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Epson Epson Stylus CX7800

Epson CX7800 Error E-04 Can't Clear Error

I have this error and it will not clear from the printer. Full error is E-04 Clear paper jam, then press Start. I have verified there is no paper jamming the printer. When I press the start button it just feeds the paper through... but keeps the error on the screen. Tried going through Epson's troubleshooting wizard leads me to call Epson. Called them and they said it was not fixable.

Anyone got any betters answers :)

Hey, I bought the CX7800 about a month 1/2 ago. Two weeks ago, lo and behold, I get the same E-04 error. I similarly called epson, but instead I opted to replace it. They sent me another one, I couldn't tell if it was new or not, and they said I didn't have to return the broken one. I hooked up the printer they sent me and got the same E-04 error RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. The next day I made yet another, perhaps unfriendly call to epson, and they sent me one that worked, and told me I could keep the two broken ones. I am currently in the process of dismantling one of the printers to see if there is any physical problem that causes the E-04 error, and will keep you posted as to my progress.
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I have a brand new Epson CX7800. It won't scan photos. The only part that is an accurage scan is about 1/8 inch along both of the long sides. The remainder of the picture looks like a tartan plaid. It did scan negatives just fine.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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I have the same problem as you. When I scan a plain white piece of paper, all I get is 7/8 page of black. Thinking about dismantling the printer to see whats going on. - macd
I have the same problem, too. I have spoken with Epson and another printer is being sent to me. I will be SURE to check it out when it arrives. Has anyone figured out anything further about the root cause of the problem?
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I am having the same E4 error problem....
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I never did find the root cause. It was under warranty and EPSON did send me a refurbished printer.
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Did anyone ever find a solution to the E-04 problem on the Epson CX7800? Please advise.
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Not sure if this will help anyone or not, but...

Looking at the printer from the front with the top open (like one were changing ink cartridges), I forced (gently) a piece of card stock through the rollers and found there was a small piece of paper stuck in the right side feed rollers. This paper was not visible in any way. Just in case someone doesn't know this, Push the "Start" button to get the rollers turning.

When the next piece of regular paper went through it "bunched" or "crinkled" the leading edge in the same place. Two or three sheets later it all appears to be working normally again.

Hope this helps someone else.

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Thanks so much, It was very helpfully to me.
At home we've got an Epson DX6000 and I did something similar to it and E-04 error disapeared.

Thanks again and have a good day!!

Miguel - unknown
My cx7800 become cxcx7700£¬Can you give me the epprom of cx7800 to [email protected],thanks!
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indeed, it worked for me too!!
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