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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R200

epson r200 wont print out black ink

Alright this is my problem when ever I want to print anything that has black in it the printer will not print the black. The printer will print every other colour except for black i dont get it, but it use to print fine. untill i change the other colour carts. (not the black one)

Ok heres an example say im printing out a text document in black, the printer will go through its paces and you think its printing then the paper will come out all white with no text on it. The cart is not an epson brand, its some no name i bought off of ebay.Im not sure whats wrong i was thinking there is a clog or something but im not too sure.

Oh ya i almost forgot when i bought these carts i bought them off of ebay and there was something wrong with two of them. i first replaced my black epson brand cart with the no name one leaving the rest of the colours epson brand. Everything worked fine, untill yesterday when the epson carts ran out of ink. I switch them out and put the no names in. Then a message came up saying these two colours were not recognized by the printer. I have no clue why it would say that because all the other inks are from the same company, anyways i replaced them with two different ones because i bought 2 sets of inks from this guy. So i thought everything was fine no problems, no red light,no messages nothing. Untill i tried to print text doc and no black. I dont get it, the black ink is full only about 2 days use out of it and even the printer shows that the inks full.

Thanks a lot if you could help me out with my problem
Sounds like maybe the chips on the cartridges aren't making proper contact. Have you tried removing the black cartridge and reinserting?

How long did it take you to replace all the color cartridges? If it sat uncapped for very long, the black may simply be clogged. Often a few drops of Windex with Ammonia D (not the lemony stuff!) on the purge/park pad will do it.

With the lid up turn it on, and as soon as the heads are unparked pull the plug. Very gently, slide the print head out of the way. With an eyedropper, put a few drops of Windex with Ammonia D on the park pad, enough to make it obviously damp but not overflowing. If it is all gummed up, you'll need to clean it. In that case look here for more detailed instructions:

My printer cleaning site is kind of rough, I wrote answers to others and got tired of retyping and just saved a few.

If the park pad is not all gummed up, then gently slide the print head all the way back over the park pad. As you do, the park pad automatically comes up under the print head so don't worry about it drying out. Leave it for a few hours or overnight before plugging it in and turning it on again, then run a cleaning cycle and try a nozzle check.

Never run more than 3 cleaning cycles in a row without printing -something-, even if it is just a nozzle check. And never -ever- move the print head manually while the printer is plugged in.

It is also very possible that there was not as much ink in those 3rd party cartridges as there are in an Epson cartridge. 2 bad right off the bat? That sounds like a warning sign to me. Can you see the ink in those cartridges? The printer doesn't know how much ink is in there, it just blindly subtracts numbers from a total that it stores on the cartridge chip. If there is a sponge in the cartridge, it is very difficult to tell the difference between full and empty just by looking.
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That Windex trick ended 2 days of frustration over the won't print black problem. Brilliant. - unknown
Thanks a lot for the tips in going to try cleaning the heads in a bit after i read the tutorial again i dont wanna mess this up.

ya i tried removing and reinserting the cart a number of times but nothing. I waited about a day or so to change all of the carts.
Yup two carts were not working right off the bat, i pulled out the tap put them in and nothing ...well actually there were 3 carts that were giving me problems from the start. So what i did was pull all of them out and reinserting all the cart back in. Still the 3 inks will not be recognized by the printer. So then i pull them out(and a bit of my hair) and reinserting them i did this about three times, because you know not everything works the first time. Then one ink worked. I tried the same thing with the other two about a million times and no luck, i stoped because i thought i was going to throw my printer out my window.

oh no i cant see how much ink is in the carts.
Also when i removed the two defective inks from printer i put them in a zip lock bag(in two seperate bags)i went to the washroom and when i came back the yellow ink was leaking but the other one wasnt. Do they usually leak like that? So right now im going to look for the ebay store i bought the inks off of and try and get an exchange or something.

Oh ya ive heard that windex will break your printer somehow is that true?

OK this is for anyone that wants to buy aftermarket inks dont buy these ones there called Joycolour you will probably run in to the same problem.

thanks again for the tips ill try them out.
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Epson brand and good quality 3rd party cartridges have a valve that closes to prevent leakage. Cheap brands may leak.

Inserting the cartridge in an Epson often forces an air bubble into the cartridge which can masquerade as a clog. You can either let it sit a day before printing , or run a bunch of cleaning cycles. But cleaning cycles use a massive amount of ink! If their cartridges were not even as full as Epson brand, you could easily empty them and not realize it. I've seen people report as few as 15 cleaning cycles to empty a cartridge, depending on the printer model and who made the cartridge.
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working for epson i would say dont buy them
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Don't buy what? 3rd party cartridges? Epson cartridges? Epson printers?

What do you do for Epson?
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I am having the same problem. My mother's Epson 80 started doing this same thing. After much effort, we purchased an Epson 86 and met with the same result. After research, I found a ton of messages which indicated the Epson's are notorious for clogged print heads etc. We returned the Epson and I gave her my hardy Canon i450 (which I loved dearly and with which I never had problems). It worked the first few times she printed, then the whole business started again. Even though the black ink cartridge is full, black ink will not print to the page. When it did (before it finally didn't), it had lines through it. I was able to do some test prints (alignment etc. where black ink did appear.) Any Windows generated printing (docs and such)--black ink was a no show. I am to the point of reloading the entire computer. I tried printing from a DOS prompt, but my DOS skills in determining the output device type failed me. Any thoughts?
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Is she perchance turning the printer on and of via an outlet strip, rather than only using the printer power button?

I do prefer Canon, but I've not had many problems with clogging with either once I figured out that after a while, all printers get a buildup of ink/paper sludge on the bottom of the print head and on the parkpad and wiper that must be cleaned periodically.


Another potential problem: low humidity. I live in western Washington state, it's rather humid here most of the year. And I run a humidifier in one room of the house.
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Thaks for the response. I am in Phoenix and I am guessing even lower humidity than you experience... I have read that humidity has been an issue, but I don't think that is the problem. Again, my Canon was fine at my computer, worked for a couple of days on hers, and then we went into won't print black mode. Too coincidental.

I am trying to work out a true DOS print to eliminate Windows as the culprit.
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If you hold middle (trash/paper) button down BEFORE turning on CX84 then the epson will print out a test page when middle button is then released. This eliminates any computer software involvement
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Same on the R200. Hold down the middle button, press and release the power button, don't let up on the middle button until it starts printing. It'll print a nozzle check.

To keh: I meant that I have relatively high humidity, and that -low- humidity can cause the print heads to dry out and clog.
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Okay, we've done a nozzle check, and our r200 printed out a blank page...

what does this mean? - Anonymous
Hi, is there a way to be able to print without having the color cartridges installed? I just want to print black and I dont wanna purchase color cartridges if im not gonna use them.
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You will ruin the color heads, just so you know. But you could reset the chip on an empty cartridge, that is all it checks for, not the actual presence of ink.

Also, for some paper/quality settings, the printer may also use the color inks to get grey shades.
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How do I reset the chip? I have looked through the preferences and I cant seem to find it. Thanks for replyin to my last post though.
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Ah... there's the rub.

You can:

1. Buy a chip resetter. The cartridge must be removed to reset each time the printer decides it is out of ink. The printer will then run a cleaning cycle, wasting black ink.

2. Use SSC Service Utility. This requires that you build some hardware that connects to your parallel port, and you must still remove the color cartridge to reset. It will again run a cleaning cycle, wasting black ink.

3. Buy a self-resetting chip and replace the chip on the cartridge. This resets to read 99\% full by simply turning the printer off and back on again. No cleaning cycle, no wasted black ink.
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wow I didnt know there was so much complexity to all this...appreciate your help
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khajek wrote: "I gave her my hardy Canon i450 (which I loved dearly and with which I never had problems). It worked the first few times she printed, then the whole business started again. Even though the black ink cartridge is full, black ink will not print to the page. When it did (before it finally didn't), it had lines through it. I was able to do some test prints (alignment etc. where black ink did appear.) Any Windows generated printing (docs and such)--black ink was a no show. I am to the point of reloading the entire computer. I tried printing from a DOS prompt, but my DOS skills in determining the output device type failed me. Any thoughts?"

I just had the exact same problem on my Canon i850...right after my HP3600 stopped printing from a new, recognized, full black after-market black cartridge. Basically same problem on both printers--won't print any black. except with the canon, I could print black text from Notepad or Word only it printed every other line (lines through both text and graphics). Before I buy a new printer, anyone have any ideas?

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epson printer425 not printing black why
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Windex? These printers are dinosaurs. Disposable. Do not buy new ink, brand or after-market. What you need is a new printer.
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My printer has both side lights on Left on on steady.The right one blinking.I have replaced the black cartridge & left the color ones in.Some have ink, others do not.I really only print out black.
I can not get the ink light to go out.I tried everything.Any ideas??
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whats a park pad?
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