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Hp HP OfficeJet 7110

hp officejet 7110 makes loud clicking noise .

This is more of an annoyance then a problem. After the printer has finished a print job, it move's the ink catridgedge's back to initial position and makes this really loud clicking noise for about 5 seconds. Doesnt seem to effect performance but im guessing this could lead to further problems down the road. Any suggestions?

also the area where the ink catridge's rest is flithy with ink. Should i get in there and clean it out? is it supposed to be that dirty?

p.s.-willing to tear the thing down to fix. Thanks!
There is a small wheel about quarter sized behind the service station . it pulls off easily here are 48 teeth on it sometimes come of them break off and the brains don't know when the gear nside the service station has turned enough. The clicking noise is the round gear turning past the end of the linear gear. I have fixed one using thin plastic from a small reusable envelope (69c target) that happens to have marks at the right spacing. Paint it black cut off a small strip and hot glue (epoxy or super glue does not work) it around the wheel in a crown like fashion so that it replaces the missing teeth. The teeth need only to block the light from the infrared sensor.

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This sounds like what I am dealing with. How, and what panels did you take off to repair this?

Thanks! - HJH
Is it relatively difficult to get to this wheel? Cannot see such when raise front latch cover with cartridge holder in center even with flashlite.

Can unassemble & fix, but have a bad back. Trying to decide whether to fix now or wait until back is better.
Would appreciate how you got to wheel & fixed it.

If you have time for a short answer, assume I can get to anything in the 7110 & spend no/little time on disassemble/assemble.

My clicking noise happens when cartridge holder is out of station & just to left of such. Assume cycle has started & sensor encounters problem.

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Did you get an answer to this? I need the procedure for panel removal and how to get to the point where the clicking sound originates. Thanks! - HJH
This website was very helpful in pointing me towards what might be the cause of the nosie with my 7110. The greatest challenge was in how to get to the service station. I eventually got it out, found a broken peice of plastic that I believe served as a stop when the sled moves all the way forward. With the broken stop, the motor kept moving to a point where the gears must have been grinding then would stop. i hot glued the piece of plastic back into place as well as I could, clean out all of the waste ink, etc., and re-assembled. First time, something still was not right because I ebcountered a new problem of the sled failing to disengage when called upon to print and stated getting the Carriage jam message. Took the service station back out, check it over, sprayed some silicone spray around the white plastic sliding gizmo on the left side of the service station as it seemed to be binding and keeping the carriage from exiting the service station, put everything back toether except kept the right side open so I could watch the service station and get back in there if still acting up - needed to block-up and support the scanner and ADF so everything was not pressing down on the carriage when it moved right. Got it working nice and quiet now but I'm not real confident that the glue job will last.

For those wondering how to get in to the service station, here are some steps that I found by trial and error (more error than trial):

1.) Make sure the carriage is not in the service station bay and remove power.
2.) Detach the ADF - open, pull up the two black locking tabs, tilt and pull up.
3.) Remove the rear cover or duplex unit, whichever applies.
4.) Open and spring the two large platic hinges from base unit - carefully pry open the clips that retan the lower leg of the hinge form the pivot.
5.) Remove the scanner bed - remove the 2 torx screws securing the chrome plate that the cables form the scanner bed go under, need to unscrew the black bonding wire from the plate although this could be left in place and removed with the scanner bed, unplug the ribbon cable and 3 other cable connectors that are under the chrome plate (be sure to note the cable and connector orientation - mark with a Sharpie - and don't loose the ferrite coil that the ribbon cable passes through).
6.) Remove the 5 large Torx screws from around the top surface edge of the base along the rear and front right - left front can remain in place.
7.) Remove the light gray rear center panel - may need to spread the left and right housing slightly to allow the center piece's tabs to clear.
8.) Remove the small recessed Torx screw from the top surface of the base that is on the right side - left side can remain in place.
9.) The front right "fender" panel pops off by releasing from within and swinging counter clockwise as looking down.
10.) Now this is where it gets tricky in springing the light gray housing form the right side and the dark gray lower housing from the right side. The light gray housing is held in place to the dark gray housing along the bottom by three plastic tabs - 1 in the front to the right of the paper feed and accessible from the bottom, 1 on the right side accessible form the bottom, and 1 on the right rear accessible using a thin screwdriver via the rear access. Carefully spring the plastic tabs to separate the light gray housing from the dark gray lower housing. Once released, carefully pull towards the right side while spreading the upper deck and dark gray lower housing in order to provide adequate clearance - the right side plastic tab requires the greatest clearance.
11.) Removal of the right side dark gray lower housing is the final tricky part. I ended up breaking the two tabs that secure the right side to the bottom metal base but it seems to be secure enough for government work when I put everything back together. Really need to spring plastic tabs at the fron and rear sidesof this lower housing and then carefully pivot up along the right side bottom edge so that the right side tabs release or properly clear the metal base. This is where it was more error than trial.
12.) Now the service station will be clearly visible and accessible.
13.) Removal of the service station involves removal of the screw that simultaneously retains the encoder strip right side bracket and carriage rod, disconnect the connector at the rear of the service station (green, white and yellow wires), then slide the service station out the right side.
14.) Three screws hold the top cover on the service station, 8 foam pads are mounted in the cover assembly, 2 or 3 absorbtion pads may be in the bottom spittoon area, the left side has a small printed circuit board and sliding gizmo which might be gunked up, the sled has rubber squegees and a capping gasket assembly for the print heads which might need cleaning, and the sled's linear toothed rails, motor gears and other pieces may also need cleaning, repair or replacement. The plastic stop that broke on my unit is on the bottom side of the sled towards the right rear.

Reassembly is pretty much the reverse order. Enjoy.
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The sooner you do it the better! The 7110's and the D135's are undeniably the biggest heap of junk HP have sold to an unsuspecting public. No spares, no hope of repair, no Service Manual. Be prepared for it to fail at any time and then it's toast!!

If you can, take the service station out of the printer and clean it without taking the station apart. It may mean you are without your 7110 for a day but........

A hairdryer helps dry the thing off.

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I still equate the worst piece of crap that hp unleashed to be the newer officejets and the 3820....and every other printer that was made after it

I've managed to keep my d1xx's running through thrift shop dead units, so I'm happy...

but POS's they still are.
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Wheel? Procedures? Where can I get in on this discussion?

I am having a similar problem.
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Wheel? Procedures? Where can I get in on this discussion?

I am having a similar problem.
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Were you able to get an answer for this? I have the same problem and am wondering how to get the panels off and get to the point where I can fix this. Help!
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I am getting an error message of clear carrieage jam and press enter but cant see any jam. I have read thru so many pages here and my eyes are about to explode. Any help out there?
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It may help


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In this model a failure of the service station can cause a carriage jam error, it can be a problem with the timing disc as when the machine does not see the service station move it reports a carriage jam.
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Hi 7110 people?

About the time I thought I had fixed the problem with the clicking and all that mess and went to test it and it went spastic on me and I noticed that the ribbon from the printer to the scanner and whatever else was breaking into and it did!
Has any out there got a 7110 they trashed at home so I could get the wire ribbon from? I really hate to try to buy a new one if I could and find out the 7110 is going to the trash if you get my point? I am going to take the ribbon out this week so I know where it plugs into and then the rest is just wait I guess?

On the clicking noise this is what I found is the problem. Its ink buildup below and it jams the whole cycle of the print heads. When I was watching it try to work I saw a mess and unplugged it so it would stay open so I could clean it. A spray bottle of warm water and a bowl of warm water and a small 1" paint brush. Remove any massive build up with a butter knife and then spray and brush till it looks as clean as you can get it. Then use a soft paper towel to dry and try to get under the sliding tray. Don't use excess water just enough to look clean. Put a old towel under the area just in case you use to much water. The ink is water base and will wash off your hands but never know what it could do on the wrong surface. I think the person above tells you how to get it out and that might makes things easy for cleaning but if you do not have the tools or the how did I do that about you might be going to the trash with it.
I could give you more info on what to look for and maybe how I did it but really not sure where to start and what to tell?

And while you are at it light up a smoke and get half done with it and light up another one and then look in the ashtray and say "DUMMY" I just did it!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck
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My printer has the lited exclamation sign on and keeps saying scan failed turn off and on again

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I have an HP PSC 1510 which has the same problem with the drive belt still driving although the print cartridge carrier is stopped. Has anyone any ideas how to dismantle this model?
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