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Hp HP PSC - Printer / Scanner / Copier 2175

hp psc 2175 all-in-one paper mismatch

When replacing an ink cartridge, my hp psc 2175 all-in-one printer displays the following:
"Press enter to align cartridges"
"Printing align cartridges page"
(releases a blank page)
"Paper mismatch ... try changing the paper type/size or paper in tray and then press enter".
As you advised a previous post, I cleaned the contacts on the printer and the print cartridges to no avail.
In the past I have been able to bypass the whole alignment process but encounter this same situation when it's time for a new cartridge.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
HP has so many similar models it's hard to keep track of specifics on how each one aligns cartridges. They have two methods: an alignment page is printed that is placed in the scanner to complete the alignment, or a page is printed that is scanned during printing by device on the side of carriage. The symptom you mention is typical of the error generated on other models by a defective sensor on the second style described above. The potential defective device is called the spot sensor.
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Thanks Bert.
I'll persue fixing the spot sensor, if possible.
I appreciate your help. - tadams5
My HP PSC 2175 seemed to be functioning fine until I changed the black number 56 ink cartridge. Then the same problem as tadams5 occurred with the "paper mismatch" error.

I tried cleaning contacts on the printer and cartidges as well as changing cartidges again. Then there were lost hours with online tech support with polite, but seemingly clueless, HP tech support that involved downloading a driver support file dj920xx.exe, disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord 5 times in a row, "usb port initialization", running a printer calibration utility, and simultaneously pressing multiple buttons on the printer. Tech support agents gave no indication that they had any idea what was causing the problem; stepping through some prepared script seemed to be all they could do. Somehow the printer was eventually working, but I have no idea what worked, or whether the alignment was simply bypassed.

The next time I replaced the ink cartidge, the same problem occurred!! Arrggghh! Again, the printer and copier functions seemed to be fine until I simply change the ink cartidge and an attempt at alignment is made.

If anybody has ideas about what is causing this problem, PLEASE let us know! Thanks!

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Were you able to change the spot sensor?
Did this fix the problem?
If so, where did you buy the sensor?
Did you find instructions about how to change it?
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I own a Hp psc 2175 and it has been fine for one and a half years.
However for the past few months when i send something to print it will cycle through several blank pages (not trying to print on them) before starting to print the required document as requested.
In some instances it will churn through lots of blank pages and not print the document I sent.
Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve it?
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I have HP PSC 2175 and the LCD Screen Display the Following Message After I replace the Color Cartridge #57,:" Press enter to align Cartriges" I did so but the same message come over and over, I press enter several time, a page print with a black bar and 3 check mark. I can print from the computer but I cannot use the copy function anymore pressing the black or color button on the printer. I unplug the printer several hours, same problem, I reset the factory default from the setup menu on the printer, same problrem

I understand your concern

To by pass the alignment every time it's prints

Let's try these steps

Once power O FF and ON the printer.

To bypass the alignment please perform the following step: Press and hold the Setup, and then press Options (or Copy Options).

I did so and a message: Copy / 100\% what's next

Press Start Color copy on All-in-One

I did so and now the message 1 copy/100\% is on the LCd screen

Try a copy from All-in-One front panel

Place a text document on the scanner glass and press Start Copy Color on the front panel of the printer.

Thank you very much, it is working like a charm now

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Spent three hours trying to get the allignment message to go from the screen . Thank you so much works excellent now. - Anonymous
Oh thank you so much I almost went and bought a new printer just to get the message "paper too narrow" to go away. Thanks so much, I have spent about 12 hours trying to figure out what happened and finally talked to tech support...nice person...but unfortunately did not help. I'm glad you posted your message. A thousand thank you's to you. - Anonymous
THANK YOU!!! This printer hasn't worked for months and now it does!!!

- Anonymous
Yep. The procedure described above ( in short
click setup+options;
click start color copy;
wait for the copy to finish
) has made the 'alignment' message dissapear.
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Does anyone have any idea if the spot sensor issue can be solved? Are there any spot sensors available for the hp psc 2175xi? if so where? All help would be much appreciated.
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The following procedure seems to work for me.

If the message 'Press Enter to Align Cartridges' appears, then press 'Setup' and hold down the button while pressing 'Options' so both buttons are pressed at the same time.

If the message 'Paper Mismatch' appears,then press the 'Cancel' button.
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I just changed the cartridges and got the same error message. Tried the above work around and it works great. Thanks to everyone for your posts. 1 minute of work around vs. 3 hours wasted.
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its not possible to buy or replace one of these spot sensors, belive me i have tried ?
with the cost of printers these days you will save your self a lot of trouble if you just but another one.
but before you write it off try and cleaning the the spot sensor glass with your baby finger or a baby bud or something similar it could but splashed with ink and dust
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I had this problem just now and read about the spot sensor. I was able to clean my spot sensor with a can of compressed air. I found my spot sensor just to the right of the print cartridge carriage, where the blue light shines. I hit it with the compressed air and blew it around that area and some dust and/or lint blew out.

Then I tried the print alignment page process again and this time it worked.
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glad to be of help, its no big deal if the spot sensor fails to work.
the printer still works fine with out it - Anonymous
My hp psc 2175 will print copies from the computer in black, but when I try to print a copy of something, it prints out in red, instead of the colors of the original. HELP!!!!!
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The odds favor a defective color cartridge. Blot the print nozzles on a damp paper towel a few times for two seconds. You should see yellow, cyan, and magenta flowing freely. If you do not you have a defective or empty cartridge.
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thx so much... it works fine

1. turn off / on the printer
2. press setup hold down and press options
3. press start color copy

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I had the same problem with the paper mismatch. The alignment finally worked when I emptied all the paper out of the printer except for one sheet. Hope this works for you.
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I had the same problem with the paper mismatch. The alignment finally worked when I emptied all the paper out of the printer except for one sheet. Hope this works for you.
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it works!!! yay hay!
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Holding setup and pressing options cleared that annoying message - thank you so much!
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This cleared mine also from the align cartridge message after replacing the 56 black cartridge. Thanks for the hint.

However, when replacing an old empty 57 color cartridge to a newer one, with lots of ink remaining, the printer just want me to "remove and check the last cartridge".
The message is only cleared when returning the old empty cartridge - any suggestions for this problem? With the old 57 the 56 black works, but since the 57 is empty I can´t print color. Help...please!!
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Thank you sooo much!!!

Setup AND Options cleared the message!!!!!
I just spent hours trying to fix it... and nothing on Google, was helpful.

Those who say "get a new cartridge" or press and hold options plus either left or right does not work a dammmm...

Anyways just wanted to let you guys know!!!
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i spent 3 hours on the phone with HP on the same paper mismatch problem on my HP officejet 6500A. We found the problem. The problem is on the printer set up.
On the printer touch screen GO TO:

go to tools
go to align the printer. Click on align the printer.

My printer was out of alignment.

Fixed the paper mis-match problem....

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HP PSC - Printer / Scanner / Copier 2175