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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R230

Epson CD Printing Problems StylusPhoto R210,R230

I have 2 Epson printers which I use for printing onto CDs. The R210 and R230.

I haven't used them for this purpose in a while, and now neither of them will accept the CD tray.

I hit print on Epson PrintCD and the printer pulls the tray in to the machine then spits it back out and all 3 lights on top of the printer (2 Red, 1 Green) are flashing.

Any attempt to reload the try results in the same problem.

I've tried powering the printers off and on, and likewise re-booting my computer.

I've tried on both a PC and a Mac with the same result.

I have no problems printing normally onto paper, envelopes etc..

Can anyone help me solve this one?


Make sure the printer is far enough from a wall that when the tray comes rolling out the back its not blocked.It needs plenty of room to come out the back and then roll back in again as its setting up.

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That's definitely not it.

1) The printer is sufficient distance form the wall

2) The tray isn't geting pulled in very far at all.

Basically the minute the printer recognises that there is a CD tray in it spits it out again and all the lights start a blinking...
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opps the wall...
thank you very much i never know it before why
now it work perfectly Thank you again
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thanks, solved my problem.
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If anyone else has this problem,the white parts of the tray are "read" by sensors in the printer.If they are too dirty or scratched up you will get this symptom.
by MMurray on Oct 10, 2007 at 6:20am Add comment
Thank you so much for that - worked immediately after cleaning - Anonymous

I have an Epson R230 that was working beautifully until I stuffed it up by putting in a CD, panicking that I had put the wrong one in, and pulling it out again before it had finished feeding in.

It made a bad noise. Since I did it, the printer will not print anything. It makes all the right noises, but there is no print (on cd or paper).

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

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If anyone else has this problem,the white parts of the tray are "read" by sensors in the printer.If they are too dirty or scratched up you will get this symptom.

What a crock of shite that reply was ;(

Anyone have a real answer as it's driving me nuts.
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Then read the manual or buy a service manual. Rude or snide comments will not get you anywhere!!!
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did you find an answer to this problem? was it that the printer was too close to the wall?
i have exactly the same problem but printer is miles away from wall?
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That "crock" answer was from a tech who 'fixed' the problem for ten of his customers by replacing their trays before I started 'painting' them with whiteout to fix the problem.
by MMurray on Jul 27, 2008 at 7:48am Add comment
To MMurray for suggesting white-out on the white tabs of the tray, I'd love to buy you a beer (2 even) - as I didn't have any whiteout, I cut little rectangles out of white electrical tape & covered the tabs with these, making sure that one edge was aligned exactly with the adjacent cut-out in the tray. It worked a treat, but white-out may be safer (won't detach & foul printer at future time). - unknown
This worked wonderfully for me. I had been distraught at the thought of trashing this printer because I have installed a Rihac CIS that works brilliantly. When CDs stopped printing I tore my hair out.

Liquid Paper over the white bits and all is good again. Thank you !!! - Anonymous
can not Paper&CD Printing at 2led allvejbhaking
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Wow, white out works :)
Thanks so much.
I feel sorry for your ignorance swamp
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I used refilled Ciss system for epson R230. It worked good but after half of tank magenta spit on photo by many dots.normal printing is normal but photo printing is more reddish, pls help me.
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Epson R1800 is higher end of cheap... It is closer to $500... Much better photo printer and great with discs...

CD Duplication
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I've successfully used my printer for CD's/DVD's for years.
BUT, I've now printed 2 DVD's, and they are out of alignment by about 2cm's bottom and side...!
So, I get a print that starts printing on the tray, before it hits the DVD surface, and doesn't extend to the entire RHS of the DVD...
JS ;)
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OMG. i can't believe that whiteout worked.

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