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Brother Brother MFC 8300

Brother MFC-8300

I have a Brother MFC 8300 printer/fax that displays the following message: "Printer Jam" I've looked every where and can not find any paper stock anywhere. Can someone tell me what this error means and how I can fix it?
I have a brother MFC-8300 and it's showing a display that say MACHINE ERROR 76. What could that be???? How could it be fixed????

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I have the same error message. I can fax but don't receive confirmations. - Anonymous
What does Error 76 mean and what do I need to do to get rid of it? - Anonymous
Good day,i luke ogele here by need your attention.
Please sir/madam i am finding difficuties in my brother printer/fax. so i need your help, thanks

Ogele luke - Anonymous
I have same problem my brother MFC 8500 ( paper Jam )I looked every where and can not find any paper stock.
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I'm also receiving a machine error on my machine where i can fax but dont get confirmations. Its machine error 78, could this be the same problem as above?
Thanks for the help.
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sraisin - the error 78 also deals with the fuser. Either the fuser is heating up to much or not at all. Turn the unit off and lift the rear panel. As you plug the unit in watch the left side of the fuser unit throughout the warm-up process if the fuser lamp lights up so you can see light escaping, then more than likely you just need the thermistor assy. However this repair should be done by a professional ask them to clean and service the unit at the same time. Should be around $75 to $90 parts and labor. No light means a new fuser $170 parts and labor.

Curt - coopersinc
I don't receive a confirmation sheet I only receive a sheet that tells me if it doesn't go through. I need something that shows proof that we faxed things. How do I get it to do that?
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I can send out a fax but I am unable to receive one. My fax keeps saying sleep. I can hear the phone ring, but nothing happens. I tried to send a fax from another fax machine and received a report that says Error 388*. Could someone please help me top fix this problem?


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I have Brother MFC 8300 and it wont pull papaer when it receives a fax?
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Trying to install on XP SP2 (Brother says only native drivers available) and it installs it as a MFC8600/9650 series but the printer says PLEASE WAIT OFFLINE. Can't do anything on the printer itself, if try to go to the menu, says printer error...any ideas? Thanks.
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This is called a Phantom paper jam if there is no actual paper stuck in the machine. I would suspect there is acutally paper still in it.The 8300 is not a uk machine so dont know it but look into it without the drum fitted and there will be one or two black plastic arms that rock back and forward. One of them will have paper jammed in it for be stuck. Also look on the underside of the drum as paper often gets stuck in the sensor hole.
Good luck.
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Unfortunately i have the same exact problem. I see no paper stuck anywhere. It first started with not wanting to pick up from the lower front tray. I then started to manually feed the paper thru the front upper tray. That worked fine for a while, and now, it wont even accept that. The screen on the printer displays "Printer Jam."
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This refers to a error with the fuser temperature you need it repaired by a service technician. Parts can be as little as $15 for the thermistor sensor or as much as $100 for a new fuser.
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I need to fix my printer can you help me? - Anonymous
my mfc-8300 says printer error on it and when i put paper on the paper tray it starts to print all by itself, and it prints numbers. what can it be?
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Disconnect the printer & turn it off. Go to the printer settings in control panel & make sure it is selected as default printer & also purge any print jobs. Reconnect, this usually happens when the computer had an error when trying to send a job to the printer. This should hopefully sort you out! If this fails, uninstall & re-install the driver.
Dazz UK
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My MFC-8300. When I receive a fax. "Paper Jam",Error. By opening and closing the front panel of the Drum. I could get a few pages but it will "Paper Jam" again. If I print from my computer. It works fine. I have cleaned and cleared the inside of any debris.
I have taken apart the housing to check to see if there is anything else but I havent taken apart the covering for the gears. I placed everthing back the way it was and it still has the same problem. Any insight please?
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My Brother MFC 8300 fax will send but will not receive. I had it disconnected to move it. When i reconnected it this problem came up. Anyone know if i need to reset something?
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This problem can occur if you plug the telephone line into the wrong connector in the back. Make sure it is connected to the one that has the "L" not the one with the picture of the telephone. - Anonymous
Hi, Me again.

I appreciate the help. I do have a technical and mechanical background. On my first attempt too repair. Just for the sake of it, I have switched around the jacks to see if that could be one of the problems. I am still stuck on the same problem. I feel the solution is that the paper tray. At the front, a quarter round cork laminate that helps give fraction to load the paper from the tray to the drum is worn. Every time I open the front and close it(where the drum goes) It starts to print but when the next page is printed. It seems that the paper taken from the tray grabs two pages and then the machine goes to the error. Could this be it?
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Check the gears and/or clutch which activates the feed. I am not sure on your model but one of the brother series, the gear/clutch to do with the feed used to come off the shaft. A bit of a pain-in-the-bass to get to but not mind numbing! Before you do this, clean the feed roller! It may be as simple as that.
Good Luck?!
Dazz UK
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Brother MFC-210C Paper Jam at power-up during self-test.
Can't power-down with switch-must unplug. My '6-in-one'
printer is now a 'hole'-in-one. Can't get past error to
get to any functions. There is no paper in machine. I've
never even had a physical jam with this baby.
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Same problem with my MFC-210C - no paper jam detectible and I couldn't get past any of the errors so I just replaced it with an HP Officejet. Had enough of the Brother! - Anonymous
Did you ever find a way past this problem? I too have the same error, paper jam. There must be some way to force it out of this error in the memory? Does anyone know how to fix this??? - lopeztranslator
First off, when you have a different machine or a different problem than the one described start a new thread.

cyd- transmission verifacation report(xmit report) is what you are looking for. Press "Function",then "1"(fax),then "7"(reports),then"1"(xmit report.

ur1andOnly- try hpwizard's suggestion of cleaning the roller in fact clean the roller and seperation pad "cork".
If that dosen't work replace the cork. You can find this at hobby shops just peel off the old piece and make sure you match up the thickness. Beyond that you are looking at replacing a troublesome solenoid spring. Cheap and simple part for a service center however if you dont know what you are doing you may cause more problems.

Anonymous- The machine has sensors throughout the paper path that tell it where the paper is. Somewhere there is paper stuck on one of those sensors or the sensors is broken/disconnected. Open the rear paper guide to visually inspect the unit. Then remove all the paper in the paper tray and power up unit. If you still have trouble a sensor may be the issue. email me and i can show you where the sensors are by faxing a diagram.

good luck to you all
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Hi Curt! You are so helpful. My 8440 ran out of paper. We filled it and it still says "check paper". We have tried different amounts of paper, making sure the tray is on the right size paper, and plugging on and off. Any help would be so appreciated! - Anonymous
I have one of these things, and when I go to copy something I can hear the gears grinding or something, not a harsh grind but something is not operating as it should. I try to copy things and the paper gets stuck in the middle of the machine. I pull out the drum/cartridge and the paper is stuck in the middle of it. I tried doing it again and watching the back rollers and they are not spinning. It seems with the rollers not spinning it is not helping the paper get fed thru. Any ideas on how to fix this. I am trying to take it apart now, but I'm about to take a hammer to the plastic because it is a pain to get off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Nevermind! I tried taking it apart and the whole circuit board from the bottom fell out. I am taking it out back and doing what they do in Office Space...DIE MUTHAF#@KA - Brother sucks, probably going to go with an HP on my next one. Any suggestions?
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there is a gear on the fuser that breaks or has come loose this gear drives the ejection rollers(the ones you say are not moving) very easy to do if you know what you are doing and the part is only a few dollars. i work on these machines daily and it would take me maybe an hour or so to do the repair if you wish to tackle this on you own email a fax number and i will send you the disassembly instructions.
[email protected]

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Can you please send me the info on fixing the Brother MFC 8300. I had drop it on the floor while moving it...not a hard drop - it was carpeted, too.

Anyways, I was able to print after that with a few modifications. Now it is continues to get paper jam, and it seems like the roller close to tray area doesn't catch it or maybe something is telling it is jamming to prevent it from fully rolling the paper in. Should I take it to the shop or is this worth fixing?

Help please.
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I used business card stock in my MFC-8300 and it jammed. when trying to remove from front and back, the stock just ripped and now there is some paper jammed in the middle and I cannot figure out how to disassemble to remove it.

Any assistance or diagrams available for taking apart?

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lopeztanslator- the machine has sensors to know if paper is in the machine if you have a paper jam error then either you have a jam you can not see or a sensor needs to be replaced. start at the top of the unit and work your way down you will find it just be patient

bhargrove- Paper pick up roller assy is worn or damaged. this is the roller on the botton of the unit and the gears and clutch that accuate it. if worn -replace if not you need to find a service center
good luck
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My wife used to have this problem with her MFC 210c. We phoned the support line and found out that the printer hadn't been set for the proper paper. She had been photocopying onto thick photo grade paper, and the machine was set for 20 pound paper. When I removed the curved paper guide on back of the machine, sure enough! There was a paper Jam!

I have a different problem now, where the machine will not accept a new magenta cartridge. It just keeps telling me to lift the cover and re install the cartridge. I too am thinking of a different machine.

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Brother MFC8500 came in for paper jam and print quality issues. When I plugged it in to check, I got message cassette not properly installed, re-install cassette. I did this several times to no avail. I even changed whole cassette and I still get this message. Anyone know how to clear this ir fix it?
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you have a bad spring
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What is this error referring to?
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How do I wake the thing up? I can not find a power switch on the Brother MFC8300. I cannot receive faxes - it says Sleep.
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I have a Brother MFC-5440-CN and some paper got jammed last week. I removed it but same message. Then found a small 1/2" piece all gunked with ink removed with tweezers. Still getting message and maching is clicking and grunting. Have used hair drier on cold, taken off back and front. Any help? Roller looks good. Milaena
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I have a paper jam where I can see the paper from the back side of the printer (opening an access door), but cannot get to the paper to remove it. Also I cannot rotate the "red" rubber wheel that the paper is wrapped around. There typically is some lever or wheel to rotate that typically helps remove paper caught deep within a printer but I bought the printer used and do not have a manual to look at to find such lever or wheel. Can anyone help me.

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simple fix i just did it myself take of the top cover and then the plastic one underneith it,i found a peice of paper blocking the sensor just remove it and make sure to look on both sides and all around as i had paper blocking both sides and then just put it all back together and it shud work fine again
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I bought a new TN460 for my 1999 Brother. The paper prints with "smutz" on it and the type is not always completely inked in.
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I get Error 30, then another time Error 50. It started as a Printer Jam. It won't allow itself to be turned off. Can't use it at all now. Please--anybody heard of these beforeo. It is just about 1 1/2 years old, a Broher MFC440CN, a combination fax, copy, scanner printer.

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I have a problem with my printer mfc-8300. when press the 0 botton it show 'no document' and also press the start botton it will print something. Please advice me.
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paper jam, iv just got new letterheads they are 100gsm were the last paper i got was 90gsm, what is the correct paper weight for this machine? the paper feeds through and before printing jams, so got to lift lid, shut again and the paper then feeds through without printing, bugga. is this machine suitable for 100gsm paper or is there an adjustment i have to make?
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to answer your question (64 to 220)gsm or 17 to 58 lb
That comes straight from the service manual. I will add though that is just a general idea there are several things that will effect the paper handling like the fact that its letterhead. is it on a regular 28 lb paper or is it bond? Is it slick or tough? Are you printing it off or copying it then putting it in the tray or are you buying it over the counter? Most companies will give you a few samples to try before you commit to a large amount so get a few and see what works best for you. Also you might want to change the quality of print. I know on the HP's if the machine thinks its regular print on regular paper it grabs it and feeds through as quickly as possible where if you tell it its special paper and good quality it takes its time and has less chance of misfeeding heavier paper. I will also note you put this in the 8300 thread it confused me and I looked up the wrong info the first time and had to go back. Im not mad or upset but please keep similar threads together.
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I need help in trying to find where to buy the cable that runs from my fax/printer to my tower. or the price?
by rose75 on Mar 8, 2009 at 4:30pm Add comment
Its either a usb or parallel printer cable found at any electronics store. Best Buy, Office depot, Local computer Store, etc. If its small and squared its usb if its long a retangular its parallel.
by nivek on Mar 9, 2009 at 7:51am Add comment
My LCD display is very light and can hardly see it. What can I do to get it back to normal, this just happened and was functionly properly all along. Low Toner light was on, but adjusted toner cartridge and low toner light is now off. The problem is the display being barely readable, what's wrong and how do I fix it?
e; donl[email protected]
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I can send but I can't receive faxes..the telephone line is plugged into the correct place in the back of the printer: The L socket. Please help me fix this problem...thanks so much
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I dont have that model around to look at the display but it sounds like your machine is set to a different recieve mode when the machine is set to fax it typically says fax on the display if its set to manual it says manual. Another thing to try is call it from you cell or something and see what happens.
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I have same problem my brother MFC 255CW.

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We/MyKids had a paper jam - cleared it and now my paper tray will not insert all the way in. Did my kids brake something? I can see the little white tab...thinggie and two little rollers, but it not allow me to insert the tray.

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i have a brother mfc 8300 at first my printer said jammed so i took my time and cleaned it all out no traces of paper. eventually i unplugged the machine and plugged it back in this time when i tried to copy something it said check paper. it seem that it wont feed paper into the machine. anyone can help??
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Machine jams but no apparent paper. Frustrating!
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my printer function is not working. The LCD screen is not lite as well,yet the machine is powered up. how do you perform a reset?
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