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Hp HP Business Inkjet 2230

Bypassing ink cartridge expiration- HP INKJET 2230

Respectfully, I have fine-tuned the process for bypassing the expiration dates on allegedly "expired" ink cartridges. Someone else here found the fix (using a different driver) but because I am a computer dummy, I had to feel my way in the dark, wading through a LOT of posts. I'm fine-tuning the process, painlessly, for other computer dummies like me. Here's a step-by-step workaround that really works great in XP Pro but I believe it will work with XP Home, too!:

1.Turn on your Inkjet 2230 and leave it on throughout the entire following process.

2.Go to START>Programs>HPInkjet 2230>UNINSTALL. Uninstall the printer. Then reboot as requested.

3.Go to START>Printers & Faxes> and click on it.

4 Right click on the Inkjet 2230 in the window that pops up.

5. Mouse down to PROPERTIES and click once.

6. Go to the "Advanced" tab and click. Click "New Driver" button.

7. On the "wizard" that pops up, click "Next" button at the bottom.

8. On the left window (Manufacturers), click HP. On the right window, click the "HP Business Inkjet 2200/2250 (HPA)".

9. Click "Next", then finish out the installation of the other driver.

10. Reboot computer.


(It's despicable what HP is doing here, forcing people to discard perfectly good ink cartridges. Unless they change their practices, I will change brands.)
It worked for my hp business inkjet 2200, even thought I didn't uninstall the previous driver.

Thanks a LOT

(PS to HP : We found the work-around, but you are still loosing another customer )
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Tried this on my 2230; doesn't work.
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This solution just saved me from throwing out a completely full yellow cartridge for my printer.

The only thing that I had to do that was not in your directions was to reinstall my printer after my machine rebooted. Then I went through and made sure that I had the correct driver which is the "HP Business Inkjet 2200/2250 (HPA)".

There was no need to find a battery in my printer and take it out, buying some chip for my printer to fix the printer, or changing back the clock on my computer to trick my printer.

It really is this simple. Thank you.

And I'm with you about changing brands. I think what HP is doing is dispicable!!!!! They might as well be sending your printer a virus.

Thanks again.

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I have XP home addition and there is no uninstallfor hp under programs. is there another location? will this fix work on home edition? i do like your step by step instructions' as i am not very computer lierate.
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I've wasted so much money of expired ink cartridges it isn't even funny. This worked perfectly on my 2230. THANK YOU!!
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Wow... it works... Thank you so much....
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If using a printer that does NOT have a Windows-supplied driver, then you might find this HP driver patch to be helpful to avoid ink expiration errors...I used it on my K850 printer ... See

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