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Epson Epson Stylus CX6600

epson cx6600 needs reseting

hi my epson cx6600 came up with ERROR- CALL SERVICE. this was the ink waste pad being full which has now been changed but how do i reset the error message as SSC SERVICE UTILITY doesnt support the cx6600 on this particular feature. does anyone know?

press the small button with the triangle and the colour button together hold down, swithch off then re-start keeping buttons in
when screen stops flshing letgo of all buttons, press colour button,
then press off and hold untill it switches back on
job don

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Paul should be given a Medal for this information - richardhie
Brilliant ! Yesterday I thought my CX6600 was bound for the scrap heap, today it's perfect again ' first time ' after pushing a few buttons as per Paul's posting. What can I say but thanks ! You saved my printer, hours of my time, and pounds of my hard earned cash ! - Anonymous
Thanks for info..Work perfick again - Anonymous
Many many thanks-- so impressed i wish i had found your site before i bought a new printer-the dealers of course tell us that we need a new printer! my charity card making will flourish some more now! thanks again - Anonymous
i had the same message coming up and have tried re - setting as you suggest but it just wont have it. - Anonymous
Epson support was no help with this problem. Your solution worked perfectly! Thanks - Anonymous
Thanks worked out just fine. - Anonymous
Dude, you are my hero! Saved big $$$ not having to buy a new printer OR take it to the 'service' guy who wanted to chrge $65 just to say 'hello.' - Anonymous
Paul - you're an absolute star! Had years of trouble free printing, then got the "Printer error - call for service message" Used your solution, worked like a dream. - Anonymous
I did everyrhing you said and it did not work, now the wording is in spanish and I cannot change it< I've tried. - unknown
Paul, You just saved my marriage of 41 years. This is my wife's printer and she gave me the ultimatum to fix it or get me a new one, if not "find the door mister". Well I have about 14 new cartridges and dang if I was going to dump them. Your information was SPOT ON. Thanks a million. - unknown
Thank you very much Paul :-) my printer is now up and running again :-) - Samz
Worked like a charm!!! About ready to drop kick my Epson Stylus RX600, but thought I'd try it. Note. I lost the display on my printer, so I depend on people like Paul to give me button sequences to fix printer problems. Thanks, Paul! - jjlarue
My cx6600 won't print from any source. The head seems to be printing but nothing comes out on paper. Also can't seem to configure USB port. Don't know if brain is fried or another problem. Please help. Thank you
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My cx6600 has been shooting blanks. The ink cartridges are full and I've run it through repeated head cleanings and other tests to no avail. Are there any other steps I can take to get it to print simple black ink or is it a goner? Thank you, R.
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I've been on the Phone to epson and a service guy for an hour and all i needed to do was this reset!

Apparently epson say there is no reset button!

Thanks a million for this thread!

(epson helpline is very agrovating not to mention the retards that answer when you finaly get through!)

so, any idea how to fix the wurring noise it started to make?!?!

I guess it does need fixing after all!
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I had the same problem as nick.I followed Paul's advice and this worked perfectly to reset the printer, however I find that I now can't access the scanner.
Can anyone help please?
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Worked for me too. Thanks Paul
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My printer showed a dialog box with "Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer's documentation for details. Contact your dealer." The printer wouldn't run. I now have it reset but need to change the waste ink pads. Where are they and how I procede?
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Thanx a lot Paul. I have been struggling for hours trying to get the SSC software to work on this CX6600, no go! I decided to have a look on the ol' faithful site & here I am again! It's up & running again. Thanx again!
Dazz UK
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Hello, my cx6600 has 'Printer error and call service.." message. This error message began after I replaced the empty blue cardtrige. I did not click the 'blue' cardtrige before I push back the cardtrige cover and close the scanner. The the printer get a loud noise.
Thanks for any input.

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press the small button with the triangle and the colour button together hold down, swithch off then re-start keeping buttons in
when screen stops flshing letgo of all buttons, press colour button,
then press off and hold untill it switches back on
job don
- Anonymous
HALF the problem is solved thankfully to your posting. I got rid of the "parts are end of service life" and just tried printing those instructions. Printed PERFECT. However, when I lift the lid to see ink storage, it returns to red exclamation point and error message. If I close lid, it prints ok again. This will work until, alas, I need to make an ink refill - then what? I had just replaced blk day before problem and cartridge seems struck. Thanks for advice!
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Paul thanks for your info on resetting cx 6600, also works on cx6400,
Thanks for your brill info
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Bit of a useful guide to adding an external waste ink tank for the CX6600 here:


I was forced to work out how to do it when I got a "faulty" unit cheap for my other half so I figured I might as well do a proper job of it..

Hope that helps..
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I had something stuck in the printer and I received this error after I removed the object. I tried the reset but I still have the same error. Any suggestions?
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My cx6600 won't print from any source. The head seems to be printing but nothing comes out on paper. Also can't seem to configure USB port. Don't know if brain is fried or another problem. Please help. Thank you
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My printer cx6600 have same proplem .. looks like if its doing the printing thing but infact no ink comes out on paper at all .. wonder what you ve done to get it working as before ,, cheers Fad Dad
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My printer quit printing 6600, while looking with a flashlight i noticed a clear tube the had ink in it, i tore apart the entire thing, to get at that little hose unplugged it(crusty ink) hooked it back up, and turned on.....works great - Anonymous
My cx6600 was printing and scanning ok when a co worker decided to use the reset process as described on this site. After they performed the ...(press the small button with the triangle and the color button together hold down, swithch off then re-start keeping buttons in
when screen stops flshing letgo of all buttons, press colour button,
then press off and hold untill it switches back on)... Process the printer will no longer work all I get is the see your documentation or take your printer to nearest epson service center message.

If anyone could help with a way to reset our printer it sure would help we only had it for about a year and it seems kinda of strange that it would need to be replaced this soon.


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In my case: (german)
When I power on the printer, it said:

"Druckerfehler -> Lesen Sie in der Dokumentation nach, und wenden Sie sich gegebenenfalls an den Kundendienst."

The documentation says to power off and on again and if the problem persists, I should really call the service.

The (stupid) printer utility in Window$ says parts of the printer have exceeded their lifetime...

Anyway: The procedure described by Paul, does indeed work and "reset" the printer. For the accurate:

1.) power on (error message)
2.) press the "Stop (triangle)" and the "Colour copy" button and hold them
3.) press the power button to power off, still hold 2.)
4.) press the power button to power on, still holding 2.)
5.) the LEDs start to flash, then they stop to flash and the red exclamation mark starts to flash. Now release 2.)

6.) the LED should say: "Init EEprom"
7.) now press and hold the power button until the printer powers off and powers on again.

The "error message" is gone, the "protection counter" (ssc utility) is back to 0, the printer works so far.
Probably, I'll have to replace the sponge. - unknown
I'm ready to throw this CX6600 over the balcony rail!! Like others this printer just quit shooting ink. It operates in a normal manner in every other respect, including scanning to email or file, but when trying to print ink from ANY source it won't produce. You can hear the heads maneuvering under the hatch, but no ink. Hmm...

So, I've followed the "resetting" instructions over and over again. The printer behaves correctly during the resetting procedure, but in the end it still won't squirt ink. The cartridges are brand new. I threw out the old ones that were 3/4 full.

I should also mention that all three of my printers in the house are exhibiting abnormal behavior and they all started at about the same time, which should be a little better than anecdotal evidence that what ever is happening might be relating to all three printers. The printers are the CX6600, HP Photosmart 8450, and an HP 990CSE. All have been great printers and none has ever been used to excess. The 990cse is the only one with more than 3 sets of cartridges through it.

I've since learned that there are some "worms" that corrupt mime files relating to printers. The worms are transmitted via email and to this point I've not been able to isolate the culprit. I've deleted and reinstalled all the printers, which also did not work.

Any help in finding a direction would be appreciated. Again, the resetting of the CX6600 didn't alleviate the problem and I'm only now starting to address the issues with the HP's. They will print, but without ANY accuracy at all. One prints in amber and the other prints in reds/green (no blue).

Most Frustrated,

John Dent
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Try this:
The CX6600 will have similar construction.
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I have posted elsewhere on this forum. I cannot believe the numerous problems consumers are having with Epson printers. I have had 2 so far and my latest is a RX600 and I have had nothing but problem after problem with it since almost day one. LCD went out, won't print even with new ink cartridges, that service error nonsense. Can't print anything if one color goes empty. I see by reading this forum it is not only the RX600 but many other Epsons that are causing many problems ,we consumers should not have to be putting up with. I always though Epson products where one of the best but I must say as of late I really am beginning to doubt it.
Why doesn't Epson own up to the fact they produced some garbage printers and make it right by us consumers? As it stands now I will not even consider any Epson product in the future.

Is there a class action law suit begun and if so what is the link?

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I agree but my canon i850 is doing the exact same thing. What brand of printer is best? - juanita
On alert message�gParts inside your printer are near the end of their service life,�h it may be better to change your ink-absorbent pad. This is the fundamental solution to the error message. The error message is displayed because the ink-absorbent pad is nearly full. You can erase the message by resetting the hardware. But there is a risk one day ink overflows from ink-absorbent pad. Epson (USA) recommends professional repair with this error message on their web site.
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hey i was wondering i had just found an epson cx6600 in the trash in perfect condition it turns on but there is no ink in it and i get an error message telling me to install ink and i cant get it to go away. is there anyway i can still scan with no ink in the printer, thanks
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In a word the answer is "yes". I've used my CX6600 as a stand alone scanner and that function works perfectly. It's not a great scanner, but that's typical of multi function printers.

I just broke down and bought a Canon Pixma MP960. My priciple motivation for buying my first Canon is quality and engineering integrity. It has been frustrating all these years to dispose of multi color ink catridges that are empty of only one color. The Canon has 7 individual color cartridges. When a color gets low a light comes on to illuminate that specific cartridge. How cool is that?

I've considered going to laser again, but given the color toner cartridges are $85 a piece and their are 6 of them in the HP color laser printer I just couldn't justify it given how little printing I do anymore.


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Information update. I searched the web more, and now realize if the alert message is the only problem with your machine, you only need to reset your machine following the process which PAUL wrote (first reply on this thread). Sorry if you followed my former message.

According to someone�fs website, who called EPSON�fs technical support, the error message is displayed when certain times (for example, 500 times, I am not sure.) of head cleaning has been done. I guess for most of users, the alert message comes far earlier than a reasonable replacement timing.

Before you send your machine to service center or abandon it, you can do these:
Open your machine, and check the ink-absorbing pad, that is, a long black sponge at the very bottom. And look in the gutter under the sponge. If these parts are good (still able to absorb disposed ink), all you have to do is to reset.

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Epson called and the tech told me that my print head was clogged and that they could not get it unclogged. I would require a new print head at a cost of $454.00. I asked him if he was joking and he said he was serious. A new CX6600 printer is $157 on Amazon today. I told him he and Epson should be ashamed and that I'll never buy another Epson product ever again.

That's the end of the story for me, except that I'll be writing a long letter to Epson and explaining this process to them so they might be able to improve their service. It isn't reasonable that a print head should become so clogged after one year and less than two reams of paper that the printer would become a throw away.

I've bought another all in one. This one is the Canon MP9600 and the jury is still out as to whether it will stand the test of time. I can report that it has the best ink system that I've ever seen. FINALLY, when I run out of one color I won't have to dispose of other colors. It has seven ink tanks and they light up when they get low/empty. The printer is heavier, quieter and certainly more user friendly than any of my HP's or this last Epson. I think I might have a winner with the Canon. When I go back and read reviews on Canon printers they have always been highly rated. I guess I had just fallen into that trap of brand consciousness and had lost my objectivity.

Good luck to you who are sticking with your Epson. If my new Canon takes a nose dive I'll report it here.


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Where does one purchase the ink absorbing sponge? (or other parts)

I have similar problems as previous posts (error message and printer won't run)
but it is clear that the sponge is really dirty.

Thanks for all your posts and help.

(Are landfills crammed with old Epson printers?)
by anneg on May 22, 2007 at 11:54am Add comment
I have never replaced a sponge because they never need replacing. Truth is they soak up very little ink. Most of it congeals under the sponge. I just scooped up about 4 oz. of it out of a 5400 I'm working on. That quit printing because the purge tube was clogged with ink as well and popped off. Sponge was hardly discolored. The printer estimates how much ink is supposed to be in it by the number of cleaning cycles and gives you the message. What you should do is download the SSC utility which is mentioned 762 times on this forum and reset it.
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I have a similar problem, however my Epson CX 6600 has stopped just printing the color ink, the black works fine. I tried the reset procedure, but the printer didn't behave like the instruction said it should. I guess I didn't do it correctly. The scanner works fine, just the color ink won't work. I've cleaned the printheads over and over to no avail.
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Welcome to the club! I had Best Buy send mine off to have it diagnosed and I got a phone call telling me the print head was clogged and they could not unclog it. I was told the print head would have to be replaced at a cost of $445. After having a good chuckle he said he'd send it back to Best Buy for pickup and that is where it sits today.

The Canon MP9600 is a vastly superior machine in all the reviews and from my perspective it is quicker, quieter, better printing and more solid all in one. When I eventually pick up the CX6600 I will be disassembling the print head to see what I can see. Maybe a bath is some acid will help.

JD - chofujohn
Is anyone able to give direction concerning printer that will not print...even tho it sounds as if it's printing and is using ink. took it to cartridge world, guy there said it's usually the long tube filled with ink, but not so. tube clean. tried re-setting according to paul's instruction. Have downloaded the ssc utility, can't seem to get help from that. I really don't like Epson at this point either. Last night I scanned a doc, had been making copies before that, and following scan, no ink on paper.
thanks anyone
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Your printer is displaying the same symptoms as mine. I had mine diagnosed by Epson (via Best Buy) and they are saying the print head is clogged and that they can't unclog it. The replacement print head is $445. The printer cost $225 new. Please let me know when this starts to make ANY sense at all because I'm picking up the broken printer today and will be tossing it off a bridge on the way home just to see the splash.

The canon 9600 multi is a superior printer and from all the reviews I've read I'm hoping it will last longer than the year I got out of the Epson.

JD - chofujohn
This is an on going problem for me as well. I have tried to follow all the instruction to resetting according to Paul's message to no avail. I'm about to call this all in one printer a piece of junk. There is no ink printing on the paper but the ink levels indicate the ink levels are going down. After I reset the printer the first message continues to come up look at the adjuster level, regarding envelopes. I hit okay and then it takes me thru the all the diffrent checks for the printer to go thru. I has at one time after many attempts printed a nozzle check. What am I doing wrong, still not able to print after it goes thru all the motions and sounds like it is priniting. - Anonymous
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A black rubber band fell out inside of my printer, the black and white copy's work but the color copy's dont work , it prints in lines but not a solid picture, how do I put it back?
by unknown on Nov 15, 2007 at 4:32pm Add comment
My CX6600 was working OK until I loaded a new black cartridge. Now the darn thing won't print anything. It goes thru the motions but nothing prints on the paper. Just the barest lines on the Nozzle Check utility.

Any suggestions? Thks.
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My 6600 hung during a printing process then would not shut down, pulled the power lead and now it wont even start. Whwn i press the power up button the green "insert memory card" led lights up momentarily then nothing. Any ideas?
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Hi people...

i have the same problem too.... my printer hung after a printing process, then i cant turn it off by pressing the power button. So, i pulled the power lead, and of course it turned off. But now i cant turn it on again .... when i press the power button the configuration button, scanner function button and the memory card slot light gives me a small flash... like "I'm alive but a bit tired"... any sollution? help me please - unknown
Hi people...

i have the same problem too.... my printer hung after a printing process, then i cant turn it off by pressing the power button. So, i pulled the power lead, and of course it turned off. But now i cant turn it on again .... when i press the power button the configuration button, scanner function button and the memory card slot light gives me a small flash... like - unknown
my cx6600 has a hard time picking up paer, and has from day one... Any ideas?
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Hi again dudes....

look, im seriously thinking about throw my CX6600 by the balcony... i've no more ideas...

like i describe to you in my last post my printer hung after a printing process, and the unique way to turn it off was pulling the power lead of the wall.

Now im trying to keep it alive but it's not easy. i've tried all the solutions that you say but no success. My printer did not flash any light neither LCD. Only the config button and the card reader indicator lights up, when i press the power button with B/W+COLOR+(TRIANGLE) buttons pressed, for a while.

what else can i do? throw it by the window, or there's another solution process.

please help me dudes!!!!
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yikes! my 6600 simply turned OFF-no warning-in middle of print job. all usual efforts have failed to accomplish anything except bumping head under desk, catching hair in filing cabinet while trying to plug into another outlet, etc...

can anyone offer advice?
...wishing my printer were offering some flashing lights to diagnose.
by mljolly on Jun 17, 2008 at 6:38pm Add comment
My RX600 printer is also dead. No power or lights. Mine seemed to quit working after the scanner got stuck. Can't use scannor copier or anything. Did you find out if yours was fixable and what it was? Can anyone give advice? Thanks.
by unknown on Aug 3, 2008 at 7:46am Add comment
found this program and many more
with manuals and videos showing, easily and quickly.

I hope to help OK
by unknown on Aug 6, 2008 at 7:20am Add comment
I've tried the re-setting process of pushing the buttons several times but still keep getting the black ink out message - I originally replaced it with a non-epson cartridge (which has worked fine before), it seemed to go ok as i got the message that the cartridge was charging, but then got blank pages. Changed the cartridge for a new black epson cartridge but now keep getting the ink out message. Cannot reset it, can anybody help please??? Wasted hours on this!!! Thanks.
by unknown on Oct 14, 2008 at 3:59am Add comment
Blank pages after replacing one cartridge.
Thanks for the resetting info! HELP the other colors wont print. I used ammonia mixed with water and cleaned out 2 areas full of dried ink, and the pink works great with good print quality, does anyone know how i can get the other colors and black to print? Do i need to clean the tube if one color is printing?
Does this unit need trashed when the tube is full?
by mittens on Dec 3, 2008 at 9:53pm Add comment
Now when I havent used the printer for a few days, and lines are appearing in printed documents, I get out the ammonia mixed with water and clean the ports all the colors work great.
by mittens on Jan 28, 2009 at 2:21pm Add comment
Just a thought but be careful as to the concentration of ammonia... You don't want more than a couple of drops per 100ml or you'll corrode the inkjet nozzles.
by websnail on Jan 30, 2009 at 1:54am Add comment
I have a epson cx3200 printer and it keeps saying error paper jammed but the paper is not jammed it wont feed are anything it will tug the paper but then it say it's jammed ughhh what should I do??
by rosalynn on Feb 24, 2009 at 6:35pm Add comment
I have a epson cx3200 printer and it keeps saying error paper jammed but the paper is not jammed it wont feed are anything it will tug the paper but then it say it's jammed ughhh what should I do??
by rosalynn on Feb 24, 2009 at 6:38pm Add comment
Look in the paper tray. You will see a green and brown pad. Clean those pads with a damp q-tip. That will ususally fix it.

This is what the pad looks like

The C60 has the same paperfeed system as the Cx3200
by Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009 at 7:26pm Add comment
Great site, after trying to fix the printer cx6600 which didn't work I found your site. Resetting the printer did the trick all the colors are working beautifully.
by unknown on Nov 14, 2009 at 11:29am Add comment
Paul, you are a LIFE SAVER! Thanks so much for the good advice. It worked for me and though I got a message saying there was a problem connecting with the scanner, I tried it anyway and it worked.

Again, I'm so grateful. I just don't have the $$ for a new printer and when I got that error message and call service, I, too, panicked.

Life is now good again
by Anonymous on Nov 16, 2009 at 8:46pm Add comment
Thank you so much, great advice,printer works perfectly, you have just saved me buying a new printer and not being able to use the stock of cartridges. Fabulous site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by unknown on Dec 1, 2009 at 9:56am Add comment
Hi guys, after reseting following Paul's instruction, which succesfully unblocked my printer counters, printer prints no problems. But its scanner doesn't work anymore. When try a message saying the scan cannot be found appears. Any suggestion to recover ?
Many many thanks.
by davidtr on Dec 6, 2009 at 11:27am Add comment
Tried Paul's solution 3 x's w/o success. Cleaned heads with alcohol, checked the tube and it looks clear; still no print. Maybe it's time to look for a new Cannon printer.
by unknown on Dec 30, 2009 at 10:24pm Add comment
Found another idea from "Tokyo".... this worked for me...oh what we can accomplish when we all work together! Happy New Year
Re: Epson CX6600 printing blank pages SOLUTION by Tokyo (3/7/09 3:45 AM) reply

I've had a CX6600 for four years and worked great. Suddenly started printing blank papers. Did all the standard troubleshooting per Epson. No luck. Epson recommended shipping to repair.

Did my own troubleshooting. IT's a simple fix. The tube from the ink tray becomes detached from the tube feeding the pump.

1. Press Setting and go to #5 replace cartridge. This will move the cartridge rack out of the way. On the right you'll see a small rectangle ink tray. You'll need to move the small plastic stop (has a spring underneath) to the right. This will allow you to see the feeder tube from this tray. Reconnect using a needle nose pliers.

2. Run the nozzle head cleaning routine a couple times.

After I did this, the printer was back in great condition.

The constant jarring over the years causes the tube to finally disconnect.
by unknown on Dec 31, 2009 at 5:11pm Add comment
how do you reset. I pushed the reset button 100 times does nothing
by Anonymous on Jan 12, 2010 at 4:17pm Add comment
my cx6600 gives an error message,replace all cartridges even after replacing them and re-doing it several times .re-setting did not work.
by unknown on Feb 25, 2010 at 6:03pm Add comment
I've followed precisely the stept of Paul first reply and it works till the point where I see the message "Init. EEPROM", then I press and hold the power button to power off and then on my printer, but in the end the message still apears :-S.
What have I done wrong in my process ? Please help!
by unknown on Jun 15, 2011 at 3:20am Add comment
same here ive tried the reset and it does nothing diffrent at all still the same error message am i missing something ??
by animal103 on Oct 2, 2011 at 12:36pm Add comment
Thanks for the info, you are spot on. That took care of my dad's printer and he's happy. He loves the printer.
by unknown on Sep 25, 2012 at 6:32pm Add comment
Colors are off. Red prints as yellow. Any solution?
by unknown on Nov 8, 2013 at 7:40am Add comment
My printer epson bx300f. I have got an error for this printer. the "power" and the "auto" buttons are blinking. the printer display shows "printer error" - "Drückerfehler" on german. i have tryed this method by PAUL

but it doesnt helps, becouse if i push the both buttons "Stop (triangle)" and the "Colour copy", the Power button is inactive, that i cant turn the printer off.

For information, the printer ask if you try to turn of the power butten, to push 1 or 2, to confirm that all fax data will be lost.

Please help me some how.

p.s. SSC cant reset- reason is a "unknown state" of the printer
by xcode on Dec 22, 2013 at 2:49am Add comment
allready done by help of God i think and this link http://esupport.epson-europe.com
by xcode on Dec 22, 2013 at 12:26pm Add comment
I need to scan a letter to my email and save as a pdf file. Does the Stylus Epson CX6600 have the capability. I see/selected the option but it doesn't do anything when I press OK. Please help-send instructions. Thanks
by unknown on Mar 16, 2014 at 6:33am Add comment

Worked like a charm!!! About ready to drop kick my Epson Stylus RX600, but thought I'd try Paul's suggestion. Note. I lost the display on my printer, so I depend on people like Paul to give me button sequences to fix printer problems. Thanks, Paul!

by jjlarue on Nov 15, 2015 at 12:44pm Add comment

Thank you so much for your instructions which worked perfectly and my printer is now working. I nearly went out to buy a new one.

by maria on Nov 27, 2015 at 2:02pm Add comment
I was panicking all weekend that i got to have sum big service to my printer on monday because i to have got a cx6600 that come up with that same message about call service. thanks for your solutoin paul. but is this a long term solution or will i have to keep doing it oftern? allso do i still change the ink wast pad?

Pete Dudley.
by Anonymous on Jan 22, 2006 at 9:57am Add comment