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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2200

epson 2200 disassembling replacing pads resetting

this forum was of great help to me so i decided to give something back with my experiences (please scroll to the bottom paragraph to help me with some questions):

i have a 2200 that has the paper feed light blinking red, and all the ink lights blinking red. is it also getting the maintenance error in the drivers that parts need to be serviced. from reading these forums, i determined that the most likely cause of this problem was the waste ink pad counter.

most threads pointed to downloading a freeware program called sscserve.exe that can reset the waste ink pad counter (called the protection counter in the program) and see if that solves the problem. i tried all the settings in the program, and none resolved the blinking lights (ink reset, protection reset, soft reset)

discouraged, i searched the forums again and found others with similar problems. i found a link to the manual reset instructions ( and managed to reset the waste ink counter successfully on the first try. the lights are no longer blinking red and the printer functions normally. hooray!

all following instructions are from point of view facing the front of the printer so that the buttons are to your right and would be referred to as the front right of the printer. i recommend you work somewhere where you wont mind getting ink stains (or lay something down to protect surfaces) and wear gloves to prevent your hands for getting ink stains (wear crappy clothes too).

now i set out to actually clean the pads and/or tank. to do this you must first remove the plastic housing(s) for the printer. start with the top light grey housing. first lift and remove the pseudotransparent cover that normally gives you access to the printer catridges by pulling it carefully off its hinges. you will see two obvious screws near each of the hinges of the cover you just removed. the front part of the light grey housing has two circular thingies "hiding" two more screws. remove all four screws. youll notice that the housing still seems partially secured to the printer and it is, by little plastic tabs that are all along the front and side. i used some brute force and some flat-head-screwdriver-prying to get the rest of it off. each time it made loud snapping sounds that sounded like something breaking, but only one tab actually broke and it shouldnt be noticeable with all the other tabs intact (there may be a better way to do this part?). please note that there is a thin data cable that goes from the printer to the control panel on the housing you are removing here, so be careful. i did not notice it until it had already come loose by itself

next remove the dark grey housing that comes down the front of the printer. trace the line of the housing around the machine so you understand what you are doing. there are only two screws to remove here - one at each front corner. you must be looking down at the top of the printer to see them, as they are down inside the printer secured near the bottom. the screws are only accessible once you remove the top light grey housing. once you remove those two screws, youll have to do a little more twisting and prying to get it off. just work it off slowly as you did with the previous housing and pay attention to where its catching

you can now remove the rear dark grey housing which is attached by three very obvious screws.

finally you will need to remove the bottom housing which is attached to the metal frame of the printer by 5 screws. one at the front left of the printer, one at the rear left of the printer, two at the front right of the printer. the previous four are all found by looking down at the top of the printer once again. the fifth screw is found in the rear right of the printer and is mounted going in sideways and is only accessible when you have removed the rear housing and it has a small washer (the rear left screw is easier to access with the rear housing removed also).

with all screws removed you can now remove the actual metal frame of the printer from the bottom and final piece of plastic housing. at first i had trouble removing it until i noticed that there is a piece of rectangular padding at the front right of the printer that is glued to both the bottom plastic housing and to part of the metal frame. i carefully peeled it off the metal frame and then had no trouble removing the frame from the housing

you will now need to move the catridge carrier out of the way to see the waste ink collection mechanism. the carrier moves freely except that it is blocked by a little offwhite thingy that pops up on its left side. simply push the spring loaded white thingy down and move the carrier out of the way. you will now see underneath it an all black plastic assembly on which you will also see a small rectangular tray (1 inch x 1/2 inch approx) in which lies a small rectangular black bit of foam or padding. follow the assembly to the right where you will see it attached to the printer's metal frame on the outside by two screws. removing these two screws allows you to slide the entire assembly out to the right.

you will notice a tube coming out the bottom of the assembly that plugs into what looks like a black cylindrical pump. out of that pump you will notice another tube coming out that seems to just end pointing down at where the bottom plastic housing would be

the bottom plastic has several pads. the ones to the left are white with only a few splotches of ink, the ones to the right near where the waste ink seems to end up are black and seem saturated with ink.

now here is where i still need some help. most of the posts i read instructed me to wash replace the waste ink pads and empty the waste ink tank. i dont see anything that looks like a tank unless its the cylindrical thing that looks like a pump, in which case im not sure how to remove it and then i have no idea how to empty it. as for the pads, im not sure if i should clean all the pads, just the ones saturated in ink in the bottom housing, or also the tiny rectangular pad that is in the waste ink collection mechanism that i removed earlier (that has the tube coming out of it). i tried to remove that tiny pad but it seems like its attached to the rest of the assembly somehow. should i just rinse it while its in the assembly?

to summarize

1. is there a tank/pump in this model printer?
2. do i need to remove the tank/pump and empty it?
3. which pads need cleaning?

thanks for your help

1. the only pump is the one which is used to feed the ink through the system. need to remove the pump at all, unless it fails
3.the only pads which need to be cleaned (ideally replaced) are the waste ink pads under the printer mech.
Do not remove the small pad from the pump cap assy (it isn't just a waste ink collection unit, its used to provide the vacuum to draw the ink through the system) and attempt to clean it, the assy will be destroyed. If you want to clean this, just run it under a warm tap. But theres no real need to do this unless you are experiencing quality issues.
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OH NO. i got everything working but now the printer is making a horrible sound. the sound is coming from the "pump" that i described in this paragraph

"you will notice a tube coming out the bottom of the assembly that plugs into what looks like a black cylindrical pump. out of that pump you will notice another tube"

it only makes this sound when it is pumping ink and a litle white plastic thing turns. it is a sound of plastic grating as if metal gears were grating or winding up. i dont know how this could have happened as the only thing i messed with was the pads as i indicated above. someone please give me some ideas i am stumped!
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try removing and reseating the pump cap assy. if this is not installed properly, the wiper blade can't move and causes it to grind.
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I followed all the instructions and was able to clean and replace the waste ink pads in my epson 2200.
However, when I was putting the top plastic housing back on, the data cable disconnected from the main controls.
How do I reattach this data cable?!

I'm a newbie to all this fix-it-yourself, and would really really appreciate very very detailed description of how to do this.
can i just use glue?! I have no idea how it was attached in the first place.

Please help!!
thank you.
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I appreciated you posting your instructions for disassembling, i followed them perfectly - but how did you re-attach the data cable back to the control panel?
I am totally clueless and all this work is basically worthless if I can't turn the printer on or off!

thank you in advance.
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The instructions given here are not consistent with the instructions given in the 2200 maintence manual. As a matter of fact they seem exactly backwards in some cases. I suggest you pull the mainence manual from the web as I did and use those instructions.
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A customer of mine did put together a detailed set of photos that provide a visual guide to this process so I'll put them together on at some point today or tomorrow for those of you wanting the info.

I hadn't bothered before now as generally it's easier to fit an external tank rather than change out the pads.

If someone could bump this thread in case I forget, in a couple of days time.
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