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Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) i560

canon i560 won't turn on

My Canon i560 will not turn on. Checked the power and USB connections and all ok. Any thoughts? thanks
My Canon IP3000 would not turn. It turned out to be the Print Head. It had burnt out and gone short circuit. This caused the built in power supply to shut down, hence, the printer appears dead.

Now, how do you get the Print Head out when it is locked down on the left side (your right side if facing the printer)? Open the top lid and inside you will see a chrome sharft, about 10mm in diameter, that the Print Head slides along. Put you finger under this bar and lift it 3 to 4mm. It's under spring tension. The Print Head will also rise, releasing it from the lock. With your other hand, slide the Print Head to your left. You can now release the bar and move the Print head freely.

To confirm the fault, try to power up the printer with the Print Head removed. Don't forget to put the lock bar down first, to stop it hitting the cover when it tries to go home.
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My canon i560 print, but nothing in the paper, replace all the ink tank to new, but still the same.
Try cleaning head sequence 3 times, deep clean 1 time, nothing.
Try to clean the head with warm water, re install the cartridge and print, still nothing.....
anyone can help please??
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my i560 printer turns on, but since yesterday there is something wrong:
The green light stays permanently dark, but he printer seems to work normal. No blinking codes. If I start a printing job, the printer seems to print, but there is nothing on the paper...
Until yesterday the printouts were absolutely perfect!

What can I do?
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Try disconnnecting from power source for a few minutes and reconnecting.
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thanks for the rely, but after disconnecting still not turn on. - Anonymous
Same problem as mine, the thing wont turn on after i unplugged it for the longest time and plugging! it could be an error code set in its controller to permanently shut down after some error msgs that have occured. does someone know how to remedy this, thanks!
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Did you ever get a reply to your post? My i560 has just stopped working, and Canon have told me that I will need to replace the AC adaptor, costing £35. I don't want to do this if perhaps the problem lies somewhere else. - Anonymous
When I press the power button on my i560, the green power light lights up briefly then turns off. I checked the power supply and it is putting out about 11.5V on one line and 13.4V on the other line. Since the power supply is stamped with information that the outputs should be 24V and 27V, I bought a new power supply from Canon. The new power supply is also putting out about 11.5V and 13.4V. Either this new power supply is also bad or the printer circuitry somehow has the ability to switch or control the voltage output of the power supply. In addition to the "24V", "27V" and two ground wires coming out of the power supply, there is also a "cont" wire. Does anyone know what this wire is for? Any ideas about what the problem might be? I contacted Canon tech support via email with the above information and they suggested I try a different outlet. They also said that since the printer is obsolete (it is 3 years old) they would give me a discount on a new printer.
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Re: 11/14/07 post: The printer is not considered obsolete - I misread the email. Parts and service are still available from Canon. Apparently, the lower voltages are correct for the power supply when not connected to the printer. Removal and reinstallation of the print head resulted in the printer powering up. I had to remove the cover since the print head was off to the side. It worked for a day but now I get a print head error. I suspect that the print head was the problem all along. But I have to decide if I want to spend more money on a new print head to find out.
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Removing and reseting the print head worked for me. I removed the cover and the cartridges then the print head, sopped up some ink from the waste tray and put it back together with fresh ink tanks and so far so good.
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My Canon i560 has no response except 5orange flashes between a brief green flash on the power light. Normally the orange flash means paper has run out then I press "resume" to finish printing once I top up with paper. The green light every 5 orange flashes isn't normal and no response when paper added. It also doesn't busy itself with the cleaning routine when starting . Tested:USB ports with other devices,power cable,Printer's USB cable.Any advice welcome.
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5 flashes indicates a faulty printhead or possibly a problem with the p/head contacts. Try removing the head which is easier if you take the cartridges out first(no tools required) and re-seat it having checked the contacts for dirt.

If that doesn't work it may be that the waste ink tank is full. Try this ...

Canon S9000, S300, S400, i550, i560, i850, i860, i865, i9100, i9950, PIXMA iP3000 above,
1. Turn off printer
2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
8. Your printer should respond as normal.
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Re: our Canon i560 not responding and just flashing orange 5 times between a longer green flash.

We thank you for your advice but unfortunately cleaning the head well and repeatedly working through your 8 point guide hasn't changed anything. I gave it a few hours turned off before trying again but no luck. Thanks so much for your assistance.
I guess it may cost less to move on but might see if I can get a favourable opinion first. Any further advice welcome. - Anonymous
I've seen this waste-tank-5-flashes reset sequence in a few places. It's not working for me on an i560 though -- when I release both buttons in step 4, it just starts flashing the 5 orange lights. Not sure why I'm not able to get into that reset mode... - unknown
My printer just decided to stop printing today.

I've acted as per the 8 steps... now my printer (Canon ip3000) won't turn on at all :( It's like I activated some "secret code" and killed it altogether.

Any ideas how to rectify this?

Thanks much! - unknown
I found that my i560 would only enter the correct mode if the print head is removed. I haven't found out how to get it to print the information from #1 or #2 with no print head or ink tanks installed!

Presssing the reset button four times (and I've tried three as found in some other forums) followed by the power button appears to execute somethnig. When I then turn the printer off and reinstall the print head and ink tanks it goes back to the five amber and one green flash sequence!!!

I'm about ready to give up.
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my i560 has a constant green flashing light and when I open the ink chamber the cartridges remain to the right of the track and don't come to the centre to allow access to the cartridges. Can someone tell me what might be wrong? I don't want to touch the cartridges and I'm sure one should not tray and force them to the centre if they are stuck fast to the far right of the printer. If anyone knows what's wrong please get back to me.
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Like the first poster my printer, an I9950 will simply not turn on. I had the first hints there was a problem when it switched itself off during a print, but it ran fine after disconnecting/reconnecting the power supply until yesterday, when during a nozzle clean the printer froze with the green LED still lit but no communication to my PC. Disconnect/reconnecting the power supply resulted in it not even starting up at all now (no lights and no internal activity).

I have tried the reset procedure and found the green LED does come on when held prior to reconnecting the power, but pressing the power button and release etc, and nothing happens, the green LED just turns off.

I suspect the power supply might be the culprit but since I am getting some life from it in the LED I would like to know if that is still possible before buying a new one - according to the service manual for a similar model the remedy for my fault is to replace either the AC supply or in the worst case the logic board (an AC is not obscenely expensive but the logic board is)

Thanks in advance for help anyone can give.
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If your i560 will not turn on and you have tried a new power supply, then its the board QM2-0751-000.
The one person with the i9900 and no power, it is definately the board, we have run into that problem before, not a common problem on the i560.
There are no longer any boards available for the i9900. You can however contact and tell them you have a i9900 with no power and they will take it from there. You may have to send your i9900 to them. From there Canon will call you and make you an offer to replace your i9900 for the cost of replacing the board, approx $240 for a $500 printer.

Authorized Canon Tech
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Damn...I ordered a new power supply this morning.

Since it seems likely that wont work with the I9950 I think I'm better off selling it on at Ebay as faulty and getting new printer (would not be amused going through the hassle or replacing the board to find that one fails too...This printer has not been heavily used after all.

I've been looking at the Pixma Pro 9000. Have there been any known board issues with that model?
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I am flummoxed. Usually I can fudge my way to fixing these things, but I have no idea here.
My all-in-one, which I have not used in about 2 weeks, will not turn on. I was out of town, it was turned on when I left, and it will not turn on. The screen on it is blank. I have plugged and unplugged. It is simply a giant paper weight. It is very annoying since this printer was purchased in August.
Is there anyone who can offer any help. As of right now, it just is sitting here next to my laptop. Pretty useless.
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My 610 is also refusing to turn on. We had a power outage a couple days ago, so I wonder if this had anything to do with it. I do run the power thru a surge protector, so I can't imagine it is the fault of the outage. Did you have any luck with yours? - unknown
It eventually worked several hours later. It was just a process or unplugging and plugging it back in and turning it off and on. The usual for those of us with no tech-spertise.
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Thanks Judy. I had the same problem - a power outage and a black screen of death on my Canon Pixma MP500. I unplugged it for about 20 minutes and replugged, switched on while holding the OK button as well, and presto... it's working again.
I suspect the power outage is definitely to blame; probably confused the hell out of the little Pixma.
Cheers - hope yours has given you no more grief since your original post. - unknown
My Canon ip3300 went dead (no power) mid-way through printing a page and subsequently wouldn't turn on. I tried what others suggested: unplugging it for a while, plugging it back in and then trying to turn it on. Eventually this worked, so don't be afraid to unplug it for a while and plug it back in many times before all system are go. I should add this remedy only worked for one or two printings; then it wouldn't turn on again and I had to perform the unplug/plug in process all over again.
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I am in the same boat....and now not happy. Just bought this printer last TUESDAY March 17th on it wont turn on. It worked fine for few days. Will contact CANON since its new...but hoping this will not be a persistent problem in future...may just return it : 0
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my canon mp520 all in one wont turn on, no lights no flashing no nothing. i've unplugged it and pluged it in and nothing. very frustrating as it's after midnight and i'd really like to print this paper!
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Mine has problems too. After the message that there was no ink available , then pressing the Resume button, just as the message said, the printer then won't turn on. Tried disconnecting, unplugging... nothing works.
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I've had this problem sooo many times on the 620.

What works for me: unplug it for a full 5 minutes.
Then plug it in and press the 'on' button. It starts back up.

What a dorky printer feature.

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Hi, 5 amber flashes means a print head problem, according to the manual. My print head was stuck fast, but I was able to free it with the help of a motorcycle tyre lever (did it before reading msilcock's post). There were some dags hanging of the print head (yes, 3rd party inks - if you use them use only one supplier so you know who to blame), but it looked okay otherwise. I cleaned it up and put it back in, but still flashing amber. Maybe it's burnt out inside or something. It was printing fine before the problem. Oh well, have to resurrect my MP600 now one can buy affordable third party cartridges.
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Well. After some temporary success (see my post 2/19/10), the wretched MP500 died a second death.
I appealed to the electricity company to no avail. They declined blame. My husband took to the printer with brute force opened the front and cleaned the contact points for all the switches.
Guess what? It's working !!
We do live near the sea, so I am thinking some corrosion on the switches.
The front is now held in place with blu-tak, but at least I don't have to buy a new printer.
Hell if all else fails, what do you have to lose by trying it?
Good luck.
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I thought maybe someone might be able to help me... after a severe thunder/lightning storm my canon pixma mx310 will now not turn on. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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My canon mx700 would not turn on after a thunder storm flickered the power. I assumed it had been hit by a power surge and something had blown. I replaced it with a canon mx830.

A day later I plugged in the mx700 and it worked fine.

Today, I had another power flicker and my mx830 would not turn on. Unplugging it briefly did not help, but it came on fine after I unplugged it for an hour.
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i560 wont start. no lights operating.
by unknown on Dec 13, 2010 at 11:18pm Add comment
same s*ti. no lights, nothing. tried all the cabels and stupid things that could be worng. nothing. my printer is an ip 3500.

i had an ip 2000, a s 400, in the past, but they didn't have this problem.
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Please help, can't afford a new printer. Canon Pixma MX700 about 2 years old. Started printing only every other line. Replaced cartridges. 4 nozzle cleanings did nothing. I was taking each cartridge out and putting it back (as someone suggested) when it powered down. No lights, no response at all. I cleaned the printhead, replaced the power cord, tried to put it in factory mode per instructions I found online(see below). Nothing, with or without the printhead in. Can someone help? Please.

Canon Pixma MX700 factory mode:
1) Disconnect the printer's power outlet
2) Press and hold the power button while connecting the power outlet back.
3) While still holding down the power button, press the reset button twice.(red circle with a triangle)
4) Release the power button
The printer takes about 10 seconds to show the number 1 (factory mode)
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My printer won't turn on even after i unplugged it and I need it urgently. What should I do to make it work again??
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I followed instructions to empty, clean waste tank, which is really a pad. I got the ink cartriges in the middle and unplugged the printer (while on still). Cleaning and replacing pads was easy, but now my printer won't turn on. I have unplugged and replugged all connections. No green light, no power. Can anyone help?
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I have a Canon Pixma MP610 which won't turn on or show any sign of life. it is about 3 years old and has printed thousands of photos. It began to show problems about a month before it gave up for good, not turning on but then when unplugged for some time it would come back to life. this printer has been apart before to have a new LCD screen and power pack fitted. Checking the power pack again, i note that the coloured wire coming directly out of it are carrying about 7 to 9 Volts DC, so the Power pack is not the issue here i beieve. I have taken it apart to the point where i have cleaned out the waste ink tanks, which are huge!. so my question is, once i have it all back together, what can i do to bring it back to life and reset the wast ink tank counter? any direction appreciated, Roger
by Rogermana on Jun 26, 2011 at 2:08am Add comment
Hi all,
I'm getting the same on my MP520. Was working fine, printed a few files off one day, next day would not turn on. I've checked the fuse but no luck, so how do I get into it to clean any switches ??
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Everyone read carrie789 post! It works! I was ready to go out and buy a new printer even though I just bought brand new cartridges!!! I decided to research first cuz I had a power outage yesterday. And thanks to carrie789 I saved about 50! Thank u
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Hi folks. The i560 that came in for repair had no power. After trying all normal tricks I had a good look at the logic board and found one supply-rail shorted. Q431 was burnt. I will post if I find a solution other than replacing the board. Our power is extremely "dirty" and these faults are quite common.
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My post about he MP610 that won't turn on is just above. getting the MP apart is reasonable easy with the click off panels around the front. I was shocked how much ink was in the waste tank pads, heaps of expensive canon ink-don't turn these machines off if you can leave it on, they do a cleaning routine everytime they are turned off/on. I checked the MB everyway i could, including check the tiny MB fuse, and doing the turn on/reset routine to reset the ink counter, playing with different power packs: i had to conclude the MB was dead front bad power here. so i threw it all in a hole and bought a new one, the MP 640 which uses the same ink in a smaller cartridge. I just wish i had bought a later modal as this ink tank is used up too soon. Would still recommend a Canon Printer.
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I Have a Canon MP960 that I just tried to turn on and the little blue light (on indicator) flashed on for a second and then it did nothing. This happened again when I unplugged it and then plugged it in again. Then I would attempt to power it up again with out doing the unplug/plug action and the blue light didn't even lite up.

Not sure what this means, other than a dead printer. If someone can prove me wrong that would be fantastic.

Unless someone thinks it would help to have it unplugged for a day or so first?

Is there anything else that can be done? I have $250 of new ink cartridges that I don't want to waist.

It was a very expensive printer and the best on the market back 4 years ago. I brought Canon because Epson had real issues with their ink drying up after 2 weeks of non-use. However, it looks as though Canon has lemons too. Not sure what printer to buy that isn't a lemon??

Anyone know of a great printer that will last for at least 10 years?

Thanks :)
by lightingguru on Oct 19, 2011 at 7:50pm Add comment
Argh. I've had my Pixma MP610 for 4 years without an issue, and now this is happening to me too. Tried Carrie789's suggestion (as well as anything else I could find online) and nothing has worked. It's odd, because it's survived quite a few surges in the past no problem. I powered it on to print something this afternoon, and it powered on no issue, however, in trying to print something 3 times, the page printed out blank. I replaced one color cartridge, and then tried again on a different document, and it still printed a blank page. Finally, I powered it off and it shut down as normal. Then it wouldn't power back on. After trying everything I could, I am now posting here in frustration and desperation. Being that it just decided to stop working rather unprompted, I'm convinced this is likely a manufactured breakdown... planned obsolescence?
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My 4 year old Pixma MP610 also has just died. It was mid print on an envelope and just shut down. I have tried unplugging and resetting. I love this printer! Can I resurrect it?
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same problem here, #5. flashing green lights never happens, just the same old 5 orange, 1 green pattern. Any other suggestions anyone???
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I had a similar problem with my brand-new MX882. Had to press the Green start button while turning on after waiting a half hour. Would NEVER had guessed that solution; glad I found this thread. Kind of perplexed at the situation--but glad it works.
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Canon mp610 turned off in the middle of printing! Can't get it to turn back on, plugged it into a different outlet, checked the wires, tried unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in = nothing. I'll try again and wait a couple of hours, but otherwise I'm stumped. Any suggestions?
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Left it plugged in while we vacationed for four months. Returned to non-functioning printer. Wont turn on! Suspect power surge in locality (NYC). Fixes appreciated.
by rtremain on May 13, 2015 at 10:25am Add comment

By this time, I have seen many of Canon Pixma printers, which had stopped working unexpectionally. Mostly after print head cleaning. There was no problem in power source or button board. The problem is on mainboard. Most likely it is build in "programmed death" by producer. I dont support this brand more.

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