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Canon Canon Personal Copiers (PC) 7

Canon i850 light flashing orange

My Canon i850 has just started flashing orange 7 times and won't print at all. Has all Canon near new carts. Greatly appreciate your help.
Alternate blinking orange/green after steady green is a waste ink full error.
Blinking orange 7 times after green is a head tempreture error, replace the printhead (QY6-0042-000)
Resetting the EEPROM as some posts here suggest will not solved a bad printhead error.
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Portland Rose,... Nice name,.. Anyway,... as my last post indicated, your problem has nothing to do with the Waste Ink Error. YOu have some kind of problem with the Carriage. I was very serious about the things I mentioned. It could be anyone of them. However, since you told me the carriage does go through the normal movement cycle and can bring the head to the center to change the printhead or ink, that says your Carriage is not jammed.

In looking at the Service Manual for the i850, this error is called the BJ Cartridge Error. This could mean that there could be a problem with the printhead, or ink carts, or the photocell system that detects the ink carts, or the connections between the printhead and the carriage, or the cables that connect from the logic board to the carriage ASM,..orrrrr, etc.

First thing to do, is open the cover and when the printhead moves to the center, open and close the printhead locking lever a couple of times. Then close the cover and see if any thing has changed. All this does is wipe the contacts on the back of the printhead where they mate with the Carriage ASM.

If that did nothing, move the head to the center and unplug the power cord. Remove all the ink carts and cap them so they don't leak. Remove the printhead and clean the contacts on the back of the head using a tissue and some Isopopyl Alcohol. you may want to softly clean the ink off the bottom of the printhead before you do this. Now use the same tissue to clean the contacts inside the Carriage ASM. Use the tissue to wipe in a downward motion on the contacts as they are spring loaded to move down and not up. What you are trying to do is remove any ink or finger prints that might have contaminated the printhead.

While you have the printhead out, you can move the carriage asm over to the far left and inspect the ink purge pads. These are the two pads that are pressed against the bottom of the printhead when it is parked. This helps to prevent the head from drying out. Inspect the purge unit to see that it is not stuck in some wrong position. With the cover open when you do a power on cycle, you should be able to see the while parts of the purge unit move back and forth and wipe the ink pads while the printhead is moving around. You don't get a lot of time to see this, but all you have to know is that the parts are moving and not locked up.

While the power is unplugged, you can move the Carriage back and forth to see that it does not stick or drag in any position. Move it to the far left and with a flash light, inspect the timing strip that passes through the back side of the carriage ASM. It is held tight to both ends of the main chassis. You should not see any ink or finger prints anywhere on the timing strip. This strip is only 1/4" wide and is basically clean mylar with high density black lines. These lines are sensed by a photo sensor in the back of the carriage asm. IF there is any ink on this, you need to carefully clean it off with the tissue and the ISPO. Use very soft pressure to wipe the strip.

Try these things and let me know what happens.


Out the printhead back in
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Awesome post. Nov 11, 2007 post from Trigger1937 saved me from buying a new printer. Cleaning all the contacts worked nicely.. the bottom contact was covered in some really nasty guk.

I still got the flashing orange lights when I put it back in. I ended up pulling the printer head out and (I know this is SOO bad) just used my fingers to brush the spikey contacts sticking out from the printer that has contact on the back of the printer head and it worked for me. Solid green! Yay! Thanks a bunch! - Anonymous
How do you remove the printhead, you didn't mention that??? - Anonymous
Trigger, many thanks for the info on cleaning the print heads. That fixed everything and saved me many $$$ that would have been spent taking it in to have it repaired, replacing the print heads, and never knowing what was wrong. Hope someone helps you the way you helped me!
Mike - kruch001
Ken,... I'm sorry to be so blunt, but the Waste Ink Counter is on the EEprom located on the Logic board. I assume you got some kind of message that your "Waste Ink Counter is Full", and you have been stopped from further printing. There are two things you can do;

1. Search this forum for information on "How to reset the Waset ink Counter". Once you have this info you can just reset the eeprom and get rid of the error message. Then you should be back in business.

2. The other problem is that sooner or later you are going to have to take the printer apart and clean the Waste ink Pads and the Purge unit of all the gung ink that has accumulated since you first got your i850. If you want to know how to do that just click on my USER ID and send me an email and I will respond.

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Hi Trigger.

Hope i'm not being thick but when I click on your user id 'trigger 1937' all I get is the fixyourownprinter home page.
My email [email protected]
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Help please
Not only dose the power lamp flash alternately green and orange, but it will not shut off when the power switch is press, It goes to oranges and blinks 8 times with a green at the end it then goes back to flashing alternately green and orange and on and on and on To finally get it to stop I need to pull the power plug Any suggestions?
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I just encountered the same problem. Tried the above reset trick, still the same. Question about the above procedure though, once you press power to execute the reset waste ink counter command, what if anything should happen? My printer just sits there, so I need to turn it off and back on. And then the orange light starts to blink again. Did I do this right?

Incidentally, according to the Canon troubleshooting procedure, the seven blinks means a problem with the printhead. I tried taking the printhead out, cleaning it, realigning it, nothing has helped. Does this mean I need to buy a new printhead?
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i850 blinking 7 times i waste ink full..but clear the reset the waste ink counter is 4 times not 3..=.= i know some manual is say 3 times but actually is 4..

1. Start with printer OFF
2. Hold down RESUME and then hold down POWER
3. Release RESUME
4. press RESUME twice, then release POWER
5. let green light blink until printhead has finished moving.
6. Select functions below with RESUME, execute with POWER

now try press resume button 4 times..after that press the power button
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i850 blinking 7 times i waste ink full..but clear the reset the waste ink counter is 4 times not 3..=.= i know some manual is say 3 times but actually is 4..

1. Start with printer OFF
2. Hold down RESUME and then hold down POWER
3. Release RESUME
4. press RESUME twice, then release POWER
5. let green light blink until printhead has finished moving.
6. Select functions below with RESUME, execute with POWER

now try press resume button 4 times..after that press the power button
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OK -- I have the seven orange blinking lights and have tried this reset thing several times. It does not work. At the point it says I should have a green blinking while the print head moves, I still have orange. I am about to toss this thing out the back door. Can anyone help me, providing clear, dumbass-level directions?
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My i850 printer has the same problem, I cannot get rid of the 7 blinking amber light despite several tries. Could you fix your printer ? If so what did you do exactly. Thanks - Anonymous
my canon i560 does not print getting error message service error 6000 orange light blinks three times in succession continuously
Does any one know how to fix this error??
I have tried the reset ink overflow it does nothing.
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According to the manual, that means there is a paper jam. I have the same problem but no !^\%[email protected]&^\%@ paper jam! Anyone else know what to do??? - Anonymous
Anche la mia canon i560 da errore 6000 e lampeggia in verde arancio a seguito di un inceppamento carta. Inoltre quando apro il coperchio, le cartucce d'inchiostro non viengono al centro, rimanendo destra sotto l'involucro.
Non riesco a risolvere il problema!
- Anonymous
Tried everything above and was about to start looking for a new canon (It has been a great printer).
Then I found the another similar thread:-
Tried everything but no success. Finally I saw a suggestion that recommended switching off the printer and disconected the USB cable for 30 seconds. I started the printer expecting the 7 flashes to appear BUT they were gone. I had to to a deep clean on the black head to get it working properly but all seems to be fine now.
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ik heb dit net op een canon i865 uitgevoerd.
hij werkt weer nog bedankt!!
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I think I can clear up some of the problems that people are having using this function. What you are doing is forcing the printer into "Service Mode". Here is how you do it. Read this entire post and understand it before you try it.

1. Start with printer OFF
2. Hold down RESUME and then press and hold down POWER Button.
3. Release the RESUME but continue to hold down the power button
4. Press the RESUME twice, then release POWER button.

Now you have put the printer in Service Mode so it will accept Service commands. Here is the list of Service commands;

A. Press the Resume button once = Print Service test print
B. Press the Resume button twice = Print EEprom data sheet
C. Press the Resume button Three = Initialize the EEprom
D. Press the Resume button Four = Clean Waste INk Counter
E. Press the Resume button Five = Change Destination settings
F. Press the Resume button Six = Head Refreshing (Cleaning)
G. Press the Resume buttom Seven, Eight, Nine, = Not used
H. Press the Resume button Ten = Return to selection Menu

To EXECUTE anyone of the above commands you "MUST Press the Power button one time. Then the function will be executed. After that function has been executed the printer will REMAIN in Service Mode,.. waiting for another command. You can only execute one command at a time. If you are through with all the commands you want to do, just press the power buttom one more time and it will turn the printer off and you will be out of Service Mode. One more note. When you get the printer into Service MOde and it is ready to accept a command, the green light will be on and steady. As you issue a command by pressing the resume button, it will alternate the color from green to orange with each press of the resume button. Remember, if you issue either one of the commands to force a print make sure you have paper installed.

For all those people that could not get the "Waste Ink Reset" to work, it was because you didn't do it right. It sounds complicated but it is actually very simple. You can do it with one hand using your middle finger and you thumb,... that is if you know how to play a piano.
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Thanks. This seems to have worked as directed. Now, can I expect this to be a recurring problem and/or get worse over time? If so, will this fix continue to work? - Anonymous
Thank you so much. I have been trying to work this out for about a week. Printer is working fine now following your directions. I really like this printer, and this is the first time I've had anything like this. - Anonymous
This is informative and I have tried your suggestion. Im pretty sure that that I am on the right track but even if it is on service mode, the printer does not do anything. What do you think might be the cause? DId I mmiss anything from your instructions?

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solebttleford,..First of all you need to provide a description of what your printer is doing.. Does it even power on? If you can get into the Service Mode as I described, and you push the resume button one time and then the power button, it will at least attempt to print the Service Test print pattern if you have paper in the printer. See if you can get that far. If not, then you are still doing something wrong and never really getttin into service mode.
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I tried all of the above, and now my printer not only won't print, it won't shut off. I have to unplug it. AND it says printer off line.
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PoRo,...???? Don't know how you got started on this thread. Don't know what kind of printer you have, don't know what problem you were trying to solve when you "Tried all of the above". Sometimes you can try things that you should not have done. If you pull the plug like you said you did and wait a couple of minutes you should be able to put the power back and try again. Don't try and tell me this doesn't work as I use it every day and have done it on all kinds of printers.
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Okay, I have the Canon i850, and it flashes orange 7 times, then green once. I tried what you described above with the resume/on buttons but when I'm finished it's still doing the same thing. And yes I play the piano!! I've spent two hours trying to get this to work. After that, if I hit resume one time I get a steady green but my computer then says the printer is offline. Any help you can provide would be wonderful. I'm in a small fishing village in Mexico with few resources. Portland Rose
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PoRo,.....This is exactly what I mean when you have to know a little about what you are doing. There are two kinds of error signals and two kinds of flashes. The first is call "Operator Codes", and this consist of "REPETATIVE Flashes of Orange only, and then back to green. 7 flashes of orange for the i850 is a Carriage Jam error, or some other kind of error with the carriage. I'll get back to those in a moment.

The second kind of flashing signals are called "Service Errors" and are not ment for customers but for only Service people,..or just to let you know you need to have your printer service. These codes are "ALTERNATE Green-Ornage" flashes that also end up at Green and then repeat the sequence. For example, G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O-GGGGGG, means the Waste Ink Error, and this is the only error that can be reset in Service Mode.

You were trying to reset a Carriage Jam, or Purge unit Jam, or one of the other 5 things that can cause this "Operator Error Code. That would never work,...LOL...

Your error could be caused my the Purge unit sticking in some bad position because it is all gummed up with ink. Or There could be some kind of paper stuck in the gears of the purge unit, or one of the purge unit gears popped out of gear, or some piece of paper is stuck under the carriage and won't let it move, or it won't move at the right speed, or one of the ink carts has popped up and is catching on something, or you got some ink on the Timing strip that runs through the back of the printhead, or the drive belt that moves the carriage asm is broken, or the tension spring that holds the drive belt taunt popped off, or the drive belt motor connector is blown or it's cable came unplugged, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,, wait a minute,.. I went over my list of 5 things,...oppps.

Now it is time for you to tell us more on just what the printer is doing. We know it give you 7 orange flashes. Start with tuning the power off, waiting for 2 minutes, then turn it back on and describe each thing it does. It is OK to open the cover and watch the inside guts as it will still do all of the internal testing before it ever tries to move the head to the center. We need to know the exact sequence of the Green power light.
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my canon i960 binks 5 times then green and repeats 5 orange flashes/green. will not print. Thanks
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Trigger 1937, Okay, I unplugged it for a day, plugged in, turned on, it flashed green once, then orange 7 times, back to green once, and so on. The carriage moved from right to left 1/3 of the way, then back right, and then to center. With the door open (so I could watch) the light flashes green continuously, but with the door closed it's back to G1, O7. When I closed the door, the carriage slid to the right and then back to center. If I try to print, eventually a get "an error has occurred..." I am very grateful that you're taking the time to help me on this. Thanks, Portland Rose
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Wendy 73,... Yours is a very similar problem as ProRose... 5 orange flashes for a i960 is telling your that there is something wrong with the printhead. It is not makeing good contact where it is seated. Try doing the same things I told Rose, but do them one at a time and then test the printer to see if anything changed. When you open the cover, inspect the insides with a flash light as close as you can. With the cover open, turn the printer on and off and watch all the internal mechanism, even the white purge unit which is in the far right insides where the head sits when it is parked.
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Thanks for your help trigger, I tried what you suggested and still get the five flashes. I believe I will go for a new printer. Thanks! - Anonymous
Trigger, I tried all of your suggestions. Still won't work. I'm going back to Portland tomorrow and will return with a new printer. I needed a scanner/fax combination anyway.I really appreciate your time and help and hope your suggestions to me help other hapless printer owners. Muchas gracias, Portland Rose
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ProRose,.. I know how easy it is to get frustrated with electronic things,.. like Computers, Software, Printers, Cars, etc. To me it is always a challenge. I hate to give in to Electronics, especially computers and printers,... actually just about anything. Because of this I have stuck with things that are not working until I have LEARNED what is wrong and then how to fix them. Once you fix one, and then another,.. the satisfaction builds your confidence that you can just about fix anything.

Anyway, one more step before you throw out your printer. Turn the power on and open the cover. When the printhead comes to the center, plug the plug out of the printer. Take out the ink cars and the printhead and close the carriage lock, and close the cover. Plug the power cord back in and turn the power on,... does the printer come up to a solid green light.

If so, put the printhead back and the ink carts. If the Ornage flashes come back, and you've tried all the other things I suggested, you probably have a bad printhead, which will cost you about $40. Otherwise, like you said, your off to Portland to get a new printer. By the way, Canon has the new MP530 All in one unit at their Estore on sale for $99. I think that is a great deal.
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Trigger, I just tried your latest suggestions, and got so excited when I got steady green, then when I closed it up...yup, back to orange. Grrr. I think I'll take your suggestion and get the all in one MP530 for $99. I love your tenacious spirit and have actually enjoyed getting, to know a little better, how this thing works. Guess I'll get a new printhead for this one as well, then I'll have a back-up. Can't even print my boarding pass this morning! Again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this, and you're right we should all know more about the machines that run our lives. Portland Rose in Kino
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PoRo,.. and the other anonymous... The test that Rose did, and first got a solid light (when the printhead and the ink carts were removed) is that the rest of the machine was OK,... and that the printhead was the problem. It may have not been a "Dead Printhead", but something very close to that. All of this is helpful to me, as I keep a log on error for future reference. I'm trying to create a technique where I identify a good or bad printhead,...but without any help from Canon it is very difficult.
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Trigger and PoRo:
Ok well just got in on this one. If that i850 had come into the shop, and was blinking 1 long green then 7 solid orange, its a print head temperature problem, probably to high, and the first and normal course of action is to replace the print head. Don't spend any time trying to clean or fix it, once it goes into a printhead temp mode the print head is done. New print head would be QY6-0064-000

Canon Authorized Tech
by BAB on Nov 14, 2007 at 6:26am Add comment
I have tried all as noted in the threads and still get the blinking orange light. The way this happened was all the paper was grabbed when trying to print and jammed. I yanked the paper out and now it does not detect any paper. You hear that it trys to grab paper and then just stops. There was a small piece of paper is removed but do not see anymore. Suggestions?

Thanks - Anonymous
I've read this forum with great interest because my i850 has been flashing green, then orange 7 times, green. This started after I'd had a mild paper jam where I was able to remove the whole sheet.

I tried to go throught the procedure to reset the waste tank. Now, the printer flashes green orange green orange green orange. When I open the lid, the ink cartridges do not come to the center, they are to the right side under the casing.

Hope you can tell me what this means or what I've done wrong. I'm unfamiliar with all this, so would appreciate simple instructions if that's at all possible.

This has been a great printer and I don't want to part with it. Hope you can help me save it.

by Cavefolk on Nov 24, 2007 at 7:08am Add comment
After trying to reset the waste ink counter and have failed. Now, my i850 printer is flashing green, 8 oranges, then green again...

I wonder, is an waste ink container (and sensor?) available for me to purchase for my i850 printer? And is it possible for me to replace this part?

It's been such a good printer, I hate to trash it. I'd appreciate any advise you might have.

by Cavefolk on Nov 24, 2007 at 12:15pm Add comment
Cavefolk,... Wow,...your error conditions have been all over the place. The first one of Green, 7 orange, Green, was a bad printhead indication and had nothing to do with waste ink counter error. No telling what you did when you were in Service Mode trying to reset a Waste Ink error that was not there. The second code you got of Green-orange-green-orange,... there is no such error code. I suspect that you might have erased the eeprom data and now you have not set the destination. If you turn the power off and started all over again, who knows what it is. Anyway, your current error is really the waste ink error.

So how did you go from one to the other and what happened to the other error codes. When you open the cover does the printhead now come to the center?

To get at the real waste ink pads and clean them or replace them you have to disassemble the entire printer down to the bottom of the machine. If your really have a "Waste INk Error" right now, just go ahead and try reseting it. Print out the Service test print and see what the D=XXX value is. Print out the EEprom data to see if you had reset that by accident. Let us know and we'll go from there.

Be sure to go back and re-read the post I made about getting into Service Mode, and make sure you understand what you're doing. If you can successfully print the Service Test Print, and print the EEprom data, then you should know how to get at the rest.
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Trigger1937 - i have stumbled onto this forum trying to find an answer to a canon i850 problem. let me tell you what has been going on.

my printer has suddenly stopped printing in black. MS Word docs. will not print, test pages (the words) will not print. When I try to align the printhead only part of the colored boxes print but no black prints at all.

I have gone through all the reset/power button procedures as instructed by you and i can't print the EEPROM data (blank page comes out) and when i print a test page faint blue and pink fences are printed at the top of the page with broad light and normal blue bars printed across the middle of the page and that is all. i don't know if this is a normal test page print or not. i suspect not.

when i try to print a completely black text doc. it sound like the carriage is moving as if to print but a blank page comes out of the machine.

I have taken out the cartridges and printhead and soaked the printhead (only the bottom part) with hot soapy water and also some windex until no ink comes out in solution (read somewhere the ammonia in the windex will disolve a clog.) put it all back together and the same problem.

I have a doc that i am trying to print. the doc is mostly in black with some numbers in red text. the red text numbers print but the black words do not. I do not have any error messages or orange lights of any kind.

BAD PRINTHEAD???? What do you suggest???

thanks in advance,

jbs172 - Anonymous
Trigger, thanks for taking so much time to analyze my mess. At first I was having seven orange flashes in a row, so I cleaned the printhead with alcohol. Then, after that I had eight flashes in a row. You might wonder if I miscounted. I wondered myself so I asked a friend to count the flashes. He also counted eight flashes.
I read your suggestions and tried resetting again. Now, I'm back to getting seven orange flashes. I cleaned the printhead again, but still get the seven flashes.
I'm really frustrated and don't know what to do. Do you think there is there any hope for me and this printer? Hope you can help. I love this printer, but don't have a lot of extra money. Sure hope I can make this one work again for me. I really appreciate your help, thanks so much.
by Cavefolk on Nov 26, 2007 at 7:50am Add comment
Cavefolk,... If you are still getting Green + 7 orange +Green, that is the printhead. There are two possibilities. 1. The printhead is dead. 2. When you cleaned the printhead you got it contaminated on the rear contacts and it is not making good contact with the carriage asm. You said you used alcohol, was this Isopropyl Alcohol?. I would never use just strait IPA. Water or Windex with Water is the best cleaner. You never need anything stronger. Ink is water soluble and no other chemical is better. It just takes a lot of patients. If your printhead was working a couple of days before it stopped, and you tried cleaning it with water and that didn't work, you probably just have a bad printhead.

Your problems started with the flashing orange lights. What was the printer doing before that. Was it printing OK. Had any of the ink carts run dry. Did the printer act funny, slowing down each print job in the middle of print. Where you doing only black text for a long time.. If you love your printer and you don't want to spend a lot, buy a new printhead from Canon. They are only about $36 plus shipping. If you don't want to do that, then check online at the Canon store, or at Staples cause both of them have excellent sales from time to time.

I sell a complete repair manual for the Canon i850 that comes with Canon Service Manuals and Parts Catalogs and sufficient photo details and instructions on how to repair just about every thing in the printer. It also contains information on how to maintain your printer so it will last much longer. I sell this on eBay from time to time for $25 which is just a little more than what other people get for just the Service Manual and Parts Catalog.

I just check the Canon eStore and they have a refurbished iP4200 printer on sale for $59. This comes with new ink and a one year warranty. Basically the same as a new printer. If you loved your i850, you will be estatic about the iP4200. Sell you i850 on eBay and buy the iP4200. When it comes time to refill your ink, buy some ink and refill it. Your only other choice is to buy Canon ink carts or Compatible ink carts from Vendors on the Internet.
by unknown on Nov 26, 2007 at 4:56pm Add comment
trigger1937 I have purchased a new overflow ink pad and head for my i850. what I need is your repair manual to walk me through the
disamble and replacement process for the pad.
Couldn't find anything on eBay to purchase. Could you please help me out, and inform me how to purchase your instructions.
Thanks, - abusnret
Trigger, thanks so much for your advise. I've learned a lot from this experience and I guess that's the important thing. I'm getting 8 orange flashes this morning :-). I'm going to take my i850 apart when I have the time, but also I've decided to buy me a new printer and I appreciate your heads-up on the iP4200 for sale. Sounds great. Do you know, does Canon make sure and replace the waste ink pads and printheads in the refurbished printers? What else goes wrong with these printers that I should be concerned about? Sure am grateful for your advise, thanks yet again.
by Cavefolk on Nov 27, 2007 at 5:28am Add comment
I am also getting eight flashes of orange and then one green. It won't go into any other mode even when I disconnect the power.And when I lift the top the print head only comes out parcially from the right side. The printer status say's "printer off line" - sonnyfresh
Cavefolk, When Canon factor does a refurbish it is like a brand new printer, including ink, pads, and printhead. It is the same for most manufacturers,...the cost of labor and time is much more than what the parts cost so they don't mess with even testing anything that they took out of the printer. That is a waste of their time.

When you get one of these via Canon shipping, the only difference is that it will come in a "Brown--Refurbished" box and not a new product box. As soon as you get it, test everything, including removal of ink carts and replacing them a couple of times. YOu will know you have a new printhead because it will come in a sealed foil package. The waste ink pads in these printer can really last a lifetime, but Canon counts the ink they dump and stop the printer once that count gets to some majic number they have. You can always check the waste ink value by going into Service Mode and printing the Service test pattern. Have you done that on your i850 yet. What is the value of "D". If your i850 has 8 oranges again, you must not have reset the counter, as it does not come back on once reset. Print out the Service test and tell me the values.

The iP4200 controls are the same as the i850 and so is the reset of the Waste ink Error if it ever comes on. You have to know that the iP4200 printer (and all new printers after that one)have chipped ink carts that prevent you from ever putting any ink cart in the Canon except one that is manufactured by Canon. So as I said before, buy a "Refilling Kit" from someone like "Precision Colors", or and "BEFORE YOUR INK RUNS OUT", refill each ink cart, one at a time. Then your can refill the same carts 5-10 times depending on how much you print and how old the carts get. Atlantic is now selling "Re-manufactured" Canon ink carts for about half price, but still way more expensive than refilling yourself.
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Ok guys, here's my story. I own both a canon i550 and i850. I used the i850 alot. One day, the i850 started with the 1 green light, 7 orange lights syndrome and stopped printing so I switched to my i550 and forgot about the problem.

three months later, I've decided to get to the bottom of this. I plug in the i850 and I don't have those lights anymore. I try to print a test page and it does print(!) but very poorly. My guess is that the printhead is clogged from the 3 months of sitting. (I have not been using OEM products)

As I said before, my i550 works well (not great with color, but it's crisp with text), so I figure, to be sure it's a PH(printhead) cleanliness issue, I'll switch the PHs in the printers and see if I get a better print on the i850 using the i550PH. When I put the i550PH in the i850 I got the lights again. So I went through the steps listed above (clean waste ink counter) nothing worked. Worried that I messed everything up, I switch the PHs back (put the i550PH in the i550) and thankfully the i550 still works.

My next step is to try to clean the i850PH, since for some reason, the i850PH works in the i850. (at the moment!)

The confusing bits are:
1) Why, after 3 months, did the light problem go away?
2) Why, when I switched PHs, did I get the light problem back?

And on a slightly unrelated note, though it may be important, the i850 was left on for long periods of time and was inactive for most of that time.

Thanks for your help.
by eddie9433 on Dec 19, 2007 at 9:00am Add comment
eddie9433,... Wow,... you must really be lucky. YOu also did some pretty crazy things. Number one, the printhead in the i550 is not compatible with the i850. You should have never swapped them. The reason the 7 flashes came back was that the printer was telling you it was the wrong printhead. The part number for the i550 is QY6-0045 and the P.N. for the i850 is QY6-042. You are luck you did not burn it out.

You were also luck that when you let the i850 set for several months that it would even print at all. If it is printing now, even if the print is poor, do some deep cleaning cycles and see if the print quality improves. Do this by checking the nozzle test pattern. To see exactly which nozzles are printing good, go into the Service Mode and print a Service test pattern. This will show you the printout of each and every nozzle individually.

I've explained how to get into the Service test mode in other post on this forum,...just do a search on "Service TEst Mode"

Post a note on how your pattern look like. It they are not good, do a cleaning of the printhead by removing all the ink carts, remove the printhead, do another search on this forum or on the Nifty-stuff forum for the process on how to clean a Canon printhead.

By the way, the 7 orange flashes can be one of 10 different things, all summed up in three parts, 1. Printhead errors, 2. Carriage errors, 3. Logic card errors. IF you take it to a service tech with that kind of error they don't have time to do a full diagnostic to pin point the problem so they do just a couple of quick test to see if a new printhead fixes the problem. If it does your out of there with a new $55 printhead and $85 labor. If the printhead didn't fix the problem, there is no way they are going to take out and replace the carriage since that would cost as much as 2 new printers,... and the same goes for the logic card.

I have seen this same error caused by the purge unit be so gummed up with dried up ink that it sticks in the extended position and this will create a carriage movement error. While you're cleaning your printhead, use some windex and spray the purge unit and the purge pads, then cycle the power on and off a couple of time (3 minute intervals) to force the purge unit to clean itself. It should suck the Windex down through the pads into the waste area and clean on the wiper blades.
by unknown on Dec 19, 2007 at 10:46pm Add comment
Hi trigger1937. I had the same problem with a i850 I got of Ebay at cheap price since it was described as not printing. I tried cleaning prinhead several times the way you described in your service manual with no results good. I got another printhead and ran print test and low and behold it showed perfect with all new fresh lines etc. I now have 3 i850's all acting like brand new printers with instructions from you and the others I sent copy of to you. I also picked up a pixma ip3000 new for being able to print to cd's & dvd's and after checking with differant inkjet ink suppliers such as Precision Colors and Mr inkjet that the ink for all my printers is the same which means all I need is one set of 8 oz bottles for all four printers until cartridges go bad.
by carlm21 on Dec 31, 2007 at 8:01pm Add comment
Carl,... Congratulations on your good work... I guess you will be selling those printers now that you have them all working.

It sounds like the printer you got off of ebay had a "Dead" head. Once you put in a good head now you have a $125 printer again. I'm glad my manual was of help to you.

You are correct about all printers using the same ink. I now have over 75 printers, 30 of which are Canon and I can use the "HIgh Quality INK" from Precision Colors in all of them. I buy my ink from them in 16oz bottles because I have so many printers to refill.
by unknown on Dec 31, 2007 at 10:14pm Add comment
My i850 printing over a USB port on Win XP Pro SP2 is flashing green then orange 9 times when you attempt to print anything from the system.

Will print a nozzle check from system (Canon maintenance mode)when initially powered ON - nozzle check pattern looks good but text when it printed was "off color" due to alignment (I think);
Now something has changed and if I try to print an alignment pattern the printer goes OFF Line and the flashing begins or starts if you attempt to print anything from Word, etc.

Have tried reinstalling the printer and printer drivers with no success. Have tried installing on parallel port with no success. Tried on second computer with same results.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

by bsydnes on Jan 23, 2008 at 11:49am Add comment
bsydnes,.. According to the Service Manual, the 9 orange flashes is an EEProm error condition. I would pull the power cord and let it set for 5 minutes. Then see if it will come back up to ready. If not your only option is to go into Service Mode and initialize the eeprom. Once you do that you will also have to set the country code. I've made a long post on this forum somewhere all about the Service Mode. Just search for it.

Don't mess with any "Alignment". It's a waste of time until you get all you colors printing correctly. Get the nozzle check working first. Once you get your Windows driver installed it should be fine. I've never had a problem with that. Are you using the lastest driver from the canon Web site?
by unknown on Jan 23, 2008 at 9:05pm Add comment
How do you set the country code? I reset the eprom but did not know to set the country code.

Perhaps that's the problem.

Prior to failure mode, nozzels printed ok then the 9 blink error occured. No progress since then. - Anonymous
Yes Trigger1937, I'm keeping at least two of them and with IP3000 for cd, dvd printing labels what else do I need?? I've seen the price for a new i850 at still the $179 it sold for back in 2002 but can you really get as low as $125 for a serviced one?? The printheads are now $39 plus postage and up to $75 from some companies. When Canon makes something good then gose astray what can we do??
by carlm21 on Jan 24, 2008 at 5:08pm Add comment
Anonymous,... Get into Service Mode and once there press the Resume button 5 times. You are now ready to set the Destination code. If you do nothing and then press the power button you have selected a Destination of "Domestic". If your press the resume button once after waiting a minute and then press the power button, you have set destination code of "1" which is "Overseas". These are the exact words out of the Service Manual.
by unknown on Jan 24, 2008 at 8:13pm Add comment
Trigger - does domestic mean USa or does Overseas?

Guess I can try both and see what the difference is.

What does resetting the EPROM do? - Anonymous
has all canon printer have a waste pad ???
by Anonymous on Jan 24, 2008 at 9:51pm Add comment
All Canon printers from the 600 series or before have what they call waste ink foam pads which are in base of printer and unless you know how to repair can be a pain to do. Guys like Trigger who have been repair techs learn all the secrets and are now letting public know some of them. A person with mechanical prowness can repair if he's told how to do it and save a minimum of $40 service charge and orders parts thems selves or cleans the waste pads! Printheads run about $45 now from some sorts but sometimes that is all that is wrong with a $179 printer. There are various ways to refill cartridges with ink and some printers use the same ink but just differant types of cartridges. - carlm21
It is the initialization of the eeprom data. I'm not that familiar with the content of the eeprom data but it is all listed in the Service Manual. If you are getting an error message that says "EEProm error", that suggest that the last time some information was written to the eeprom, there was an error, so the system thinks the data is no longer valid. If his is true, and I am only guessing about this, then the initialization should clear the error. You can forget the destination code. I just re-read the Service Manual and the Destination code and the Waste Ink Count are two things that are not affected when the EEprom is initialized. That makes it simple for you.

One thing you should do, if you haven't already done the reset, is to print the current contents of the EEProm so you can see the data. Then after you reset the prom print the data again.

While you are in Service Mode, press the "Resume" button twice and then the power key and you will print the eeprom data. Make sure you have paper loaded. After the print you are still in Service Mode. Press the resume 3 times and then the power and you will reset the eeprom data. One last thing,.. you should also print out the Service TEST pattern and this is done by pressing the resume button one and then the power button. In the text field of that print, just after the i850 will be the "Destination Country" code. It will be "US" or "Eur" or whereever you are. To get out of Service Mode, just press the power button.

Sorry if I gave you bad info at first. I had to read the manual closer. Hope this helps.

by unknown on Jan 25, 2008 at 1:47pm Add comment

Thanks for the info. I'll try next week - deadline this week and early next week.

Where can I obtain a Service Manual? Most of these questions would be unnecessary if I had good technical documentation.

Tahnks for the help!

by unknown on Jan 25, 2008 at 2:25pm Add comment
You can purchase one manual on i850 from Trigger1937 and if you are ebay customer from another party that has them. The ebay party just sells Canon copies of manual but Trigger1937 sells set by step service manuals and suggestions on how to refill cartridges. - carlm21
William,... As Carl mentioned in his post, I have created Repair Manuals for many Canon printers. These manuals contain detailed high resolution photos and instructions on how to disassemble and repair just about everything that is possible in a Canon Printer. This "Repair Manual" is in PDF format such that when you view it on your PC you can enlarge the image such that you can see each and every detail. The manuals are typically 40+ pages long and contain 25+ photos. The manual will teach you how to clean Printhead, purge units, remove and clean waste ink pads, and reset all the eeprom data. I provide this manual on a CD and I also include the Canon Service Manual and Parts catalog as well as all other canon documentation and software programs and printer drivers for your PC. I also include Photographic test images that help you test your printer and produce the best photo prints.

I have created these manuals for all the Canon printers from the i550,i560,i850,i860,i950,i960,iP3000,iP5000,and the MP700-MP730 multifunction units. I initially only provided these manuals to people who purchased one of my refurbished printers but I have since started selling them from time to time on eBay. I am currently working on the Canon Pixma series and the iP4200, thru iP6700. I am also working on a considerable number of Hewlett Packard printers as well as many Epson printers.

For anyone that owns a printer and needs to take care of it or to fix it, I believe it is a great bargain at $25. This is what most people have to pay for two ink carts or to buy the standard Canon Service Manual and Parts Catalog. It can save you the cost of a new printer. It will also teach someone how to refill their own ink carts and save pay for itself in the first ink refill.

It is not listed on eBay at the moment since I'm working on finishing up other things but it will be there soon.

- unknown

I had the same problem (7O - 1G LED flashes) with my i850.
The carriage was performing it's normal startup movements but I could not print with it!

1) Resetting the counter with the service procedure as described above just did not work... Even after several attempts.

2) I disassembled my printer (not that difficult) and cleaned it entirely. There was a lot of dry ink right beneath the printhead cleaning unit on the right side of the printer. The next day I assembled my printer, powered it back on but I got the 7 orange flashes back...

3) Just before disposing of my printer I tried with taking out the printhead for cleaning. Standard procedure: open the lid, wait for the printhead to position in the center, take out the cartridges. Next, take the printhead out and clean it. Use no special cleaning products, just with some tissues. Guess what: I've got my i850 back in the mood for printing!!

!! I would like to thank everybody on this forum for the advice !!
!! It saved me like 250€ for a similar new one !!

Good luck! Inigo from Belgium..........
by unknown on Jan 27, 2008 at 11:09am Add comment
inigo,.. The 7 orange flashes you were getting had nothing to do with the Waste ink Error code you were trying to reset. That is why it didn't work. Taking the prnter apart and cleaning everything is what fixed you printer. The 7 orange flashes is telling you there is something wrong with the BJ carriage which really means the printhead. It failed the diagnostic test. I believe you had a dirty contact on the printhead and when you cleaned it you got the function back. However, it could have been one of "N" other things that you fixed.

Good luck anyway.
by unknown on Jan 27, 2008 at 9:56pm Add comment
To those of you that have been looking or waiting for my MP730 manual I have just listed on eBay all of my current Repair Manuals which now includes the i550,k560,i850,i860,i950,i960, and finally the MP700 and MP730 Multifunction unit. The manual includes all repair function for each printer selected and it includes the Service Manuals and the parts catalogs, all Canon software updates, Device drivers, the Canon Special Service Information Notices, Color test images, Preventive Maintenance information, and instruction on how to modify and refill you canon ink carts.

These manuals contain detailed instructions and digital photos to show you exactly what you have to do. At $24.99, this is lest than the cost of 2 ink carts, but it will enable you to keep your printer working for years to come. All this information is contained on one CD. If you were to purchase the Service Manual and the Parts Catalog alone, you would spend almost the same and they really don't tell you much at all.
by unknown on Jan 31, 2008 at 9:14pm Add comment
this post is awesome. i am buying a new head.
thanks trigger.
by gautam on Feb 17, 2008 at 8:44am Add comment
WOW! Trigger 1937, You are one awsome Dude! As with alot of the others on this foram, I was ready to give up on my I850. I even called Canon for help at their so-called Loyalty number 1-866-443-6200 and What a Useless waste of time that was. I got this Tech (Bob Mclain) who told me that he had no knowledge of any canon printer codes, no knowledge of any Refurbished i850's No availability of waste tank pads or other i850 printer parts, that he only knew how to fix computers (software wise)
THEN I stumbled onto this foram and tried resetting the ink tank error code as per your guidance and it worked! I got rid of the 7 blinken lites. (why does the Canon User Guide say 8 for the waste tank? and 7 for the print head, Is that a typo?
The printer is almost perfect now except the print head must have dried out in the five days it took me to fix everything.
The Print head is almost new and was working for six months now with minor cleaning issues. I had recently taken the printer apart,photographing each screw, each piece, each mechanism, each step so I could assemble it properly again, as I do with everything I own from my lawnmower to my car, house, etc.
I love this printer and I realy want to purchase your manual for the Canon I850 but I dread going to E-Bay for it and getting ripped off because some creaton outbid me until I wind up paying ten times the price for your manual and infomation
by t643 on Feb 20, 2008 at 5:02pm Add comment
t643,.. As far as the error codes of 8 or 7 flashes,.. it is actually both. Don't ask me why, but Canon can generate both error codes for the same problem. I documented this on this forum in some other thread. If you get 8 consequtive orange flashes, this is a warning that you are very close to the limit. If you get alternating 7 orange-green-orange, this is the bad news and the printer will lock up. The first one is the operator error condition and is a warning. The second is a "Service Error" and can not be reset but the way I told you.

This has confused a lot of people because they all think it is the same thing,.. Waste Ink Error.

You can never be ripped off on my ebay listing. These are fixed price and you are not bidding against anyone. It is 24.99 "Buy it Now" price. If you don't want to go through eBay, you can send me a purchase order payment via PayPay for "Canon i850 Repair Manual" and I will send it too you.

One of the things this manuall will do for you is to teach you how to take care of your printhead, and your ink carts, and maintain your printer is good working order,...before it can get into trouble. My CD also provides the Canon Service Manuals, Parts Catalog, and all the Service Bullitens for these printers.
by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008 at 10:29pm Add comment
Don't know what happened to the last post that I ended up as Anonymous,.. but this was trigger1937?????????????
by unknown on Feb 20, 2008 at 10:47pm Add comment

Do you offer a manual for a Canon ip3000 - if so where can I find it?

by unknown on Feb 22, 2008 at 12:22pm Add comment
Bills,.. I'm current working everyday on the iP4200 Repair manual. I have the disassemly manual for the iP5000 which is very close to the iP3000, and I have a repair manual for the i960 which has the same inside printer mechanism. The combination of this should help you fix your printer.

What is wrong with your printer.
by unknown on Feb 22, 2008 at 10:36pm Add comment
The printer says there is a paper jam, however there's no way for me to dismantle the printer, and for some reason I don't believe it's a paper jam. I even changed the ink but that didn't stop the flashing orange light.

by unknown on Feb 22, 2008 at 11:21pm Add comment

I hear something rotating a cycle when I turn on the Canon i850. However there is no movement on the print head.

The lights are alternating orange/green.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
by SouthernAl on Feb 23, 2008 at 10:34am Add comment
Melyanie,... Is your printer the i850? You have to count the number of flashes. Is it alternating green-orange-green-etc. or is it just Green-orange-orange-orange-etc. There is a big difference. However, if you don't have a paper jam and it is still telling you "Jam", your purge unit is probably stuck extended. Open the cover and wait till the printhead comes to the center. Then pull the power cord out of the back. Now you can slide the printhead to the left so you can get access to the purge unit on the right. Use a flashlight and a paper towel and see if the wiper blades that pass under the printhead are stil extended. Press the two ink pads down softly and also wipe the blades. You may have to use a wet paper towel to get some of the ink off the wipers. Use an eye dropper and put some drops of water on top of each ink pad until they are flooded. Close the cover and plug the power back in. Turn the power on/off and let the printer do a couple of cycles to clean out the purge unit. I'll wait for your next post to see what happened.

Same question to SourthernAl.
by unknown on Feb 23, 2008 at 8:53pm Add comment
Yes the lights flash alternating G-O-G-O.

When I turn on the unit - I hear something rotating for a cycle then stop (2-3 seconds). The head does not move at all (even after lifting the cover up).

Thanks in advance for your help!
by SouthernAl on Feb 24, 2008 at 6:18pm Add comment
SouthernAl,... You need to provide more information. What kind of printer is it? How many flashes of orange. Count them because this is telling you what the error code is. What was the printer doing before it failed, or did you just get it from someone else.

I can still read minds,... but you have to be in the next room for it to work really good.!!!!
by unknown on Feb 24, 2008 at 7:44pm Add comment
For those people asking about my Repair manuals and what happen to them,... I have just updated the total list and listed them on eBay. The list now covers all Canon printers from the i550, up through the i960, iP3000,ip4000, ip5000, iP4200, iP6600D, the MP700, MP730 multifunction printers. It now also covers several Hewlett Parkard printers; HP DeskJet 832c,840c,895Cse,960c, and the 990Cse. There is one HP Service Manual that applies to all of these Deskjets.

There are other Canon printers where one of these manual is applicable and they are the iP2000,iP5200, iP6000, and the iP6700D. This listing will only be up for 10 days.

Thanks to all that have made requests for these manuals.
by unknown on Feb 24, 2008 at 7:52pm Add comment
Sorry, my note follows a prior note.

My inkjet printer is a canon i850. I've used it for many years. It failed 2-3 weeks ago when I turned it on (not in a middle of a print job...):

When I turn on the unit - I hear something rotating for a cycle then stop (2-3 seconds). The head does not move at all (even after lifting the cover up). The lights flash alternating G-O-G-O. One green and one orange and one green and one orange repeatably. Since then this all the printer does.

I've have full factory cartridges in the unit.

Thanks in advance for your help!
by SouthernAl on Feb 24, 2008 at 8:05pm Add comment
SouthernAl,.. You didn't read all my note. I have to know how many "Orange" flashes there are.

What it does is there is one "Long" green followed by many alternating "Orange-Green-Orange-----". You have to count the total number of Orange flashes in between the long Green light.

The grinding noise is probably the purge unit gears. Since the head will not move to the center when the cover is opened, the purge unit is either jammed or internally broken. One of the jobs of the purge unit is to "LOCK" the printhead in the park position so it can not move. When the printer first comes on the logic board does a diagnostic check on all functions and one of those is to cycle the purge unit, unlock the head and try and move it across the printer to check the carriage and to see if there are any ink carts installed. If the purge unit is broken or one of the internal gears has slipped, it can't unlock and things will grind.

You have no choice but to disassemble the printer to get at the purge unit. You can't reach the locking lever since it is just inside the right edge of the right side. The i850 has end covers, the top door, and the top cover. If you noticed my post above, I just relisted the Repair Manual on eBay for all the printers and the i850 is in that list. To get at the purge unit, you have to take off all the covers, remove the inside power cables, remove the main printer chassis from the base, and then it really get hard to take the purge unit out of the main chassis. If I were to tell you how to do all of that, it would be the same as printing most of my Repair Manual, all 46 pages, on this forum,... but then there would not be the 35 detailed photos that show you how to do it.

If you have any repair skills at all, my manual will walk you through the repairs you need to do. Plus it will do a lot more for getting your printer back in top shape.
by unknown on Feb 24, 2008 at 8:49pm Add comment
Thanks for being "patient" with me.

There is two orange flashes (alternating G-O-G-O) before the longer green light flashes again.

Does this change your advice or do I still need to proceed to take apart the printer?


by SouthernAl on Feb 25, 2008 at 5:30pm Add comment
SouthernAl,... Great, now that we know what the error code is we know what to do . The error you have is a Service Call error which is saying the Timing Strip inside the printer has something wrong with it. It could be as simple as ink all over the timing strip, or it could have come loose, however it could still be that the purge unit lock. If the printhead can't move out of position because it is locked, then the timing strip can't be tested.

Open the cover and use a flashlight to see if the timing strip is still in position. It is a very thin clear mylar strip that runs through the back of the printhead from side to side. If it is loose, it has come off. If not, then I think you're next job is to take the covers off and get at the purge unit locking TAB. You do need the manual to do this. It is currently listed on ebay as item 290209540344.
by unknown on Feb 26, 2008 at 11:25am Add comment
The timing strip is intact and not loose. So it might be the purge unit you mentioned. I just ordered the manual off e-bay.

I'll let you know how things progress.

Thanks for the advice.
by SouthernAl on Feb 26, 2008 at 7:03pm Add comment
SouthernAL,.. Thanks very much for your order. I just got the confirmation in my mail. I send a reply and I believe you need the i850 manual but my email to you will still ask you to confirm which manual you want.

Getting back to the grinding noise. I've had that on one other printer and it turned out to be that one of the gears in the purge unit slipped out of the track, one gear was turning and the other just clicking but nothing moved.

The good news for you is the i850 is simple to work on once you have the manual. The photographs will show you each step.

Once you get the Manual and take the covers off, send me an email and I can help you jump ahead to the right section of the manual.

Thanks again.
by unknown on Feb 26, 2008 at 10:09pm Add comment

I got your CD in the mail. I took off the L, R and top cover per our instructions (great! didn't break anything yet.). Please advise on my next steps. I'll be able to get at the printer after work in the evenings.

by SouthernAl on Mar 4, 2008 at 12:22am Add comment
Dear Sir,

You won’t believe this! I took the covers off and “jiggled” (not very technical, eh?) the print head to the left and right and it started moving on the rail again. So now the printer starts up and the head moves on the rail left and parks on the right.

BUT the light sequence has changed to Green and 7 orange flashes and repeats.


by SouthernAl on Mar 4, 2008 at 6:57pm Add comment
SouthernAl,... If it is Long Green then 7 Orange flashes, this is telling you that even though you moved the carriage it is still having problems with the carriage position.

If you have the covers off but the main unit is still in the base, you can reconnect the power and turn the printer on and watch all the initial cycle. Especially watch all of the purge unit section. See section 6.0 of my Manual. If your press the button on the far left of the logic card (This is the button that tells the printer that the top cover is open) the printhead should move to the center. Examine the purge unit. Pull the power cord out and the printhead can now move freely so move it out of the way. Look at my pictures of the purge unit in the manual and manually cycle the purge unit by slowly turning the white gear "Counter clockwise". This will gradually cause the purge unit to cycle through one full cycle and you can see each part of it move. If something is missing or broken you will see it in this cycle. The two black suction pads should slowly lower and the White wiper blade should move forward to wipe the bottom of the printhead and after it is fully extenced the spring should withdraw it to the rear.

All of this is explained in much more detail in the manual so follow the instruction there.

by unknown on Mar 4, 2008 at 8:25pm Add comment


When I turn on the printer (covers off, main unit in base), the carriage goes left a couple inches, goes full right, goes 3/4 left, then goes full left and parks full right I think this is normal?

However, when I push the "cover open button", the carriage does NOT respond and move toward the center as you described This is not normal (becauuse in the past with the cover open, the print head would move toward the middle). Is this part of the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.
by SouthernAl on Mar 4, 2008 at 9:10pm Add comment

The button on the far left as you face the front of the printer in actually not a button but a switch. When the cover is closed, this switch is held "Down". Now that you have taken the covers off, the logic card knows the cover is off all the time. To get the prinhead to move the the center, you have to press and hold the button for about 1 minute, then release it. The head should move to the center.

However, you are telling me that the printhead carriage is doing all the normal power on cycles. Then you should have observed the purge unit and you can tell me if it is doing it's normal cycle. If it is and the printhead still does not come to the center after hold the "Cover" switch down, then this is a sign of a defect printhead. The logic card diagnostics has detected that there is something wrong with the printhead. You should also be getting a different error code from your PC, and you should see a different set of flashing lights when the printhead is in after a power on cycle, and when it is not in.

Tell me what those are.
by unknown on Mar 4, 2008 at 10:03pm Add comment

With the covers off and after I hold the cover switch for a minute or so and let go, the head does not move toward the center. But the light sequence changes to blinking green only when I am holding the switch down. If I let go the cover switch, the light sequence changes back to long green and 7 orange flashes.

Thhe purge unit seems to work (cycling, pads up and down, wiper moving back and forth).

When I try to access the printer through driver on my PC (Win XP) to check the printer ink level, the command from the PC gets hung up in the cue. I pause and clear the cue and try the command several times. No luck. I can't get to the ink level query.

Now, if I take the ink cartridges out and remove the print head. There is no flashing flights when I turn on the printer (normal solid green) and the printhead centers after I hit the cover switch.

So I presume that this all confirms that the print head is the problem? Should I try to clean it?

Thanks for leading me through the woods...


by SouthernAl on Mar 5, 2008 at 8:23pm Add comment
It seems funny to me that no one can answer a simple question of why my i850 printer doesn"t print only sometimes very light yellow. I went through the whole process of cleaning, deep cleaning, print head alighnment, nozzle cleaning, removing the print head and cleaning with windex, leaving it soak over night, running it under hot water, and even blowing on each port to make sure they were clear.Now what no one has anwered this now for over two weeks. It has to be something simple.
by sonnyfresh on Mar 6, 2008 at 5:29am Add comment
by carlm21 on Mar 6, 2008 at 9:00pm Add comment
To sonneyfresh
If you have been reading from begining of these posts you would see that eight orange flash's and one green is letting you know your waste ink is full if that is what the flash's are. If you purchased the printer manual for repair from trigger1937 or read his posts you could open the printer and get to the ink absorbing pads which are in very bottom of printer and clean them as trigger says and then put everything back together and see if light dose not change. Approx how old is printer and how many pages have been printed on your printer? Have you tried printing out EEPROM information page or do you know how to do this? Also by cleaning printhead dose not always solve problem if only one outlet is not plugged by old dried up ink. Some times you have to leave the printhead in windex for few days and then dry out and try. If that dosen't work you may have got a bad printhead which can be purchased from canon or from dealers on ebay.
by carlm21 on Mar 6, 2008 at 9:12pm Add comment
sonnyfresh,... well your first problem is that you must be on the wrong forum. I just looked back in this thread and you have not posted ANYTHING here in the last year????? If seems you think people "OWE" you an answer. If you have read through this thread, you would have seen all kinds of answers to your problem, or at least very good clues.

Anyway, here is something you don't want to hear. About 95\% of the time, when the printhead won't come out to the center when the cover is open, it is a defective printhead. No amount of cleaning is going to fix it. It probably has a burnt out nozzle in one or more of the colors. The printer is not going to try to print anything once it has diagnosed such a problem.

You need a new printhead.
by unknown on Mar 6, 2008 at 9:40pm Add comment
Trigger1937, I apologise if I come off sounding like sarcastic I believe that i was in the wrong forum but I appreciate you answering my problem anyway. This symtom started after I removed the printhead again and cleaned the back and bottom with a paper towel. Is it posible that I may have contamitated the contacs? The reason that I did this was that it wasn't printing and sometimes it only printed in very light yellow. Thank you for your responce.
by sonnyfresh on Mar 7, 2008 at 4:29am Add comment
This isn't necessarily for the i850, but my iP3000 is flashing 5 oranges, then steady green.

I've read through and i've tried some of the methods, with no success. I assume I'll have to go out to get a new printhead? :(
by simplyme on Mar 8, 2008 at 12:11am Add comment
simplyme,.. For the iP3000, the 5 flashing orange then green is telling you the printhead is not installed correctly,..because the printer diagnostics did not get the correct response from the EEprom.

Open the covers of the printer and wait till the carriage moves away from the park position and stops. Then unplug the power cord from the back of the printer. Then move the carriage by had to the center of printer and take out the ink carts, take out the printhead, clean the contacts on the back of the head using Isopropyl Alcohol, and then clean the contacts on the inside of the carriage. Be carefull to only wipe downward on these spring loaded contacts. Make sure none are bent.

While you have the carriage moved over to the center, use a flashlight to examine the purge unit. You want to confirm that nothing is stuck or jammed. With a paper towel you should be able to softly press the pads down. You should also be able to pull the white wiper blade forward and release it back.

Re-install the head and the ink carts and re-plug the power. Press the power on button and closed the cover and the printer should go through all the normal power on testing again.

If does not make any changes then there is one more item to try.
Go way back in this thread to 11/03/07 and read a post I made on how to get into the service mode. Once you are there you can try to initialize the EEprom. The problem is that the data here is not matching the data being read at the power on diagnostics. The reset my clear the problem,...if this is what th problem is. If it does not, it could be a damaged printhead.

by unknown on Mar 8, 2008 at 9:35pm Add comment

I'm getting the 5 flashing lights on my faithful 3000. It was a strange way that it started though.

I was about to print, and got a paper jam. I didn't read the status error, just seen that it said hit resume, so I did. Once I'd hit resume, it told me to hit it again or turn it on and off. I did this and then had the 5 orange lights.

I have tried cleaning the contacts, and the springy things. But still I'm gettting no where. I have tried countless times to get into the service mode but without any success.

I press and hold the power button whilst holding resume. I get the green light. I then let go of the resume button, press once, and hte orange light comes on, press again and it's the green light, I then let go of the power button, and it does it's power up things, and then flashes 5 times at me :( and I'm not in any service mode. Is there somehting I'm doing wrong here?

I have bought a service manual off ebay, and that, like you say is indicating a faulty eeprom data or head installation.

I've just found an i850 going cheap but thats got the 7 lights :( is it worth going after this and trying it's head in mine?

Is the issue definately the head?

many thanks

Tiggzz :)
by Tiggzz on Mar 15, 2008 at 9:12am Add comment
Tiggzz,,,..You did not read the instructions correctly nor did you understand them. You are doing it all wrong. If you bought a Service Manual you should have all the Operator error codes and the Service Error codes. The paper jam, if it is still there is not going to be fixed by any Service Funtion.

Read the Service Manual again, but before you can get into service Mode you have to be able to come up with a green light.

Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. Let it set for 3 minutes. Plug the power back in. Then,,,

1. Press and HOld the REsume button, not the power button.
2. While you are holding down the resume button, press and hold the power button.
3. Release the resume button and continue to hold the power button and then press and release the resume button twice and then release all buttons.
4. You should now be in Service mode.

However, since the printer is not working the only thing you can do in Service Mode is to reset to the EEprom.
by unknown on Mar 16, 2008 at 11:13pm Add comment
Hi Trigger,

I did read it properly and I did understand them.

Press and hold resume , then press the power button - This is the same as whilst holding resume, i pressed the power button. I then relese the resume whilst still keeping the power pressed and press resume twice, then release all.

The wording may be slightly different, but the actions are identical.

I do not have any paper jam now. What I described were the sequence of events before I got my 5 flashes. Jam > clear paper > resume > power > power > 5 orange lights.

I have tried entering service mode after machine has been off from mains for days nevermind 3 minuted. I have tried 3 mins though too

As soon as I finish the button sequence, my 5 orange flashes come back :( I do not get the chance to so the 3 presses for eeprom initialization

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your time and help.

Tiggzz :)
by Tiggzz on Mar 17, 2008 at 12:57am Add comment
Hey, trigger, you're the man! Maybe you can help me out. I was futzing with my Canon i960, trying to get the waste ink pad out to clean it, when it fell inside. I disassembled the printer without breaking anything, got out the pad, cleaned it, and re-assembled the printer. Now the darn thing keeps flashing 1 green/3 orange (paper jam) when I turn it on. Two clues that may help: (1) after the pad fell in, I turned on the printer and it made a grinding noise because the pad was blocking the waste ink platform, and (2) the first time I reassembled the printer, I'd accidentally dislodged the read paper sensor (the one that looks like a miniature roller skate on a spring-loaded arm) so it was stuck in a raised position; I fixed that by taking the cover off again and adjusting the cam that raises the sensor arm. Any ideas what's causing this? Also, the printer driver reports "paper jam in the eject slot", which I assume means the front of the printer, but there's no paper jammed there. Thanks!
by unknown on Mar 25, 2008 at 10:42pm Add comment
Oh, one more clue: the carriage only moves about halfway to the center at power on, instead of moving all the way. Maybe it thinks there is a paper jam, because then the feed rollers start rolling for a good 5-6 seconds as if to clear the phantom paper jam; there's nothing to clear, of course, so they stop, and the 1 green/3 orange flashing begins.
by unknown on Mar 25, 2008 at 11:30pm Add comment
Hi, I have a 2.5 yr old i960. I used it this morning OK, then I got the 5 flashing lights. This is G-O-O-O-O-O-G. I may have caused this by refilling my own cartridge and have it leak inside the printer, going empty in 2 days. I cleaned the 3 little wipers with water, I still see lots of (dry) ink in the main track from left to right, but the drive belt and the mylar timing strip are clean.
After 2.5 years, is it just shot or is there something worth trying? Thanks.
by bob25 on Mar 30, 2008 at 2:00pm Add comment
I have i865 and the orange light keep on flashing non stop. I did try to reset it and disconnected the power and reconnected but fail all. Unplug the usb cord and reconnected , re-install the drive but still failed!
by unknown on Mar 31, 2008 at 3:35am Add comment
bob25, The i960 are still worth a lot of money and you should do all in your power to fix it. the 5 orange flashes are telling you that the printhead is having a problem. Pull the ink carts out and the printhead, and then clean the printhead and dry it then clean the contacts on the back of the printhead and the contacts that are in the back of the carriage asm... Try it again.
by unknown on Mar 31, 2008 at 9:28pm Add comment
Same problem and still cannot fix it. HELP PLEASE.
by Anonymous on Apr 3, 2008 at 9:55am Add comment
Hey trigger1937, thanks for the info about getting this nice i960 printer back to operating condition. I soaked the print head about an hour, let it dry overnight, and now I have NO orange lights.
I did a test page and get no red/magenta, so I am still looking in to that - I did get pink when doing another test, so it can work if it wants to. Thanks again, I will advise the red printing.
Bob W.
PS: now I can print my income taxes -- woo hoo!
by bob25 on Apr 3, 2008 at 1:15pm Add comment
Well if anyone doesn't want to deal with trying to fix their printer let me know, I'll gladly purchase it from you. You may e-mail me back at jcc39 at Thanks
by unknown on Apr 12, 2008 at 8:35am Add comment
I've got the same problem with 7O / 1G after installing a new printhead. The previous one was end-of life and I 1 on 1 replaced it with a new one.
I can't get the lights reset in any way. If I press the buttons to get to the service menu it steps to flashing orange as soon as I take my finger of the power-button.
However te printer does react to the option selection (3 times resume to initialize the EEPROM) but doesn't do a thing with the given commands. As soon as I power off and power on the printer the blinking orange light appears. Even test-prints of the printer and EEPROM settings aren't printed.

I have also cleaned out the ink-pads on the right side with some water-wetted cottonsticks and I've tried the waste-ink counter reset. This all didn't solve the problem.

All I would like to do is reset the printer to factory-defaults, but as I understand this is done through option 3 and, as written above, that doesn't seem to work

Is this printer scrapheap-ready or are other tricks available?
by unknown on May 12, 2008 at 2:21pm Add comment
I want to know if there any way to reset the ink counter when you refill the cartridge.The cartridge is the CLI-8.Thank for your help.Alomar
by alomar on May 13, 2008 at 9:19pm Add comment
Marcel,...A lot of people get the orange lights all mixed up. There are two types of flashes. If you have a Green, then 7 orange flashes and the a long green,...repeat. This is NOT the waste ink full error. It is a BJ cartridge error for the i850.

This is telling you that a cartridge is missing or there is a dirty contact on the back of the printhead or on the carriage asm. It could also be something as simple as the bottom of the ink cart is dirty or covered with ink, or that the ink level sensor on the inside far left is dirty. Check all of these and post a new note.

The Waste ink Error condition is a LONG Green, then 7 orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-----etc. and starts all over with a long green. One other clue, take the printhead out of the printer before you try and enter Service Mode. Of course you can't try and print anything so don't select any of those codes.
by unknown on Jun 3, 2008 at 12:59am Add comment

I will re-list all of the printers tomorrow. Just look for my User ID on eBay. Trigger1937.

by unknown on Jun 12, 2008 at 10:42pm Add comment

I have relisted the Manual for the i850 printer. The item numbers is; 290238630938 on eBay.
by unknown on Jun 13, 2008 at 9:16am Add comment
To answer most questions about the CLI cartridges. They are chip controlled and as far as I know they cannot be reset. If a refilling outlet is telling you they can, they are feeding you a bunch of whooey. If they could we would be reset we would be resetting them since we are throwing away a few do to bad chips and I doubt Canon would do that in the quanitity we are doing it, especially the CLI-8C. If you have a bad CLI ink tank, contact a Canon service facility and bring in the tank in question and they should exchange it for you no charge. But don't bring them it in empty or we'll just laugh and throw it away. We will test them incidently. In the Chicago Illinois area you can try BECKSCRS.COM
As far as trigger and his orange flases are concered, he is right on the money. You need to count the number of times they flash, they will pause and start over. The number of flashes is a code to us and tells us the possible problem.

Authorized Canon Tech
by BAB on Jun 14, 2008 at 5:50am Add comment
Hi, I have a canon i850, and get the error sequence of 9 orange flashes. The print head doesn't move at all. Any attemp to print, test print, print head alignment, nozzle check, … from my computer gives the service error 6800. I have followed the instructions below to initialise the EEprom (option c), but no luck.

1. Start with printer OFF
2. Hold down RESUME and then press and hold down POWER Button.
3. Release the RESUME but continue to hold down the power button
4. Press the RESUME twice, then release POWER button.

Now you have put the printer in Service Mode so it will accept Service commands. Here is the list of Service commands;

A. Press the Resume button once = Print Service test print
B. Press the Resume button twice = Print EEprom data sheet
C. Press the Resume button Three = Initialize the EEprom
D. Press the Resume button Four = Clean Waste INk Counter
E. Press the Resume button Five = Change Destination settings
F. Press the Resume button Six = Head Refreshing (Cleaning)
G. Press the Resume buttom Seven, Eight, Nine, = Not used
H. Press the Resume button Ten = Return to selection Menu

Can anybody help me ?


by unknown on Jun 18, 2008 at 7:48am Add comment
Gentlemen (and Ladies):
I have a Canon i850 that has been flashing 7 times. I replaced the black ink cartridge. I replaced the print head (that had been recently replaced) with a new one. No joy. After reading this thread several times, I tried to reset the Clean Waste Ink Counter. I did not clean the right hand waste pads, even though they were filled with crud. I just tried to reset the Clean Waste Ink Counter. The Orange light stopped flashing and everything seemed well. The carriage now came to the center when I open the top of the printer. Hoping that I had solved the problem, I tried printing a test page. Turned off the printer and the CPU before trying to print. Now the Windows/Canon i850 printer status window pops up with the message: “Printer not responding.” I tried taking out the Print Head to see if the 7O/G flashing would return, and it did not. I tried printing a Service test print. The printer acted as if it were printing, but a blank sheet came out.
I seem to have traded one problem for another. Now the printer thinks it’s OK, but the computer can not communicate with it.
I enjoy the challenge of repairing computer items, but I don’t want to attack this blind. This thread has been a treasure of information, but I would like to purchase the repair manual from trigger1937. As of this date it is not on E-bay.
Any response would be appreciated.
by Cal_Al on Jul 6, 2008 at 2:50pm Add comment
Cal Al,...The 7 orange flashes were telling you about a problem with the printhead or Carriage asm. This is the BJ Cartridge error from Canon, Since you printhead is coming to the center, I suggest that you could have several problems. First I would clean the purge unit and make sure you can get fresh ink up into the printhead. Then clean the printhead in the sink with hot water. Make sure you get the head totally dry before you put it back. Then you want to use your purge unit to prime the printheads and then do only a nozzle check. Keep cleaning and testing until you get a good nozzle check. Don't worry about any waste ink problems.

I have sent you information on how you can purchase one of my Repair manuals for Canon printers, especially the i850. Follow the instructions and you can purchase the manual from me via PayPal. The manual contains so much detail, I'm confident you will be able to fix your problem and get the printer back to 100\% ASAP. The multiple printheads you have purchase are all probably good. They just needed expert cleaning.

Send me an email if you have more questions.

by Anonymous on Jul 6, 2008 at 8:35pm Add comment
Cal Al,...

I don't know what the problem is but I had logged in with my correct ID before I posted the last message, but somehow they put be down as anonymous,... which I hate. Anyway the last post was created by Trigger1937,...thank you very much.
by unknown on Jul 6, 2008 at 8:49pm Add comment
Thanks for the speedy response. Yes the 7 orange flashes were telling my about the printhead or Carriage asm. (just what does asm stand for?) Thats why I installed a NEW print head. I do not know what the purge unit is, where it is, or how to clean it, which is why I ordered your repair manual. The print head is shiny new so it does not need to be cleaned. My worry is that since I can not communicate with the printer, I will not be able to purge and prime the printhead. Hopefully your manual will provide the info. I am using an Epson photo printer that I usually use to print CD/DVDs, and it is quite slow. Thanks for your help. When and if I solve this problem I will post the results, so that others can benefit.
by Cal_Al on Jul 6, 2008 at 9:23pm Add comment
my printer won't work. i have the canon i865.
it flashes 1green-1orange-1green-1orange. and so on.
i just bought new ink tanks so all the cartridges are full.
by unknown on Jul 15, 2008 at 4:42am Add comment
bea831,... Sorry but I'm on vacation and I don't have the manuals for all types of printers with me and I don't have them memoriZed,... so you will have to wait or hope that someone else on this side gives you the answer. Or you could search this thread from top to bottom and you will find a listing of most of the errors from flashing lights. The way yours is flashing it could be either type, customer error or service error.

I bet it is something simple like a paper jam.
by unknown on Jul 15, 2008 at 8:29pm Add comment
If you have any Canon i850 printer problems, you have one of the greatest resources on this forum. My i850 would not function. (See my posts above) It would just sit there and flash green orange, green orange. I found this forum and found what my problem was, and how to fix it. I read the forum and discover that Trigger1937 has written a repair manual for the i850 (and others). Not having a clue as how to disassemble the printer I purchase the repair manual from Trigger1937. I also purchase a used i850 from E-Bay, because I need a printer. My new (used) printer arrives and works. In the mail I receive a CD from Trigger1937. Not only does he provide an excellent detailed repair manual with pictures, he has gathered all sorts of other useful information, such as Canon Documentation such as parts & service manuals, Color test images, Maintenance information, refilling instructions, Software for the printer installation (driver), and helpful Web sites.
The repair manual allowed me to remove the plastic covers and clean the waste ink area. There were step by step instructions with pictures that made the job easy. If you can read, follow instructions, you can repair your i850. The task looks daunting. It took me a week to screw up my courage, but after reading the manual 3 times, when I started the task those portions that I thought would be difficult were ease, and vice versa.
Probably the best benefit of the manual is that it shows you how to decipher the information on the top of the service test print. I know, using the knowledge from the manual, that my new to me printer has printed 14,385 pages and the waste tank is 49\% full. My old printer had printed 36 thousand pages, before it's tank became full.
Additionally there is a section on how to maintain your printer. How to clean the print head, how to clean and refill cartridges and more.
If any of you are considering servicing your i850 printer, buy Trigger1937’s repair manual. It is probably the best money you will ever spend. It is an excellent product, for the money.
Not only will you have repaired your printer yourself, you will have the knowledge to keep it running for quite a while.
by Cal_Al on Jul 22, 2008 at 8:40pm Add comment
Cal, how much is the repair manual, as I have since purchased another printer, but if mine can be fixed, than it may be worth it. My original post is above (StevenSchmid) and I currently have the sequence of 9 ornage flashed, and the print head dosen't move.


by unknown on Jul 22, 2008 at 9:30pm Add comment
First of alll I have a Canon iP3000 pinter! Well it must be that time for Canon printers to start flashing orange and green lights! I am getting error code 5700 and 5C00! Printer head is not moving at all on start up and paper feeder is not doing anything! I really liked this unit for printing on cd's! and DVD's! Took the case of by using all your guru's advise but I dont see anything in the paper feeder. Tried the different ways of putting it into the service mode but it did nothing just same flashing lights! Either I get 5 green and orange lights or sometimes 4 green and 4 orange alternating lights! Where is this ASF sensor they talk about located at??? I had this happen about 3 months ago and was able to clear the problem by putting it in service mode and tried several differnt combinations of the power button and resume ! Gave up on it and the next day I turned it on and it healed itself and has worked until this week! Any help would be appreciated!

by tigfit on Jul 23, 2008 at 2:04pm Add comment
I have done a cleaning on the pads you all mention still getting error 5700 and 5C00! May be the end of the road for this one! Took the whole printer out of its case there was lots of black ink on pad. No color ink at all.

Bill - Anonymous
I have a stubborn iP5000 that has done the myriad of print head errors and problems. I ended up soaking it for a week in iso while on a trip, then when I came back and let it dry out, it was no longer even recognized when inserted. Never any orange lights.

Today's playtime yielded recognition of the print head and ink carts, but now I get 12, yep, 12 orange flashes. Did mine learn how to add 11+1? I am going to go rinse it out again and give it another go.

Does anyone know what 12 orange flashes mean?

by Dobermann on Jul 24, 2008 at 9:17pm Add comment
Well, it's error code 6A00 now with the 12 orange flashes. This happens even though the print head (PH) is out and resting in my hand. Also, the PH unit did not want to advance to the center before to let me take it out, so I had to pull on it gently and slide it out. Now it does not move back to home when the PH is installed, forcing me to manually slide it back in, all the while still doing the 12 orange flashes, but now accompanied by Service Error 6A00.

What could be going on???

by Dobermann on Jul 25, 2008 at 3:50am Add comment


I'm on vacation now so I can't give you any answers till I get back later this week. Hang on.
by unknown on Jul 27, 2008 at 8:28pm Add comment
Thanks, trigger1937. I look forward to your return and just continue to update it here.

Things are still changing. It now flashes 5 times - PH error message flashing. The 12 times and error code turned out to be stuck excess ink pads that did not retract. Following another post in another thread I touched them and they snapped into place. Now the PH is retracting and advancing like it should and no funny error messages except the 5 flashes.

I am going to soak and ultrasonic it for its evening bath now. It will be interesting to see what it comes up with next..... maybe it wants some aromatherapy .

All this because the graphic black was not printing and my black was green.

Dobermann - Dobermann
I am having the same problem with my i850: orange light flashing 7 times followed by green light flashing 1 time and repeating the sequence. I was printing four copies of a one page graphic document. The first three copies printed out fine, but the fourth had vertical lines in it. I tried the cleaning from the maintenance tab and part way through the operation the printer powered itself down. I powered the printer back up and that's when I got the 7 orange flashing lights. I've tried powering down and unplugging the printer, rebooting the computer, and emptying the print queue with no luck.

Thanks to the info in this forum I removed the print head to clean it (I had to manually move the carriage to the center with the power off since it would not move either at power up or opening the access door). I still get the same orange light flashing 7 times.

I believe my print head is bad. My question is would a bad print head prevent the carriage from moving? I'd hate to pay nearly $50 for a new print head and have the printer still not working. I don't mind purchasing a new printer, but, I have approx. 50 unused ink cartridges left. Any help would be appreciated.

by Postal on Jul 28, 2008 at 2:15pm Add comment
Bill,, Just a little info, You will only see "Black Ink" on the pads because when the purge unit sucks ink down from the printhead, all three color inks are mixed together. If you understand the color chart for subtractive colors, if you mix equal parts of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, you will get black. That is how all photos are printed. All colors are made from the combinations of those three colors.

Hope this helps.
by unknown on Jul 29, 2008 at 5:53pm Add comment
Trigger1937 Thanks for the reply. I was wondering can a Canon iP3000 still operate completely out of its case if the lid micro switch is depressed! I have completely removed it looking for stuck piece of paper or a loose plug but nothing!

Bill - Anonymous
Well, the latest (after its aromatherapy) is that the PH is now recognized and the printer will attempt to print a Windows test page, but absolutely no ink comes out on the page - not even one tiny little drop. It seems to be using the latest technology of invisible ink for printers.

Since I do not use this printer very often, I know this is the root of my problem. What do you think about each time when I am done using the printer, I take out the PH and rinse it out well in iso, store in a sealed baggie and also store the ink carts in another sealed baggie. Then when I need it, just take it out and put it back in. Everything should be kept moist and functioning for its next use months later, right?

by Dobermann on Jul 30, 2008 at 11:37am Add comment

Yes the printer will totally function. Just use a piece of card stock folded and inserted into the switch to simulate open and closed covers. Everything will function.


by unknown on Jul 31, 2008 at 7:37pm Add comment
The reason I asked that question about being out of the case is I thought there might be some other micro switch other than the lid one that is preventing the printer from operating. Even out of the case I still am getting the 4 yellow and green alternating lights and the head only goes up and down at beginning of power up then it does nothing! Even releasing the lid switch does not bring print head to center . I guess I either have a bad circuit board or bad purge unit. Anybody heard of capacitors going on the main board?? Just a guess! Seems to be a big problem on other electronics these days.

Bill - tigfit
Trigger1937, I think the PH is DOA. Before I even posted here, I had become tired of refilling the CMY tanks from all the cleaning cycles and not having the K print at all that I thought I was being so smart and running deep cleaning cycles with just the small graphic K tank installed. I guess I messed it up royally then.

I have since purchased a new PH and it all works nicely now. I am still going to keep trying to clean the old one just in case (in my "spare" time).

Which is better - printing every couple of days or taking out the ink carts and sealing them in a baggie, removing the PH and rinsing it in iso and sealing it up also? I figure that I print in color maybe only one day every 2-3 months.

Dobermann - Dobermann
Trigger 1937 I have seen your post on other forums and see you have been down this road before ! Looks like from other post I have read its a bad logic board! Well maybe I will try Epson this next time!

by tigfit on Aug 1, 2008 at 2:51pm Add comment
Doberman,... The final answer is,... Print something everyday if you can. If not,...every other day,... if not,.. when you get ready to use your printer, take a scrape piece of paper, and print a nozzle check. If it comes out OK, then go ahead and print,... if not do a clean of only those colors that need cleaning, then run a nozzle check. Repeat this until you are happy with the colors and then print what you want. If the nozzle check comes out OK, but then your print is not perfect, you are seeing the beginning of poor ink flow out of the ink carts. They can't continue to deliver the necessary ink and the printhead "Starves" for that color and fades out.

A simple way to kick start an older ink cart is to blow with your lips into the back of the ink cart where the air intake hole is located. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FOLDED PAPER TOWEL UNDER THE INK CART BEFORE YOU DO THIS. ONCE YOU SEE GOOD INK FLOW, PUT THE INK CART BACK AND TRY THE NOZZLE CHECK AGAIN.

If your printhead is in good condition you can keep it this way by following the above steps. Find a good 4 or 6 color bar test pattern on the internet and print that color set as a 4x6 picture on some test paper. This is another good test once you get a good nozzle check.

by unknown on Aug 5, 2008 at 9:31pm Add comment
Trigger1937, thanks for the info. I am going to keep this in mind and actually set up an auto print for every other day. I noticed the the Canon software has a "quiet mode" option that will let you send something to the printer, that turns it on, and 5 minutes later it will turn itself off. This way I can keep the dust cover on it and not worry about it - just make sure I check the paper supply every now and again.

Thanks for all your help,
- Dobermann
What does this error mean and how do I fix it.
by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2008 at 2:09pm Add comment
Anonymous,.. I wish you would post your name or add a name to your note so we know who we are talking to. Anyway, the 6A00 error is 95\% of the time a condition where the purge unit is stuck in some bad position. Typically when you get this error and if you open the top cover the printhead willnot come to the center. This is because the purge unit is stuck in some position and the locking mechanism that holds the printhead in the home position can't be lowered such that the printhead can move.

I had this happen to me the other day on a iP4200 that I was working on. The bad news is i had to take the covers off to get at the locking mechanism to release the printhead so I could move it off of the home position and get at the purge unit. For what ever reason one of the pads had popped up and as the wiper blades of purge unit came forward, it jammed and was stuck.

the printer will attempt to cycle the purge unite but things won't work so you get the 6A00 error.

If you know how to get the covers off,...and you know how to release the locking mechanism, then proceed to do the fix. If you don't know how to do any of that then send me an email and I can provide you one of my repair manuals that will show you how to do that. I manual provides much more information that just this item so you will have to send me a email to get all the data. This site objects to open advertizement.
by unknown on Aug 10, 2008 at 7:49pm Add comment
I have the same problem with an IP4000R.
Please email me with your fix.
[email protected]

Thanks - Anonymous
Well, let me give you additional information. Here is resume button pressing after entering service mode:
1 & 2 times: Print EEPROM data
3: Clear EEPROM Data
4: Clear Waste Ink Counter (Absorber Count reset)

I just post article how to reset waste ink counter for many product model in my blog. Anyone want more tutorial about canon printer? You can find any related topic to canon printer here. Thanks.

by unknown on Aug 10, 2008 at 10:42pm Add comment

First of all:
Many thanks to trigger1937 for the excellent, detailed and helpful advice he has given us to this point.

I have a i850 which hat some pretty bad stripes in the prints, and a pattern print revealed almost 90\% of yellow and about 50\% of black nozzles were blocked. I then tried to clean it with some "Super special printer cleaning" over-expensive stuff which i later identified as isoprop, but had no rel success.

Next I bought some 99.8\% pure isoProp and filled a glass with a ~70\% solution, put the print head there over night, shook it a little in the evening and in the morning, and let it dry.
The print pattern got a little better, but not really good.

Then i went rogue and loosened the screws which hold the ceramic bottom plate of the printhead, and carefully bent the plate back, revealing the rubber seals and the "channels" in the ceramic plate. First i checked if the upper part was clean, and held some toilet paper under the rubber seals to suck the ink through the filters. I dripped some isoprop into each filter and watched how long it took to pour through. After some repetitions all colors worked at the same "sucking speed" so i figured there was everything ok at that part of the print head.

Then i tried to clean the bottom ceramic plate, and as it turned out there was (expectedly) the major blockage.
I held the ceramics plate vertically and put a light bulb behind it, and wathed through the tiny nozzles and surprisingly i could actually see the clotted ink particles! I then filled a needle with pure isoprop and taped the ceramics plate on the upside so the ink holes were covered. then i propped the needle into each hole and pressed some isoprop through, and the pressure that built up because of the tape seal was working pretty good. i repeated the process several times, and again watched through the nozzles. It looked good.

Then i put the screws back in, put the printhead in the printer, poured some isoprop in the filters to moisture them, plugged the ink tnaks in and again printed a nozle check pattern.
Amazingly about 95\% of black was clean, but, oh dear, there wasnt any yellow on the print! How could that have happened.

But still the procedure worked fine for the black ink, so i disassembled the print head again, and put it over night in 100\% isoprop with the bottom side of the ceramic plate facing upwards so that the nasty ink particles could fall through the holes on the upper side of the ceramic plate.


On the next day i reassembled everything, put the printer back on, and had 7 orange flashes followed by long green light.

I couldnt believe that i fried the print head because the other day everything worked fine (except for yellow), so i opend up the whole printer XD and cleaned the ink wiper things and everything, because the carriage wouldnt move an inch with the print head in place. After cleaning everything i still got 7 orange, and at that point i began to realize that maybe it really was the print head. i removed it and put the printer back on without it, no lights came on, so it has to be the print head i guess?

Long story short:

Is there any way i can fix the print head, or is it in fact the end of the head, as BAB mentioned, and i have that death sentence "temperature error" in my printhead?

I already tried tricking the printer, i taped one contact at a time with a tiny tape strip and put the print head in, hoping that i would catch the contact which gave the temperature error signal, bit i gave up after 5 contacts because i lost faith.

What do you think, could that be a solution?

Anyways, i am going to buy a new print head because i love my i850, but it would be fun to get the old printhead working.

Greetings from Germany.
by gargleblaster on Aug 18, 2008 at 6:36am Add comment
gargleblaster,... Thanks for you kind words. I was sorry to here about the final outcome of your printer. I've have only heard from a couple of people that have ever been successful in taking apart a printhead down to the guts. The internal seal between the ceramic and the rubber gasket is very delicate and once broken, is almost impossible to re-assemble to working order. However, it has been done with success. Go to the web site and search the Inkjet General forum for post on how to diassemble printhead.

Since you are in germany, I'm not sure this will work, but I purchase all of my Canon printheads from Canon. They provide the lowest price and absolute best quality.

The 7 orange flashes that you are getting is an indication that there is a Error failure in the initial power on Diagnostics for the BJ cartridge. This error is a combination of many errors that deal with the Carriage Asm, the printhead, and anything in between that connects them. The only thing you can do is to try and fix or check as many things as possible. It none of them can fix the problem, you are down the the last alternative and that is to replace the printhead.

I believe the error you got on your i850 was a long green followed by 7 short orange flashes and then back to a long green. It keeps repeating this error. I also believe that the printhead will only move partially away from the park position but not out to the center where you would normally change the ink. The other things you can try are to clean the contacts on the back of the printhead and inside the Carriage ASM. Then make sure that no part of the purge unit is jammed and it will cycle through all of the steps. If you know how to get your top covers off, you can watch the entire process.

Let me know your progress.
by unknown on Aug 18, 2008 at 10:17pm Add comment
Okay... How about 4 orange blinks ?

Fired up the i850 today and the light came on green initially and then blinked alternately 4 times orange/green... No movement of the carriage.

I cleaned the timing strip and the printhead. I am wondering if there is something wrong with the motor that drives the carriage belt ?

Any suggestions ?

Thanks !

by unknown on Aug 22, 2008 at 7:06am Add comment
Oh yeah, the carriage can slide back and forth manually after the cleaning pad moves out of the way after powering up. If I shut down while the carriage is in the middle of the printer and restart - the carriage does NOT move back to the right side like it used to before this problem...
by unknown on Aug 22, 2008 at 7:10am Add comment
Just wanted to thank Trigger1937 for his detailed responses. I had the 7 flashes on my i850, took out the print head, cleaned and reset it (there was a lot of gunk its been in storage for a year), and so far good to go. So much for the Canon print tech saying I had to replace it to the tune of $40. Thanks for saving me the cash.
by unknown on Sep 4, 2008 at 4:51pm Add comment
g35shook,... You are welcome. You are also among the lucky ones. about 85\% of the time (maybe 95\%) the printhead is really bad, but if you don't know how to check it and test and fix the things that could be bad, then you have wasted $40. It is also important to do good daily maintenance on your printer, including printing something each and every day or at least every other day. This keeps the ink in the printhead fresh and doesn't allow it to dry up. The best test is always the nozzle check print. Other "Purge Prints" are too large and typically print large bands of SOLID colors which fires the same nozzles over and over very rapidly. If you head has any clog at all, this could burn out one or more nozzles, as the heat for just one nozzle gets VERY high just to make one bubble.

One other suggestion,... Don't turn your printer off. Leave it on all the time. The logic in the printer is set to Cycle the Purge unit everytime there is a power on cycle, and to dump some ink from each ink cart. This may be good for the printhead as it keeps the ink fresh, but the failure rate of any electronics increases significantly each time the power is turned on and off.
This is because the highest failure rate of all electronic chips is the very small internal metal contacts, typically by some form of solder and wire. This connection heats up as the chip power is applied and used. As the temperature increases both the solder and the wire expand. Each metal has a different coeficient of expansion, therefore stress is placed between the wire and the solder. When the power is turned off, the chip cools and both metals shrink back. Eventually this creates very tiny "FRACTURES" in the connection,... and eventially one of them Crack Open and you have a failure.

Now that you know this you can pass the first test in Metalurgy.
by unknown on Sep 5, 2008 at 12:05pm Add comment
Hi I have an canon i965 similar problem to everyone else except
i get green then 5 orange flashes. Tried doing service mode didnt work when i press the power button it turns off printer doesnt let me put any more commands in also the error says
"operator error" please help
by unknown on Sep 5, 2008 at 10:53pm Add comment
Hi I have an canon i965 similar problem to everyone else except
i get green then 5 orange flashes. Tried doing service mode didnt work when i press the power button it turns off printer doesnt let me put any more commands in also the error says
"operator error" please help
by unknown on Sep 5, 2008 at 11:26pm Add comment
dean03068,... The i965 is the European version of the i960 but it is the same machine. The 5 orange flashes is telling you that the Printhead failed the diagnostic check of the eeprom data in the back of the printhead. So,.. either the head is damaged, or one or more of the contacts on the back of the head is dirty, or the contacts inside the Carriage ASM. You said you tried to go into Service Mode, but there is nothing about this problem you can fix or change in Service Mode.

Try the following. 1. Remove the printhead. 2. Turn the power off and close the cover so the head will park. Once it is parked and you can hear it being locked in place, pull the power cord out of the back of the printer. Let it set for 5 minutes, then plug the power back in and turn on the printer. It should come up to a solid green "Ready" state. Open the cover and replace the printhead and the ink carts. Cross your fingers that you have reset the initial error and if so the printer will stay in green mode. If the 5 orange flashes return, then the printhead eeprom is bad and you will have to replace the head.

It would help us all if you would post how you got started down this path, what the symptoms were, and each step that you did to attempt to fix the problem. It just may be that you unknowling damaged the head in some cleaning step you did. If you never find out, you'll probably do it again.
by unknown on Sep 5, 2008 at 11:28pm Add comment
On my canon i560 the orange flashes 5 times and the green flashes once i'm just a kid so i really need help because my homework is due tomorrow!!!!!
by unknown on Sep 7, 2008 at 12:45pm Add comment
amilliteen,... The 5 orange flashes for the i560 is the standard printhead error. Remove the printhead and try and clean the contact on that back of the printhead and the contacts on the back of the carriage asm. Close the covers and then turn the printer off. Then removed the power cord and leave it out for about 5 minutes. Then put it back and turn the power on without the printhead plugged in. The printer should come up with a solid green light. Now open the cover and replace the printhead and the ink carts and close the cover. If the 5 orange flashes come back, your probably have a bad printhead. You can buy one from Canon for about $42.50.

I hope you get lucky.
by unknown on Sep 7, 2008 at 10:24pm Add comment
Hi Trigger1937...I would like to purchase a copy of your Canon i960 Maintenance and Repair Guide. Will you be making it available again on eBay in the near future or can other arrangements to purchase be made?
by falcon-007 on Sep 10, 2008 at 6:09pm Add comment
Falcon, I'll send you a private email as the masters of this web site do not want me to advertise my Repair Manuals. However, as my note to you will explain, they are still available and are getting better each day as I update them with the latest information on how to clean printers and Printheads.

by unknown on Sep 10, 2008 at 8:48pm Add comment
Trigger, please email your contact re repair manuals. Peter
by prsz on Sep 12, 2008 at 1:56am Add comment
Anonymous,... I'm glad that something you did fixed your problem, however, I don't know who you are, what your problem was, and what you did to fix it. So if you are asking will it be a recurring problem,... How could anyone possible answer your question,... we don't even know what you are talking about.
by unknown on Sep 24, 2008 at 6:53pm Add comment
Trigger ... where do I find the service manuals ... I am having the problems on the i850 flashing orange 7 times. I understand I can fix it with you manual and some time but I want to sure I buy the right now. Can you point me in the right direction - highroller
highroller,.. And anyone else looking for a Repair Manual. I still have all of the orginal manuals that cover the Canon models from the i550 up though the iP6600d, and many of the MP All in One Series printers. However I do not list them on eBay anymore because too many people compained to me about not being able to find the listing. There are just too many Printers, ink Carts, etc. listed to find anything now.

For those that are interested just contact me directly by email.

Thanks for your interest.
by unknown on Oct 19, 2008 at 6:27pm Add comment
This was amazing advice and now printer works fine. I used the 3rd option to reset ink levels the onboard printer stored. Man! thanks!
by unknown on Nov 9, 2008 at 10:07pm Add comment
So I turn on my printer, the green light comes on, then it flashes orange 7 times followed by a green light and keeps repeating. When the printer is turned on is sounds like the print head moves, but I cannot get it to print. I have tried turning it off, holding down the resume button with the power button, resleasing the resume button, then releasing the power button, and then pressing the resume button once followed by the power button to get a force print, but nothing happens, but at this time the green flash remains. Please help, I am not sure what I am doing wrong!?

by hockey_q on Dec 9, 2008 at 9:59am Add comment
try this:

1.) power on ( you see an alternate falshing of orange and green lights)
2.) press down the power button (green light). steady press
3.) unplug or remove the power cord from the back of the printer. (still holding down the power buton)
4.) wait for 5 to 10 seconds then return or plug back the power cord.
5.) release the power button then power on and test print.

hope can help this.
- Anonymous
Thanks for the help. I contacted Canon today and was told that the print head needs to be replaced. When the orange light flashes 7 times there is a problem with the print head. I could order the part to replace it, but since my printer is 7 years old I am going to buy a new one. Just a heads up for all the other people with 7 orange flashes that you might not be able to fix the problem on your own!!! Good luck

by unknown on Dec 9, 2008 at 11:19pm Add comment
THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU FOLKS OUT THERE FOR GIVING US THOSE STEPS TO FIX Our Canon printers. I have an i950 and it worked!!!
Thanks so much!!
by Anonymous on Mar 7, 2009 at 10:33pm Add comment
Where is the waste ink counter located?
by unknown on Mar 28, 2009 at 4:24pm Add comment
Trigger1937, you have saved me a few bucks here, just wanted to mention that your instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix an i850 were great. Thanks !
by Anonymous on Apr 11, 2009 at 9:29am Add comment
Ken,.. Well thank you very much for your kind words. You don't know how much we appreciate the kind acknowledgement and thank you notes we get from people like you. There are many of us that supply suggestions and information as best we can and many time we never hear back to find out if things worked out or failed. No matter what, we keep trying to help. Sometimes it pays off when someone like you is successful. It makes our day.
by unknown on Apr 11, 2009 at 10:03pm Add comment
thank you!
by unknown on Apr 14, 2009 at 7:50am Add comment
Thankyou!!!!! It fixed it straight away!!! You're a legend and now I don't have to buy a new printer.
by unknown on Apr 20, 2009 at 3:54pm Add comment
To all of you,... Thanks for all the THANKS. I'm glad to help
by unknown on Apr 20, 2009 at 11:09pm Add comment
My Canon i650 flashes orange 5x then green 1x, orange 5x green 1x etcetera. I tried the press resume, then power, releas resume, keep power down, press resume 2x, then release power. Same sequence of flashing orange 5x green 1x. PLEASE HELP!
by lindalouise998 on May 16, 2009 at 2:06pm Add comment
My Canon i650 flashes orange 5x then green 1x, orange 5x green 1x etcetera. I tried the press resume, then power, releas resume, keep power down, press resume 2x, then release power. Same sequence of flashing orange 5x green 1x. PLEASE HELP!
by lindalouise998 on May 16, 2009 at 2:11pm Add comment
Linda,... I would be glad to help you but there must be some mistake,... as far as I can confirm, Canon has never made a printer model i650. Could you mean the i560. If it is the i560 the 5 orange blinks is the Printhead error. Remove the printhead and clean the contacts on the back of it with Isopropyl Alcohol, and also clean the contacts inside the Carriage asm where the printhead sets. Only wipe those contacts in a downward motion as they are spring loaded and can only be pressed DOWN. Unplug the power cord and let the printer set for 3+ minutes to clear all internal error codes. Re-install the printhead and ink carts and plug the print back in and turn the power on. If you are lucky you will have fixed your problem. If it did not work, the printhead is damaged. Sorry.

by unknown on May 19, 2009 at 10:29am Add comment
I have read Trigger1937's info with great interest but am still unable to resolve my problem. I have an I865.
The original problem was that one of the colours, either magenta or yellow would not print. Originally I had Canon repair it but after a few months the same problem occurred. I looked on the web and found numerous suggestion for cleaning the printhead and have flushed them ( I have three) with water and/or methylated spirit (denatured alcohol). One I have probably ruined by unscrewing the base plate and trying to flush that.
Despite many (atleast 20) deep cleans all I can get is a perfect feed from the 3eBK but nothing at all from the colours.I've blown through the Cartridges
I don't seem to be using any ink with the deep clean. There are no flashing lights to indicate anything wrong.

Before I buy another head, have you any suggestions?

by unknown on May 20, 2009 at 6:11am Add comment
We had already tried "triggers" suggestion and it didn't work. We did not try alcohol, however.
by lindalouise998 on May 20, 2009 at 12:54pm Add comment
Linda,... you never answered my question. What is the model number of your printer????????

Malc127,... Your problem is totally different. If you have had this much problem and have gone through 3 printheads, but of course the initial problem has all changed. Your current problem could be with your purge unit. So when you try to print a normal nozzle check, you get the black print and nothing else. So, do the following,... remove the inks and the printhead, and fold a paper towel into 1/4 size and wet it then ring out most all of the water and lay it flat. Now blot the printhead on the towel in several places. You may have to gently wipe the excess ink off of the bottom first, then blot it many different places on the towel. Reply to this post and tell me what color inks you see. There is a lot more testing to do.
by unknown on May 20, 2009 at 8:26pm Add comment
Thank you for responding. Have done as you suggested and there are no colour inks at all. Only from the large black slot. This applies to both the two untampered print heads.

I should have mentioned that some time ago I have also stripped the printer down to clean the ink reservoir pads but that it did subsequently work satisfactorly
by unknown on May 21, 2009 at 7:32am Add comment
Malc127,... Am I understanding that you now have your printer working again. What did you do to fix it. Cleaning the Waste ink Pads won't fix any problem. So I'm confused. You must have found some other problem, possibly with the purge tube being disconnected or blocked?????
by unknown on May 21, 2009 at 12:12pm Add comment
Sorry if I have confused the situation.

No, what i was indicating is that some months ago I cleaned the waste ink pads and that I might have caused the problem.

As I said it did work subsequently but has since developed the problem with the colours, initially with the yellow but now with all of them.

Hope this helps

P.S. If your manual is still available and you think it would help,
please let me know how to obtain it.
by unknown on May 22, 2009 at 4:13am Add comment
malc127,... Well in the previous note you followed my instructions and indicated that there were no colors what so ever on the printhead when you blotted it on a wet paper towel. If this is true then the problem is 100\% with the purge unit. It is not able to suck ink out of the ink carts down into the printhead and prime them. Even if the printhead were totally BURNED our, the purge unit would still prime the head with all colors and you would get an imprint of all the nozzles on the wet towel. Since this did not happen, the purge SYSTEM is damaged somehow. There are all kinds of things in the purge system that can cause this,... the bad news is that you will have to disassemble the printer down to the base and then remove the purge unit to find the problem.

To get one of my manuals, just click on my USER ID and send me an email. I send a response to you with all the information and a couple pages of examples of the manual.
by unknown on May 25, 2009 at 7:39pm Add comment
Malc127,... You have to be logged on first. Try it again. In the meantime, I will send you the information directly.

by unknown on May 26, 2009 at 8:17am Add comment
trigger1937 u are simply the man
by Anonymous on Jun 18, 2009 at 7:34pm Add comment
Thank you very much Anonymous,... It's great to get such outstanding comments from those that use this forum. When I look back at what has happened over the last 3+ years, I am amazed myself at what I have been able to accomplish,... and just how much I have been able to contribute to this and other web sites that has really helped people with their printers. I'm beginning to lose track of time,.. but it only seems like a few years ago I first got involved with Canon printers. It all started when I bought my first i560 Canon printer and that had to be in 2004. I knew absolutly nothing then about printers.

Now I have over 50 printers in my house, I have created a Repair Manual for about 30 Canon and HP printers, and I'm considered an "INKJET MASTER" on other web sites. All this is just a hobby for me.
by unknown on Jun 23, 2009 at 10:04pm Add comment
I have a canon pixma printer Model MP198. At first it indicate ink waste tank nearly ful. Now it indicates E27 which means ink waist tank ful and I could'nt use my printer. May be you could help me resetting its counter. I had already cleaned up its bottom which has a soft spogne like.
Please take of me to help fix my printer. thanks.
by garflor on Jun 24, 2009 at 2:58am Add comment
garflor,... I believe the MP198 is the European version of the MP190 and is close to the MP170-MP450 models. I believe I can help you but you need to send me an email so we can exchange pictures of the printer. Click on my USER ID (in blue) and this will send me an email. Once I get that I can send you back some more information on how to reset your printer.
by unknown on Jun 24, 2009 at 8:35am Add comment
I just read your reply. I can't attach pictures in this mail. please send me your yahoo mail so that i could send you picture of my printer. my yahoo address is, [email protected]
thank you for spending you time with me. - garflor
garflor,... I have already sent you a reply and once you get it you will be able to attach the jpg image of your nozzle check.
by Anonymous on Jun 24, 2009 at 9:58pm Add comment
trigger 1937
I followed your instructions regarding cleaning the printhead since I too wasn't getting any black prints. I only did when I selected glossy paper in the printer properties. I thought it was black but as you've mentioned before I noticed my black was still full and color going down\\ so it was really a combo of all colors.
So I tried cleaning the printhead and there was a lot of gunk under it but cleaning didn't help.
I noticed two small screws on the bottom of the printhead and diassambled carefully. the screws were in tight but I got them out. the lower printhead asm came away from the main unit and the black was surely clogged between the white nozzle piece and where the ink comes down from the tanks.
I thoroughly cleaned both parts without separating them which would mean removing the small pcb contact board and then dried.
When I reassembled everything the printer came on but eventually gave me the 5 orange blinks. Do you think my printhead is permanently damaged or could it be some moisture behind the pcb contact board causing a problem?
- unknown
solon,... The removal of the two bottom screws on a printhead is only something TOP LEVEL EXPERT enen attempt to do. The odds of successfully getting it back together and working are extremely small even for the most experience technical people. So I think that one or more of the contacts have come loose and the head is DEAD. Call up Canon parts department and order a new head. They are typically $48 plus shipping and have 1 year warranty.

Now for Mr/Ms Anonymous,... Open the printer cover and when the carriage comes to the center pull the power cord. The remove and cap all ink carts. Now release the locking lever by lifting it up. Press slightly down on the top of the printhead and pull it forward and lift it out.

When you bought your printer it came with setup instructions that showed you detailed pictures how to install the printhead. It was all in a large fold out sheet call "Canon i850 Easy Setup Guide". You can go to the Canon support web site and find your printer and download all the original documentaion.
by unknown on Jul 4, 2009 at 1:45pm Add comment
I did the hold and release gig with the resume and power buttons next I pressed the resume button two times and waited for corresponding orange lights with the two presses and next I knew my printer started printing the nozzle check I had requested.
by Anonymous on Jul 20, 2009 at 12:05pm Add comment
Anonymous,... Your note is not that clear. It sounds like you were trying to get into the Service Mode and were successful, and did something wrong. Once in Service Mode, you can force
the "Service Test Print", which may look like a nozzle check but is not. Add another note with more detail on what you were trying to do. You can NOT print a Nozzle check while in Service Mode. So, as I said, add some more details to explain what you are trying to do.
by unknown on Jul 20, 2009 at 4:53pm Add comment
On my i960 which gets quite a bit if usage, mostly black, I ran into the problem where the waste area was full. I used the instructions to reset the counter and that worked for a while. Then it appeared to be the same problem so I took apart the printer and actually cleaned this waste area. A bit of hassle mostly due to lining stuff up and the one screw that's hard to reach with out a long phillips head that is either magnetic or with some tape or gum on the end. Once open though it was clear why the printer detected full since the waste rose up to clog the tubes.

Now to my current problem. After reassembling the printer from the clean out the printer head no longer moves side to side. I can physically move it with my hand so it's not jammed but not on it's own. I'm guessing I pulled a plug or broke a wire during the waste tank cleaning.

Any ideas where to focus my investigation to help locate the source of my current problem ??

Disassembled printer again and now the print head will move. Now I'm back to .. 5 yellow flashes followed by 1 green flash.

Tried this reset code though after step 4 I do not get solid green rather still 5 yellow and 1 green flash.

1. Turn off printer
2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.

Thank you,
by fornews on Aug 16, 2009 at 9:54am Add comment
Trigger, you mentioned in a post to 1g 7o to remove the print head to clean it. How do you remove it do you need to disassemble it or does it snap out some how. I am so fed up with this printer I would like to pitch it but I made the mistake of buying some Canon ink in a bulk pact so now I am stuck at least trying to fix it. Thanks!
by briocoffee on Aug 30, 2009 at 8:43pm Add comment
I had the orange light flashing and I tried the post and now it is working. Thanks.
by Anonymous on Sep 11, 2009 at 11:43am Add comment
briocoffee,... I believe it is not the printer you are "fed up with",... it is you lack of knowledge. I don't know how or when you got the printer but all of them come with a large fold out diagram that teaches you how to install (and or remove) the printhead and to replace new ink.

Anyway, the i850 is a great printer and all you need is some information. Click on my USER ID and send me an email and I will return the necessary documents to you. If you don't want to do that then I suggest you go to the Canon Product Support web site listed below, identify you printer, and download the instructions from their site. They will not teach you how to clean the printhead, as they want to sell heads and they would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE HOW TO CLEAN A HEAD.

This link is also good for anyone that owns a Canon printer and needs a new driver or any support documentation they provide. Just select your type of printer and the model number and it will take you to the information. You can also type in any question you can think of and get some kind of answer.
by unknown on Sep 12, 2009 at 10:43am Add comment
My Canon s450 keeps flashing the orange light 6 times please can you help me
by Anonymous on Sep 26, 2009 at 3:11am Add comment
My Canon s450 keeps flashing the orange light 6 times please can you help me i ve tried everything
by unknown on Sep 26, 2009 at 3:18am Add comment
Bailez,... I don't have the Canon Service Manual for the S450 but I do have the S550 and I suspect they error conditions have not changed. This error is telling you that it does not like the printhead that is installed or that it is installed wrong. What the really means is that either it is damaged or the contacts on the back of the head are dirty and need cleaning or the contacts inside the carriage asm need cleaning.
by unknown on Sep 28, 2009 at 8:36pm Add comment
Anonymous,... Well you broke it. The LAST THING IN THE WORLD YOU WANT TO DO TO A PRINTER IS PULL BACKWARDS AFTER A JAM. These printers are designed to withstand all kinds of paper jams,... they expect it, and they know what to do,... they just stop. However when someone pulls backwards on paper that should be going forward, things tend to break. There is a tiny paper sensor in the paper path after the paper has feed inward about 2". If the logic card sees that this sensor is detecting paper (or something else) it knows that something is broken or other paper is still jammed.

Take the rear paper turn around plate off and use a flashlight to see if you canfind any left over paper. Try to find the sensor and see if it still moves or is out of position or broken.

If you want to know more about how to fix this printer, just click on my USER ID and send me an email. I'll send you more information about my Repair Manuals and how to get one.
by unknown on Nov 2, 2009 at 8:03pm Add comment
Take the rear paper turn around plate off and use a flashlight to see if you canfind any left over paper. Try to find the sensor and see if it still moves or is out of position or broken.

How do you do this? - Anonymous
Anonymouse...... I'm sorry,... LOL,... it was late at night and I thought you were working on a different printer. The i850 does not HAVE A REAR TURN AROUND COVER. You have to get the covers off to look for the paper feed sensor.
by unknown on Nov 3, 2009 at 1:18pm Add comment
jbs172,... Print a nozzle check pattern and then click on my USER ID and send me an email. This will provide me your email address and I will return a document that will show you how to test your printer to isolate the problem between the printhead and the purge unit. Many times when nothing will print in black, either the black suction tube has come off or the black section of the purge pump has become clogged or gone bad. It could also be a defective printhead, logic card, power supply, or the High Voltage to the print driver. We have to start testing somewhere.

by unknown on Dec 6, 2009 at 8:15pm Add comment
Just noticed the flashing orange light on my i850. Typed in canon i850 troubleshooting and clicked on this forum.

Per one of your many suggestions, I removed the print cartridges and the print head. The print head was a mess. Cleaned it, the timing strip and the area around the waste pads.

After a few on/off cycles, the flashing orange light went away, and the printer was functioning perfectly.

Thanks for the thread trigger.
by unknown on Dec 14, 2009 at 4:45pm Add comment
Vincent,... You are welcome. Every now and then some of us have to have a little luck,... and it doesn't hurt if you know what you are doing.
by unknown on Dec 15, 2009 at 10:10pm Add comment
I had same problem and issues resolving as PoRo near top. Fortunately, I already have another (HP) printer that works well, but is out of ink, so was trying to see if I could get the i850 going after almost 1 year off with no use (had the problem back then, didn't take time to look into it).

I'm convinced I have bad printhead on i850, and am just coming into this thread to ask why anyone living today would buy a $50+ new printhead for printer, when you can get new model for that same price? I realize this next statement is subjective, but if i850 were say a $300 model or more, then I could see why. Anything under that and you're dumping upwards of 30\% of original cost into a printer that is now kinda old, and it might be case that printhead or whatever part(s) (not to mention possible labor) will not even solve the issue. I can find basic printers (comparable to i850) at very popular shopping sites for under $50, so my question I think is a decent one.

Btw, trigger1937, you are very knowledgeable and I very much respect your patience and ongoing assistance with those of us who are ready to throw these non-working devices out our windows.
by unknown on Dec 22, 2009 at 1:51am Add comment
Thanks fot your comments. The printer was worth $300 which is why I wanted to see if a quick fix was out there. I have since purchased a new printer. The cost of printers is reasonable and as you say they are disposal items. I think that is all in the quality of workmanship. I have an old HP4 laser printer that has lasted for over 15 years and is still going strong. - Anonymous
Jway,... I'll give you my honest opinion. First off I would agree with you,... most of the time. But the real difficult is finding a good printer at anywhere near that cost. First off most all of the newer printers are designed to FAIL at their end of life,... especially ALL of the HP printers. Ask yourself why HP Does not have any Service Centers, and they don't have any Service Manuals for anything they build. They don't sell spart parts, and their factory never buys any extra parts except for what they need for the total production. Their ink carts include the guts of a new printhead for each ink cart and thats is what makes their ink carts soooo expensive. There per page ink cost is the highest by far of any printer. If you ever have anykind of problem with you HP, their basic answer is,.."Take it to the dump and buy a new one,...Dummy"

Canon has always made excellent printers but their new models use their new "Chipped ink carts" which force you to use only their ink carts. Some of the new Canon's are being designed just like HP markets their printers,... as throw-away printer or give away printers so you will purchas their expensive ink.

The i850 uses the original BCI-3 ink carts which are the lowest price anywhere and there are dozens of vendors. They were very good, reliable, and easy to repair. I have Canon Service manuals and Parts Catalogs for every inkjet printer and Multifunction Printer Canon has made since 1996, and the Canon Parts department can sell you any part for any printer they have made,.. and at a fair price. I have been able to produce detailed Repair Manuals for just about all of these printers. I have done this by taking each printer apart, taking digital images of each part and each step and then creating a PDF document that describes the process step by step. These are intended for people that have never touched a printer. The manuals contain 9 chapters that cover everything form diagnostics, testing, printhead maintenance, to disassembly and repair of every part in the printer.

Back to your original question,... I don't have time to review and comment on every printer you can find but I have not seen anywhere any printer I would buy for $50 Of course that could be just me,... as I currently till have 50 printers.
by unknown on Dec 22, 2009 at 9:21pm Add comment
Greetings. Read stuff above. Have two printheads. Cleaned pads, head, ASM, contacts, wipers, ink photocell, mylar tape good. First head flashes 8 yellow then steady green and then repeats. Second head quickly alternates 8 yellow green and then green and starts over. Thanks, Bob - Anonymous
Searching thru this post I notice that a previous correspondent had the same problem that turned out to be stuck excess ink pads that did not retract. Can anyone help me with the method to fix this problem? It flashes green/orange (12) then pauses on green before repeating the cycle.It comes up as a 6AOO error. With the lid open when turned on the head lowers and then lifts but doesn't centre remaining stationary but can easily be manually centred. Thanks for any help or suggestion.
by wagger on Jan 3, 2010 at 5:03pm Add comment
wagger,..You are lucky if you can move the head away from the home position. You have a jam someplace in the purge unit.

Move the head over to the left so you can get at the purge pads. Use a flashlight to examine the wiper blades and the ink pads to see if either one of them is stuck. The wiper blades should be retracted back to the home position at the rear of the printer purge unit. Press on the ink pads with a paper towel and see if they can press down at least 1/4". Get some Windex and clean the entire purge unit as much as you can. Examine every part that you can see for anything that may be stuck and causing the jam. It could even be a paper clip somewhere in or around the purge gears.

If none of this works, you need to click on my USER ID and send me an email as you are going to have to go to the next level.

Anonymous,..I'm sorry,... I never learned how to read "Pigon English. You need to make some full sentances and explain things in detail or no one can help you. The i850 is a great printer but it is also very old. I hope you have taken good care of it.
by unknown on Jan 24, 2010 at 9:05pm Add comment
Many thanks trigger. Unfortunately I am not in a position to do as you have suggested and as I am unable to access my printer at the moment.
I will do as you suggested as soon as possible probably within the next week depending on commitments. I will reply as soon as I do. Again thanks for your comment. - wagger
Sorry about the short choppy description. I have an i950 (my second one) I purchased used and it worked fine for a while. My first one stopped communicating with the computer, but I removed its print head before throwing it away. That is the source of my extra print head mentioned below.

The i950 I'm using now started displaying the green steady, then 7 yellow flashes, then green light. I read your other posts on this problem and checked the purge pads and wiped them down and put water on them and tried to remove as much ink as possilbe while depressing them down. I used a damp cloth and wiped off the three clear plastic wiper blades on the right side and noted the wiper unit will slide fore and aft and is located to the rear with the foam purge pad fully exposed. I checked the long mylar film for smudges, etc. I did not see any thing stuck in any gears or toothed belt. I used a damp cloth to wipe the optical sensor on the left of center where the ink tanks pass over. I took out the print head and wiped it all down and cleaned the copper contacts and the associated spring loaded finger contacts on the other side. All ink tanks have ink. All these steps did not change the situation.

Since I had another head from my previous i950 unit I put it in an the code flashes changed to a quick alternating green/yellow with eight alternating green/yellow flashes before the sequence starts over. When i change the head back, the error lights go back to the 8 yellow then green sequence.

You are correct that the printer is a bit old. I need a printer that will allow refilling of ink tanks and I prefer Canon so if this unit doesn't get to functioning I would appreciate any recommendation on another Canon printer where the ink can be refilled. I also have an i850 so it uses the same refillable setup and has saved me a fortune in ink cartridges. Bob - Anonymous
Bob,... Ok,.. if you gave me the correct information of the printer lights for the first head, that is actually good news. The 7 consequtive orange flashes is a Operator Call error condition telling you that the Waste Ink Pads in the bottom of the machine are full and that the printer will no long work until you clean the machine.

The 2nd printhead error is different. Since these were Alternating green-orange-green-orange,... lights, this is a Service Call error conditions that indicates some kind of jam with the pinch rollers and they need cleaning. The bad news is that you are going to have to take the printer apart to get at the waste ink pads.

Click on my USER ID and send me a short email. I will send you back some more informaiton.
by unknown on Jan 25, 2010 at 3:41pm Add comment
okay I've signed up for an account and here is the short email you requested dealing with my i950. Thanks for the help so far. Bob Lee
by leer66 on Jan 26, 2010 at 9:29am Add comment
Bob,... There must be some communications problem. I didn't want you to post a short message on this web site,... I wanted you to send me an email by clicking on my USER ID, which initiates the process of sending me an email. Once I get your email that provides me the necessary information to respond to you.

I've checked my email today and there is nothing there from you.??
by unknown on Jan 26, 2010 at 6:00pm Add comment
I had typed a letter on the computer and I click on print the printer did'nt print, the computer and the printer are not connecting. I click on printer and faxes when I looked in there the picture of the printer that has a check mark in the box and under the picture printer it say offline. I'm sure how to fix this.
by unknown on Jan 27, 2010 at 9:03pm Add comment
hp psc,... this is really basic computer stuff, but here goes.

Go into "printers&Faxes" inside the Control Panel. When you see the list or pictures of the installed printers, select your HP printer. While it is highlighted (blue) right click on it and select "Work on line".

Of course to do this you must have the printer installed, it must be connected to the USB port, and it must be turned on.

You can then right click on the printer and select "Print test page". IF that works you know it is connected properly.

You can then right click on the printer and select "Preference" and that should bring up the HP Printer window. Here you can go to the "Services" tab and then you can do all kinds of things with the printer, such as clean the printhead, print a test pattern, do an alignment, etc.

How about reading your printer manual. If you don't have one, go the the HP web site and look for support and locate your printer model and download the manual.
by unknown on Jan 27, 2010 at 11:28pm Add comment
Trigger 1937, I would like to thank you so much for truly helping me. I was'nt able to work on anything yesterday, today we are up running. thanks to you. - Anonymous
Just wanted to say thanks for all the great advice Trigger and pass along some of my own. My printer sat unused for a couple of years and thus understandably had an ink clog.. no black would print. After searching the net I found some things I tried on another forum to clean the print head. Like -

And over the course of several days.. using hot water, iso alcohol, and windex in varying degrees managed to clean a lot of gunk out. At some point during day three.. or was it four.. I managed to get some black to print and went in for one last cleaning. Trying to speed the drying process, I put the wet printerhead in front of my space heater. Which is what is now causing the 7 flashing orange lights... got the print head too hot and now the dreaded temp error and a ruined print head. Nice to learn more about my printer tho and thanks all for the info. I am guessing it is in the trash for my poor i850. I don't want to spend $50 for a new print head for such an old printer :( Really thought the prince would be less then that being such an old printer.. but haven't found that it to be true of anywhere I've seen :(
by unknown on Jan 29, 2010 at 11:02am Add comment
I am really greatful for all the kind words people have expressed. I really do want to help others and I'm happy that many of you have acknowledged that help.

I would like to help many more people but it seems the moderators of this website believe I am some kind of threat to their business. They have currently limited my responses to any question on this web site to once a day. I don't believe there is anything that can be done about that.

If you post something and I don't respond, you will know why. However you can always reach me by clicking on my USER ID and sending me an email with your request.
by unknown on Jan 29, 2010 at 10:37pm Add comment
I have a Canon i850 printer that has been working well for a long time. It started flashing 7 yellow followed by green lights. I have read through this thread with anticipation of a solution.
First, I cannot get the machine into the diagnostic mode unless the print head and cartridges are removed. When I press the resume and power, the green light comes on. When I release the resume to press it twice, the light turns orange then green. When I release the power button, it immediately goes into the orange. My waste ink sponges are quite full at the bottom of the machine, but I did reset the counter. It seemed like the black ink was not getting through because it was puddling on top. I have taken the print head out and rinsed under warm water. I have removed the upper plastic housing with the lid so I have better access to the guts. It seems to work mechanically when I start up. The purge system seems to operate over to the right side. My issue is that I have unopened ink for this machine that cannot be returned. I either need to fix the machine or sell the ink. If I turn the machine on without the cartridge, I get a solid green light.
I would appreciate any specific help that can be provided.

by ltustudent on Feb 19, 2010 at 4:51am Add comment
Itustudent,.... If this is 7 consequtive orange flashes followed by one long green, then a full repeat,... this is most likely a defective printhead. The reason you can get into Service Mode once your remove the head is because the head error will not let you go into any mode.

I suggest you order a new Head from Canon Parts department. If you need more info just click on my USER ID and send me an email.
by unknown on Feb 25, 2010 at 11:07pm Add comment
i560 light flasing 5 times orange
by Anonymous on Feb 26, 2010 at 7:55pm Add comment
For the above anonymous,.... The 5 consequtive orange flashing lights is the error code for a defective or not-detected printhead. Remove the printhead and clean the contacts on the back of the head and in the carriage and pull out the power cord. Let it wait a few minutes then re-install the head and plug in the power. If you get the same error, you have a defective head.

You probably burned out one or more of the nozzles by printing something once the ink cart was dry. The head became dry and the high temperatur of the print pulse burned out one or more tiny nozzles. On the i560 they are only 5 pico liters in size. Examine the bottom of the head for any mico-size burn spots.
by unknown on Feb 28, 2010 at 5:56pm Add comment
Hi Trigger1937,
Thanks for all the great information you are sharing on this forum.
I have a i865 and I am pretty sure that the print head is faulty.
I have 5 orange flashes followed by the green one. I have cleaned the head and contacts as well as tried to reset the printer via service mode and get the same 5 orange 1 green.
I have disconnected the power with the head in the middle, removed the head and reconnected the power and get the solid green light, so I am assuming that this concludes the print head is faulty and everything else is working OK.
I am in Australia and printheads go for around $100aud.
I have been really happy with this printer and the very simple way of refilling the tanks with non genuine ink. I am now using a Xerox PE220 to do most of my business printing, but would like to keep the canon for color work and I also still have 110ml of black ink and 50ml of all the color inks left. Is it worth replacing the printhead or is there a more economical solution?
Hope you can help.

Baz - unknown
my printer flashes green/orange 4 times each and then a steady green, ive tried pressing resume, then power, then releasing resume. then i press resume 3 times and wait for it to be a steady green but it just starts flashing greeen/orange again!! help please!!!!...
by unknown on May 26, 2010 at 8:40am Add comment
Baz,.. The i865 and the i860 are the same printer, yours is just the "Non-USA" version. From your list you have done all you can do. Look on eBay for the head for the i860 and see what they would charge for shipping from the USA.

Another option is to go to the Canon direct sales web site and see what they have on specials, or on discount or for Reconditioned printer. Try and find a used older canon printer down under.
by unknown on May 26, 2010 at 8:22pm Add comment
Hi there,

This forum contains am awesome amount of info, unfortunately nothing quite relevant to my case:

My i865 has the following problem:

-On power-on: G-5O-G pause O-G-O-G-(repeating sequence)
-Sound of rotating parts for 5 sec.
-The printhead does not move, irrespective of it's position at porwer-on, and is not locked at the far right.
-With cover open, the printhead can be moved easily by hand, i.e. the stepper motor is not energized.

I have tried unplugging the printer (and pressing the power button to discharge the PSU), as well as the reset procedure.
I have removed and replaced the cartridges and the print capsule.
No effect.

My questions are:

-Do these symptoms point to a catastrophic failure i.e. an economic total loss?
-If not, is a new print capsule likely to solve the problem?
-Any suggestion what else to try?
-I wanted to buy trigger1937's service manual but could not find it on Guess I'd need it to open up the printer if needed. Is it still available elsewhere?

The printer is about 3 years old, but virtually unused, probably made < 100 copies, mainly to exercise it to prevent clogging.

Thanks for your help.
by ruebezahl on Sep 4, 2010 at 3:07am Add comment
Hi Trigger1937,
I read through this thread looking for a solution to my i960, which is giving me the green, followed by 5 orange flashes and back to green. I tried cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol as suggested to no avail. When I remove the printhead and turn the printer back on, the light is steady green. So I suspect the printhead is faulty.

I have scoured the internet and it seems Canon has discontinued this printhead. I can't find it anywhere. Do you know of any other sources? The printhead is number QY6-0043.

by Spartan73 on Sep 30, 2010 at 8:56pm Add comment
I will provide you Reset Procedures for Canon i850 Printers,which will help you to solve your problem.

1. Turn off the Printer.
2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
8. Your Canon Printer should respond as normal.

I hope your problem will surly solved by this troubleshooting method.
by ddanielparker on Sep 30, 2010 at 9:58pm Add comment
I want to thank Trigger. I was about to throw my i850 out the window and get a new printer. Until recently it never gave me any problems. I got the 7 orange lights as others did. I followed numerous steps in this forum including Trigger's steps. Nothing was working. Total frustration.

In the end, doing an even more careful and more thorough cleaning of the print head was what worked. so I thank Trigger for the instructions, but more importantly for the attitude of not giving up at the first sign of difficulty. Thanks to you I persevered for about an hour or two, and now I don't need to buy a new printer.

So thanks Trigger!! You are a great asset to our community and your voluntary efforts are appreciated.
by unknown on Oct 27, 2010 at 10:40pm Add comment
i850 light flashing green for about 2 seconds, then orange/green orange/green orange then green for another 2 seconds then repeat.

Started after replacing the black cartridge that was overdue.

I tried the service mode, when I do the power-resume re-start, and hit the resume 2x, carriage moves 1/3 across re-sets and then lights flash continues, i did the hit resume 4x to see if it was waste reset, stayed solid green after hitting power once, then power off, restart still the same issue.

by unknown on Nov 20, 2010 at 10:18am Add comment
Hello Trigger - love your stuff! I have a i850 with 7 blinking amber lights. I cleaned the head three different ways, did the power/re-set button drill at least 5 times and still the 7 blinking amber light. One thing I noticed since the light started blinking was that the head is not running through it's normal "set-up" time when I turn it on. Ideas?
by lumpyS on Aug 3, 2011 at 12:24pm Add comment
Thanks trigger1937 for the tips, I removed the printhead from my canon i960 after pulling the plug then turned it back on and the flashing orange was gone. After reinserting the printhead and closing the lid then flashing orange was back. I cleaned the printhead and reseated it, closed the lid and voila, no more orange. I inserted the ink cartriges and I'm back in business, hope it lasts.
by theguitargod on Aug 16, 2011 at 11:15am Add comment
I hope someone can help! I had the five blinking lights on the Canon ip3000 and I cleaned the printhead to new shape and it still won't fix! It's weird, when I completely remove the printhead, the printer stops blinking orange, but as soon as I put it back in, even without the ink cartridges, it starts blinking again and won't proceed. Anyone know what I should do?!

by unknown on Nov 29, 2011 at 5:34pm Add comment
I have an i850 that had the same issue, 7 orange flashes, 1 green flash. I tried the reset ink waste steps with no success. Finally I removed the print head and cleaned it with some isopropyl alcohol wipes, removing most of the black ink that had built up on there over years of use, took a dozen or so wipes to get that done, it was very gummed up. After cleaning and reinserting the head, the error went away after and the printer is working as good as new.
by unknown on Jan 3, 2012 at 6:38pm Add comment
Tigger1937- thanks for all of your time spent helping Portland Rose and others---kept getting the 7 blink print head error on my i850 after taking it out several times (print head) and cleaning- even hot water running through it and compressed air drying--it was CLEAN. Just ready to surrender when I found your post and gave it a go again- this time wipping the pads off to the right inside the priner- and she prints!
I think buying a new print head for this baby would be like capturing big foot- so thanks for giving me a little while longer on this printer-
Rat of Dayton
by unknown on Mar 14, 2012 at 8:45am Add comment
FIXED: My i-850 blinked orange 7 times then green once and would not print. The cure was to remove the printhead and carefully wipe of the bottom (slits where the ink comes out) which was half covered with lint, dust etc from my old house. Worked fine after that.
by Toby Karl on Jul 30, 2012 at 11:32am Add comment
No print. one green,five orange,one green,etc.
by unknown on Sep 1, 2012 at 4:42pm Add comment

I normally don't waste my time with social media crap, but I had to come back to the site were I found some helpful info and possibly help the next person. First: I have a reliable Canon i850 so I'm only addressing that printer's issues. Second: The tips about cleaning the printhead were a waste of time because, simply stated, the printer is 10 years old and the printhead just needed replacing. Third: I was only able to find the QY6-0064 printhead on ebay and only one of the businesses selling it was located in the US. That's the one. I received the printhead within 4 days and I popped it into my printer and it started to purrrr just like it has for the past 10 years. I only decided to spend the $66 dollars for the printhead after I became desperate because it isn't returnable. That risk was worth taking after driving back and forth to the library to print stuff and purchasing an Epson printer that I spent 2 days trying to hook up. I never could get the Epson to work even after numerous support calls and downloads so I returned it and bought the Canon printhead. Good luck

by lalawinks on Aug 25, 2015 at 6:03am Add comment

I replaced the waste ink pads in the Canon i850 and put it back together. Now the power will not come on. What do I do? Is there a reset button or could I have knocked off a connection inside?

My email is [email protected]


by tyl604 on Feb 7, 2016 at 1:52pm Add comment
Probably your waste ink counter. Should be cleaned or replaced before resetting but usually you can get away with resetting once.
1. Start with printer OFF
2. Hold down RESUME and then hold down POWER
3. Release RESUME
4. press RESUME twice, then release POWER
5. let green light blink until printhead has finished moving.
6. Select functions below with RESUME, execute with POWER

0 presses - green light - Test Print (exit service for i960)
1 press - orange light - EEPROM info print
2 presses - green light - EEPROM initialise
3 presses - orange light - reset waste ink counter.

This also applies to the i550, i560, i950, i960

Good Luck, I hope this helps?!
Dazz UK
by hpwizard on Nov 8, 2005 at 3:44am Add comment
I want to thank you! This type of information is a lifesaver! I own a Canon iP 1600, and decided to take a chance on getting the paper jam issue fixed. For 4 days I was trying to figure out how to remove that paper, and come to find out, all the paper was small pieces that had jammed up! When I did the press button excerise you worked!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!
Sheryl - Anonymous
I just went to print out my sons pictures for a book report do tomorrow. And the stupid orange light blinked 7 times. errr
Couldnt do a thing. Then after an hour or so on the phone and on the puter trying to get it fixed, I happened onto this post and wow!!! It worked and my 9yr old son is in his glory.
Thanks so much for taking the time to post this. It just saved us here. - Anonymous