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Dell Dell Inkjet A940

Dell a940 error C50

I bought a refill kit to my printer, and it worked fine for a few weeks, but then after the printer said it was getting low on ink, it startet. cartridge error C50. anyone know how to fix this?

My printer stops printing at 99\% complete-tried to uninstall and will not let me because "printer running"--tried to end task and can cel whatever is "running" and will not let me do that--so everything I print stops at 99\%--How can I correct this problem--?? thanx
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I had the same problem. Restart the computer which should clear the print buffer. Uninstall the Dell A490 through the Dell AIO A490 uninstall. Restart the computer. Install the Dell AIO A490.
Restart again.
It worked for me. Good luck. - Anonymous
I'm having exactly the same problem, as in getting the c50 error message. I also have refilled my cartridges a few times, but for me it seems to be the color one causing problems. Maybe Dell has something going on so it can detect the same cartridge going in over and over and does that so you have to buy a new one? Tempted to just buy a new printer that I can purchase cartridges for locally, instead of having to order them, I hate ordering them!!
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thanks for the reply....that's what I was thinking about doing, replacing the tops. The black tops are a lot harder to get off, they are glued all the way round. I wonder if it's a set number of times you can remove and reinstall the cartridge, or if it's a date thing....the tech guy was saying it was a year since I bought my last cartridge...and I needed to buy a new one, like that had some bearing on the situation, makes sense as well because the black one is not as old as the color one and it's the color one causing my error message. I'm sure there is some good hacker worth his salt out there that would know how to stop this error message....surely it's just a programing thing in the printer. One of the things he had me do was unplug the printer (power) and hold down the power button for 15 seconds then plug it back in. Trying to reset something I assume. Maybe I'll experiment today......
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There was a tech guy who posted who said the 50C error message is when the electronics in the cartridge fail. He also said if the cartridge gets run too low the print head (electronics) will burn out and you'll get that error. I'm going to do some snooping around to see if I can find some of those cartridge levers from a lexmark. I'll post again if I find any.
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I broke down and ordered new cartridges from Dell, just did not have the time to do anything else...I ordered monday about noon, they were at my door the next morning no shipping charge!! I live a ferry ride away from the nearest big city too!! I figure if I can refill them 4 or even 3 times before the quit, it's a pretty good deal. It was $92. Canadian for the 2, I can't find the Lexmark ones any cheaper than that anyway.
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I am having a similar problem with a Dell 964. I installed a remanufactured cartridge and the printer states that the cartridge is half full. The cartridge prints perfectly. How do I reset the counter/cartridge whatever? I checked with a friend and he has the same problem. He has used three remanufactured cartridges (about 1000 pages) with the printer still showing the same message that the cartridge is half full.
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I bought a Dell compatible printer cartridge for my All-in-one and was working fine until I got the Cartridge error 1203 message. Can anyone tell me what this means?

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I have refilled both the black and color cartridges at least 3 or 4 times on my A940 with success, but now I'm getting that C50 error also just after refilling both. I think the black cartridge is the problem as it is seeping extra ink. Just prior to this problem, color printing was yielding a blue background where just text should have been. Not sure I have any answers yet either.
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update here after about an hour on hold, then trying to communicate with someone who could not speak English very well...."You need to purchase a new cartridge mamm." "No these cartridges can not be refilled mamm." I am assuming my first post was correct, there is something that tells the printer the cartridge you are reinstalling has been refilled and won't let you do it. I'm buying a new printer tomorrow, and it will not be a Dell!!
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Smiley, check out my previous post as I corrected the problem on the Dell A40 printer. - Anonymous
I am with you. The Dell cartridges are way out of line and I have used remanufactured ones for the last 3 or 4 times from the same company. All of a sudden they won't work.
I will not by a Dell printer again either. I do not like the incovenience of having to order them, the cost or the length of time that they last which isn't long. - Dallie
Last night I finally prevailed over the A940 print problem. For review I was getting a 50C cartridge error and it would not print. Prior to that I had refilled both color and black cartridges at least 3-4 times each. Here's how I fixed the problem. I bought a Lexmark 83 Color cartridge, snapped the top off of it and swapped it with the top off the Dell Y745 cartridge, but I still got the 50C error. I had also purchased a Lexmark 82 Black cartridge that I planned to swap tops with also. I could not get the top off of the Dell Y743 black cartridge so I took my dremel tool and shaved the raised guide on the cap off both black cartridges, and crazy-glued the Dell raised guide onto the Lexmark cartridge. Just got done printing the test sheet and another sheet with photos and it works like new. It was a pain with the black cartridge.
The ultimate permanent fix for the A490 printer would be to purchase new cartridge snap-down levers (the levers that snap down inside the dell printer to hold the cartridges, blue for color and black for black). If you purchase snap down levers for a Lexmark printer series X5100 or X6100 or Z55 or Z65, the little guide peg inside the snap lever would work with an unmodified 83 and 82 Lexmark cartridge. All Lexmark did for Dell to make the Dell unique, was to put special Dell snap levers on the printer. I considered breaking off the little guide peg on the snap lever, but decided against it as it appears to help hold the cartridge in alignment.
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wtf are you trying to say? - Anonymous
Smiley, check out the previous post by datingle regarding the A940. I and the one who just replied, but it listed the user as Anonymous, so perhaps I forgot to input my username. Best of luck.
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How do I reset the page count for the printer ink cartrage so after refilling them the printer wont say the ink cartrage is out of ink?
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Resetting the "page count" usually is a function of following the instructions that appear in the viewing window on the A940. When you remove the cartridge to fill it, and then re-install it, the printer senses that a cartridge has been replaced. It doesn't know if it is new or not. On my A940, a message appears in the window on the printer asking if it is a new (black if black, color if color) cartridge, and if so, to press "select" I believe. Once it does that, it prompts you to see if you want an alignment page printed. Tell it "yes" and it will print one. Once that happens, all should be reset and good to go.
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That never happened when I replaced my dell 942 black ink cartrage. It knows it is the same cartrage and is still saying the ink is out and wants me to reorder new cartrages.
So if anyone knows how to reset the page count for cartrages on the dell 942 please help. I guess the A940 is differant then the 942 bcause my mothers 942 is doing the same thing after she had her cartrages refilled by a service. - Anonymous
That is a quick turnaround indeed. As the guy with the cartridge shop had explained in a previous post, I think the trick to getting the most miles out of the cartridges is to refill them before they get all the way empty and burn out the print head on the cartridge.
Thanks for the reply.
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Yes indeed, I will pay attention to that stupid little pop up that tells me my ink is getting low, time to reorder my cartridges....and will refill them then!! lol...
by smiley_face2 on Dec 22, 2005 at 9:03am Add comment
You should be able to take the cartridge out as many times as you want though, without that affecting it. You can buy special photo cartridges, and you have to put them in each time you do photos, I think it's got more to do with the age of the cartridge. He knew when I phoned exactly when I got my last ones, and said I needed to get new ones. Have you had them more than a year?
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They are brand new like the printer. This was the first time I needed to refill one. It is a dell 942 printer and they know when it is the same cartrage. It wants you to go to dell.com and buy their expensive cartrages. Dell has it riged to where you have to buy new cartrages if you dont know how to reset the page count and you can only buy them from dell, no one else carries them save online companies and they want the same money for them.

I just want an answer to how to... not what is wrong.

I know what is wrong. I need an how to answer for reseting the page count to the black ink cartrage on a dell 942. - Anonymous
best way is to take out the cartride put them back and turn it back on - Anonymous
Cartridge Error 50C
Your print cartridge has shorted.

Power off your All-in-One and unplug it.
Plug in your All-in-One again and turn it on.
Uninstall and then reinstall your cartridges.
If this does not resolve the issue, try the troubleshooting steps for the other cartridge errors below.
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I have found that replacing one cartridge at a time works when getting the 50c error. - Anonymous
I had bought refilled Dell cartridges, so they had the right tops on them. I figured out that the one that kept getting the error message did not have its top glued on straight enough. The second one I'd bought at the same time worked fine and its top was visibly more aligned.

Also, in response to it sensing cartridges you've used before, I find it only senses if you've put in the same cartridge as the last time. After taking out the defective refill, I powered off, then on, then put it the empty cartridge again, and it asked me if it was new, etc. So then I could remove the cartridge, put new one in and have it take that one. So refilling might work better if you simply alternate cartridges. Just a thought.
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i think it only works one error message at a time, i just took out the color cartrige and printed in black and it worked fine. obv its just a stupid dell trick to get you to buy their overpriced printer cartriges.
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After speaking to a refill technichen, I was told that the contacts on the cartridge contain a fuse wire. The printer blows this fuse when the ink drop's below a certain level. This wire can't be replaced. Don't know how you'd use this to bypass the problem but maybe it can help
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Hey all you guys out there with your dell printers, I just wanted to inform anyone who cares that HP is the best way to go for printers. i am a technician and work on all brands of printers for repairs, etc. and i have found HP to be the best to repair as far as easiness, but also as far as functionality. it is also much easier to buy parts for hp printers rather than dell.
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where are the directions to reinstall for the A940? the last time I changed ink cartridges, I had to uninstall and reinstall, but I don't know where I put my notes. Does it automatically reinstall once turned on? Dell tech support is terrible. They told me I had to buy a new printer and/or ink cartridge. I will never buy a Dell system again. No matter if it is the best computer out there. Most because of their proprietory use.

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Rather then by new lexmark snap down tops or whatever they are called, just cut off the plastic notch that is keeping you from putting a lexmark in. I did this at work and now i can use dell or lexmark ink in the dell or lexmark printers. works with almost all dell/lexmarks except dell m4640, m4646,j4488, j5566, j5567 and lexmark 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.
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I bought a refill kit to my printer, and it worked fine for a few weeks, but then after the printer said it was getting low on ink, it startet. cartridge error C50. anyone know how to fix this?
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If cutting off the plastic notch wont work on dell m4640 and j5567, what will. And what ink is compatible with this printer? Dell ink is just way to expensive, but I am not sure what lexmark ink to buy. Please help!
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Please let me know if anyone has had this problem: during printing the cover to the black cartridge casing, opens up and no black ink prints. I reclose it over and over, very rarely does it work on it's own. Does anyone know what causes this? I've cleaned and changed the cartriges but to no avail. Help. Dell won't help because warranty is expired.
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I was not getting notifications of any posts to this thread for the last year! thought it was dead, then I get one today, come here, and there has been posts. Oh well, couldn't have helped anyone anyway, except for telling bhavesh to read the previous posts for an answer ;)
binders, never heard of this, hope you get it sorted, I found Dell to be helpful even though my warranty was up, maybe you just need to call back again till you get a friendly tech, remind them you will be looking for a new computer/printer in the future, and do they want to keep your business or not!? It's been over a year now, and I just had to order new ones again, same thing ordered one day they were here the next morning! and the same price as the ones in the store for Lexmark. I was able to refill each of these at least 2 times before they wouldn't work anymore, so really a pretty good deal. I'll stick with Dell for now.
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that last post was me by the way, smiley_face2, and I was talking about ordering new printer cartridges, as per my previous posts. cheers!
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im having the same problem with my Dell A940 when i attempt to photocopy a page. It's very aggrivating. I'm going to mess with it and see if I can get it to work.
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Hi let me know what you come up with. I took my printer apart and put it together again. It worked perfectly for about one hour, then, it went back to poping up the black cartrige during printing. I'm keeping a hammer nearby.
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If you install an aftermarket inkjet cartridge and a message pops up that says your "ink is below the minimum level", you should select the field that reads "Don't display this dialog again". Then clik the button the reads "continue Printing". You may have to do this twice before the message will stop completely (until the next cartridge installation).
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My DellA940 printer is not responding. Please help. It is set as my default printer. I already turn off and on my computer. What is the problem, all of a sudden, it stops working, after I ask somebody to clean my computer, then this problem arises.
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easiest fix is to uninstall it, then reinstall it. If you look under your start button, dell printers, it will give the uninstall option. Make sure you still have your installation disk that came with the printer before you do this though. Edited to correct bad spelling :)
by smiley_face2 on May 28, 2007 at 6:43pm Add comment
Thank you, I got it fixed last week. - Anonymous
I did a search and apparently it's a problem with the printer head. You should phone dell, the number you ordered from and tell them. They'll probably suggest you try and clean it, they'll tell you how, and if it's still a problem, they should send you a new one. they were helpful when I called when I installed my new black cartridge, apparently I had an airpocket in the cartridge, he talked me through how to fix it and it's fine. good luck!
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Hey thanks smiley. I really appreciate it. I didn't even think to check out anything else. I'm a novice and didn't want to tamper with it.
Linda - writingfriend
An air pocket in the printer head ? I guess this would make sense-- because my printer is not telling me that my ink is low - Color is still printing - just not black and getting the Error 50C. I don't want to go through the hassle of Uninstalling and Reinstalling - I am not that Printer/PC literate - My Printer is over 3 years old and has been pretty reliable up until now. Although I have to say I have been having more problems lately halfway through the life of a cartridge. I have never refilled mine either . - Anonymous
Any chance you could post a brief play-by-play of how to fix the airpocket problem? I'm wondering if that's what's going on with mine... I've already tried the turn off, open cover, turn on, remove cartridges, turn off, turn on, replace cartridges, etc., a couple times, including gently wiping off the leads. Always looks like it's worked - the 50c error disappears - until I try to print a document or even an alignment page. And I've alternately tried telling the printer it's a new and a used cartridge. I'd started wondering if there was some device detecting the enlarged hole in the top from the refilling, since it happened with the first refill... - Anonymous
I had the same problem. I bought a reconditioned printer from Cartridge World. I printed a dozen pages in black, then it gave me the C50 cartridge error.

So, I followed instructions above and removed both black and color cartridges, left the color one out, and reinstalled the black.

Voila! I printed a black-only page perfectly.
Certainly it was not low on ink. I don't use the color one anyway, so my problem is solved.

Thank you. - Anonymous
You're welcome! hope it works out for you.
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Just found your replies on other Dell printers. I put two brand new cartridges (Xprint XP-D4646 and 4640 from printerinks) in my Dell AIO 924 (purchased from Dell in France). It worked fine for a couple of weeks and then got blocked with a Dell message which I can't switch off. Is this legal? I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling (from original CD) but now it won't even re-install. Any ideas?

- Anonymous
Did you ever get a fix to this Dell 942 printer problem? I just refilled my cartridges and am looking to see how to reset the page count and ink level settings....
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where can one find REPAIR FOR ERROR 0502 (502) on Dell A 940 PRINTER? Paper Jam indicated but no jam exists. [email protected]
by unknown on Aug 28, 2007 at 11:39am Add comment
I changed the printer ink and got this error don't know what it means and printer will do nothing - Anonymous
I am getting the same error #0502 and cannot solve the problem the usual power up/down, etc. etc. ways. Were you able to resolve yours, and if so, how? Do you know what error #0502 is supposed to represent?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have no manual to reference. - unknown
you can try doing an internet search for the 0502 problem, I have no idea about that one.
if you read through all this, you will see there is no way to "reset" the page count. the cartridge has it built in to the electronics how many pages it will print and so far no one has gotten around it that I've heard of. There was even a feature about this on my local news channel one time. If you are lucky, you will be able to refill 2 or 3 times before it won't work anymore. By then the printer heads would be pretty worn out anyway.
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To my knowledge you cant get rid of the low ink warning or the low ink icon on a refilled ink cartridge for a dell a900 series printer or the "press start to print an alignment page" when the printer is first turned on. Dell sells the printers cheap to sucker you in then sock it to you on the ink. I bought 3 A924 for $30 each including the cartridges. But new cartridges are about 32 for black and 37 for color. As a routine I push the cancel button about 10 or 15 seconds after i turn on the printer to skip wasting color ink on an unneeded alignment page and the printer busy warning. Besure complete a print is unchecked and dont show this warning again is checked. You can get several refills if you kind of keep up with how much printing you do. If the ink goes dry it will burn open the resistors in the print head on the cartridge and you will get an error something like wrong cartridge or not recognised. I get about 3 to 5 refills. I use about 10 ML of black ink in a black cartridge and 3 ML each color in the color cart. Do a search on Ebay you can find info on refilled cartridges.
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I purchased 3 924s about 2 years ago and after reading all of these replies I am now more paranoid. About 5 weeks after purchasing - 2 of them jammed. Dell sent 2 refurbed replacements. I was not happy as mine were new. So after some looking I found the problems. A roach and a broken piece of plastic from the feeder tray. I sent the 2 refurbs back to dell. Thats when i realised how flimzy the feeder lid is. From then on I made a point of removing the paper and folding the tray down after each use to keep from breaking it. I have had no trouble since then - other than nusiance warnings about low ink when using refilled cartridges. So after reading all this thread I noticed that even with the lid down there is a 1 1/2" by 8" hole in the back of the printer and some dust and leaves. Taped lid down and shook it out. Then I took a strip of rubber and taped it to the back of the feeder tray so that it swings as the tray is raised into feed position and keeps the hole covered with the tray up or down.
by gpedens on Oct 20, 2007 at 8:29am Add comment
Has anyone tried rotating cartridges in succession? My hp printer has a memory for two cartridge serial numbers. When an old one is put into service after installing two partly used or new cartridges which were then alligned, the memory for the old one was lost and it was reported as being full (even if it isn't!) My father has a Dell that persists on the low level report in spite of having been refilled.
by pdc on Oct 25, 2007 at 12:24pm Add comment
My general experience with Dell-supplied software is that they have gotten "too smart" and seek to predict and dominate what user does and can do and presumjably wishes to do . Numbering or lettering paragraphs, indenting and many other issues in "Word" suggest this. Intentional shortcomings and Dell pop-ups infringe on my use of computer and dell a 940 printer.

French law may be less stringent than US law in regard to your problem.

While no expert, I can only suggest purchase of a US program or ttaking your problem tto a "geek" of some sort, with the latter probably your best choice

And don't forget to tell Dell. Complaints add up and perhaps decency will prevent forced advertising for which we pay in our purchase price of Dell goods.

Best of luck
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Search the Dell forum web site. The complaints are numerous. Its kind of like a crack dealer, they will give you the pipe cause they are going to make their money on the dope. You can also download program updates. The Dell 924 I have does not have a reset for the ink or page counter. It recognises any refilled cartridge as empty or close to it. Even if the printed circuit is replaced with a new non Dell one. It is a Lexmark cartridge that is bastardized for Dell. In a way it has a good point it makes it simple for the non technical folks but you pay the price. Some new Lexmark cartridges can be used but they will show empty or so I am told. I havent tried any. I think they are the Lexmark 31, 34 and 35 for the 924. Some other Lexmarks will work if you cut off some of the tabs or humps on the top. There is no selection in the program for saying you now have refilled the cartridge to full. I was told that the printed circuit on the ink cartridge is programed for a one time use. It has a low warning and a certain amount of fudge factor. It may count ink drops and look at the serial number of the cartridge. If you start out with a new cartridge at some point you get the nag warning on your computer that the ink is low and time to reorder. Click the dont show this warning again. The printer lcd icon will show 2 or 3 marks from the bottom. When the printer icon shows one mark from empty on an original M4640 or M4646 I refill. Somewhere in this time frame the printer amber exclamation led will flash indicating the ink is gone even if the cartridge is refilled. I have printed a few hundred pages with the printer lcd icon showing totally empty. There will be a message popping up on the computer about using complete a print. DONOT check the box to use a color cartridge to complete a print unless you know the black cartridge is missing or is really empty. Make sure this box is unchecked. If you check complete a print it will default to the color cartridge as long as you have a refilled black cartridge or non Dell cartridge installed. In other words it will not use the black cartridge AT ALL from that point on or until to uncheck the complete a print. I have made this mistake. The color cartridges will go empty and burn the resistors even if you have been printing nothing but black and white. Another bad thing about the color cartridge is it does not have icons for each of the 3 colors in the color cartridge. When one of the 3 colors is low the nag warning will start. At some point after the first refill the lcd printer icon will show totally empty and the amber printer error light will be on. When you turn the printer on the lcd will scroll a message to print an alignment page (mine does this even for Dell cartridges). I hit cancel. I only print an alignment cartridge when I first install a new Dell cartridge or the first refill. At the price of Dell cartridges it cost me about 50 cents to a $1 for an alignment page. If you try to print while the alignment question is scrolling across the printer lcd you will get a printer busy warning on your computer. I can refill the cartridges about 2 to 5 times before I start getting a lot of streaks or white lines in the print meaning that the resistors on the cartridge print haved have fried due to no ink. How many refills you get depends on how dilligent you are at remembering how much you have printed. At some point the resistors on the refilled cartridge will fry enough and you will get something about an unrecognised or wrong cartridge even if you just refilled it. At this point I order a new Dell cartridge rather than a refilled. Most of the refilled are only a few bucks less and all will give a low ink warning. I also found out that ink jet cartridges have a max life of about 3 refills or 1000 pages black and white or 300 color due to the resistor technology. This applies to all brands of inkjets not just Dell. Even if someone took the time to crack the code and reset the cartridge they cant tell you or sell it as Dell would sue for a patent infringement. The good thing about the 924 is it was cheap ($30 from Dell)and it makes as good a color prints as printers costing 10 times as much. It will print about 3 times faster than my old war horse 6mp and scan and copy to boot. They are a throw away printer. Try finding parts for a 900 series Dell and the only ones available is the power supply and cord. I bought 3 924s with a one year waranty. 2 failed after about 2 months. Dell sent 2 refurbished replacements. Ticked me off I found the problem with the new ones and sent their refurbed crap back. The 3rd one lasted about 5 months but I took the refurbed one that time. I still have 2. Also bare in mind I am not a serious user nor in business. I print about 200 pages a month on the 6mp laser but only about 25 pages a month on the Dell. I buy Dell cartridges about once a year and refill. In short for the 924 once you click the dont show this warning again and uncheck the complete a print box on the computer screen, the only problem you will have is the nag warnings on the printer itself. The alignment page and the amber printer error light. The 924s I have are about 2 to 3 years old. If you are a type A or B personality get an HP or an Epson or Samsung. If you are type C or D like me, you know life is too short to worry about the trivial details. As long as it is $10 bucks less you grumble and carry on with a finicky 924. Same way with computers if you are type A get the best get a MAC. If you print a lot get a laser printer for black and white. Color lasers have poor color and the cartridges are obscenely expensive. We have them at work, about $800 bucks to install 4 OEM cartridges and the color sucks. But you get about 1000 pages. I learned a valuable lesson many years ago at a textile plant. You could buy the no label off the line version for $X, the Kmart label for $2X, the Ralph Lauren for $3.5X, Sachs Fifth Ave for $6X, and some other name I couldnt pronounce for $10X and I promise you they were of the same quality as they used identical components and the same amount. Only the labels and poka dots were different. A Jaguar and Volvo aint nothing but a Ford with an expensive grill and bumper and a Rolls uses GM parts. Dell like most companies dont make anything, they just specify different poka dots and labels. In this case the poka dots stink and they charge you more to smell them. Would I recommend a 924 to someone else. Answer is yes and it depends on amount of use an personality. I'm trying to buy a used broken one on Ebay to use for parts. I love fixing crap that cant be fixed.
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lol....as soon as something tells me "you can't do that" or tries to take away my control at all....believe me, I'll die fixing it!! I love fixing crap that can't be fixed too.... but more so in the managing stupid software that tries to control you and your computer!! good post! - smiley_face2
Thanks Smiley. Let me know when you crack the reset code on the cartridges.
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Smiley, I may have stumbled on something. I have windows xp. run regedit or regedt32 and search for "dot count". you should get some hits under hex key local machine software dellinkjet ofn1 and pws. Im not familiar with the regestry other than dont mess with it if you dont back it up. i dont know how to back it up. there is some stuff about page count, dot count, low ink warnings, cart1, cart2, last cart used, etc. it looks like you can change stuff and get the refills to show full.
by gpedens on Nov 8, 2007 at 2:27pm Add comment
Very good gpedens!! I have not had time to have a look in there, you are right about backing up before you mess in there though! I'm going to have a snoop later tonight. I guess it may be hard to tell if anything "works" untill enough time goes by, and I do a few refills to see if it is going to catch up or not.
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I know there is a way to use my Dell 942 printer with my Mac. I was told by a best buy dude to look up lexmark's site because they make some dell printers? anyway, all i want to do is print to the dell from my mac. does anyone know the drivers i need to know to do this?
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i have this problem as well and im going crazy. 1 of my empty color ink cartridge, when i stick it in the printer it works but when i put the one that i was using beforehand i get teh stupid 50C message. its just teh color ink for me! i tried changing the tops between both and it STILL don't work >,>;; yet the empty one works. how wonders.

please help me.
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Hey Emma G. Merry Christmas. this is a forum for people helping people, we are all just like you, trying to figure things out. There is no one here from Dell for you to be yelling at. So if you want to ask for help, perhaps you should lose the angry red face and quit yelling. We have no idea what your problem is, you did not say....
Sorry Darling, don't have a clue what you can do, can you refill the cartridge that is working? at least you could get a few more pages of print out of it then.
So far I have been unable to find anything in the registry to remove the page count, I am wondering if it is not something right in the cartridge, which seems to fit with what Darling said.
It seems I can refill them at least 3 times each before having to get new ones, that's when the c50 error message starts showing up, but by then, I think the heads are getting worn out because the quality declines, so all in all, getting a $40 cartridge and refilling it 3 times is not a bad deal.
Good luck everyone, and Merry Christmas!
by smiley_face2 on Dec 24, 2007 at 12:59am Add comment
i mean i could just refill the empty cartridge but i just rather not.. i broke one of the little thingies undeer the top so yuh..

i think i'll be okay, i don't need color ink anyways and i'll only print text.

happy holidays everyone. - unknown
Smiley Face 2

I was hoping you'd find something in the registry. You seem to be on to something there. I have a Dell 964 and have a very similar issue. I start getting a "Low Ink Alert" after just a few color prints. I know these catridges will print more than they do because I keep clicking "Continue" and printing anyway. The cartridges will continue to print for quite some time considering you're willing to deal with clicking "Continue" every time you want to print something. Just wondering if anyone knows how to increase the counter setting or whatever tells the cartridge how many pages it can print. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend me. TBONE - Anonymous
From what I have read, I kind of think, it has something more to do with what is on the actual cartridge as apposed to what is in the registry.
You can indeed print a lot of pages past when it says it's empty, but I usually fill it back up when it starts saying that, and click that it's a new cartridge. I can do this at least 3 times before it finally quits, so for 40 bucks I get the equivilant of 4 cartridges, that makes them 10 bucks each. After that the heads would be worn out and the quality would go down anyway, so I've given up trying to fix the page count thing. As long as I can keep refilling them 3 or even 2 times, I'm happy enough! Keep us informed if you find out anything new though! and Happy New Year by the way! :)
by smiley_face2 on Jan 3, 2008 at 11:28am Add comment
Rcvd a "Hardware Error 0502" code. After calling Dell Tech Support, their only suggestion was to clean the rod with a cloth. After rcv the message again, I was told to buy a new printer. I've only replaced the ink cartridge once! Any OTHER suggestions?
by unknown on May 17, 2008 at 10:31am Add comment

the encoder cable is not seated properly. this website has a picture of the cable and instructions for realignment. - Anonymous
I think comments about old cartridge causing this problem are accurate. I simply removed my color catridge (which must be really old (2+ yrs)) and its working fine. I just an annoying msg (couldnt find color catridge...continue?)
by bharat on May 20, 2008 at 9:40am Add comment
I have two cartridge slots in my printer. I have a photo cartridge on one and a regular color ink in the other. the color ink is empty but the photo one is still almost completely full. i cant seem to get the printer to pull ink from that cartridge and I dont have time to order another catridge at the moment. I keep telling it to print as a photo but it still wont pull ink from the full cartridge. Does anyone have any suggestions?
by Anonymous on May 20, 2008 at 1:45pm Add comment
You can't get it to print just black when you only have a black cartridge in and full either. It appears you must have both slots filled with working cartridges in order for it to print anything. I've seen adverts that some places are selling the Dell cartridges now, I guess they've clued in to the fact that people do not want to have to order them and wait. You could always run out and buy a refill kit, and refill the old color cartridge in order to get the photo one to work. may or may not work. good luck!
by smiley_face2 on May 20, 2008 at 5:09pm Add comment
well, I am able to print with only one cartridge. Be sure to select
"Print color images as B&W" preference, though.
I get a "Cartridge Missing" warning and I simply hit continue
- unknown
I read almost an entire thread, but there is no situation like mine.
My cartridges are FULL and yet the Error 50C shows.
I just bought it second-hand, the cartridges were supposed to be FULL and they show full. I printed a test page and it was BAD, with slurry colors and almost no crisp black showing.
In an effort to improve the quality I removed the cartridges and wiped them, like the diagnostics say, but they were NEVER the same, and the Error 50C started. Actually it sounds like the head with cartridges is getting stuck, but I am unfamiliar with this 940 printer.
Any ideas/referrals ? I imagine the cartridges may have been re-filled by the previous owner, but it printed a few pages, albeit with poor quality.
by unknown on Aug 20, 2008 at 8:01pm Add comment
Yes, same as autoidea above. I consider myself to be a "Ms. Fix It" and I look forward to any advice you have on solving this problem. Thanks in advance!
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I was printing and must have pulled the paper coming out just a bit or something and the cartridge error came on?????? One ink has been saying it was low for a while. Will it help to just change both of them. I moved the cartridges around. I nev er know where to place it when I change it.
by Anonymous on Oct 3, 2008 at 8:59pm Add comment
I have a macbook... and I downloaded a driver for my Dell 942 printer. whenever I try to print something it recognizes that the printer is there but it says "printer not responding" after it tries to connect. What am I doing wrong??
by unknown on Oct 20, 2008 at 12:07pm Add comment
Hi, …I got this on the web...tried it and it worked.....

Regarding the Dell A940 "Error 50c"....the user guide doesn't seem to mention "Error 50c". They do, however, mention a "Cartridge Error" on page 52 of the manual. They claim this means that the printer has detected a short circuit (fuse/resister) in the cartridge. As you may or may not have noticed in the manual, this is what they recommend doing about it:

1) Press Power to turn the printer off.

2) Lift the printer cover/lid (scanner unit) until the scanner support holds it open.

3) Turn the printer on.
The ink cartridge carrier moves and stops at the loading position unless the printer is busy.

4) Remove the color ink cartridge.

5) Lower the printer (scanner unit) until it is completely closed.
If the error message displays again, replace the black cartridge with a new black cartridge.

If the error message does not display, repeat steps 1–3 and then go to step 6.

6) Reinstall the color cartridge and remove the black ink cartridge.

7) Lower the printer (scanner unit) until it is completely closed.

If the error message displays again, replace the color cartridge with a new
color cartridge.
If there is no error message (indicated by flashing lights), repeat steps 1–3 and then reinstall both ink cartridges.
8) Lower the printer (scanner unit) until it is completely closed.

If you get the error message again, while both cartridges are installed, replace both of the cartridges.

Basically, what they want you to determine is,....if the short circuit is with the "black ink" cartridge or the "color ink" cartridge and then replace the cartridge that has the problem.

Thanks for all the ideas and help ; )
by cyber-flea on Dec 6, 2008 at 12:27pm Add comment
My message was 50c don't know if that is the same as c50 my computer is at least 6-7 years old and have never had a problem. I recently had changed my black and white but knew that my color cartridge was empty (for a very long time) I took out the empty colored one and placed an old empty colored one in and I was able to print once again. What I don't understand is that if I'm printing with black why does it affect the colored cartridge?
by Anonymous on Jan 12, 2009 at 8:53am Add comment
This is MY experience and MY fix to the Dell A940 c50 or 50c cartridge error-

First lets explain that my printer had a previous problem that I did not bother to completely fix. It was that the color ink stopped working. Since I only needed Black ink for my printing I never really cared to completey fix the color ink problem..

-Let me tell you though. when I tried to fix the color ink problem by asking Dell support then ran me around trying to to different things, and eventually they gave up and said. Sorry you will need to buy a new printer. That was 3 years ago. I was like No way Im buying a new printer now. I will get this thing to work.. My fix?

Well for some reason I guess it may have been the color cartridge that was the problem, but I eventually decidded to try and stick in a Black cartridge where the color cartridge is supposed to be jsut so it thinks somthing is there. SO I put an empty Black in the color side, and a New Black in the black side and Voila. The black works.. I have not since tried to fix my color, nor do I care since I only use this printer for black printing. However I suspect that it could be fixed if I tried.


SO I bought ink refill kits and refilled a few times. Then finally my thing decided to quit working. It was all messy and the letter came out bad. Turns out the cartridge was TOO OLD.. I had refilled it too many times.. The cartridge actually started to bleed out ink as some of you have said in your posts.. SO if it does this, then most likely you need a new printer cartridge. It is too old to refill..

So I eventually bought a remanufactured black in cartridge for $10 from ebay. I got it in the mail and its looks pretty much like the one I have that I refilled myself so I thought it wouldnt work, and boom 50c error pops up.. I had the 50c error before to while trying to refill the cartrdge more so I wasnt sure if it was the cartridge or what.. I figured it was the preinter but I was wrong it was the cartridge. Turns out it was the older cartridge I had in the color side. Remember that was the OLDER black cartridge that I put in the color side just to hold its place..

So I took out the oldest cartridge that I had in the color side and replaced it with my newer, empty black cartridge. I put that in the color side.. then I put the new $10 black cartridge I bought from ebay in the black side. Still didnt work!!

I was stumped.. But then I did a little maintenance. I figured since the ebay cartridge was packaged and nice and "new" that I shouldnt mess with that. Instead I used a qtip to clean off the older print cartridge that was in the color side..

Then I UNPLUGGED the printer from the back.. I just unplugged the power.. This may have been what caused it to fix, and Im not sure because I did this plus cleaning at the same time so Im not sure exaclty what part fixed it, but this may have helped reset the printer. I unplugged the power from the back and left it unplugged for about 10 mins while I worked on cleaning the Older Black Printer cartridge that was in the color printer side.. By the way this black cartridge had been refilled numerous times and did have holes in it from me putting in ink FYI

After cleaning the cartridge, I then used a DRY qtip and cleaned off a bit INSIDE THE PRINTER.. I got all the dust out of there from EVERYWHERE> I then also cleaned off with a qtip the little area where you plug in the cartridges.. Both sides. I cleaned that metal place where the cartridge connects to the printer and did that really well for both sides. After cleaning it all well I did the following:

1- Made sure printer was still OFF, Lifted the scanner up THEN I plugged the printer from the back.. I then pushed the On button and it did its thing and the cartridges went to the middle. Once that happened I opened them again--
side note, when I was cleaning I had opened them and then CLOSED THEM again(the 2 lids for black and color) before plugging in the power for the printer--
so I opened the lids and placed the Old Black cartridge into the Color side First and snapped it in.. Then I placed the New Black one I bought from Ebay in the black side and snapped it in. Closed the scanner top and WOW NO 50c error anymore!!. Woohoo!!... I clicked NEW and NEW for both black and Color, then printed an alignment page... Black was back to new.... One day I may try and fix the color, but probably not.. I will probably just have a new and much BETTER printer by then...

FYI- I would NOT recommend this printer for purchase.. I just cant afford a new one right now..

Thanks and goodluck with your fixes
by unknown on Jan 31, 2009 at 11:30am Add comment
Thanks! Tried as many fixes listed but this one did the trick! The printer has been fairly good to me but needing it for some graphics projects in 3 days and it going down made me freak! Murphy's Law! Thanks again for the tip! - Anonymous
I found this file "C:\\Program Files\\Dl_cats\\JM14261.xml" with a count of my inkjet printing. Is there anything I can change in this file to reset the ink levels so the low ink levels don't show up any more?

by Anonymous on Apr 16, 2009 at 7:47pm Add comment
Is there any way to print with just one cartridge in the a924?
by unknown on Jul 24, 2009 at 3:52pm Add comment
you can print with just the black cartridge in. When you hit the print button, or go to the properties of you printer, check the little box that says "print color images in black and white" then hit print..... a box will pop up that says "your color cartridge is missing" just hit the continue button and it will print in black and white. I don't really think you could print with just the color, although I've never tried it. It's always the color cartridges I have trouble with, and have been printing only black and white for about a year now.
by smiley_face2 on Jul 24, 2009 at 9:31pm Add comment
you have to buy both cartridges new from dell
by Anonymous on Oct 8, 2009 at 7:49pm Add comment
filled the black cartridge 100\% sucess,then the colour cart'. it registers full but won't print. the nozles are clear any ideas guys i used the black and the colour has been empty for some time
i cleaned the nozles with a saucer of hot water and dabbing it all colours came out
by fisher on Dec 5, 2009 at 4:41pm Add comment
hi - I have a dell 964 printer, and one day it just stopped powering up. I know it is getting power because there is a red light on inside the printer and the "battery pack" that the power cord plugs into has a green light. However the screen and the power button will not light up. Has anyone ever seen anything like that before?
by unknown on Jun 6, 2010 at 12:03pm Add comment
color cartridge installed, printer diagram shows cartridge full, but not printing in color
by sjustice on Jul 26, 2010 at 3:42pm Add comment
Today, I had my ink cartridges refilled. I installed them into the printer and got error 50c. I took them out and took scotch tape to the bottom where you see ink. I pressed on the area about 5-6 times with a fresh piece of scotch tape. I then re-installed the cartridges back into the printer. The printer read new and I arrowed over to 'old' twice. After that, the printer worked perfect with no problems. Hopefully, it will work for you too.
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Hi I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. I have a Dell A940 Printer that I purchased in Oct 2004 as part of my complete purchase package along with my desk top computer. This was my 1st purchase of a home computer & printer. My printer was working fine until last yr when I started getting the Error 50C message on my printer just as a lot of you have been getting. I found this blog quite by accident today looking for answers to why I was getting this error message. As I purchased another printer last yr from Dell that the gal talked me into saying it would be cheaper for the ink. I don't mind telling you it was the V515W wireless model. Yeah right ink cheaper but you have to buy 3-4 sets of these cartridges to compete with the A940. After reading many of your complaints & trials to correct the problem. This is what I did & have fixed my problem.
1st I took out both of my ink cartridges & cleaned them with a Q-tip & alcohol, then I cleaned the area inside the printer where they touch. Then I took the big plug that goes in the back of the printer out & used some Air Duster in the area where the plug goes. Then took more Q-tips & cleaned those connections as well as the ones on the big plug. I uninstalled my printer while unplugged as that is what you are suppose to do. I reinstalled my printer & it still gave me the error message 50C. So I read some more & was reading that a lot of you were using remanufactured ink cartridges. Well guess what I have done the same thing as Dell cartridges for this printer are rather high in price. I have purchased refilled Dell cartridges from Ink Smile in the past with no problem...but this last time, last yr I tried the color one from Office Depot that said it was compatible with the Dell ones & the cartridge looks just like Dells so I am asuming they are refill of old Dell cartridges. Well someone said they were able to print with just the black cartridge in the printer so I though I would try that & yes is does work. I always thought you had to have both cartridge installed for it to work. Not so with this printer. I did a little more reading here & then put my color back in & it would come up the error 50C again. So I took the color out & looked at it & sure enough it was the color ink cartridge that I purchased from Office Depot last yr trying to save money. I took out my black cartridge & it is the Dell brand. So I just left the black in there & sure enough I was able to print 9 pages, page after page with no error 50C so now I know what my problem has been all along. This stupid color cartridge I purchased from Office Depot. Yes we are all about saving money especially in these times but there is somethng about these refilled cartridges weather it be not getting the tops back on correct as some are saying or what but to me it is not worth the trouble of having to need a printout & not having a printer available. I am no printer guru I am a 67 yr old woman that wanted to know how to fix my printer. I called someone here & he told me that looking on the Internet it was a problem with using remanufactured cartridges & asked me if I had done that. So heres hoping the rest of you that is having this problem can fix yours as easy as I did mine. I am ordering ink from Dell tonight as I now have a good printer up & running again. Oh by the way I am taking back a new All In One Brothers printer with all the added extras I had to buy for it back to Office Depot tomorrow to get a refund & to let the manager know what was wrong with my Dell 940A...their stupid refilled cartridges, & I'm taking the color one that is almost full with me too. I am putting my V515W on Craigs List to sell to someone else who needs a good wireless printer that doesn't mind spending a lot of money on ink cartridges. Oh I might add my printer is 8 yrs old. Best of Luck
by unknown on Aug 16, 2011 at 9:43pm Add comment
I see lot of responses for the same problem. Some people were successful in fixing the issues, most of the solutions came from their hit and trial method. Here is one such method: put your old black cartridge in the place of color cartridge. thats it. No more error message. My printer has started working perfectly. Let me see whether it is a permanent solution. Thank you guys for your time to discuss here.
by unknown on Mar 7, 2012 at 1:52pm Add comment
my little brother dropped a pen in my dell v515w. i have tried everything but i cant get it out. how do u opone this thing up. the pen is stuck where the paper feed is and jams the paper evertime its prints. help me please.
by unknown on Mar 21, 2012 at 5:46am Add comment
my little brother dropped a pen in my dell v515w. i have tried everything but i cant get it out. how do u opone this thing up. the pen is stuck where the paper feed is and jams the paper evertime its prints. help me please.
by unknown on Mar 21, 2012 at 5:49am Add comment
my little brother dropped a pen in the paper feed. i have tried everything but cant get the pen out. is there a way to open this printer up. the pen stops my papers from printing making jams. the back of the printer has screws but they do nothing
by confused face on Mar 21, 2012 at 5:53am Add comment
I have a Dell 964 All In One Printer that keeps saying; "Right Cartridge missing. Insert Color Cartridge". I've put a new one in but it keeps saying the same thing?
Someone help, because Dell will not.....
by unknown on Apr 11, 2012 at 1:09pm Add comment
If you have used refilled cartridges at all in this printer this may be causing your problem. I know what you mean Dell will not help you unless you pay for help. Last time I talked to Dell I told them they could kiss my ass that I would never buy another thing from them. Stay clear of their printers they are crap.
by unknown on Apr 11, 2012 at 8:42pm Add comment
I think you should check the drivers for the printer are installed and working properly on the computer. If appropriate drivers for the printer are not installed then the device will not work properly. Thanks!
by WinfieldZenith on Apr 15, 2012 at 11:46pm Add comment
For Free Dell Printer Tech Support Contact Us: 1-800-935-0537
by unknown on Jul 31, 2014 at 1:31am Add comment