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Epson Epson Stylus CX4200

Epson CX4200 Lights Blinking

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Okay, I've tried just about everything, and I'm definitely in need of some help from the pros here...

I was given a CX4200 that was rejected by someone after it stopped working and Epson replaced it with a CX4800. I've been trying to fix it, and have so far been unlucky. Here is what the printer does:

When started up, it will run thru it's normal start-up procedure, then it will stop and flash all the lights on the control panel and an "E" will flash in the display. The help says that this is either an obstruction in the printer or the classic "part has reached end of service life" aka protection counter is full. I've looked many many times over and have not found any obstructions, even in the scanner assembly. All the parts are able to move freely. I tried resetting the protection counter with the SSC utility, but since the CX4200 isn't supported I'm not sure that it worked. I read it and it said something like 56000 out of a max of 32000, but was unable to reset it (it said it worked but a re-read gave the same numbers). I suspect that since my printer isn't supported, it might have read wrongly. I also checked the purge tube that so many 5400 users have had trouble with, and it's connected and free of ink. This printer was bought only about 6 months ago.

Does anybody have A) Any suggestions that I may not have thought of, or B) a way to manually reset the protection counter? (like, hold on and another button for x seconds, then...) I've checked the pads, and they are not even CLOSE to full. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently using an ailing officejet g95, and I don't think it'll survive the move back down to college for fall semester!!

There is no manual reset of the protection counter for this line of printers which include all of the all-in-ones that use the T06 ink carts. The only way to reset it at this time is the official Epson adjustment program made specifically for these models. Unfortunately, no one seems to have this program, or should I say, no one who has it has made it available for free download. SSC claims to have a new version coming soon which will hopefully support this line of all-in-ones.
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