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Epson 2200 error


I have an Epson 2200, barely a year old, and am getting the following message when running the head cleaning utility- "service required. Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service life. Contact dealer for replacement." Is this message indicating an actual failure, or just some potential failure due to the amount of printing the machine has done. If its the latter, how can I bypass this message?
I run a Lyson ink bulk feed system and have read some of the posts regarding potential print head problems with 3rd party ink. Due to all the ink I have stocked, the rip I use and all the profiling I've done, I am wedded to the 2200 for now, and not ready to move up to a 4800 yet.
With Epson no longer producing the 2200, Ive been quoted $400 for a print head plus labor. The same dealer has "generously" offered to sell his demo 2200 for $600. I've also been told by other sources a print head should be around $200-250. Not sure whats fair at this point.
Any sources for reasonably priced print heads or other solutions would be appreciated. Otherwise, I bite the bullet and buy another 2200.

David Ridderhof
What the machine has is a maintenace request error. Which means the protection counter has reached it's limit.

It's no big deal. Just download the SSC service utility and install/configure it then reset the protectopn counter. I don't have the link on this computer buy do a google search for the utility.

You should also clean or replace the absorber pads but your printer won't explode if you skip the pads once.

I hope this helps,

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I saw your post about the reset software for the Epson 2200...I only saw it for PC...does it exist for the MAC ?
I need to get my printer going
Thanks Howie
Do you have a link? - Anonymous
Sounds like I can hold off on any drastic action at this point.
The utility appears to be Windows only and I'm on a Mac. Any similar utilities for the Mac, or ways to overide the service message?

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Nope, Your'e out of luck there. But there is a manual reset. The trick to this reset is exaxt timing. So it might take you a few tries to reset the protection counter.

Press and hold the paper feed, paper switch and the power switch.
Once the power light and paper light flashes twice and the other lights are flashing release the paper feed and paper switch and then press the paper feed switch.

The power, paper and ink lights will flash twice. At this point the protection counter has been reset.

Don't give up if it does not reset the first time. The timing is tricky for most people.

I hope this gets you going,

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My attempts to reset have aggravated my situation. What I have now is the paper light flashing and the power light not. I think I didn't release the paper switch. Powering off and on doesn't fix it and it won't feed paper to clear it. Its frozen in this state. How can I clear this up?

I need some clarification on the procedure you outlined.

1. Do I begin with power on or off?
2. Paper feed refers to the roll paper switch?
3. While releasing the two paper switches, do I continue to hold the power switch?
4 The critical timing you refer to. Does this mean releasing the two buttons as soon as I get two flashes and pressing the paper feed before I get 3 (which seems impossible) or just making sure its after 2 and I release them at the same time?

David - Anonymous
I did the reset and now it seems to be sorking fine. thanks for all the help. Sonya - Anonymous
I just tried this and it worked perfectly on the first try.Yeahhhhhhhhh! Thank you, Rick - Anonymous

I'm stuck exactly where you are in this last post - did you ever find a way out?

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Sorry David for the late reply. I seen lots of really bad advice given lately by H.P. laser techs answering Epson question who had no idea what was really wrong with the printer. So I all but given up trying to help on this board. Anyway here is a link (below) to the epson SP 2100/2200 error reset page. Remember to follow the reset exactly as shown. Timing is the the main sticking point. But I really recommend using the SSC utility. If you have access to a friends PC computer that is the fastest way to reset the counter. All you would need to do is install the printer driver then install and configure the SSC utility.

You can download the ssc utility from here http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/epsonSSC.html

And the manual 2100 reset can be viewed here. http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/2100reset.html

I hope this helps,

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I had the same button-pushing outcome as David. As his last post implies, lights began flashing very rapidly and without pause on our 2200's after hitting power (the flashing alternates between the paper advance button & all ink LEDs) while holding the roll and paper advance buttons. There was no pause in the blinking of any of the lights, or lights coming on in any sequence, just immediate and ceaseless blinking. Letting go of the buttons did nothing. Holding the roll button for ten seconds did nothing. I've tried it from scratch about 20 times.

Yesterday, I got my printer hooked up to a PC (I'm normally on a Mac), and downloaded the reset utility you kindly pointed to. All I can get with the utility is a communication error message. I assume this is because the printer's occupied with whatever those constantly flashing lights represent (oh, if I'd only tried the utility first, and never pushed those damn buttons!). Let me make this clear: if the printer is powered up, those lights are flashing, and I don't know how to stop them, which now appears to be a separate problem from resetting the waste tank counter.

I have an outboard waste tank ready to install, but if I can't get this printer back on line, it's either chuck it or off to the printer tech (incidentally, this whole thing started with clogged nozzles, which led to lots of cleaning cycles, which led to the full waste tank message. The ink in those nozzles is probably petrified by now - the Magenta head's been partially clogged for nearly two weeks. I was using Lyson's Cave Paint CIS).

I have a utility coming from inkjetcolorsystems.com/ (who sent the waste tank and cleaning supplies), which I'm going to try, but it could be the same thing as the freebie download. If so, it probably won't work either. All this trouble dates back to a mislabled bottle of ink from Lyson; I've been dealing with this *!#$ since June 20th.


-Vic - vicman
Dear Wes,
I had a problem with my epson 2100 "waste Ink lights flashing" I searched the web and found your most welcome solution, which I might add worked a treat, thank you, you got me out of a hole.
Not only would it cost me about 160 to 200 euro to have serviced but I would be without my beloved printer for about 3 days, thank you again Wes.

Patrick, Dublin, Ireland - pauge
The hard reset method does work it just is very sensitive to the timing of the buttons pressed (It took me 10+ tries before getting it right. Keep Trying!

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I have never had any banding on my printouts until I connected my 2200 up to my Mac Mini. I used to have a G3 hooked up and everything printed beautifully.

Now I have banding on every printout, no matter what setting combinations I've tried? Does anyone else have this problem and know a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I tried the manual reset and it worked on the 3rd time. Timing is everything. Look at the power & paper load light - let go immediately after they blink twice. It has to be perfect.
Then hold the roll paper button 10 seconds. Wait a few seconds and you may see the printer return to normal if your timing is correct. I am so glad this website was out here. I will look like a genius for resolving this issue for the design department!
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HELP!! Am replacing the print cartridges for my HP All in One 2175 printer . Left is a HP57, Right one, a 56/58. When replacing these, with right one being a 56/not a 58. I'm getting an error msg saying right cartridge is wrong. Why????
by unknown on Jan 31, 2006 at 8:47pm Add comment
I have found the big spring has come loose and poked the circut contacts in the back where the cartridge makes contact.
- Anonymous
I'm glad I read far enough to see your post - I tried and was ready to give up until I noticed the bit about holding the button for 10 seconds - worked like a charm and I can't thank you enough!
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Ok - I am know at the end of my tether.
I have lent my HP 2175 to my mother-in-law as I needed her HP with the fax machine - no more than 2weeks after we get it her print heads fail - no hardship easily sorted.
But now - my every so reliable machine has gone and died!!

It keeps coming up with Remove Cartridge and close door - so I have tried this. Have also tried re-filling cartridges but nothing.
on the black holder it says to us a 56 or 58 - the 58 is in a red box - what does this mean? I am currently using a 56 so why isn't it working.
Please someone help as I desperately need to get this machine up and running.
by sarahginn on Jul 10, 2006 at 11:33am Add comment
I tried the Epson 2200 reset method, and after I hold the Paper Roll button for 10 secs, the lights turn off and it starts to initialize. After the ink cartridges slide back and forth once or twice, the all the red lights start flashing again.

Does that mean my timing was NOT right, or do I have a different problem?

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Did you read Parke's post above where it took him 10 trys to get the timing right?
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Yes, did you read the part where I said it initialized and then reverted back? - unknown
Where does it say that?

The hard reset method does work it just is very sensitive to the timing of the buttons pressed (It took me 10+ tries before getting it right. Keep Trying!

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Thanks for the reply Parke.

I followed the instructions found here:

And when the process gets to the third box ("Power, Paper and Ink LEDs are lit for 2 seconds"), the ink cartridges go back and forth a couple of times, I hear some noise, and all the red lights come back on again.

If my timing is WRONG, would I be able to get to that point where the lights stay lit for 2 seconds? (I assumed that if my timing was off, I wouldn't even get that far.)

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I have this same issue. When I do the reset method found here: http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/2100reset.html

I feel like I am getting the timing right since everything happens like the instructions say, including the part where the lights stay lit for 2 seconds. But then it just returns to the fast blinking light problem.

I should mention that this printer was shipped to me used and hasn't worked since I got it. Maybe the flashing lights are an indicator something else is going on.
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Be specific. What is the condition of each light.
Which lights are solid on, off, blinking and are they blinking rapidly or slowly?
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Upon startup, the green power light flashes, a sheet of paper will get loaded through. Then the ink cartridges will move back and forth and land in the "home" position. Once that happens, all the ink lights and the paper light flash in unison very rapidly. There is no green power light at this point.

If I restart it very quickly after this, the ink lights and paper light flash rapidly without going through the initialization thing.

From everything I have read online, this is a "fatal error" indicator. It seems like this is the same indicator used for when the ink pads need replacing, so I did the reset procedure here http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/2100reset.html.

Everything acts just like this web site says it should. But after the lights stay solid for 2 seconds and the printer goes through its initialization, the ink cartridges just park over in the right side and I get the rapid blinking of all the ink and the paper lights again. When these lights are blinking, the printer is unresponsive.

My guess is that something was damaged when the printer was shipped to me.

I'm almost to the point where I might take it in to get it repaired. But I was hoping to be able to fix it myself.
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I want to add an additional checkpoint to this forum on the 2200 fatal error. Especially if the printer has been moved or shipped. Check the DE lock lever. It is located above and behind (looking from the rear) of the ASF motor. Epson calls it a lever, but it is actually a slide bolt. This lever is moved by the carriage when in home position. If the printer takes a hit, this can be popped out of the inside guide. There is a hook that holds it and limits its travel, but an impact can pop the lever past the hook. I racked my brains for a while trying to resolve my fatal error and this was the culprit. It's worth checking. My symptoms were similar...would start fine then give error at the end of the power on self test cycle. - G.Macmahon
One of 3 errors is being detected. 1-Carriage error, 2-Paper feed motor not rotating properly, 3-Home position not being detected by sheet feed sensor. Under normal circumstances the printer will not load a piece of paper when being turned on.
Hope this helps.
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Do you have any recommendations for how to troubleshoot any of these issues to help me determine which it is and hopefully how to correct it?
by unknown on Jul 29, 2007 at 3:54pm Add comment
I hope you get an answer millerrh, because I'm experiencing exactly the same problem (also got mine second hand and it hasn't worked since it arrived) - unknown
millerrh, did you ever fix your printer? Or did you chuck it off the balcony? I tried the same thing you did, and got the same results.
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I ended up sending it into Epson and they sent me a R1800 as a replacement. I think it cost me $175 to have them fix it. So at first I was stoked.

But now I cannot for the life of me get the R1800 to print anywhere close to what my calibrated monitor shows even with accurate profiles and printer paper. I think I'm going to sell it and just use my old Canon small format printer. - unknown
god bless i was about to toss this 2200. manual reset is great
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count me among the grateful. had the exact same problem. took 3 tries to get re-set to work, and everthing is back to normal. thank you! - Anonymous
wow....this really works cant believe and was about to throw the thing out.....
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Wow, thanks a mil for that reset advice. It just happened to me, I googled the problem and voila an answer! It was tricky to reset though. My problem was that the ink was out but when I tried using the utility to see which cartridge it said I had a connection error. I knew this was not true because I just printed a page and rechecked the connection. I got it reset after about 5 tries.
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how to rid communication errror
by unknown on Jul 31, 2009 at 9:32am Add comment
it worked!!!
Thank you so much!!!!
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I hear some people were experiencing high speed blinking of the paper LED after reset? Happened to me too, and it was because I hadn't yet restored the paper lever to the correct position following replacement of my waste pads!
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I have a 2200 that went belly up. Sent it to Dawn Electronics in Atlanta and they sent it to Epson for repair. Cost $400+ and when I got it back it had another problem. Had cancer treatments at the time and was unable to hook up the printer for several months. Neither Epson or Dawn would do anything about the problem (sucks).

Got the maintance manual and tried to locate the problem. What is happening is:

1 Turn on printer and it feeds a sheet of paper.

2 Paper goes by PW sensor and stops (too far in). Does not move paper back to the correct positon. Tried it on ADF and manual and same thing happens.

3 All ink lights start flashing.

I think it is the paper detector but there is nothing in the maintenance manual that I can find to fix the problem.

Spent a small fortune on this printer, ink and archival paper and would like to get it working again, if possible.

I have talked to Epson (that's a laugh) and Dawn Electronis several times and basically was told that for an additional $175 they would work on it (additional service charge).

I fell that I have been really ripped off.

If it can not be fixed, I just wasted $3,000 and it is going into the trash.

Would never recommend Epson printers again.
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I can't believe it...It took me 6 or 7 tries...whooooohooooo!!!!! so cool.
Thank you guys!!! I am on a Mac-Pro Intel and yes, it took just the right touch...
Advise: pretend you are playing the piano (and you are at Carnegie Hall)...let go with gusto (after 2nd blink) then hold that paper roll down for at least 10 seconds. Do not be afraid and Voila! Cheri
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The manual rest does work!! Thanks One thing is it is easier to follow the graph for manual reset from http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/2100reset.html
Got on second try with this, the key is to lift off the roll paper switch then press and hold for 10 seconds.
by photobill on Dec 4, 2010 at 6:59pm Add comment
Hi G.Macmahon,
Can you please describe how the printer behaved? I have one 2200 that was transported and now it does the power-on procedure as described in the manual, but at the very end I hear short buzz from the ASF area and the red lights start blinking.
Did yours behave in similar manner?

by gdanov on Feb 28, 2011 at 2:09pm Add comment
I was able to reset my printer using the button-pushing method. It took about 5 tries. Thank you!
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