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Canon Canon FC 3

printhead problems with Canon i80

A family member pulled a spent black ink cartrige and left it out until I got home. I replaced with a new one and the printer does not print consistently - after cleaning, and deep cleaning, it seems to still produce streaks on black ink only. I replaced the cartridge again, and still the same thing. Occasionally, it prints just fine. When it is misbehaving, it shows the streaks in the same positions (like same pattern of no ink in line 3 and 15) if I print additional copies of the same page. Any suggestions?
I've had the same problems with cleaning and deep cleaning; Canon has sent me a replacement print head, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how to unlock the existing one so I can replace it. Any help?
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Power up your printer and open the cover to the print compartment. I removed the ink cartridges. The print head should have come with instructions for replacing the head. If you don't have these instructions, go to the Canon Start Here fold out sheet that came with your printer. It shows a grey locking lever in the front of the carriage for the print head. You should be able to pull up gently on the left side tab and release the top of the carriage and pull the old head out and replace with the new head. A tip I learned from a Canon repair guy: Your new print head is always tested at the factory - and it may have some residual ink in it. Mine did not work the first time. After several cleanings, using new ink cartidges, it worked and has been ever since. If you use your printer infrequently, run a test page through it every few weeks.

Good LUck - Anonymous
In order to remove the print head, you need to remove both cartridges and with the door still opened hold down the feed button for about three seconds. The print head moves over to the right a bit and their you will see a tab. By pressing that tab the print head guard lifts up and you can remove the print head. - Anonymous
Open lid, printhead will move to center, there is a grey lever nearest to you, pull/push up and back and printhead will release. You may have to move the printhead a little to the right to see the grey lever.

Good Luck - Anonymous
I had the same problem so I had the epson head cleaning kit from a previous problem and it works.The only problem is the way the heads or built from epson and canons printers.I just squirted a little solution onto the ink pads where the ink cartridge sit and watch the it get absorbed meaning cleaning.So anyways try the epson cleaning kit it work for me
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Thanks for the info on how to remove the printhead...couldn't find it anywhere on the Canon website or in the user guide.

Several months ago I ran out of black ink and never got a new cartridge. One whole new ink cartridge and six deep cleanings later...the black ink on my Canon i80 still didn't print. I took some of the advice here, and voila! Perfect printing in black and color...

Here's what I did. I popped out the printhead, and cleaned it using the alchohol solution provided in my ink cartridge refill kit. Then I forced some of the alchohol solution through the nozzles. After submersing it in warm water for five minutes, I blotted it dry and used some q-tips to dry around the nozzles. I let it sit for ten minutes or so to be sure it was dry, and then popped it back in the printer with some new ink cartridges. I tried to print, but it didn't print at first, so I did a cleaning and a deep cleaning. Then I printed a test page, and the Black ink prints perfect now (I did a little happy dance when I saw it print correctly)!
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Amazing, this shit actually works!!

Thanks guys
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I know its probably to late for JG, but if anyone else has this problem as I did over the last couple of weeks heres how I solved it. Remove the offending ink cart and put a drop or two of turps on the fine mesh circle on the printer's print head. I also worked in the turps with a cotton bud and then afterwards put on another drop of turps. After a couple of mins I replaced the ink cart and it worked first time, I'll admit the ink was a bit runny in the first test print but by the second its was spot on!
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what is turps? - Anonymous
Thank you for reminding me how to remove the print head!

I did the following with instant success after much frustration with using the cleaning and deep cleaning routines to clear a B&W clog prolem: I sprayed mouthwash on the B&W print head with my Panasonic portable "water-pic". This was a bit messy. After drying off with many kleenix, it printed without smears or runs or blanks or, the first time.
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Being away for a month, the Canon i80 now prints much white space in the test pattern for black.
I changed the black cartridge, the results are the same.
I thought to do a Deep Cleaning, which I did about a year ago.
I updated my Apple laptop to 10.4.8 recently, and when going to Utilities to do a Deep Cleaning, I find the only utility availabe for the printer is the Printer Setup Utility.
No Icon or drop-down provides the Deep Cleaning option.
Can the command be activated by a button sequence on the printer?
Is there another solution?
If someone can advise, it would be much appreciated.
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You helped me solve a problem that's been going on for months. Thanks!

My i80 was printing in color only -- no black. I followed your instructions to remove the print head, squirted some leftover fixyourownprinter.com Epson head cleaning solution through it, wiped it off with a paper towel, and reinstalled the print head. Presto! Black is working again. Thanks again.

BTW, I saw the iP90 on sale for $125 at my local Office Depot today.
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Amazing! Followed advice about how to remove the print head then put 2-3 drops of alcohol on the black nozzle with a Q-tip. Finally, dried the nozzle with other end of Q-tip. It works after one cleaning!

Thanks to all for the advice.
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Re: printhead problems with Canon i80 by alr (11/27/06 11:12 PM) reply + / -
Amazing! Followed advice about how to remove the print head then put 2-3 drops of alcohol on the black nozzle with a Q-tip. Finally, dried the nozzle with other end of Q-tip. It works after one cleaning!
can someone tell me how to do this

- vicgrimshaw
Happy dance! I had the same problem with my i9900 and this worked. What a great forum! This is what the Internet is all about.
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Use all recommendation on taking printhead out.
Soak Rubbing alcohol few times Plus I use compressed air to blow few times cleaning solution from nozzles & where ink are feed
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I know this is a fairly old thread, but THANK YOU to everyone who wrote useful comments on it.

I'm not very high up on the printer knowledge scale, so I'd let mine be dysfunctional for nearly a year. I didn't know having my old, good quality printer back would be so easy. I just cleaned the printhead with alcohol, et voila :)

Thanks a million.
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Vodka works fine too...
Destilled and lots of alcohol
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Very helpful. Didn't work at first, then I used some compressed air to blow through the mesh - made a big mess of my desk and hands - a deep cleaning and now it prints beautifully.

Thank you
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I do not know what turps means. I fixed the Canon i80 by installing a new print head and running the cleaning cycle several times with new print cartriges. Even new print heads have some preservative on them and need to be cleaned several times, especially if they have been sitting on the shelf for a long time.
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Well this is kind of embarassing, I just received a post today and took a look at the forum to respond, and my printer (black cart) stopped working again! There's lots of good advice, but I have a question. What kind of alcohol are you using for cleaning? The repair kits don't seem to be available, so I thought I would try your alcohol swab trick.
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hi i just poured white spirits over the grey circles a couple of times let it soak in for about 15 minutes then i held under hot tap until all the ink had finnished comeing out gave it a good shake then left to dry for 12 hours i put one on radiater once to dry out that takes about 1 hour
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Well has anybody not had success with the cleaning operation? I tried the alcohol and q-tip cleaning operation followed by cleaning, but still have no indication of black ink getting through to the paper - even with a new ink cartridge. Any ideas?
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i just installed a new print head in my canon i80 printer and the printer will now not print in color. I have tried deep cleaning and everything in the maintenance tab, tried cleanin the heads with hydrogen peroxide and I still can't get it to print in color. Any suggestions?
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I had a similar experience, prior to my present problem. A kindly printer repair guy looked at it (free of charge) and ran through several cleaning cycles with the new print head, and it began to work (after about 6 or 8 cycles). He said that the new printheads can have a residue on them, if they have been sitting on the shelf for awhile - someone else said they test them before shipping, so there's likely where the residue comes from. I hope that helps! - Anonymous
I might have had the same problem. I could print in black ink but the colors were not printing (first yellow, then red, finally blue). I tried replacing the ink cartridges and head with no results.

An authorized service rep told me that the Waste Ink Counter will automatically shut off the flow of ink when it exceeds a certain limit. (He did not specify the limit). He reset the Waste Ink Counter in Service Mode and then produced a good test print while I was not looking. I asked him if the Waste Ink Pad needed to be serviced and he said that, upon inspection, the Waste Ink Pad seemed to be nowhere near capacity. (He did not specify the inspection or limit criteria.)

I purchased and downloaded the Service Manual, Parts Catalog, and Product Service Details documents. These documents describe how to access the Service Menu in Service Mode. The Service Menu has options to print a test page, print EEPROM information, Reset the Waste Ink Counter, initialize EEPROM memory, and other functions.

The instructions for resetting the Waste Ink Counter are as follows:

0. Close the lid and turn the device off.
1. Enter Service Mode.
1a. Press and hold the Cancel/Eject button.
1b. Press and Hold the Power button (simultaneously). LED should illuminate green.
1c. Release the Cancel/Eject button.
1d. Press and release (tap) the Cancel/Eject button three times. LED will change color with each tap. On the third tap release the Power button and the Cancel/Eject button at the same time.
1e. Allow the device time to initialize. LED will blink green while initializing. LED will illuminate green when initialization is complete. Device is now in Service Mode.
2. Reset Waste Ink Counter.
2a. Press and release (tap) the Cancel/Eject button 4 times. LED will alternate color with each tap. Note: the Cancel/Eject button is the Service Menu scroll/selection button in Service Mode.
2b. Press and release the Power button. Waste Ink Counter will reset. Note: the Power button is the Service Menu item launch/execute button in Service Mode.
3. Exit service mode.
3a. Power off the device. (Tap the Power button.)

If you are interested in seeing what the Waste Ink Count was at before and/or after the counter reset, Tap the Service Menu button 2 times and execute to print the EEPROM information. The Waste Ink COunter values are the fourth and fifth values printed (D and Ds).

If you are interested in printing a service test page, press the Service Menu button once then execute.

If you are interested in wiping out the non-volatile RAM completely, thus loosing potentially valuable troubleshooting information, press the Service Menu button 3 times and execute to initialize EEPROM.

I want to take this time to thank Canon and it's development team for not representing the Waste Ink Counter in the Canon BJ Status Monitor, Printer and Fax Properties Maintenance tab, nor the i80 Setup Utility. Thanks guys.

I should note that after paying the service rep and bringing the printer home, it began to exhibit the same behavior as before. - Anonymous
The answers here helped to get my i80 to cruise right along again.
For alcohol, I use isopropal, sold in two strengths in pharmacies. Use the 95\%.
Also, if the i80 has been sitting a long while, use acetone first, from a hardware store.
Acetone vaporizes very quickly, so then rinse out with isopropal quickly, 20-30 seconds later.
Do not use nailpolisher remover, as oils are added to it to make it smell good, so might leave a residue.
Isopropal and acetone are both VERY volatile, so no smoking, working by fireplace light, etc.
Turps is turentine, less volatile. Didn't try that.
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Thanks for all the help. I am still having problems. I followed all the suggestions for the new printhead, using isopropyl alcohol. Only blank pages were the result. Then I changed back to the old printhead and the printer will only put out blank pages despite the fact it looks as though it is printing properly. I changed back to the new printhead and the same thing. If someone has a clue to this dilemma I would be most grateful.
by kevd on Apr 27, 2007 at 4:50pm Add comment

I saw another post that said to use a few drops of pure acetone, followed by the isopropyl. It might be worth a try. My cat actually managed to knock my printer off the table, so there is a possiblility that something in the electro/mechanics got damaged. Perhaps you had something similar but unrelated to a bad printhead or ink supply happen to yours? - Anonymous
Well 2 things come to mind! Bad or dried up color ink cartridge or purge unit is stuck and not functioning. Try the ink first, if its a purge unit, best bet is a repair shop and they will probably want to install a new print unit. We carry the Print units in stock and even sell them if you want to try it your self.

Authorized Canon Tech
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I have tried everything it want print can I buy and where can I get a new print head - Anonymous
hi thanks but i put some drops of white spirit on the carriage then washed it out in hot running water left it to dry for 24 hours & it worked great so this my help you & others in the future
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We have a Canon BJC 8200 and are now experiencing hortizontal (white or skipping?) lines every 1/8th inch when we print B/W photos (we also see this on color photos). We did multiple cleanings and deep cleanings (probably over 100 times over the past 2 days) along with 2 alcohol treatments on the black head. Printing black text looks good. Since most of the ink tanks are now running low, we're wondering if we should try replacing the head or just buy the Pixma ip3300 (about the same cost). This is the 1st problem we've experienced with the BJC8200 and have been extremely happy with it for the many years of use! We probably bought it when it 1st came out and all we've ever had to do was to buy ink! Please help!
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Some guy name Tommy has been writting me and looking at this formum group I don't see his name here but he brought a i80 print head somewhere and then wrote to me directly asking how to change it. I told him in my first response to him that the instructions come in the box from Canon. He again asked me so I told him to go back to the place he bought it and ask them, since he didn't buy it from me and I had already answered the question. Here was his response.
"Let me understand. You are apart of a "FORUM" of which you choose to be. Are instead so full of yourself so as to only responsed civily to those who purchased from you. So it's a commercial forum and not a users forum in your eyes. Well I wouldn't have purchased from you if I knew the way you are in the first place. Shove it up your A__. You should have listed yourself as Anonymous, that way you wouldn't have been bothered, but then again you would get the FREE commercial value. Sorry. You need to FIXYOUROWNATTITUDE not Fixyourownprinter..."
Guys I'm not here to Banter with anyone, I already told him how to do it and he kept asking, besides telling me he is going to use chemicals and other cleaning stuff on a new print head because someone here mentioned even new ones don't work right.
Please guys lets try to keep things civil here. I have helped many guys here and yes i do also sell new product, I'm about the only place i know that sells the blotters and purge units and etc, but in trying to help I think you go a bit to far when you start name calling and critising. Some of you have some pretty good tricks that do seem to work and some well ok. I have read about guys using acetone, don't ever use that on plastic it will melt it, way to strong, go to the hardwear store and buy denatured alcohol, its 99\% pure and works like a charm.

Authorized Canon Tech
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hi to anyone who has a problem with removing printhead from a canon ip 90/ip80
turn on power lift up lid & wait for cartridges to move to centre then pree & hold resume button till carriage moves very slightly you will then see a little lever lift it up
by vicgrimshaw on Aug 12, 2007 at 8:48am Add comment
OMG THANK YOU! The damned instructions say "press lock button and lift up lid" but they DON'T tell you to press the resume button and move the carriage over! We were going crazy over here! Thank you!!! - unknown
aha! no one told me about pressing on the resume button! thank you!! - Anonymous
Many times blank pages are caused by an inoperative purge unit in the i70/i80/ pixma ip90. The purge unit not only is the resting place for the carriage assembly and caps the print head but also cleans and opens the print head by suction. If the purge unit is not rising to cap or suction the print head you will not print. Several things come to mind for a fix but the main fix is to repair or replace the purge unit. You can try wetting it with a bit of water to break down the ink, just a titch, remember it needs to be absorbed into the drain pack. But as a repair center, we will in the essence of saving time, as time is money, replace the entire print unit which in effect will give you a brand new machine in and old case.
If your going to try and repair it yourself, stay away from acetone, too strong and will melt plastic, avoid rubbing alcohol, it contains oil and will clog heads and burn out the mini heaters in the print head. You can and should try distilled water or denatured alcohol, available at any headware store.
If your getting white lines? That is an indication of print head nozzles not working or clogged.
Look first at the print head and secondly at the purge, one of them is not working.
And lastly if you have a Pixma ip90, your in all probablity still under warranty and you may be eligible for a firmwear upgrade specificly aimed at the purge unit and specificly for suctioning black. If you have firmwear version lower then V1.02, you need the upgrade and any authorized repair center should be willing to do it for you. But it is a special proceedure and if done wrong, can ruin your main logic board and toast it so take it to a Canon Authorized repair center. We are happy to do it for you but if you have to ship it in you will need to cover the cost of return shipping.

Authorized Canon Tech
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To BAB - Sorry you got some bad email - this forum has been useful to me. I like the Canon i70-i80 series, but I hope that Canon solves its printhead problem, I'm on printhead number 2 and need to order number 3. Thanks for all your help - and hang in there!
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I took an hour to write an elegant post on resetting the waste ink counter. I gave my name and email address too. The after submitting, during the review process, this web site asked me to authenticate in a separate pop-up window. My new authenticated profile has no record of the post.

I was cheated! I want fair credit for my post!! (Thanks guys).
by anon_lynx on Sep 26, 2007 at 6:08pm Add comment
by BGRAB on Sep 30, 2007 at 8:05pm Add comment
I have a canon I80. Had it for about 3 years. It has worked great, But now it does not recognize the color cartridge I have replaced it numerouse times. Is there any fix or work around to disable the ink cartridge detection system?
Any help would be apriciated
by jmcpapol on Nov 8, 2007 at 1:25am Add comment
hi it sounds like a new printhead is needed if it does not reconize a new original canon ink cartridge then this is the problem you can purchase on ebay at about £40
by Anonymous on Nov 8, 2007 at 1:36am Add comment
Thanks thats what I was afraid of. Maybe I will just buy a new 1 it worked great untill the color cartridge issue, Thanks for the reply I apritiate it - Anonymous
be sure to read all of the previous correspondance, above. You may need to do some of the resetting the counter suggested by an Anonymous above. I replaced the cartridge and had a tech go through several cleaning cycles, then the printer worked fine for a period of time. Then I had the same problem all over again later.

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I have a Canon s300 printer. The black ink is not printing.
Where the print head sits on the soft pads, I only have
1 soft pad on the left side. The right slot is empty.
Is this normal? Thanks for any help.

by unknown on Nov 21, 2007 at 5:13pm Add comment
I have a Canon s300 printer. The black ink is not printing.
Where the print head sits on the soft pads, I only have
1 soft pad on the left side. The right slot is empty.
Should the right slot also have a soft pad?
Thanks for any help.
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This is a great forum. I have moved to rural Mexico with little chance of getting anywhere with a repair station or retail store. My i80 sat idle for about 6 months and none of the advice here has allowed me to print--it goes through the motions now, which is an improvement--before cleaning print heads with alcohol it just rolled the paper through. Since the i80 is now becoming an old machine anyway, does anyone know where I can search for a replacement print head *used*, and have it mailed?
by unknown on Dec 29, 2007 at 8:32pm Add comment
hi second hand might be a bit hard to find & to trust that they still work i buy my printhead from user id on ebay ukrepair
i also buy them from http://www.crc-tasktron.co.uk/ both in the uk but on ebay you can get them cheaper on ebay in the usa for about $25
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Oh! THat is a great answer! Meanwhile, though, I guess I have suspended disbelief excessively, and tried deep cleaning too many times, because now I'm getting the message that the waste ink absorber is almost full, and that if I continue, "an error may occur." To all you smart people out there: Is there any self-fix for the waste ink absorber? Keeping in mind that I live in a dusty place called Zamora, Michoacán....
by unknown on Dec 30, 2007 at 2:09pm Add comment
hi if you take your printhead out & wash it with hot water & washing up liquid under a running tap till the ink stops showing get the water on to the little grey nozzles & turn over and let the water run through the 2 lots of slots then let dry fo 30 minutes do not put your fingers on the green chip at the front ( to take out printhead turn printer on then press & hold resume button you will see the carriage move over you can then lift the little catch to take out printhead )
also this below will set your ink tank

the waste absorber full reset sequence for the I80.

1)Turn off the printer. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel and Power buttons at the same time.

2)Release the Resume/Cancel button. (continue to hold down the power button)

3)While continuing to hold down the power button press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times then release both buttons.

4)The LED should now be green. Press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. The led should be green.

Power it off and you should be good to go!
by Anonymous on Dec 31, 2007 at 2:32am Add comment
ik heb ook hetzelfde probleem dat mijn printer komt melding maken van absorptiekussen vervangen, kan je mij eventueel het juiste refertenummer berzorgen en eventueel adres waar ik dit onderdeel zou kunnen bestellen
by Anonymous on Apr 10, 2008 at 4:51am Add comment
I believe this gentleman is Danish - it looks like he might be looking for the address for a print head or the reference number for the instructions on reseting the overflow counter. Can anyone help him?
by Anonymous on Apr 10, 2008 at 7:43am Add comment
The anonymous user from (4/10/08 4:51 AM) is actually speaking Dutch. The post reads:

"I've got the same issue that my printer gives a notice/warning that I need to replace the absorption pillow, could you give me the exact reference number and if you have the address were i can order this part."

note: I translated "absorptiekussen" literary into English it might have a different name in the printer world (waste ink absorber?).
by unknown on Apr 13, 2008 at 2:48pm Add comment
In the Canon Parts Catalog, FIGURE 8, it describes the parts for the INK ABSORBERS as:

Figure Number/Part Number/Part Name
(8.1) QC1-1210-000 ABSORBER, INK
(8.2) QC1-1212-000 ABSORBER, INK WITH FILM
(8.3) QC1-1211-000 ABSORBER, INK

My Product Service Details manual shows the phone number for "Service Quality Engineering and Service Support & Logistics" as being 1-800-567-9092. They should be able to refer you to the replacement parts ordering phone number. I was able to get pricing and availability for parts even though I was only a consumer and not a licensed Canon service technician. - anon_lynx
I just replaced the printhead and both cartridges in my I-80 and I cant get the black to print. Ran seeral cleaning and deep cleaning cycles on the black only --now it says that the black ink is running low. !! How is this possible on a new cartridge? also tried the 95\% alcohol but no avail.
Help! I BAB still out there?
by hardybar on Apr 18, 2008 at 3:42pm Add comment
I have had the same problem in the past - a new print head may fix your problem (I think they run about 33 dollars). I installed the print head, and still had the same problem. I happened to take the printer to a Canon Tech near Portland, Oregon. He cycled the clean print head feature many times and got it to work - He said the print heads sometimes will have a little residual gunk on them even brand new, so you have to run the cleaning cycle. If you look above, there are also fixes involving resetting the cleaning/overflow counter to solve the problem. Just look back over some of the previous correspondance and you will get to a lot of useful tips. I love the Canon, but it has started up with the same problems again so, sadly, it sits on my shelf now!
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hi if your printhead is not working take it out & leave it running under a boiling hot tap for 20 minutes turn it over every 5 minutes
when done give it a good shake & leave to dry for 10 minutes you should be good to go again
by vicgrimshaw on Apr 19, 2008 at 1:59am Add comment
Hi -

Can you tell me if it is okay to submerge all the metal / computer parts under water?

Thanks! - unknown
Ok after reading through several of these posts, I too am having the black streak problem. Should I try cleaning it or invest in a new printhead. As I am moving out of the country and dont want to get over there and have to ship a print head. What is the dependability on cleaning it with mouthwash or boiling it or all the other methods?
by taramarie on May 20, 2008 at 11:29pm Add comment
Can someone tell me how to remove the print head from my Canon i80?
by djeberl on Jun 1, 2008 at 6:52pm Add comment
hi to remove printhead from canon ip80 just press & hold down resume button till you see the printhead move very slightly you will then see a little lift up catch - vicgrimshaw
Et voila!!! Worked like a charm. Thanks very much, vicgrimshaw.
by djeberl on Jun 2, 2008 at 3:20am Add comment
Dear Annonymous, do you remember where you downloaded/purchased the i80 parts catalog and the product service details documents? By the way, what are product service details documents? Do the include diagramed drawings of how to remove cover, etc? Thanks
by Anonymous on Sep 7, 2008 at 12:05pm Add comment
Dear Annonymous, do you remember where you downloaded/purchased the i80 parts catalog and the product service details documents? By the way, what are product service details documents? Do the include diagramed drawings of how to remove cover, etc? Thanks
by Anonymous on Sep 7, 2008 at 12:08pm Add comment
what other kind of help do you need
by vicgrimshaw on Sep 7, 2008 at 12:09pm Add comment
I was able to locate and download the service manual that Annymous mentioned, but have not been able to locate the other 2 documents (parts catalog and product service details documents) he mentioned. I would like to have these for future use.

I keep getting "replace black ink cartridge" message even though a new cartridge is in place. I do plan to sift through all the suggestions to see if any I might try before going to an authorized service center.
by MsMel608 on Sep 7, 2008 at 12:25pm Add comment
i have had this problem sometimes its the printhead needs replacing
but first take out the ink carts then take out the printhead and run hot water from the tap for about 20 mins top and bottom till no more ink comes out then give it a good shake leave to dry for ten min then replace back in printer
i am not saying this works but it did for me

or you can try this the ink tank might be full


the waste absorber full reset sequence for the I80.

1)Turn off the printer. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel and Power buttons at the same time.

2)Release the Resume/Cancel button. (continue to hold down the power button)

3)While continuing to hold down the power button press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times then release both buttons.

4)The LED should now be green. Press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. The led should be green.

Power it off and you should be good to go!
by vicgrimshaw on Sep 7, 2008 at 12:35pm Add comment
thanks vicgrimshaw for the info. I do plan to try all relevant recommendations.

one of the reasons I wanted the Parts Catalog and the Product Service Detail documents is that I thought they would help me identify parts of the printer. I have no idea what the printhead looks like or where it is located... nor where some of the other parts that are mentioned in some of the posts. - Anonymous
hi the printhead is the item you put the cartridges into to get the printhead out press & hold the resume button until you see the cartriges move very slightly to the right you will then see a little catch appear lift catch upwards you can then take out the printhead
hope this helps
by vicgrimshaw on Sep 8, 2008 at 12:21am Add comment
There is more than one absorber in the i80. One at the bottom of the printer, where the printhead is moving, and another the socalled "drain pack"in the back of the printer.
The one at the bottom is very unlikely to be changed.The drainpack has number QL2-0194-000.You can set an advertisement in Holland at marktplaats, probably someone will respond where to obtain such a drain pack in Holland.
by Anonymous on Dec 17, 2008 at 10:59am Add comment

Short answer: NO !

Normally computer/ printer parts do not swim :-) .

by unknown on Dec 26, 2008 at 10:26pm Add comment
So, then why does everyone keep suggesting to run the print head under warm water? - unknown
They are perhaps out of "normal" or "carefull" cleaning methods,
a takes a long time to dry the printhead anyway.

Normally you put the printhead on a piece of wetted paper,wetted with alcohol, such as a folded paper handkerchief on something like a small dish and let it "soak and bleed" for some time, you can speed it up a little by carefully pushing the printhead on the paper. Refresh the wetted paper if necessary. When the bleeding is finished you can drop some alcohol on the ink-inlets, bleeding will starts again.When bleeding has stopped let the printhead dry for some time, otherwise there is a chance for "short-circuiting" the printhead when it is reinstalled in the printer.
by unknown on Dec 27, 2008 at 9:13am Add comment
Could someone please instruct me on how to empty the ink out of the ink waste tank? I have the reset instructions but have no idea how to empty the ink.
by karen lewis on Jan 22, 2009 at 12:12pm Add comment
Actually it is not a tank to empty, it is felt in a closed plastic housing, which is in the back of the printer.
Allthough it is possible to open that housing en to clean the felt, it is not recommended to do so, wear gloves,it is a filthy finger job :-) .
By Canon that part is also named " drain pack ass'y".
It is a complete unit.
But if you really want to try: the printer has stopped anyway and repair will cost $$$$$$$$ or where I live €€€€€€€€.

You have to open the printer, take the top off,carefully remove the cabling on top of the drain pack, lift the printer unit a bit and pull-out the assý .You need to fiddle around a bit.
You can open the assý with a sharp knife, make notes before you remove the pieces of felt in the ass'y, so you can put them back as they should.Clean the felt in water,let it dry,put them back, use glue to close the ass'y.
When installing the drain pack ass’y, take care of the following:
To prevent leakage apply a thin coat of specific grease (such as Molykote 7508) to the surface of the cylinder-shaped mold at joint of the purge unit. Do not apply the grease to anywhere other than the specified area.
Put the drain pack ass'y in its original place, put the cabling in its place, put the top back on.
Make a cross, call for blessing and give it a try. - Anonymous
the waste absorber full reset sequence for the Ip80.

1)Turn off the printer. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel and Power buttons at the same time.

2)Release the Resume/Cancel button. (continue to hold down the power button)

3)While continuing to hold down the power button press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times then release both buttons.

4)The LED should now be green. Press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. The led should be green.

Power it off and you should be good to go!
- Anonymous
Where can I buy a new drain pack assembly for a Canon i80? Could a reset for the ink waste tank simply be enough or it it absolutely necessary to replace/clean it?
by karen lewis on Jan 22, 2009 at 2:09pm Add comment
The drainpack has partnumber QL2-0194-000
I do not know where you can buy them at your place.
May be someone else does.
A reset might be simply enough, it depends on the amount of pages you have printed, and the amounts of Power ON/OFF .
Every time you switch ON/OFF ink goes to the waste tank.
Do a reset, when the printer is working again make a test print:
Have paper in the printer !!

1) Turn off the printer. While pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press the Power button.
(Do not release the buttons. The LED lights in green to indicate that a function is selectable.)
2) While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button. (Do not release the
Power button.)
3) While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times, and then release
the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed,
the LED lights alternately in either orange or green, starting with orange.)
4) When the LED lights in green, press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times.
(Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in either orange or green, starting with orange.)

Press the Power button. The LED lights in green, and the selected function is performed: a print will come out of the printer.
(When the operation completes, the printer returns to the menu selection mode automatically.)

On the print:

1. Model name 2. ROM version 3. Destination 4. Waste ink amount (D: Main, Ds: Borderless) 5. Number of print
pages 6. Timer IC 7. Bidirectional registration
8. Print head temperature 9. Inside temperature 10. Line inspection information 11. USB serial number 12. Number
of times of print head installation and removal 13. Number of times of ink tank installation and removal
14. Number of times of cleaning 15. Ink consumption (Bk, C, M, Y) 16. Low battery threshold
17. Number of times of wiping 18. Number of pages printed by I/F (IrDA, DSC, BT) 19. Number of times of camera port
connection and removal 20. Number of pages printed in print head alignment
21. Latest time with no error / error record (The same errors occurring consecutively are counted as 1 error.)
22. Total ink consumption
23. Dot count reset
24. User print head alignment values
25. Installation date 26. Number of times of power-on/off 27. PE value
28. Number of pages printed by paper type (plain paper, borderless, photo paper, postcard) 29. Number of pages printed
when the battery is used 30. Battery value

I can't give any additional information, I.m sorry.
by Anonymous on Jan 22, 2009 at 2:55pm Add comment
Thank You, took a couple cleanings but then after water and alcohol it worked. My fault it has been stored for quite some time...
by unknown on Feb 8, 2009 at 5:04pm Add comment
You have saved me, thanks a million!
My IP90 is 2 or 3 years old and i have never changed the printer head.
I just took it out and gave it a good clean where the head meets up with the paper and it works brilliant!!!
This saved my project, thanks again.
by Anonymous on Mar 9, 2009 at 2:15am Add comment
Thank you very much for your information. I couldn't get my I-80 to work at all and the information from the Cannon site was useless. This worked perfectly. I was able to at least get to use my printer for now.
by Anonymous on Mar 23, 2009 at 3:36pm Add comment
hi have you tried taking the printhead out
then run boiling water through on the printhead on both sides for 10 minutes each side give it a good shake and leave to dry if still the same do it again for longer you should then be good to go
by Anonymous on Mar 28, 2009 at 1:43am Add comment
A month or two ago I had the waste tank message. Thanks to this great forum, I undertook the recommended procedure with the buttons, and miraculously it did the trick. Now, suddenly, from one day printing perfectly, the next day it wouldn't print black properly. White lines across the page as described by some of the above. Will print colour, but not black. Changed the black cartridge - no difference.

So I decided to try the hot water treatment and now it doesn't print at all - colour or black!

I'm reluctant to buy another printhead (this one is not its first), as £40 would go a good way towards a new printer; it just bugs me that a really good little printer can suddenly pack up like this.

Any suggestions gratefully received!
by sue100 on Apr 12, 2009 at 6:05am Add comment
Perhaps you should give the ink some time to sink into the printhead, let it rest for a couple of hours.
by Dutchcan on Apr 12, 2009 at 6:57am Add comment
Thanks Dutchcan. I have just done a clean and deepclean, and it is now printing - colour AND black! So I guess the hot water did do the trick. Let's hope it stays that way. Thanks to all on this great forum.
by sue100 on Apr 12, 2009 at 7:39am Add comment
See , I tryied all the cleaning methods described on forum . For a moment the printer start to print but partially correct. I cleaned the head further, and now , BLANK sheet no matter how much times I run cleanig or deep cleaning . It meands I must replace the head folks ?
by Anonymous on May 29, 2009 at 2:03am Add comment
I forgot to say the problems appeared when my kid printed 2 or 3 tottaly black pages !
by Anonymous on May 29, 2009 at 2:07am Add comment
Let the printhead rest for a couple of hours and then try again, it is possible there is air in the printhead outlet.
by Anonymous on May 29, 2009 at 2:09am Add comment
New black ink cartridge?
by Anonymous on May 29, 2009 at 2:18am Add comment
When I go to print my canon i80 does not recognize the color ink cartridge is installed. I have installed a new cartridge, removed and reinstalled the print head and no sucess in being able to print. What do I need to do to identify the problem and get the printer to recognize a color cartridge is installed?
by Bob Johnson on Jun 3, 2009 at 4:47am Add comment
HELP !!!
My I80 will not reconize any color cartrage new or old tried many diff cartrages. I have taken it apart and am hopeing it is the switch located in the carriage It is tiny but I am tempted to bypass it to get this thing to work again. I read somthing about someone replacing the main bord to fix this issue but hope that is not the solution :(...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
- Anonymous
Simple answer : so far I could not solve that problem, i think there is a counter on the main board that simply says its is enough.
I was succesfull once in solving that problem by changing the mainboard of one printer with that from another one.
Someone suggested to me to change the printhead that was not succesfull either.
by Anonymous on Jun 3, 2009 at 5:14am Add comment
Long thread - but this answer to clogged printhead is so simple it has to be posted. I have a Canon i80 that I use every summer for about 6 weeks, then it is dormant the rest of the year. I always have to work to get the ink flowing again, usually soaking the printhead overnight in water. Today I decided to try running water:

Just put the removed printhead in the kitchen sink with a steady stream of warm water running over it for about 10 minutes. Then I dried it carefully with paper towels (and knew it was clean since there was no colored ink on the paper towels). Put it back in the printer and loaded new ink cartridges, and it works.

Before this treatment, the black was 100\% clogged and the color was streaky in the pattern test.

Turns out water is a decent (if less exotic) solvent in this situation!
by donyarose on Jun 23, 2009 at 2:12pm Add comment
Thanks to the techs and non-techs for providing info needed (see details after my question). However, a question for the techs because it appears from reading the multitude of print problems that even though I’m printing again, I’ll face future problems with the counter and/or ink well.

QUESTION: Is the code process to reset the counter the same for the iP90 (which is the unit I have) as for the iP80? They are basically the same units though I can run my unit wireless. I’ll await an answer. Thank you!

Thanks to all who previously provided meaningful info on the Canon iP80. I have the iP90 and really like it though rely on it more than just for travel.

About 3 months ago MY iP90 started with a line through text so did the routine clean & align which made things worse because it totally stopped printing. The printer still went through the print cycle but did not put ink on paper.

After reading the majority of comments I learned then did the following: 1) I learned how to remove the print head; THANK YOU! 2) I decided to use a small container and just soak the printhead in alcohol for a few hours (vs. using cotton swabs). I do this with my calligraphy pens because it softens the dried ink allowing ink to flow again and does not damage the nibs or pens. 3) I then ran a slow steady stream of warm water though the printhead until there were no traces of ink when I placed the printhead on a paper towel. I did not touch the green circuit board. 4) I gently dried the printhead then let it set for an hour. 5) I reinserted the printhead then took the ink cartridges (which were new when I started having this problem) and took a cotton swab moistened with alcohol and just touched the ink opening to make sure there was no dry ink at the opening, then reinserted both cartridges. 6) I closed the unit, turned off the power and let the unit sit overnight.

Today I turned the unit on, sent a document to print and indicated both cartridges were new (which they actually were) when the window popped up. I was delighted to see my little buddy print again.

By the way, I did email Canon to ask if I could replace the printhead myself. Canon’s response: “It is advisable not attempting to do this; have it serviced.” That was the advise after I told them I could not find anyone in my area (I did spend hours trying to find someone to service my unit and found no one).

Thanks to this website & all who provided info, at least for the moment, I'm printing on my iP90 again.
by unknown on Jul 14, 2009 at 2:08pm Add comment
1) Turn off the IP90 printer. While pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press the Power button.
The LED lights green to indicate that functions are selectable.
2) While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button. (Do not release the Power
3) While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times, and then release the
Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED
alternately lights in either orange or green, starting with orange.)
4) When the LED lights green, press the Resume/Cancel button as many times as you need, to
select the preferred function. (See the table below.) Each time the Resume/Cancel button is
pressed, the LED alternately lights in either orange or green, starting with orange.
(The color red indicates the changes from the i70 / PIXUS 50i.)
Time(s) LED Function Remarks
0 times Green Power off When the print head is not installed, the carriage
returns and locks in the home position.
1 time Orange Service test print
2 times Green EEPROM information print
3 times Orange EEPROM initialization
4 times Green Waste ink counter resetting Proceed to step 5) below. Once executing step
5), then, move on to step 6) to select the waste
ink counter to be reset. (Different from the i70 /
PIXUS 50i.)
5 times Orange Destination settings Proceed to step 5) below. Once executing step
5), then, move on to step 7) to select a
destination. (Different from the i70 / PIXUS 50i.)
10 times Green Return to the menu selection
5) After the function (menu) is selected, press the Power button. The LED lights green, and the
selected function will be performed. (When the operation completes, the printer returns to the
menu selection mode automatically.)

6) Press the Resume/Cancel button the specified number of time(s), then press the Power button.
Time(s) LED Waste ink counter to be reset
0 time Green Main waste ink counter
1 times Orange Platen waste ink counter
2 times Green Main waste ink counter and platen waste ink counter (at the
same time)
by Anonymous on Jul 14, 2009 at 3:13pm Add comment
Once again this aging but vital thread comes through! I just saved the $200+ Canon wanted me to spend for a new printer, with just some alcohol and a few cotton swabs. One cleaned print head later, and my i80 has gone from 0\% black to printing like new. Thanks to everyone who posted info and experiences.
by unknown on Jul 28, 2009 at 3:53pm Add comment
thanks everyone for all your insights. I have an i80...learned to remove the print head after being told by Canon that I could not...cleaned the printhead and re-set the waste tank.. I love my i80 and I use it heaps almost everyday...its just the best...and so are you guys
by unknown on Sep 25, 2009 at 8:17pm Add comment
I was just wondering, with one of my old Canon portable printers (the 70, I believe), I got a small case(the size of a ladies compact, but and inch thick) that I was able to store the entire print head when I knew that I wouldn't be using the printer for a while. Does Canon have anything like that for the i80?
by unknown on Jan 2, 2010 at 10:23am Add comment
To my knowledge there is not, you can use a small airtight plastic box which is used in thekitchen.
by Anonymous on Jan 2, 2010 at 3:35pm Add comment
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.... I just followed the directions from five years ago about using alcohol to clean the printhead (the color was working but the black was streaking) and my printer is working again! I'm so excited (happy dance from Brooklyn). I so didn't want to take it in it seems like it's more expensive to take it in than to replace it. Thanks again!
by Anonymous on Jan 3, 2010 at 5:54pm Add comment
I know this is an old thread, overall, but I stumbled across it after I had trouble with a Canon MP700 printhead, yet again. The first time I had one "go out," I spent $55 getting a new one, only to have it start acting up in a couple of months. I kept doing deep cleaning and replacing colored cartridges to no avail. Finally, it got to where it would not print black either. First, I tried using 70\% alcohol and soaking the nozzles (although the advice up above said to use the 90+\%). I finally tried sitting the cartridge in shallow, really hot water. A bunch of ink came out. So I sit it back in again. Not much ink was left to come out. I returned the printhead to my printer, and now it prints like new. Thanks to all of you for making this thread possible. I had saved my other printhead for months, but finally just tossed it out with other stuff. Now, I wish I had saved it.
by holeweet on Feb 12, 2010 at 9:53pm Add comment
I took my i80 out the box after a good year of storeage, hooked it up and tried to print.My print screen said the color cartridge was'nt installed properly.I changed the cartridge and reset the color level. The print screen now says no cartridge detected.The printer worked perfect the last time it was used. Any ideas?
by unknown on Feb 20, 2010 at 4:50pm Add comment
You know, this could have been a great little printer, but storing them, not running a test page through it once in awhile will lead to all kinds of grief. I had a tech tell me that they need to be used pretty frequently to keep problems from happening with the print head. I finally gave up on it, after bathing the printhead, replacing the print head doing all of the things that others have so generously suggested. I think that once the ink dries up, the print head fails to eject the ink and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Others report that the overflow reservoir fills up with excess ink and the sensor for overflow needs to be reset. You might want to look back over the many problems and responses on this formum to see if any can help you. Some of the many responses may help you, but I didn't want to continue massaging my i80 back to life!
by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2010 at 7:31pm Add comment
nEW CARTRDGES, been sitting for a couple of years and well kept. Did all the cleanings and when asked to print verything cycles properly but the page(s) are blank. Confused?
by dabigguy on May 5, 2010 at 2:36pm Add comment
Thank you to all who posted on this topic. I followed the instructions for removing both cartridges, removing the printhead, blotting both sides of the nozzle on the printhead (gray button and long slot) with an alcohol-saturated paper napkin, blotting dry with q-tips, replacing cartridges and printhead, then executing both a cleaning and a deep cleaning. Hooray! Now the new black ink cartridge works!

I had inserted the new cartridge earlier today and it would only print sketchily, even after repeated cleanings and deep cleanings and alcohol blottings. So thank you so much to all who took the time to share their solutions. The Canon corporate response to this problem is to pretend it doesn't exist -- reading the manual or looking on their website is an enormous waste of time, but I kept thinking I would find an answer. Three cheers for people on this site who shared their knowledge and experience to help out others in the same boat.
by unknown on Aug 13, 2010 at 2:11pm Add comment
When I try to print with my Canon i80, I get an error message that say I do not have the right print head installed. I have not change the print head or ink cartridges. It just started doing this when I was in the middle of a print job. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
by tmartin9776 on Dec 17, 2010 at 12:52pm Add comment
I have had many problems with black ink plugging i80 printheads. I have had repair shops soak the head in solvent which worked. Then later they would only replace the printhead. This time I tried to clean the head as suggested here. The printhead came out easily but all of the above efforts, while removing ink, did not completely restore black print. Then I the soaked the printhead in acetone for 2 hours. More grains of paint and some pigment in the solvent were evident. To my surprise this was a full success!

I have had the ink overflow warning come on twice. I have ignored it with no problem so far.
by unknown on Feb 27, 2011 at 3:34pm Add comment
I have been following most of the suggestions mentioned and at each step of the way the ink continued to not print. I finally soaked the head in thinners. It seemed to clean the screens, however it melted the rubber grommets around the screens. Anyone have any info on where I might be able to locate such obscure items? I need all four rubber pieces surrounding all four color ports.
Thanks for any suggestions.
by unknown on Mar 1, 2011 at 12:25pm Add comment
I need the plastic transfer gear between the brass gear and single plastic gear.

The gear needed has a steel hub with teeth (Belt drives the steel teeth). There are two levels of plastic teeth, large outer teeth mesh with small brass gear. Smaller level of gear mesh with the other white plastic gear.

Please help me identify the part number and where to order? The gear needed has a "2" printed in the plastic along with ">POM<".

Thank you for your help in this matter, I appreciate it very much.

by unknown on Oct 21, 2011 at 7:14am Add comment
Printer printing out blank pages. Checked settings. Replaced blk & color cartridges w/ new ones. Replaced print head. Black still not coming out...only blank pages. Any suggestions on potential problem? Perhaps purge tubes??

Thanks in advance,


p.s. Also if anyone wants to purchase the new ink cartridges & new printer head from me (purchased yesterday and today, respectively) and/or my i80 for parts, I will gladly sell them. In my frustration I just ordered a new printer..
by unknown on Jan 6, 2012 at 11:02am Add comment
Hi, I've cleaned the print head of my i80, and when installed in printer the LED is green. But when I send to printer the LED flashes orange 6 times. Green (long) Orange (x6 short) Green (long) etc. Is my print head dead or can I try a reset? I've already tried the reset for ink waste tank (the last press of the power button nothing happens, another press and it turns off).
by Raggety on Feb 12, 2012 at 6:22am Add comment
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN THIS FORUM! I acquired this cute little IP90 printer as an employee had abandoned it...So it didnt cost me anything...It worked great for awhile, but then after wasting probably $50 on ink (i HATE paying 50$ for probably 30cents worth of ink...and several nights cussing it out, and doing the cleaning thing OVER and OVER, tonight i found this forum and used the advice for removing the printhead and cleaned it with a little alcohol and q tips....A little more wrestling and monkeying around with it , FINALLY IT IS PRINTING BLACK AND COLORS AGAIN!!! Its like A miracle has occurred! Thank you to everyone out there who contributes to the forum and letting us in on these CANON PRINTER SECRETS!!!
by mandybe on Sep 12, 2012 at 8:20pm Add comment
I just bought a new printhead, installed it and 2 new ink cartridges.

Cannot clean or print, keep getting a message that the color ink cartridge is not installed, but it is.

Have tried all the suggestions here, alcohol, soaking in water ... but still no success. Still get the same message.

Any other suggestion ? Would be appreciated. Cannot return printhead as was bought in the UK and brought to another country by a friend.
by unknown on May 25, 2013 at 5:12am Add comment
I keep getting a message to "install the printhead" on an IP90. I've cleaned the printhead, cleaned the parking station and (I think) I've reset the printer. I figure I now have no choice but to replace the printhead, but cannot find one online for less than a $170 on Amz, everyone else seems to have them out of stock... I did find a complete print unit assembly in Canada ($90), but that seems like overkill (let alone risky since I'm an amateur) and have no idea what to do with the rest of it or if its compatible.

Can anyone direct me to a source for Ip90 printhead (QM2-2020-020) or a good repair service I can trust...???

Thanks, /Dennis
by Insitebuilders on Aug 28, 2013 at 1:43pm Add comment
This thread was very helpful! Just wanted to add my own contribution.

I took an old Canon black ink cartridge, drilled a hole in the top of it, and filled it with isopropyl via the bottom half of a plastic ball-point pen. Over a sink, I inserted the cartridge into the printhead (removed from printer) and then blew as hard as I could a few times through the pen half to drive the isorpopyl through the bottom of the printhead. I reloaded the isopropyl and repeated process 3 times.

Next I filled the same cartridge with isopropyl and taped over the hole on top. After letting the printhead dry, I reinstalled it in the printer. I ran one deep clean on black. I then put in a normal black ink cartridge. Printed a test page, and it worked to perfection.
by unknown on Aug 18, 2014 at 12:59pm Add comment

Manually Steps to Cleaning the Printer head

1.Remove the ink tanks and printer head

2. Soak the printer head

3. Flush the printer head with water

4. Dry the printer head and replace

For more printer related technical support required call at Canon Printer Technical support Number at 1-800-243-1403

by canonprinterseo on Sep 28, 2016 at 2:45am Add comment