to get this fixed!

I used the software tool to reset the counter for the pads, and stripped down and rebuilt the printer to remove, clean and replace them.

I did something very similar with an Epson MFD with the same "pads full" problem. There is a tool to reset that, too.

I have to agree that replacing the pads isn't really cost-effective if your rate of pay is at all high; a new printer makes better financial sense. The rebuild was awkward and seemed a bit risky in places, and didn't mention the various springs which need to be replaced at the end, and the various plugs you have to disconnect; but the procedure does succeed if you are careful and don't smash either of the optical encoders which are so vulnerable to careless rebuild. It was - educational, at least.

It's still a decent cheap printer, and third-party ink can be very cheap, too - so thanks to all who provided the information, particularly on the tools to reset the pad counters. I'm not sure I would like to feed the excess ink into external pots, but I can understand why high-volume users would find this appealing.
by unknown on Oct 29, 2008 at 7:19am Add comment
Looks like I am sunk.
My iP1500 got to the point where it wouldn't print at all anymore…
with message "Waste Ink Absorber is Full"
So I tried the suggested procedure:
- unplug power and data cables
- press and hold Power Button while
- re-connecting to power
- releasing the button
- then powering off.
When this didn't work,
I did the same steps again with the front door open
as suggested by someone…
In both cases, when powered up with USB connected,
the green flashed for a while, then both
green and yellow keep flashing alternately.
Also as someone else noted, when front door is opened the carriage
does NOT move to the left.
So, I gather if I had caught this BEFORE the above message appeared,
i.e. when it was just warnings… this fix may have worked! Yes?
by unknown on Oct 31, 2008 at 2:26pm Add comment

The use of switching-on sequences is just a stop-gap measure. You must download, install and run the correct tool to reset the ink pad counters. Once you reset the counters, the printer will behave as it used to - if your problem really is the full waste ink absorber.

If you have been running for some time with this message - you really will have to strip down the printer, pull out the ink pads and wash them, if you don't want thick, very black ink to pour out of your printer and ruin the furniture some day soon. The ink really is very thick and very black, and washing the pads takes about ten minutes - once you have them out.

This is not an easy job. It took me over an hour, and I am a professional electronic engineer. It's not as hard as some printers, but there are lots of screws and five springs to remove and carefully return to their homes before it will work again. And be VERY careful not to damage the optical strip which runs along behind the print head, or the round optical disk at the side, or it won't ever work again.

Unless you have a very strong attachment to your printer, or are very poor, or like the challenge and interest of rebuilding - buy a new printer and throw this one away. Better replacements are very cheap, less than the cost of my time in rebuilding one for sure! And cheaper than a new carpet, too, after being ruined by ink.

Good luck! - unknown
Thank you Pat McT for the heads up…
I have since discovered, even with the USB cable connected (and irregardless of whether the front door is open or not), by simply holding down the power button while applying power to the printer each time… the printer will work.

Of course your warning about overflowing ink I am sure is valid, though I believe some have suggested that this warning is based on an estimate, not on a real sensor…

I have had other printers which produced output for many more years than this one has…
So, I am inclined to take the chance, for a while anyway…
But I have taken the precaution of protecting the wood surface under this printer….

Thanks again to all who have provided input to this problem!
A local printer shop put me on to looking for blogs on this subject!
by unknown on Nov 5, 2008 at 12:53pm Add comment
Yes, you can reset the "pad full" status each time you turn on.

Further back in this thread, there were links to where you can download Windows programs to reset the "pad full" status so that you get another few years' life without having to hold down the power button or reconnect the power... If nothing else, this will save a lot of wear-and-tear on the cable. It has made it easy for me to forget the problem was ever there.

It is indeed just a guess that the pad is full, and it isn't actually so full as to overflow the sides when when a little more arrives. HOWEVER I would certainly estimate it to be at least half-full, and it will overflow into the other parts of the base of the printer when it really gets full. There's quite a lot of space. The danger is that it might get sploshed about when you move the printer some time, or make it's way onto bits of the printer you will find it hard to clean. Still, it is a cheap printer.

But yes, you can ignore the "pad full" warning for a VERY long time. Enjoy! - Anonymous
thanks people.. you are all angels :)
i have my "waste ink absorber error" solved..Godbless!
by Anonymous on Nov 9, 2008 at 9:06am Add comment
Thanks to you and to all who have helped me get a bit more life out of a good little printer. I hadn't mentioned that we are Macintosh users, so I don't suppose there's a "reset" program for Macs?!
Why doesn't this ink just dry up when it's exposed to the air? I had an Epson 740 for years and even opened it up once to see if I could do anything about fixing or replacing a plugged print head… I did see that the overflow area in that one was very loaded with old ink, but it wasn't flowing anywhere……
We've been looking for another "good little printer" and it seems that the ones (the low-priced Canon ones) now on the market are very much larger and heavier! Not easy to fit on our small shelf! Luckily we also have a Canon ip90 travel printer which works very well!
by unknown on Nov 9, 2008 at 1:16pm Add comment
Sadly, there does not appear to be a Mac version of any of the printer Service Tools. Only Windows is supported, at least anywhere I can find any to download.

You could always use boot camp on your Mac, I guess - but I'm not too sure how well the USB emulation would work. I would always keep a Windows machine handy, even if I were not forced to use one for my work, as there are many free tools only available under Windows.
by PatMcT on Nov 9, 2008 at 2:07pm Add comment

You are missing something, sadly.

You will find, if you read jay-bee's entry of 5/15/07, that the two little pads are not the waste ink absorber, they are just filtering pads which cover the inlets to the ink pump. They filter out the dirt from the ink feed down the pipes. The pump pumps excess ink down two pipes into the much bigger waste absorber pads in wells in the base of the printer. I do agree, it is almost shocking how easily the little pads clean up - but don't let that distract you from the fact that the absorber pads are much bigger, and live down below.

Some other contributors, notably Beowulf777 (12/11/07), suggest extending the pipes out through holes in the back of the printer and collecting the ink there. A clever idea, but probably not very practical for most of us. I rather wish Canon had made the absorber pads easily removable by unscrewing a cover in the base of the printer, because stripping it down to get at them is only fun for the mechanically adept. You have to remember where several springs and wires and plugs and screws go, and get them all back in the right place when you have removed the pads and cleaned them. To be fair, Canon don't encourage you to do this, and I found the same job much harder on a big Epson multi-function device I did it on a year ago. Canon are no different from other manufacturers in this regard.
by PatMcT on Nov 10, 2008 at 2:36pm Add comment

If you open the printer flap at the front of the printer. Then where the paper passes over the roller, there is a sponge. Take it out give it a squeeze under a running tap and replace back in the printer and your done.

I found this out in time before the supplier was going to charge me an arm and a leg to do this.

Good luck
by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2009 at 7:14am Add comment
Nice tip, anonymous; that sponge is hard to see and fairly easy to remove (though mucky) and only a bit harder to replace; and if it gets gummed up with bits of inky paper, it leaves ink trails on the back of your printouts.

But at the risk of sounding like a cracked record repeating: this isn't the waste ink absorber sponge, so won't help when you reset the waste ink counter as described above. If you don't change the big reservoir pads at the same time, you may eventually find thick black ink oozing out of the bottom of the printer.

And to repeat my other favourite warning: rebuilding this printer to replace the pads is NOT easy. If you're not adept with mechanical repairs you may find several springs or plugs don't get back in the right places, or little optical disks get damaged. Be careful, or get someone keen on that kind of work to help.

Thanks again.
by PatMcT on Feb 20, 2009 at 10:53am Add comment
It took me all of sixty seconds. You just need the right tool. - unknown
I haven't yet had this issue but eading through this for no other reason and curiosity I then had a look under my Canon Pixma 510 so in when it decided to obsolete itself I would have half a clue I investigated.

With the cartridges and print head removed you can see the primary filter sponges that are spoken of and the assorted cleaning paraphernalia for the print heads. BUT, underneath the printer on the RHS in what would have to be the same location is a white (case is grey) cover that can be removed. A similar cover is on the left. These act as runners for the paper tray. The tray will slide completely out without touching these however when removed you still have zero access to the inside of the printer. /excitement.

Has anyone had an issue yet with this model and are we still looking at throw away deals for something that was far from a throwaway price?
by Anonymous on Feb 21, 2009 at 1:25am Add comment
A week ago, having nothing to lose and quite a few spare ink cartridges, I took the plunge and removed the waste ink absorbers, cleaned them and rebuilt the printer - it has worked perfectly since.
Only basic tools are required, some common sense, a light touch and a couple of hours.
To make sure I put it back together correctly, I photographed the whole procedure and have put together a guide which includes obtaining the Service Tool (software) required to reset the counters.
If anybody wants a copy, (2.18 MB), please get in touch.
Canon could have so easily designed in a tray that is removeable from underneath to facilitate this maintenance, but then they wouldn't sell so many printers, would they?
by JeffS16150 on Feb 27, 2009 at 3:52pm Add comment
jEFF, I READ YOUR ANSWER TO GET THE Cannon started. Could you send me a copy of the picture to repair my computer. Thanks! - Anonymous

I too would like the photos and guide. Taking apart the printer was easy, if messy, but putting it back together....
I can't figure out where those two springs go under the tray that holds the two small ink pads. As well, it stops the cartridge from returning to the centre of the printer. - Guillem

I would really like to see your photographs before embarking on this "adventure," especially after reading all the comments about the numerous springs. - unknown
i would like to have a copy of your guide as i have accidentally knocked the white carriage thing out of place and dont know exactly where both the springs and the other white bits go.(this is the bit attached to the pump).

thanks if you still have it and please send it in an attachment to [email protected] - Anonymous
Jeff - I would love a copy of your do it yourself waste-ink absorber fix. I hope you still have it as your post was a year ago LOL. If I don't hear from you I will just take a bash at it. I have nicely cleaned the little pad LOL - Anonymous
Jeff, I would definately like a copy of the guide you mention, asap. Thanks

[email protected] - Anonymous
Thank heaven for good Samaritans. I also am one who forgot to pay enough attention to the little springs on the little pads carriage. Jeff, I would greatly appreciate a copy of your, by now, famous manual. God bless you for being willing to rescue us.

Gratefully, Jean - unknown

Hi JeffS16150. Could you please send me those photos of assembled printer iP Pixna 1500? It would save me so much time of trying correct positions of parts.
by plaodesign on Mar 4, 2009 at 12:57am Add comment
Sooo I replaced the pads and the "alarm" light is still flashing :( How do I reset??
by unknown on Apr 21, 2009 at 6:16am Add comment
This is quite a long thread now, so I probably need to summarize what it's main thrust is:

A. There are two small pads inside rubber boots under the head.
Cleaning these is easy, but does NOT affect the error message. They don't get very dirty anyway. The ink that goes through these is pumped down into the waste absorber through two plastic tubes by a pump mechanism.

B. The "Waste Ink Absorber" which we get told is full when the printer stops consists of several pads of highly absorbent material underneath the printing mechanism. They are white when new and get filled with excess ink over time. This is where the two plastic pipes lead down to. You have to perform a reset procedure to stop the error message and make the printer print again, like this:

1. Unplug POWER and USB cables.
2. PRESS and HOLD the POWER button...
3. Connect the POWER cable.
3. Release the the POWER button
4. Power ON your printer a usual (It should not blink anymore)

There is a piece of software you can download which will reset the counter, instead, if you prefer - read the first few posts on this topic. I found both methods work.

C. If you are concerned that the absorbent pads might overflow (and they WILL, one day, if you reset it several times without cleaning them), you will want to clean and refit them. To do this, you need to strip down the printer, remove the pads and clean them, refit the pads, and rebuild the printer. This is really quite tricky, as there are clips to undo, lots of springs to put back in the right places at the end, a couple of little plugs to remove and put back, and an optical strip and wheel which can get damaged. Even getting the pads back in is slightly awkward. Many other inkjet printers have similar pads and a similar procedure is needed to clean the pads and reset them. You may want to get someone who is keen on rebuilding gadgets to do the rebuilding - it's awkward and easy to get wrong. It usally leave the printer unusable when it goes wrong, because it can't detect the paper or can't feed it through.

I hope this helps!
by PatMcT on Apr 21, 2009 at 6:25am Add comment
Just a note to everyone that cleans the two pads without emptying the "real absorber tank" below it, you will get the ink absorber is full message again in about 2-3 months of average use, so beware. This happened to me twice now and I have to reset and clean the pads again. I figure it should last about a year or two until the 4 thin flappers that hold the pads down break because of the removing process, but that is OK with me. I can always spend about half an hour unhooking the printer, cleaning the pads, and save money on the ink tank which cost about a buck for compatible ink.
by unknown on Aug 3, 2009 at 8:07am Add comment

Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1500, iP1880, iP1980

Error: The ink’s absorber is full.


1.) Plug the power cord and the USB cord.
2.) ON your printer.
3.) Press and hold the power button. (Do not release until step 7.)
4.) Remove the power cord.
5.) After 5 seconds, insert or return the power cord in its socket.
6.) Press the reset / resume button for two times. (Reset / resume button located below the power button.)
7.) Release the power button.
8.) Press the reset/resume button for 4 times.
9.) Run the IPTools software or the General Tools software for your printer model.

IPTools Software – can be used only with Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1880
General Tools Software of Canon Pixma iP1880 will be used to reset the Canon Pixma iP1980.

by ddd888 on Aug 12, 2009 at 2:41am Add comment
does the instruction given for canon ip1500 printer work for canon MP110 printer as well?

i'm stuck and in need of help in this subject,
if someone can help me, it would be great!!!

thanks, inbal.
by unknown on Aug 30, 2009 at 7:36am Add comment
i have two little springs from the print head, and i dont know where they go!! plz somebody help!!!
by Danilo Alberto on Sep 6, 2009 at 6:07pm Add comment

Hi, Could you please send me your description and photos for cleaning the ink absorbers on a Canon Pixma iP1500

by yearof38 on Sep 16, 2009 at 9:16am Add comment
can anybody pls help how can i reset the ink level monitor of pixma ip1200, I've just refill the ink cartridge but still the ink level is low, more thanx
by unknown on Oct 2, 2009 at 2:58am Add comment
1. the ink level monitor can only be activated once you replaced new cartridge.
2. when the printer was reset, but the ink cartridge are still refilled the ink monitor will be activated only for a while. - CAMPUSBRO
I was up for printing report cards for the next day. I am used to have dialog boxes telling me that my waste ik absorber is almost full. I had once asked a technician of what to do and he just told me there's nothing wrong with it. As long as i can print just go on. But now, i was up for my lesson plans and my report cards and my everything when my printer messed me up with the note that i can't print already coz my waste ink absorber is full and all i can do is to contact my server for advices and etc. He told me to check my printer, re install it and try to turn it on again.But what happen is that, i tried to reach the pads and damp some cloth and napkins on it trying to clean it but unfortunately, i certainly had something wrong on it when i turned it on again it wasnt working well.The ink holder doesn't stay in place when i open the cover.Supposedly it may stop so i can get the cartridges. I started to feel bothered about it.Please help me....
by unknown on Oct 7, 2009 at 6:40am Add comment
the message "ink absorber is almost full", it is just to let the user know that the printer is on its maximize usage. If you can download the right IP Tool, you can probably reset your printer and make it usable again. Good Luck! - Anonymous
Thank you for the support. Shamit
by Anonymous on Oct 10, 2009 at 11:15am Add comment
Check the catridge nozzle. Ink might have dried in its nozzle. Try to clean it with wet cotton, then try to clean it using the printer service in your computer.
by Anonymous on Oct 12, 2009 at 3:33am Add comment
Thanks for your suggestions, however, they did not work. Do you think that disassemblying the unit would help?? If so, I need to know where to find directions. Thanks.
by unknown on Oct 19, 2009 at 4:11pm Add comment

yesterday i was changing the cartrdge and to get it to stay still so i could change it, i held on to the place where the printer cartridges live. now the printer is not working and i am told error 5100. is there anything i can do to fix it without taking it to a repairman?
by Anonymous on Oct 27, 2009 at 9:22am Add comment
Re: Pixma iP1500 -- following the INK ABSORBER IS FULL msgs et cetera, a long time ago......
I had been getting along fine, using the following SIMPLE procedure:
(1) Holding the Power Button down each time while (2) turning on the power bar, then (3) releasing, then (4) pressing the Power Button again -- then proceeding to print as usual ......

That had been working FINE! (Although admittedly we had to do CLEAN's more often than usual.)

But now, even after removing and cleaning the Print Head in alcohol, drying it and replacing both ink tanks, Nothing appears on the paper! (Printing proceeds as usual, the paper feeds, et cetera, but the Ink doesn't reach the paper!) -- I removed the print head to check and ink is coming through there, but even after "Cleaning" several times -- even with trying to print the Test Pattern, Nothing appears on the paper!

Any Ideas anyone? Thanks!
by unknown on Nov 17, 2009 at 2:18pm Add comment
Anyone know how to change the waste ink absorber for an 8500?
by lrorvik on Dec 10, 2009 at 6:32am Add comment
Hi Joanne,

I've experienced the same thing too at the first time.
But I think you have done correctly (un-set) the white
carriage when cleanning it.

There are two springs (one is bigger than the other).
The big one is for the bigger white carriage.
Both carriages form one unit of moving object.

First, I install the big spring on the bigger white
pad connecting the other end to the base of the printer.
Then insert it into the printer housing, with the spring
connected both hooks.
(You will find a small hook on the printer base and
under the white pad, to install the spring)

Second, I install the smaller spring on the small white
pad and the printer base. Then fit this assembly to the
big white pad and the printer base body.

Here you may need to pick-up a bit both white parts, and
re-sitting it onto the printer base.
I've tried many times to finally complete the installation.
To be honest it's not easy for beginner like myself.

If all is set properly, you should be able to shift the
white carriages freely to right and left. And both can
move independently.

Hopefully this help.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

([email protected])
by unknown on Dec 30, 2009 at 9:07pm Add comment
Worked great thanks
by Anonymous on Jan 9, 2010 at 11:40am Add comment
aizt Please Help me
by Anonymous on Jan 18, 2010 at 4:20am Add comment
Here is a simple procedure that worked fine for me, requires no disassembly of the ip1500, took just a couple minutes. I did not see at a lot of waste ink, so my case may have been simpler than others.
by mg3 on Jan 27, 2010 at 12:42pm Add comment
A late response to this - followed anonymous's direction - cleaned overflow tray and plugged in power supply with USB out and power on held down - success. Was aghast to realise where all my ink had gone since I had purchased this gas-guzzler - will finish current tanks and then find an ink-value-for-money printer.
by unknown on Mar 1, 2010 at 10:06pm Add comment
now, what to do with this sledge hammer
by Anonymous on Mar 15, 2010 at 11:34pm Add comment
how to fix the ink absorber is full..
by Anonymous on May 19, 2010 at 8:07am Add comment
I followed the directions to clean the waste ink aborber pads in the back bottom of my printer and then followed reset instructions from Annomymos of 8/25/07 and it worked. I just needed to clean the print heads for a perfect print as they set out exposed to air and dryed alittle.
by Lornas1 on Jun 1, 2010 at 5:19pm Add comment
What a thread! Looking forward to the challenge, and will not resort to the sledgehammer just yet... Jeff have you considered marketing your manual on ebay - lots of us want it! Is there any chance I could have a copy too please?
by unknown on Jul 9, 2010 at 1:12pm Add comment
I took apart my ip1500 to clean out the waste ink absorber. Now I can't get it back together. I don't know where the small spring goes and how the lever attaches. Can anyone help...please this is my favorite printer and I don't want to lose it.

by unknown on Jul 26, 2010 at 7:01pm Add comment
I've tired some all the methods and they really help. Thanks!
by unknown on Sep 1, 2010 at 11:49pm Add comment
I took the pinter apart and clean the pad at the bottom, put them back. The orange light and error messsage still come on.

Then, download the IP1500 service tool from siamprinter, the program is not responding after selecting the USB and clear counter.

Where did I go wrong?
by JOL on Sep 20, 2010 at 12:10pm Add comment
my printer is showing that The waste ink absorber is full.
Contact the service center for the replacement of the waste ink absorber.
by unknown on Dec 21, 2010 at 10:27pm Add comment

I just fixed my printer with your tips! thanks everybody.
I did some surgery on my printer and the patient survived.
My question is can i put some foto's of the patient on this forum?

Thank you,
by unknown on Dec 22, 2010 at 12:58pm Add comment
I found this video on you tube that helped me take my printer apart. Got it apart in about 15 min. while watching the video and got the pads out very easily. Go to this link Sorry if this has been reposted. I did not read all of the previous posts.
by unknown on Jan 17, 2011 at 9:31am Add comment
How do I dry the sponges? Can I use my oven? I've been trying with a blowdryer but it takes too much time!
by unknown on Apr 13, 2011 at 9:13am Add comment
I did everything as told I even cleaned the head and still nothing the same problems appears and nt even restarting it helps. Any other Ideas??
by unknown on Apr 14, 2011 at 4:48am Add comment
Great info people! A big fat thanks to everyone who took the time to post such good answers!

I also have the "waste ink absorber full" problem and am looking for a manual or video or someone who can provide detailed instructions on how to disassemble the Canon iP3500 so I can clean the absorbers.

I am happy to pay for the service manual but am uncertain about which one is the correct one to buy.

Thanks in advance,
[email protected]
by CanoniP3500 on Jun 18, 2011 at 9:10am Add comment
Tnx Very much.. work at me!!!
by unknown on Jun 22, 2011 at 4:26am Add comment
Hi guys

I see some people are rightly confused over this, and others are spreading FUD as usual. I know people like to help others and that's great, but people who don't know what they are talking about should not write solutions that are just wrong. They will cause more problems for both themselves and the people they are advising. I am an authorized Canon and Brother tech, and I see some people here have it 100\% right, and others are 100\% wrong.

Inkjet printers count how much ink they suck down during purge operations. This is not an exact science on some of the cheaper units, especially if people have been mixing full and empty cartridges and refilling and all the other things people do. Some people say they think it just times the error for two years or something. They're wrong. Another example of people talking out of turn.

The two pads under the print head are not the absorbers. If you clean those and reset the counter, expect spillage some day. Some people say they got at the absorbers and they weren't full yet. Well, stuff happens right? That is not a typical case.

This printer must be completely disassembled. The absorbers are under the print mechanism and you cannot get at it without removing the entire assembly. If you're squeamish about taking something apart to that extent, just go purchase a new printer. Our shop is very reasonable for doing the absorber full jobs but many are not and you may not get a rate that makes it worth paying for service (we charge $30 cdn + $10 for the absorber material for models like this one).

There is also a correct way to reset the error so that it does not reoccur. If it's intermittently popping back up, it wasn't done right. We have software provided by Canon to do this on some of their models (others use "key commands" in the service mode).

Sorry I can't help further, but it's really a matter of disassembling, cleaning and replacing and reassembling. Then resetting the counter.

And no, don't give it a bath. Motors and circuit boards don't like baths very much. Anyone suggesting that should just not try to service their own stuff. Classic example of someone who should NEVER try and service anything, period.

One last thing. While your swearing at this during the disassembly, just be happy it's not one of the models with a flat bed scanner on it.
by Mergatroid on Jan 24, 2012 at 9:41am Add comment
canon mx366 waste tank is almost full need help to reset,,,

try this procedure but did not work, i can not enter in service mode

Turn on the machine
Press MENU
Press SCAN COPY SCAN to enter service mode
USE > to got to NVRAM ACCESS
Set ABS-M LEVEL to 0
Set ABS-P LEVEL to 0
Press STOP to EXIT


1. Disconnect the power cable
2. Connect it while holding down the power button
3. With the power button still down, press twice the "Cancel/Stop" red button
4. Release the power button
5. The printes turns into a kind of factory mode...(wait for about 10 seconds, utils it says "Idle")
6. Press the ">" (next to the "OK" button) once."Shipping Mode 3"
7. Press the "OK" button.
8. Press "OK" again for "Without cleaning"
9. A test page will print..
10. Open the cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.
11. Disconnect the power cable again.
12. Take out both cartridges.
13. Close the cover.
14. Connect the power cable once again.
15. Turn the printer on.
16. Now just put the cartridges back...
by thraser on Jan 26, 2012 at 6:10am Add comment
There is an aftermarket tool available for this model and it works. If you look around for it you should find it. The file is: Just remember this part though. You have to get the error to stop flashing before using the tool or it will freeze up.

Here are the instructions for temporarily stopping the error:

This reset tool should work on Canon iP 1500.

1: Error must be temporarily cleared or the IP tool will lock up.
Unplug 120V. Hold power button in and plug 120V in.

2: Press resume button once. Let go of both buttons. Press power button.
Unit should come on without going through its startup routine.
Error should be gone.

3: Run IPTOOL. Reset the absorber counts.

4: Done (exit)
by Mergatroid on Jan 26, 2012 at 9:21am Add comment
There is an aftermarket tool available for this model and it works. If you look around for it you should find it. The file is: Just remember this part though. You have to get the error to stop flashing before using the tool or it will freeze up.

Here are the instructions for temporarily stopping the error:

This reset tool should work on Canon iP 1500.

1: Error must be temporarily cleared or the IP tool will lock up.
Unplug 120V. Hold power button in and plug 120V in.

2: Press resume button once. Let go of both buttons. Press power button.
Unit should come on without going through its startup routine.
Error should be gone.

3: Run IPTOOL. Reset the absorber counts.

4: Done (exit)
by Mergatroid on Jan 26, 2012 at 9:26am Add comment
Sorry for the double post (triple now). I kept getting a server error?
by Mergatroid on Jan 26, 2012 at 9:28am Add comment
tenkz for the reply megatroid but my printer is canon multifucntion mx366 3 in 1...

Im sori but the solution you suggest did not work...

I need help how to reset this printer because it say waste tank is almost full...

Or how to put this printer in service mode?

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The MX360 is so inexpensive that they are "replacement only" and there is no service manual available for it. I cannot locate the MX366 in our Canon literature at all, nor on their service website. It may be a U.S. only model or version (I'm in Canada). I have not worked on that particular model, so I'm not sure if you need a service mode or a service tool.

Here are a couple of possible solutions to try:

Hold the resume key in, press power key and hold it in. Let go of the resume key and press it twice, then let go of both keys.

Wait for the machine to settle. (it may say Idle when it settles). Using the arrow keys navigate the menu until you see the Clear menu. Press "set" or "OK" (whichever your machine has) and navigate until you see the absorber count. Use the set or OK key to clear the count.

Here are the instructions for the MX310 from the manual (I don't know if they will work on your model).

After entering service mode using instructions above:

"When the Power LED lights in green (and "Service Mode Idle" is displayed on the LCD), press the
Stop/Reset button the specified number of time(s) according to the function listed in the table below,
then press the ON/OFF button. (Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs
light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green, starting with Alarm LED.)"

"4 times Green (Power) Ink absorber counter
Set a sheet of A4 or Letter sized plain paper in
the rear tray and reset the ink absorber counter.
After the ink absorber counter is reset, the
counter value is printed automatically.
See "Ink absorber counter resetting" below"

Reset the ink absorber counter (to 0\%) when the ink absorber is replaced, or after the logic board is
1) In the service mode, press the Stop/Reset button 4 times to enter the ink absorber counter resetting
2) In the ink absorber counter resetting mode, press the Stop/Reset button the specified number of time(s)
according to the kind of ink absorber whose value should be reset to 0\%.

Time(s) *1 Ink absorber
0 times Main ink absorber (0\%)
1 time Platen ink absorber (0\%)
2 times Both the main and platen ink absorbers (0\%)
3 times or more Press the ON/OFF button to return to the ink amount resetting mode.

3) Press the ON/OFF button to specify the ink absorber whose value should be reset to 0\%.
4) After the ink absorber counter is reset, the counter value is printed automatically.
("D=000.0 Ps=000.0" is printed at the top left of the paper.)

Another way I've heard about is, once the machine says Idle, open the top cover, remove both the ink cartridges, close the cartridge holder cover and turn the printer off.
Close the top cover and turn the printer on. After the printer settles, reinstall the cartridges.

Remember that I have not tried any of these methods on this model. I think the Service Tool we got from Canon would be what we would use on this model. This service tool is copy protected and will only work on the computer it's installed on, so it would do no good to give it out.

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Canon has missed the point. Whatever the solution to this problem is, it should be explained in the printer manual and help. Users aren't psychic, and shouldn't have to go trolling through myriad web discussion posts trying to figure out what's going on when they get a message like this. None of my previous printers ever gave me such a message, and 'waste absorber tank' is not mentioned in the manual or help. BAD customer service!
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So says retired electronics engineer how does device/software
determine the waste ink reservoir is full?
Two electrodes in a pot of fluid? NO It appears that software
counts the number of ink cartridges used in x amount of time.
It may not be full since ink dries. 3 table spoons worth.
Here it is having torn mine apart: 2inside frntscrews 2back snaps
waste ink is scraped off the bottom of the cartridge then
the cartridge sits on an absorbing screen at the far right.
An ink pump ( round and white size of D cell low down right under the USB cable input draws ink thru the two screens and spits in to felt pads right under the pump which are ( looking at the printer ) under the extreme right bottom corner (pix 1500)
Disassembly is nearly impossible. SO drill a hole in the extreme right bottom rear side with a kitchen paring knife. You are probably going to buy a new one anyway. There you will see felt
under the pump saturated with black ink. enlarge the hole as desired. pull out the felt with hemostats. Push a tampon under the pump. Done! Everything was unplugged. Hold down ON button
1 minute while plugging in AC. Which is a ink cart counter reset
anyway. Which would fix it without doing anything.
The felt (now tampon) keeps the waste ink from dripping out while you toss printer in the back seat of your car when moving.
Note: After so many cart replacements software is guessing its full. It may or may not be full. See above for re-set.
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Not so sure that software is guessing that the ink absorber
is full by the number of cart replacements. There "has to be" two
electrodes on the bottom side of the pump working
like a garden moisture meter sensing if the felt absorber
pad is wicking away water soluble ink properly. That's why
it is water soluble ink. So that new ink dissolves old ink
other wise the whole system would plug up rock hard.
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Thanks to all for their input to this problem!
I was using an ip1800 and would reset as often as the full message came up. Having tried to disassemble the casing I gave up. I will purchase a cheap printer anew! Remember you get two cartridges free with a new printer or is it you get a printer free with two cartridges it will cost about the same at the basic end of market. Less hastle less frustration!
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check this this tutorial will solve the problem
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