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Canon Canon FC 2

Need to open up Canon i250

Had trouble to with my i250 but am well on the way to solving it. I need good access to the waste ink/cleaning station so neeed to take the top of the casing off. Undid 2 screws at the front of the printer by the paper exit roller and the whole top starts to lift off ok but is retained along a seam at the back of the printer under the feed cover. can't see any screws but it hasn't come apart with a moderate pull. Anyone know how it comes loose?
most of the newer canon's have little slots with an arrow indicating you need to push something into this slot to release a tab. Not 100\% sure on your model? Have a look!
Hope this helps?!
Dazz UK
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To remove the top cover of the Canon i250.

Disconnect both cables.
Pull off the side covers.
Open the front cover and ensure that the print head is located in the parking position to the right of the carriage.
Remove the two screws that secure the front of the top cover.
Release the left-hand side of the paper guide. This is held in place by a peg that fits into a hole. There is sufficient flexibility for it to be levered out without doing any damage. No need to remove the guide entirely.
You will now be able to see that there are two self-locking latches that hold the back of the cover in place. There is ufficient space to insert a flat-bladed tool to lever open the latches. The cover can then be removed.

The bad news is that I can't tell you how to get to the used ink tank. If I ever find out, I will let you know immediately.

The good news is that there is likely to be plenty of spare capacity, so you only have to reset the counter to be able to continue to use your printer.

To reset the counter, unplug the printer, then reconnect the mains lead while holding down the On/Off button. This is fully discussed in another thread on this site.
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I have now found out how to get at the used ink tank and have produced a write-up with photos. E-mail me at [email protected] and I will send it to you.

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Thanks to Mike for the instructions to open up the printer, and get to and clean the 'waste ink tank'. It took me nearly three hours to complete the job, and the printer is now working fine. For those who may be interested it is not a job for the inexperienced technicians, and even with Mike's complete instructions there are some dangers. Also, I did not wear rubber gloves (initially) as Mike advised, so my hands may be black for some time !
I can now understand why it is not a simple procedure (from Canon's point of view). Before I started I did check out the local printer market for any special deals (just in case !) - Anonymous
can you help me with how to get into my canon i250 printer, it wont printer & comes up with canon i250 waste ink absorber is full, i have heard that you can save by washing the absorber & letting it dry out & can replace it , but i dont know how to get into the waste ink absorber part to wash it, i have had this printer for a few years now & have never had problems until now, if i can save washing absorber & replacing it that would be great, if anyone knows how to get into the waste ink absorber , could you tell me step by step, be gentle im a beginner on printers - Anonymous
Hi Mike
you couldnt tell me how to get into the waste ink absorber, as it is coming up full, i have heard that you can remover ink waste absorber to wash it & replace it for it to work as new again i cant use my printer at the momemt due to it been full,
look forward to your help on this - Anonymous
could you please send me your write up and photos on the canon i250 printer many thanks dave - Anonymous
I need to replace the springs that have fallen out under the waste ink absorber and lever below
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I had encountered the same problem. I managed to remount one spring only. the Printer works fine. - Anonymous
I have two of the i250 printers and I need some help!

the one that still kinda works is not printing the black portion of ink all the way. I have run the cleaning and deep cleaning features multiple times with little to no improvement. Also I changed the ink cartridge multiple times with the same lame results. The colored sections print just fine.

Now the second printer is skitso!
when I turn it on, it launches the ink cartridge to one side of the case and then the other. I am surprised at the speed it does this, and i think it is going to break something! its like the motor is on crack! any help would be greatly appreciated.

I love these little printers, and the ink is cheap! $1.50 a piece if you buy 10 or more at a time, even for color!

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Well I fixed both printers so no need to post a reply on mine. - Anonymous
I managed to get clear photos of how the two springs mount.
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could you PLEASE send me the Photo to [email protected]
Thank you in advance!
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Jaslot: Have you found a solution to this problem yet? The cartigge in my printer is flying from side to side.

Davidfkt: Yes, when taking apart the printer to get the belt that drives the cartridge holder I removed the thin plastic ribbon that spans across. when I put it back I was unaware it had to slide through a small guide on the back of the cartridge holder. It seems that it reads the plastic strip and tells it when to stop. this must be why the strip is grey in the middle, it must stop when it gets to the clear parts of the ribbon on either side.

I am pretty sure if you feed the ribbon through the guide in the back of the cartridge holder, it should fix the problem.

Be careful! when mine was slamming from side to side it tore apart the little wiper blades that the ink cartridge passes over when going from the waste ink reservoir to the printing area. It was a pain to find all the parts witch were ejected into another part of the printer and they were also covered with ink. It was a huge mess and requires you to move the ink reservoir to install it again and as poeple have found, it is a chore to get the ink reservoir back in place.

I hope this helps!
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I had the same problem with the printer head slamming from side to side. When i turned it on, the head would slam to the left (it should always be on the right, as the default position, and then, when i opened the front, it would slam almost immediately to the RIGHT(when you open the front, it should move [slowly] to the LEFT!). So the process was reversed, as well as this weird fast movement.

Thanks very much Jaslot. your recommendation was perfect, since i too didnt replace the clear plastic strip properly. bit fiddly to get it through the hole, but all works fine again. And to think canon told em id have to replace it... - unknown
i have no idea how or where it goes in. please help.
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could you send me a copy of the pictures too, think i will need them as a beginner
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I have got the printer appart and the used ink resovoir is a pain to get back and sit right anyone got any photos of how to reasemble?
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Just jump right in. Take note of how everything looks before you take it apart. Take a picture if you have to. Getting it back in will require some careful bending. I cannot walk you through it, maybe someone else can.
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Any chance you can send me a copy of these, or a link, one of the springs has come off mine too and just can't figure it out at all.
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Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this nor can I get them. As I have said before, I cannot walk you through it, maybe someone else can.
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Any chance you can send me a copy of these, or a link, one of the springs has come off mine too and just can't figure it out at all
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My canon i860 indicated the waste ink tank full message on my computer and would not print. now I have already performed the cleaning procedure on the waste ink tanks and have tried to follow the reset code for Canon i860. But at the stage of waiting for the printer light to be solid green, the light never gets to solid green instead it blinks orange three times. When I press the power button, the printer while turning off pulls paper half way in and goes off. I can not understand what the problem is. Can some one please help me out?
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could you please send me your photos to [email protected]? thanks in advance. Diego
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could you please send photos to me at [email protected] thank you
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Hi newbie here, came across this thread after almost giving up I would find anybody who had the same problem as me. Same old story, purge unit pads were full so took the printer apart, made a rookie mistake being a bit to over enthusiastic with wanting to fix my i250 and dislodged both springs for the purge unit, which allow it to clean the cartridges.

Would be grateful if somebody could email me pictures of how the springs should be located, so I can get this printer up and running again, really don’t want to get rid of it if I can avoid it, I think it still has a few good years left in it!

Many Thanks
by Fumblefingers on Feb 9, 2009 at 11:39am Add comment
pleasesend the pictures of the ink pad area to [email protected]
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could you please send photos to me at [email protected] thank you
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could you please send photos to me at [email protected] thank you
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I too struggled to get the springs back into place but eventually managed with the hel of my son!
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Write-up attached, together with additional notes on the parking pad mechanism.
Somebody recently pointed out to me that, since it is possible to get round the error message and restart the printer, it is not absolutely necessary to clean the used ink tank if the printer is working ok. The software, simply counts the number of pages you have printed, but doesn't actually measure the contents of the tank. The used ink tends to dry out rather than form a pool so, unless you are printing hundreds of pages every day, you could probably go on for some time. However, if you are going to try this, I wouldn't recommend standing your printer on a valuable piece of antique furniture!

I also now have the software reset tool, which allows permanent resetting of the EEPROM. This is quite a large file and would take a while to download unless you have broadband - let me know if you want it.

Good luck with the printer - let me know how you get on. And if you have a few minutes to spare, take a look at my Web site

Regards, Mike Kearney."

I uploaded the attached files to 4shared:
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Hi Luiz. I know it's been a long time (6 years nearly) but do you still have the information concerning the head parking mechanism? The links above don't deliver your files unfortunately. I would really be grateful if you could send them to me at [email protected] as that arm sprang put and I can't get it back in!
Regards, Cris. - qrachma

I'd accidentally knock over my printer and some parts came out. Could some one out there help me out to how to attach the small spring and the lever back on the cradle from the waste ink absorber.

Many thanks
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My i250 won't print. I just bought a bunch of new ink and now it won't print. It goes through all the motions and sounds like it is printing but nothing comes out on the page but a couple of smudge marks. I have tried cleaning, deep cleaning, and cleaning the rollers. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?
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...having the same spring problems as others. If someone has pictures or an instruction, please mail it to: [email protected]

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I found your posting here and was wondering whether you still have the pictures of the springs and the head parking mechanism?
If so, I would really appreciate a copy.
Best regards,
[email protected]
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