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Hp HP PSC - Printer / Scanner / Copier 2175

insert right cartridge - HP PSC 2175 all-in-one?


Last time I posted a question here in April 2004, the responses were very helpful so after unsuccessfully attempting to find the solution to the problem, I thought I'd stop by and see if anyone has any ideas about what I should try next?


HP PSC 2175 all-in-one continues to give the message "insert right cartridge" even though there is already a black cartridge in there. I have tried putting in different cartridges.

I have tried cleaning the contacts on the ink cartridges and on the printer with a cotton swab and water (and drying with a clean cotton swab).

I still continue to get the message "insert right cartridge".

Any suggestions?

Also I was wondering if there is anything else I could use to clean the contacts with that is safe?

I would like to try using alcohol but I didn't want to do it until I knew if it was safe or not as I thought I read in a previous post I should only use water, preferably distilled water.

Any insight into any type of solution to the problem as well as the cleaning issue would really be appreciated.

I purchased the printer in February 2004.

Thank you for any help or suggestions you may be able to provide,
Keri: I would not recommend using alcohol to clean those electrical contacts with, as it could cause more problems. You should only use distilled water...The only way to really eliminate a possible bad cartridge or cartridges [even if it happens to be a new cartridge or cartridges], is to actually test those new cartridges in another printer that uses the same cartridge and was working ok with its own cartridges installed. Unfortunatly, that is usually not practical, unless you know someone that has the same printer or uses the same cartridge in their printer. Its possible to get several bad cartridges in a row, especially if they were all bought at the same store. Sometimes a particular batch of ink cartridges will be bad and its possible that several will not work...Denny Conway
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Keri...ANOTHER THOUGHT: You might want to use a magnifying glass and look at the actual expiration date thats stamped on those new ink cartridges. On the newer printers, when an ink cartridge reaches its expiration date, it will usually shut down the printer, with an ink error message, even if that cartridge is actually full of ink...Here's some possible Ink Cartridge problems and you may simply have to eliminate these areas to try and find out just what is causing your printers problem: a wrong cartridge; a bad cartridge; an expired cartridge [check the age date on the cartridge or the box it came in]; possible dirty electrical contacts or electrical chips [if your printers cartridges have elec contacts or elec chips] for the ink cartridge causing problems; sometimes even that the pull tape was not removed correctly; even corrupted Printer Drivers causing problems [download new drivers from manufactors Home Page web-site]. You can usually eliminate the possibility of corrupted printer [loaded onto your computer system], as causing problems, by simply removing the Printer Cable from the printer. then with those same new ink cartridges installed, reach over and turn your printer off for about 10 seconds, then turn your printer back on. What you have done, is to remove your computer system from the printer and you've reset your printer as well. Now, no corrupted data or information from your computer, can be causing problems. If the ink error light does not come on your printer, when its turned back on, then you might want to delete your printer off your computer system. Then go on-line to hp.com and download the latest printer drivers onto your computer, to try. I would recommend that you try loading new Printer Drivers directly from the HP web-site, rather than simply using the older Driver Disc that came with your printer. Its possible that the old drivers may have become corrupted and could be causing possible problems. They can even conflict with the new drivers, if you don't remove those older drivers first. Open your "Control Panel Utility", then open the "Add/Remove Programs", then under "Install/Uninstall", highlight and REMOVE any old Printer Drivers that may already be installed. You can go on-line to the HP.COM web site, at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/siteHome?lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en and download the latest drivers for your printer and system. Simply read the information, make your choices and follow the prompts to download new drivers for free...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I had a psc500 HP. The first affordable all in one from HP. When the black ink got low, the machine told me so. The only problem was there wasn't an ink cartridge alive that would work in that printer except the original one that came with printer. We tried 8, 8 countem 8 brand new out the box from different stores and none of them would print with that printer. They would with other printers but not that printer. I had to take it back and demand my money back.
Still bought another HP different model. K60 prints great but they do eat ink and you can only refill so many times and that is variable from cartidge to cartridge.

I think the manufactors of printer have us over the proverbial barrel and they know it.
The printers are cheap the ink will cost you hundreds of $$$$$ each and every year for their cartrides that just happen to work for awhile considerably better than one that you refill once or twice and then it quits even though is has ink in it.
I know this isn't the help you were looing for but this is for your information.
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I'm getting the same problem... I found that a plastic tab on the right ink cartridge latch broke off. Now I need to find somewhere to get a replacment assembly... Any Ideas?


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HP PSC - Printer / Scanner / Copier 2175