asked Mar 5, 2005 at 4:42am
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HP psc 2210 - Printer Cartridges runs out quickly


I was recently printing a smallish (what I consider) amount of pages - 300. It was just text, and I was surprised that my Black ink cartidge ran out so quickly.

My old inkjet printer used to just keep printing and eventually run out, but the page that was printed before I was told that it needed replacing was perfect.

The cartidges I am using are:
HP56 - Black Color - HPC6656A - expiry 2006/06/08
HP57 - Tri-Color - HPC6657A - expiry 2006/07/20
HP58 - Photo Color - HPC6658A - expiry 2006/04/20

So I'm not hitting the expiry date issue.

Is there anything in hardware or software that I can enable to make the printer just keep printing until it "really" runs out?

You can keep just printing till the
cartridge runs out.As far as I know,there
are two reasons why there is a little ink
left in the cartridge when the pop up says
they are empty,One is so you do not run out
of ink in the middle of the page your printing.Two is if you want to refill the cartridge,the printhead will not be burnt out prior to refilling.HTHs Rob
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The page count on the 56 and 57 is only about 400 pages, based on a 5\% page coverage. That's only about 3-4 lines of email, basically. If you're printing full page text and you were able to get 300 sheets out of it, you're doing well. Hope this helps!
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5\% coverage is not 3-4 lines, it's 5\% of the area of the page.

Just imagine a page with a 1/2 inch stripe of in running from side to side, that's about 5\% of the page.

The message is intended to keep you from printing a large document and running out of ink in the middle, or from printing lots of pages without checking to be sure the print quality is good.

There are two things that affect the actual life of the cartridge, one is how much you print, the other is how long it takes you to use up a cartridge.

Ink cartridges will dry up eventually even if they just sit in a printer that has been shut down and unplugged. HP cartridges are all vented, when ink is sprayed out a little air is sucked in. The vents are small, but there is some loss due to evaporation.

I recovered a totally dried out HP #78 cartridge yesterday by injecting boiling distilled water into the ink chambers with the injector tip pushed as close to the nozzles as I could get it. You have to be careful to put just a couple of ml in the syringe so you do not burn your fingers, after the first 2 ml I injected another 2-3 ml into each chamber, but I didn't put the injector in as far, I had it about 1/2 inch higher than the first time. I had expected the ink to look watery, but as far as I could see it came out with the proper colors. (If you try this wipe the outside of the injector between chambers or you may get cross contamination.)
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