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Hp HP OfficeJet 5110

hp 5110 officejet

Is it dead? Says has a carriage jam or paper jam, but in any case it doesn't. After initializing, it starts to pick the paper up and then the rollers reverse (sometimes rapidly) causing the paper to ruffle up and it is also tearing up the cork separator pad. Then it gives one of the messages above. Supposedly it all happened after customer removed a jam. I cannot find any scraps of paper in it or a stuck flag, at least so far. Apparently there is no service manual for these things and I haven't figured out how to take it apart yet without breaking it. Any help would be appreciated!!!!!
A small pin breaks on an enclosed gear that is on the right side of the service station, i.e. it cannot be seen without a partially disassembling the mechanism.
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Thanks for all the input on this one! It looks like the gear in question (if I have the right one) spins freely in both directions without any thing else happening (like you say as if a pin were broken). Anyway my customer has declined any repairs so I guess I'm off the hook so to speak. Hope it's a while before I see another one.
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Scott, you are SOL. The 5110 has the same inards of most v-series. The gear bert refers to is always broken. A member of this board has posted detailed pics and instructions on how to reach the gear, but the repairs almost never work due to the high tourque put on the nylon gears... Its too bad, because if HP just provided the 22 cent replacement gears, these printers would work just fine.

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Great instructions from the link. I have a HP Fax 1230 that had the "Carriage Jam" message. I checked the gears and the small one was broken, missing the tab/key. I repaired it by epoxing a nail to the gear. Mine broke because of the buildup of ink on the pad in the ink well. This was high enough to stall the cleaning unit. I hope the repair lasts. - Anonymous
My 5110 all of the sudden started asking for cartridge allignment. When I hit enter it does not print alignment sheet. It will not get past that.
I have removed covers and do not see any jams or problems. I has done a bunch of photo scans a month or so ago and have not used it since. Any ideas or manual alignmnets I might try before I throw it out and get a real printer. Yes it is past the year warranty by 3 months...
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I was just wondering if you found any thing out about the issue about the alignment page and it does not do anything, you have to turn the machine off and then it does this over and over. Can you let me know, I know this was in November 2004, but now I have one and cannot find any info on this. Thanks - Anonymous
I was just wondering if you found any thing out about the issue about the alignment page and it does not do anything, you have to turn the machine off and then it does this over and over. Can you let me know, I know this was in November 2004, but now I have one and cannot find any info on this. Thanks - Anonymous
My 5110 all of the sudden started asking for cartridge allignment. When I hit enter it does not print alignment sheet. It will not get past that.
I have removed covers and do not see any jams or problems. I has done a bunch of photo scans a month or so ago and have not used it since. Any ideas or manual alignmnets I might try before I throw it out and get a real printer. Yes it is past the year warranty by 3 months...
Thanks - ggmungai
Where do you change the cartridge at? We lost the brochure and my Mom is freaking out. THANKS!
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Ok, I found that the service station in the V40 being referred to here by Dan: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com
are the same in the 5110. From the post above by MC you can get both gears from printerworks.com here:

The little gear is part number C4557-40079 get it here http://www2.printerworks.com price is $6.35 $5 handling fee for orders under $25 and shipping

the big gear is part number C5870-40017 get it here www.partsolver.com price is $12.11 tax and shipping

just search by part # Both gears are $6.35 I just ordered 2 of each. Let me add that once you take the service station apart, clean all parts well including the underside of the station and the top of the ink absorber pad. What seems to happen is ink forms like a stalagmite on the ink pad up to the bottom side of the service station and after awhile the ink gets stiff causing a lot of drag on the service station when it's trying to cycle during POST and that little ole tab on the small gear cannot withstand the drag and shears off. I would recommend cleaning this on occasion to prevent brakage again. I know I will. Good luck and thanks to Dan and MC.
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Hi all, don't know if this is a problem with the printer (I'm pretty sure it is) or if it's common but it is the single most annoying problem I've seen with any printer ever. Okay the problem is with margins. My goddam printer keeps cutting off about half an inch or so from the bottom of the paper. I mean I'd be trying to fit something neatly on an A4 sheet but when I got to print preview the bottom of it is cut off. The same thing happens with envelopes which is really *&$£*&\% annoying. I scanned in an image on an envelope which should fit perfectly on a blank envelope. But what does Photoshop tell me when I got to print? "The image you've chose to print is larger than the printable area. Some cropping may occure!" NO IT'S NOT!! The image is just under 110mm * 220mm. It should fit perfect! Can someone please help me before I kick this stupid printer to death....
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There is a good chance that the gear driving the service station is broken. If true, it is unrepairable since the HP does not sell the part. If you are a repair person, be aware that that many Officejet V40s and all Deskjet 3820s share the same unreliable mechanism.
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A web site now sells the parts (as a set). They make them out of a harder plastic (should last longer).
Although HP as extended the warranty on them. If you can’t get it fixed or replaced under warranty use the above link.

Part applies to service station for HP 3820, 5110, v40 and 1230.
- Anonymous
Thanks for the input! Unfortunately, I can't see any broken gears. Everything seems to be moving freely, nothing binding, it just acts strange, at least to me. Any other ideas??
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I have partially disassembled this thing and I have found a gear toward the bottom, but on the left side of the service station, covered in ink and seems to spin freely in both directions. Is this the gear?
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Now you know why the military wasn't for me, get my right and left mixed up. Looking from the front, the gear case I spoke of is on the left side of the service station. Under a cover held on by a couple of screws is two springs and maybe six gears. The one outside the 'sump' that directly drives the cartridge squeegee and stoppers is the one with the pin that breaks off.
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I have had the same problem with the 5110. I ended up sending it in for a replacement (it was still under warranty).
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i have had luck ordering the 2 gears from these 2 places

The little gear is part number C4557-40079 get it here http://www2.printerworks.com price is $6.35 $5 handling fee for orders under $25 and shipping

the big gear is part number C5870-40017 get it here www.partsolver.com price is $12.11 tax and shipping

just search by part #

hope this helps the masses
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Those parts in the previous post are for the 710-712 and various deskjets in the 800 series. This is a COMPLETELY different design. The service station we are discussing (that the Hp 3820...Officejet 5110 and some of the officejet V40's use) Has the gear on the Opposite side of the service station those gears come from.Two completely different Service station assemblies.
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Mine is doing the same thing! I get the "Clear carriage jam, then press ENTER" error message!!

I have tried everything (no, I'm not a repair guy) and I don't know what to do....after spending $300.00 on this darn thing and it's been over a year. The ink is bran new, the paper is not jammed, I've cleaned all the points the HP website said to clean on the trouble shooting page for this sh** thing and nothing works.

Now I have a $300 DEAD printer/scanner/fax machine.

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I've tried everything to fix this printer and I continue to get the error message "Clear Carriage Jam, then press ENTER". This is absoutely crazy. If anyone knows how to correct this problem, I would sure like to understand. Thanks. - unknown
I just stumbled over this site that may have the gear I'm going to look if anybody finds proper part number before I do let me know. http://www.printer-spare-parts.com If not seems like a good resource anyway
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It seams this a common fault with this model of printer. I also have the HP 5110 officejet and I have the same problem. The printer just pass 1 year and I plan to get Hp to replace it. If they dont I will have to repair it myself. This post was very helpful Good job Guys.
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Still looking for those gears for the v40. Anyone have a clue as to who/where/how we could find those rascals? Gotta be a way...thanx for all the good info in y'alls posts...
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My 5110 does not have any problems with paper feed, just won't print properly. 'Out of the blue' it decided to tell me the cartridges were not installed correctly. I reinserted them a few times, then it wanted to do a cratridge alignment. However, the alignment is printed only in red so it doesn't recognize it!!
Any ideas? Maybe cartridges/internals need a clean?
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Clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may have a defective cartridge(s) even if it is new.

Tip: Don't stock up cartridges for this baby, because you may be stuck with them when it konks out. If the 'gillion' negative posts mean anything, it is living on barrowed time.
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Like Kathy I too get the carriage jam with no obstacles in sight, now I get memory full. Brand new ink can't print a lick, just past warranty.
is there any hope?
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Add me to the list.
Same "Clear paper jam and press Enter" issue,
when no jam exists.

Checked CompUSA, $99 PLUS PARTS.
Radio Shack, $79 PLUS PARTS.

From what it sounds like, it's not worth it to repair.
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I've got a lightly used service station I pulled out of a 5110 "parts printer". If anyone is interested, email me.
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I have a refurbished HP Fax 1230 that just came from HP to replace one with the carriage jam. The model sticker shows it to be an "OfficeJet 5100 series Q1678A". The disquise between simple fax and officejet is that the fax does not have a USB connection. But I found the USB connection - it was covered and hidden, but it is there. Unfortunately, when I tried wiring it up, the computer never saw it. I am guessing that HP did something to dummy it down from an OfficeJet to just the stand-alone fax machine - and since all of the components on the main circuit board are soldered, it is probably EEPROM programming. The only chip I can see that is likely EEPROM has a sticker Q1678A, same as the sticker on the outside. If you have a 5110 for parts, can you tell me what the markings are on the circuit board and the EEPROM (lower left as you look at the back)? It would be an interesting experiment to swap circuit boards to see if that "upgrades" to a fully functional OfficeJet.
- Anonymous
Only fourteen months old - two months out of Warranty - and I started to get a loud gear ratcheting noise on right side of printer and the good old "carriage jam, open door, press enter" message.

Contacted HP - they offered to give me a 20\% discount coupon on a new HP multi printer. Won't repair the 5110 and suggested that because it was so inexpensive, they just consider it a "throwaway"!

Don't want the discount since I'll never buy another HP printer. JUNK!

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Got the same price quotes Larry, and HP told me that as well Ed. No hope scrap it.
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Im looking for 2 parts of my Officejet 5110:
-ADF Tray Extension
-and the Wire tray for catching the scanned paper.

I just purchased this printer and it did not come with the paper trays for coping.
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Im looking for 2 parts of my Officejet 5110:
-ADF Tray Extension
-and the Wire tray for catching the scanned paper.

I just purchased this printer and it did not come with the paper trays for coping.
by unknown on Nov 17, 2004 at 5:15pm Add comment
C8413-60016 ADF input tray and paper input tray assembly - Includes Tray Base, Pressure Plate, Width Adjust, Length Adjust, and Paper Tray Handles

Q1678-00003 ADF wire paper output tray
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HI!I just happened to be looking for some HELP and ran across this column. Looks like I am not the only one with problems. I have had the carriage and paper jam, I cleared and entered. It has said full memory, but I don't know how to clear that. Do you know how to clear the full memory? It makes a whirling noise on the right side. Sometimes the ink cartridges come over to door on the left side, but most of the time they stay over on the right. It will send paper thru when I first start up but thats it. It won't copy or print or anything. My daughter has talked of uninstalling and reinstalling it for me to see if that will help. But hasn't had time as of yet. It quit working all of a sudden. I have had it for a year. It worked perfectly before this. I had down loaded a driver on microsoft windows update, so I wondered if that may have done it. If anyone has any suggestions for me to try, I would appreciate it. I have never used the fax. I just copy and print. Thanks
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Hi! Wendell, if you find out how to fix your problem let me know. I have the same problem. Thanks.
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I have the same problem with my hp officejet 5110(carriage jam and broken small gear. I am trying to repair it myself, i have found the broken small gear but I don;t know where to find the spare here in Greece. If anyone have an idea please tell it.
This post is very helpful. Very Good Job from all of yoy...
Thanks "dan", very good link:
by unknown on Nov 26, 2004 at 3:50am Add comment
Well I kept going with the torx driver and found the "gear" problem mentioned in previous posts. Did anybody find the replacemnts? Maybe I'll try the repair technique this weekend. Any help is greatly appreciated
Tnz, joe
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i think its about time hp got off their big fat a*ses and did something about this problem (i.e carriage jam.) they must have realised it was a common fault. if i dont get any joy with them this time, i will veto them and spread the word about this rubbish they sell.
i hope you are all with me on this
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I spent $300 on mine only to have it last less than a year and it too is saying the same thing "Printer Carriage Jam". Before that it said Paper Carriage Jam". In any event, I suggest ALL OF US to report HP to the Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, and The State Attorney General of the states we live in. It is time to put heat on this company and force them to start being held accountable to their clients. Everyone who wants to e-mail me at my address of: [email protected] do so and lets take it from there. I don't know about you, but this is a definate flaw and we need to stop it and they need to fix it, send us a new one or return us our money. JoAnna Selle - Anonymous
I hope this turns out to be good news for S.lee, Sotos,Troubled, Larry, and Ed. I met this morning with a guy in Anaheim, Ca who has repaired many HP products the 5110 series in particular; $100.00 parts and labor. For me still cheaper than what I've seen before all the hassle rebates. Should know for certain by week's end, and I will share with those interested.
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I need to setup the hp 5510 series office jet to the computer system. The hp website doesnt give me any info on how to setup
by Shannon on Nov 30, 2004 at 3:32pm Add comment
OK.. I just scored one of these POS's for free and I turned it on once, and it worked.. so I set it up, turned it back on and that freakin' tab on the gear stripped.

So being free and all, I grabbed the trusty flathead and a star drive. and tore into it. So as I am working my way down. Reading your stressed out messages thinking that I am going to strip components off for parts and play. Cleaning a sea of ink off of the carriage assembly, I disassembled the carriage gearbox and what did I find?

a little gear with a tab (key) on the top, with one side COMPLETELY worn off, so the redneck side of me told me to 'fix er up gud' =)

Solution that I used: (1) Soldering iron with a small tip, (1) Sacrificial keyboard for some plastic, (2) steady hands.

Take some plastic off of the keyboard and carefully make a new bridge (a little taller, thicker and longer) making sure not to get any in the place where the shaft goes. I made a small groove on both sides to square it off like: _|-|_

Threw the sucker back together and BEHOLD!!! it effin' works!!!!

I cycled it a good 10 times to see if it held together and so far so good! So I say, if the 5110 Officejet is worthless to you the way it sits, and you have a spare hour dedicated to tearing into it (wear rubber gloves because my hands are covered in ink) Jump on it and give your printer a fighting chance to survive.

I don't like seeing everyone here getting played by HP since the item is out of warranty.

If I would have thought this over before tearing into it, I would have grabbed some pictures and a walkthrough.


P.S. if anyone has some empty cartridges (Black/Color) I need a set.
by unknown on Nov 30, 2004 at 9:46pm Add comment

I've got a 5110 with the same failure.

You wrote You could provide more information on Your repair method... - could You for me as well.
Sorry - I'm German, and dont understand "slang words" so good (therefore I couldnt understand everything in Your first article) - "straightforward" English would be helpful.

Thanks and greetings,

- unknown
Way to go, and I'm happy for you. Soldering iron, building bridges, scrapping keyboards, no thanks.
I will keep you in mind for parts if my repair gets too costly.
by Anonymous on Dec 1, 2004 at 10:15am Add comment
I have replaced the broken gear driving of the service station, but not sure where to place the carriage assembly. So I have placed it at the far end.

Turning it on I get the message Initializing, then started asking for cartridge allignment. Press enter.

It starts to pick the paper up and then the rollers roll rapidly causing the paper to ruffle up; tearing up he next paper.

Any help will be much appreciated
by John Smith on Dec 1, 2004 at 11:06pm Add comment
Sorry everyone that anon. response was from me forgot to enter my name.
Jen you should have a help area that loaded with the software, that will give you step by step info on changing the print cart. Otherwise open the door at the extreme top left of your unit and the cart. is best accessed from there.
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Hi all, I am an eng and I repair all stuff that I get my hands on and just 3 days ago I recieved this 5110 to repair and i managed to do some good repair and diassembly on it and found out what was cousing 2 types of paper jam...
1st on the input tray ..there is a small plastic that tells the device when it has paper in which cuts the light under the keyboard in an optocoupler that was stuck ...i did have had to diassimble it but a few jurks and fast clicks with the fingur could have solved it.
2nd paper jam was for the cartrage and i found that to be small plastics that rise to pick up paper that was jamed under the cartrage ..to remove that ...open the catrage door and the back side using 2 fingers and then you can see a white plastic just over the most right gear ( viewed from the cartrage door ) push that plastic a little up and with your other hand move the rubber wheels from the back ..please be carefull as if you face some resistance you will have to do it visually looking from the bottom paper try and just below the cartrage .
I am still working on the other problems that may arrise later ...but assebly and disassimbly is very easy if you need help.
by Gilbert on Dec 6, 2004 at 4:56am Add comment
That's good to know Gilbert, I think however for most of us that paper jam is an incorrect message that comes after a carriage jam, and then no printing will occur. Check out the previous postings.
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well .. please add me to the list .. this is the 2nd machine i have had and now gettin the same "carriage jam" as the first machine... hp have offered me 15 percent off voucher to purchase a new machine .. how nice of them .. or it will cost me £137 to get it fixed including collection and delivery ... are they sending it to the moon i asked. I am very very dissatisfied.. and presently awaiting for someone in authority to call me back.. glad i have found this site.. adds ammunition to my arguement that there is a fault with this type of model.
by julia on Dec 7, 2004 at 4:04am Add comment
Another one bytes the dust!!!! Carriage Jam.
HP . Never again.
by Michel on Dec 7, 2004 at 7:05pm Add comment
Ah ..sorry ..carriage jam was caused by the head cleaner that is at the far right end of the printer but you may have to disassemble it ..by 2 screws at the bottom and 2 just between the ADF and the keyboard and then take off smoothly then bush the contraption called head cleaner that is on the left back wards with your fingers that will need washing(the fingers) from ink after….and please ..am still working on it nearly 1 hour a day and I find only few things per day ….but help is available.
by Gilbert on Dec 7, 2004 at 10:50pm Add comment
I just want to thank all of you for your postings because of course our HP V-40 Officejet printer just broke also. And of course it's the same deal..........carriage jam! Well after my husband spent boo-koo time trying to fix it and search for jammed paper, I decided to search for a troubleshooting website for help. I found this site immediately and just want you to know how much help you all have been and now have saved us mucho time. I am going to call & email HP and be very very persistent because this is ridiculous! Also I'm going to contact a newspaper columnist in our newspaper who tries to get results for disgruntled customers. Maybe if enough people complain the HP people will finally do the correct thing and replace our printers for free with a new product!
by unknown on Dec 8, 2004 at 5:44am Add comment
That's great Gail,
My company has 70 schools nationwide and I have begun a petition within our company and purchasing department for us to look very closely before and if we buy HP products. No one should have to go through this with any product, especially when their call center is outsourced and no local help is immediate.
by unknown on Dec 8, 2004 at 10:11am Add comment
That would be great Gail, Along with the 5110 a friend had a full V40 to use for parts, and guess what, another Carridge jam (broken gear on that one)

And just for kicks I searched on eBay for V40 and 5110, A good solid 90\% had the same problem, "Carridge jam, will not print"
by unknown on Dec 8, 2004 at 10:32pm Add comment
by unknown on Dec 9, 2004 at 9:59am Add comment
Same problem. HP treats these as "disposable", (like BIC lighters...). A 20\% discount to get another 14-month printer? They are not taking care of their customers. No more HPs.
by Mark H on Dec 9, 2004 at 5:37pm Add comment
This gear is also in the G95. I get the same grinding sound when the printer starts up. Here is an exploded parts diagram of the service station and ink spittoon.

partsurfer.hp.com G95&dealer_id=&rightnav=search&cpric=us&mod_flg=&stype=&hotspot=&which pic=&popup_flg=&picture=OJ-G\%2FSVC_STAT&template=main&uniqparts=&calli ngsite=
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Does the 5510 share the same gear? It starts to pull the paper in, starts grinding badly, the paper crunches up and jams. I have had this thing 4 months! Thanks.

by unknown on Dec 9, 2004 at 9:59pm Add comment
My problem is my printing. I can fax out, but cannot fax in or copy or do any printing. The ink cartriges do not move, even when I open the cartridge door. I did hear a "POP" when I clicked the print bar on my computer, do you suppose this thing is fixable?
by unknown on Dec 10, 2004 at 10:20am Add comment
I remember when HP came out with the Laserjet and the Laserjet Series II, they were the best printer company hands down. PCL (Printer Command Language), superior printers that never broke, excellent phone support. They even made great scientific calculators that every engineering student dreamed of finding under the christmas tree. So I have been partial to HP printers. When HP offered me a job, I thought about the Series II and the calculators and thought, this must be a great company and took the job. Needing a printer about 14 months ago, I bought the 5110. I just sent it off to Radio Shack for $35 for the "carriage jam press enter" problem. They want $150 to sell me a refurbished unit because the parts are not available. I asked them to send it back to me, I am not paying $150 for a used printer which will break again in a few months.

If this was a strategy to sell more printers for HP, I do not think it will work. I for one, am not going to buy another HP printer unless I can see that they have addressed the root cause of the problem; poor design and poor support.

It is a symptom of a bigger problem or faulty strategy when a poor design problem cannot be remedied by the service team and the only solution they offer is a refurbished unit which suffers from the same design problem in hopes of generating short term revenue for the outsourced service company.

In case you are not aware, HP in the US is now hiring almost exclusively 3rd world nationals and exporting their jobs to 3rd world companies where the annual salary is $5,000 for a position that pays $50,000 here in the US. These are hired as contractors of holding companies of HP so that they don't show up in the core HP statistics. How long before HP discovers, "You get what you pay for" ?
by Tom B on Dec 14, 2004 at 12:10pm Add comment
I am more than a bit frustrated now that I see this is a trend. I bought my 5110 all in one about 14 months ago and have never had a problem until today when the cartrage Jam thing came up . The ink cartrage is off to the right and no force applied can get it to move. I, like all of you phoned, long distance not toll free only to be told after waiting 20 minutes and speaking to a nice lady who could not speak very good English, it would cost me $30 just to connect to a service rep and then so much a minute after that to talk with them. This is not funny since it will cost me to buy another printer/fax/copier( not to mention the phone bill) and in the small town I live in HP may be all they carry.I will need to drive an hour away to find a computer store, here we only can get computer stuff at WalMart! I need this thing soon to finish my thesis. NO, HP you are not going to send me another one of these( refurbished or not) thank you! What is the next best brand, or should I say ,what is a good brand of all in one printers ? I don't want to drive that far to get skunked again. - Anonymous
Your statement speaks volumes to what has been stated hear by many of us, I have no desire to fix what I have paid for or buy refurbs, and this is exactly what they offer. I have sent these messages on to my local BBB, in hopes of getting more direction in proceeding. My only fear is HP will offer us all rebates ala Microsoft.
by unknown on Dec 14, 2004 at 12:29pm Add comment
I have attempted to fix the gear mechanism by gluing the broken gear on to the adjacent gear.
Everything looks perfect and it will probably never break again. The only problem is that i have the following message. ``Paper jam, clear jam and press enter.``
I think it is related to the other gear with a spring enclosed between two plastic parts and that actions a lever installed besides the faulty gear
I think i did not install it the right way. If any of you by any chance could provide me with pictures of the assembly of this mechanism parts i would be grateful. Hope i can fix this one...
by Mike on Dec 16, 2004 at 4:45pm Add comment
I had the same problem with printer and fixed it with the spring clamp method. That part works fine now. The printer stopped making noise and no more errors. The carriage works fine back and forth during initialization. The problem I have now is the printer thinks it's printing but doesn't. If you tell it to print it goes through the motions except the carriage doesn't move and no paper does not feed through but at the appropriate time the printer says it's through and ready to begin another print with no errors. I've done all the diagnostics and self tests and everything says it's ok. Any ideas?????
by Chas on Dec 17, 2004 at 11:21pm Add comment
i fix my gear my self and the cartage jam messare went away i only have one concern wheni open the cartage door the cartage should slide to the left side of the printer so that i can change the ink but it keep telling me to close the door and the cartage stay on the right side
by Anonymous on Dec 19, 2004 at 10:20am Add comment
You're not alone. I too suffered from the carriage jam demon. After a $30 call to HP for service, I was informed that it was a hardware problem that would require exchange. The 5110 is no longer under warranty. When asked if HP would credit my $30 the answer was no - they don't guarantee that service will be successful (apparently service is a process you buy not an outcome they deliver). HP sent me a replacement 5110 for an additional $128. From what I’ve read here, I now realize that the replacement is likely doomed too.

Let me share with you what I understand to be the phone number for complaints that can be filed with HP headquarters (in the office of the CEO - Carly Fiorina): 650-857-7166 (email thought to be: [email protected]).

Good luck to all of you!
by Anonymous on Dec 19, 2004 at 1:09pm Add comment
Wow, after reading all of these - no wonder I'm having problems. I had the V40, it broke. I was dumb enough to "upgrade" to the 5110 - now I seem to be getting all the same carriage jam messages that most everyone has received. The $30 technical fee certainly doesn't sound worth the work - I live in FL, guess it will make a good boat anchor. Has anyone had ANY luck at all with HP. Their products used to be great, until they started outsourcing to 3rd world countries.

by Anonymous on Jan 5, 2005 at 4:36pm Add comment
so sick of plastic crap
HP will never get my money again. 14 months and very few prints on the 5110 and I get the Carriage Jam of Death alert because a 10-cent plastic gear breaks. BASTARDS
by anon on Jan 8, 2005 at 8:41am Add comment
oh, and yes I talked to the morons in Bangalore who only know how to take down all your personal information so they can tell you they have no idea how to help you and that you are the only person who has ever called about this problem, and for $30 they promise they can fix it, whatever it is, so give us your CREDIT CARD NUMBER TOO now that we screwed you once already. A COMPLETE LIE.
by anon on Jan 8, 2005 at 8:49am Add comment


I've successfully repaired a couple of the 5110s in the past few weeks, so I thought I'd throw out some of my experiences.

Some folks have complained about the following issues after attempting to repair their 5110s:
1) Printer initializes and starts to print, but then you get a "paper jam" error.
2) Printer looks like it's trying to print, but the print heads aren't moving.

I've run into both these problems, and the issue is still with those two gears in the tray assembly - so this is a sign that your attempted fix didn't work. This is good in the sense that you don't have any NEW problems, but bad in the sense that the old issue is still around.

I've run into the "paper jam" problem when the two problematic gears were jammed together too tight. So the cleaning tray was not able to move as easily as it should. To see what I mean, take the machine apart again and see how easy it is to move the tray back and forth. If it's relatively difficult, then I would suggest disassembling the tray again and see what might be catching on those gears you fixed.

The issue with the printer trying to print, but the print head not moving usually means that the print heads are jammed in the tray - which means your fix didn't work. Or perhaps it sorta worked, but the two gears are slipping occasionally.

I've also noticed that the large gear seems to have a small amount of room in the assembly to move away from the little gear. This can be problematic and cause even good repairs to fail since the large gear might move and slip over the hose clamp, or whatever you placed on the little screw. My solution was to use a very thin washer behing the large gear to make sure the gears are always pressed firmly together. Be careful, however, since if the washer is too thick it will bind up the tray a little and probably cause the "paper jam" issue I mentioned earlier.

Good luck.

by unknown on Jan 11, 2005 at 2:30pm Add comment
I had the same error (carriage jam) that all are reporting here 14 months after purchase. I sent an email to HP support requesting a new unit due to the widely known problem with the gear and although it was out of warranty they replaced it. I thought I'd have to fight with them but it was actually all very easy. I just got it today. Unfortunately, my new refurbed unit they sent me is giving an "out of paper" error even though there is paper. Argg!!!!! Hopefully I can figure it out. Good luck to the rest of you.
by Anonymous on Feb 2, 2005 at 8:25pm Add comment
I just had the same carriage jam error message occur last week after 18 months of limited use. Been trying to clear it, even chatted with their outsourced HP support person from India. Didn't seem to acknowledge it was a known problem. They diagnosed it as a hardware problem and offered two options. 1) the local service center which is a Radio Shack $79 + parts or 2)a discount on a new printer.

Glad I came across this forum before spending any more on an HP. The only thing that still seems to work on the piece of sh**! is the scanner. Thanks everyone for the good info. I'm thinking I should scan a picture of my hairy a**! and email it to their CEO.
by Michael on Feb 4, 2005 at 9:22am Add comment
Es cierto existe una pieza del engranaje, exactamente una de las que acopla al receptá-
culo de tinta y que hace la tracción al mecanismo de limpieza de cabezales en la cual
se parte una pestaña que lleva. En mi opinión
cuando la densidad y viscosidad de la tinta se
hace palpable el engranaje se parte al ser debil de estructura, por tanto os llevará bastante desmontar el mecanismo hasta liberar
el receptaculo que en la parte izquierda lleva
asociado el mecanismo acoplado con tres tornillos y que después de desmontarlo y limpiar la abundante tinta que lo impregna vereis que en efecto esa pieza esta probable-
mente partida, atascando el desplazamiento de
los cabezales del carro de impresión. En definitiva la cuestion es como conseguir un part number o un spare part number que permita
obtener el recambio para reparar dichas multifunción, después de buscar mucho en internet he visto que hay un montón de gente frustrada por esta situación y es aquí donde se hecha de menos un buen diagrama con las piezas y un spare concreto. Desconozco si en algún otro dispositivo de HP se incorpora un mecanismo semejante, pero es una lástima tirar un dispositivo por tan solo una minúscula pieza de plástico. En fin la era del plástico, si fuesen de metal seguramente nos jubilariamos antes de que se estropeasen.
Un saludo y suerte.
P.D. curiosamente en el mismo engranaje hay piezas de plastico muy solidas que duraran años y años inalterables en los basureros....
by unknown on Feb 7, 2005 at 2:43pm Add comment
Whats up everyone? well i have read and read up on these posts but i have yet to come across any prob like mine.It all started with the dreaded carriage stall error! so being a fix-it-upper i tore into it.I found that the ink tray did have alot of ink in it so.... i began the dirty job of cleaning,inspection of all gears and found none to be damaged.So i put it all back together,no more carriage stall! Kool i thought... got my printer back right? Wrong! Now i do not have no errors ,no jams,nothing! It just sits on my desk and tells me the date and time.i have uninstalled and reinstalled the original software numerous times.It wants to print test page but it wont.It says that it is but it isnt.No test page,no alignment page no nothing im at a loss. hp says its software problem.so i went and downloaded the 60.83mb bundle on there site,no go same thing.it is recognizing it but nothing is happing.so back to original software!here is whats in hp director.

MODEL:officejet 5100 series

I am so close i know i am can anyone help?????????????????????????? ill be waiting 4 all replys.thanks for taking time to read my novel.i hope that this will also help others who have same probs. thanks again.

by tony on Feb 9, 2005 at 12:00pm Add comment
Hi everyone else frustrated with carriage jams -- just call HP Customer Service, ask to speak with a supervisor (because the phone help techies don't have any power) and politely request a free repair. I told them we had tried everything on their HP Help Page and discovered by sites like this one that the carriage jam is a common problem with the 5110. They recognise this is a recurring problem and will repair it free of charge. They even paid for Purolator to deliver it and the turnaround time was only two days.

There is hope!! good luck.
by Anonymous on Feb 11, 2005 at 7:19am Add comment
I fixed my hp5110xi, I called the HP
hotline help, E-Mailed the ex-CEO,
I got a woman from Indiam all she wanted was my credit card so I could
pay them to talk to thier tech. I told
her I not into paying to talk and it
sounds like something dirty to me. I asked for the gears she said they don't them. She wanted me to trade in my Printer I said no way. I would throw it away so they can't sell it again. I took the Printer apart and
fixed the little gear in the ink well. It had the little broken tab.
I used the little clylinder head nail. You can buy a pack for $2 at a
picture framing bussiness. I drilled
the small hole about where the stop used to be. I then super glued it in.
Glue $1 . For $3 and change it works
again. It is nosier when it hit the
metal stop it goes clunk. It is now the backup printer.Here is the pics site. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/cogtx/album?.dir=bad6&.src=ph
by ramjetz on Feb 14, 2005 at 6:28pm Add comment
Hello, I red your description of the HP gear repair. I did a repair on my printer (OfficeJet 5110), that looks nearly the same. After reassembling the printhead garage is moving back and forward (like it should) but the printer still don't wants to print anything - any ideas ?

Thank you for your help - socke
Hi, guys. I'm having a problem with my new HP5510 printer. Not the carriage issue. When I try to print even the alignment page I am getting a shadow print or smearing every time the black carridge is involved. I have changed the cartridge, replaced the paper with glossy, cleaned the cartridges, cleaned the contacts, cleaned the rollers, reset the printer - nothing works. The color cartridge works perfectly. Any advice?

by BruceH on Feb 24, 2005 at 1:45am Add comment
From now on before I wast two hours screwing around with a computer problem I will just google for the truth like this board has wonderfully provided. What a POS HP is for not telling the truth on their support web site. I wasted an hour on this thing and would have probably wasted more had I not found this valuable info. The good news is that the lake behind my house is frozen, so I will remove the two new cartridges that I put in there so as to remove any carciogens and I will place it about 300 yards offshore on the ice. It will be fun to watch it sit there and then fall into the deep portion of the lake as the spring thaw arrives. I will then be able to proudly say that I was screwed by Carly Forina.
by unknown on Feb 24, 2005 at 5:31am Add comment
Thank you everyone for the feedback. We have this in our small home based business, and are getting the "clear paper jam" error (after 13 months of limited use). Instead of wasting my time (and limited abilities) trying to fix the gear, I'm just moving on and getting a different system, since we really need the fax machine daily. But now I know to do a google search for repair forums like this for the machine I'll buy to replace this, since it would have probably saved me $250 last year when I bought this.
by michelle on Mar 1, 2005 at 2:20pm Add comment
Hey guys, My daughter calls me from college today with a carriage jam problem on a HP5110. I'm a laserjet tech and havent worked on many deskjets but regarding the gears in question on the service station, are the gears on a V40 the same? I took a v40 apart today and sure enough, that gears tab was broken. I have't looked at the 5110 yet, just wanted to get a handle on what to expect. Are these part numbers the same
C4557-40079 & C5870-40017 on a v40 and 5110?

I got this from the post above by MC 10/14/04

By the way if anyone has problems on Laserjets post away.
by unknown on Mar 2, 2005 at 4:32pm Add comment
Hi All...so happy to have found this site, sad to hear that my 5110 is junk (getting the "paper jam of death" message). We've had bad experiences with HP printers before; too bad because HP used to be the best. Don't buy any more HP units!
by unknown on Mar 4, 2005 at 6:23am Add comment
yep, your right! I'll NEVER buy anything HP manufactures again! Most of their products are JUNK! PERIOD! Ther're not made to last over 12 months.
by unknown on Mar 4, 2005 at 7:55am Add comment
I agree. This is no doubt a design flaw in this service station. The ink builds up in the service station and creates a great deal of drag on the mech and that little plastic tab on that little ole gear just can't take it and shears off. I'd like to run it through a sheadder and send it to HP corporate with a note "JUNK IN A BOX!"
by unknown on Mar 4, 2005 at 11:42am Add comment
Be aware that there were 2 different types of service stations. I have those gears in stock as well and they didn't work in the 2 printers I tried them in. Good luck.
by moe on Mar 5, 2005 at 3:16pm Add comment
moe, they are for sure the same as I compared them today. The service station in the V40 and the 5110 are the same, no doubt about it!
by unknown on Mar 6, 2005 at 1:28pm Add comment
socke, are you sure you got the ribbon cables reconnected etc. Are you getting any error messages? does the printer pick the paper? Need a little more explanation to your problem
by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2005 at 1:32pm Add comment
I bought the two gears but they dont work in the 5110. anyone wants them i'll sell for 15 dollars no shipping.

email me back channel
by unknown on Mar 8, 2005 at 8:05pm Add comment
well, I find out that in fact those gears are not available. I went through my company to Parts Now and talked to the officejet guru in tech support ther and he tells me you can't get the whole service station or any parts for it. Replacement parts are not made for it. zthere are 4 models that use that service station V40/Fax 1230/5110/3820

SO NEVER! BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT. I know I won't Your Just SOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by unknown on Mar 10, 2005 at 8:29am Add comment
I've got the same cart jam message of death and amazingly enough 14months just like the rest of you. HP really needs to be accountable for their $250+ "disposable" all-in-one POS.

I think we need to get someone to take on HP like Clark Howard-- for those of you who do not know who he is-- he does a national talk radio program to help consumers "Make more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off" Him and his team have helped a LOT of people get action with greedy companies and customer (no) service.

If any of you have time (I'm ALWAYS on the road during the live show 1-4pm Eastern time) call him 1-877-872-5275 (1-877-87CLARK) his website is clarkhoward.com. And if you get through post the info here. Thanks.
by unknown on Mar 11, 2005 at 8:39am Add comment
Ok, Since I can't either the service station or the gear, I tried to repair the gear and it seems I was sucessful but it appears there is a timing issue. Anyone know what the timing on the CRAP HP 5110 is. When you put the carriage back on with resprct to the service station.

Also I have another Idea. Anyone with this problem should contact The Troubleshooter and state their concern. Here is the link.

by unknown on Mar 12, 2005 at 11:58am Add comment
Can anyone out there help please? Display panel says "Replace Scanner Cover". I do and the message won't go away. Cheers people
by unknown on Mar 16, 2005 at 5:01pm Add comment
Hello I have the same problem were you able to find a solution please help
hp 635 replace scanner cover message
thank you - Anonymous
Same problem after 14months. Paper jam then carriage jam... I just ordered a new Dell all-in-one. Lets see what happens with that.

by unknown on Mar 17, 2005 at 7:37am Add comment
Very impressive site ! Luckily, I do not own or use a HP 5110, however I can assure all that the type and style of problems detailed in this thread are not unique to this model number.

On the positive side, my first HP was a model 560C, a most satisfactory printer that rarely missed a beat.

That experience prompted us to buy a 660C as its replacement, and while it performed reasonably well, it was a far cry from the 560.

Knowing that any large, successful corporation can have a bad model in its line-up, I gave HP the benefit of the doubt and acquired the model 810C next.

I have been doing extensive legal research on a much more significant issue in my life, and as a result have gained some valuable knowledge about how the Courts view larger entities that show a thirst for public rip-off.

It wouldn't be so bad if HP demonstrated a modicum of responsibility, but they do not. Even their advertising has become arrogant.

Meanwhile, back in the office, with the 810C recently retired following its grueling couple months of POS service - maybe 200 lousy pieces of paper having passed through its mechanism - TOTAL THAT IS, FROM DATE OF MANUFACTURE - I was looking so forward to moving on to the next little beasty from HP, the model 635 one of my close friends passed on to me.

Hardly used, it seemed a God-send to me as I rapidly approached a very sensitive deadline that carries some heavy consequences if missed.

I was confident of success; imagine, a 635 backed up by an 810. What could go wrong ?

The 635 didn't feed paper well, but that was an easy fix. But it was low on black ink. So $68.00 later, I have a new black and a new colour cartridge.

One test page later, I get a "Re-Insert black ink cartridge" message. Probably not paying much attention during the install the first time, I re-insert the black cartridge as instructed.

Time to start the critical tax document print session, but the new message "Replace scanner cover" greets me.

After having read every post in this thread, rather than finishing my critical tax work, I have come to the conclusion that HP will not be playing much of a role in any future printing that I do.

It is sad to see a company that had such an overwhelming lead over their competition fall off the rails so purposefully.

Greed is such a terrible thing.

They may not be able to repair the harm of the past, but they should be stopped from causing any more strife in the future.

These machines were supposed to help us accomplish our tasks, not become tasks of their own.

Good luck with your HP equipment. Put my name down for any group action being considered.

by mvtofino on Mar 18, 2005 at 1:59am Add comment
I have xp pro and have ran all the trouble shooting, my 5110 all-in-one will not print, take transaction to printer and then in about 4 minutes a window will appear that says err in trying to print document. I can delete the transaction, but in trying to reprint it will not print from any location and or document.... I have removed from program and reinstalled... I am not happy!!! I think I hate this product.
by Anonymous on Mar 24, 2005 at 10:31pm Add comment
Need Help With My Hp 5110 Officejet All-In-One. When I Scan And Send A Fax It Works Perfectly But When I Try To Print Somthing, On The Display Of The Printer Says (Printing) But Nothing Happens. When I Try To Make A Copy It Scans It And Nothing Happens After That. I Have Not Recieved A Fax So I Dont Now Of That Works. Thanks
by unknown on Mar 27, 2005 at 10:28pm Add comment
You didn't mention things like "this just started - I could print OK just yesterday" or "I just changed ink cartridges" or "this thing has been sitting in my cousin's basement for a year" or "it prints color but not black", so I'll offer the easy things to start with. Change the ink cartridges, they may be dried out. Make sure the tape is removed from the ink cartridges - i've seen it more than once. Run the machine through a thorough cleaning - the heads may be clogged.

Start there and report back. - unknown
Ken, When attempting to print, does it pick the paper and the page is blank or does it just sit there? Try and go into your utility and print a test page. Need a little more information
by unknown on Mar 28, 2005 at 3:36pm Add comment
I am having problems as well... My printer keeps saying error see manual and i don't have mine. The printer is only a year 1/2 old
- Anonymous
I am getting the same thing I can not print and scanned anything. Once in awhile I can fax things out but can't recive it. Also I did clean th cartridge with cleanex but not alcahol. It keeps saying error see manual and i lost mine. I only had the printer less than year and a 1/2...
Thank you - Anonymous
The First Time I Try To Copy I See The Rollers Move But It Dont Grab The Paper. The Second Time I Do That It Dont Do Nothing It Just Sits There But On The Display Of The Printer Says (Printing) Like For One Seconed. When I First Turn On The Printer It Grabs The Paper And Comes out Blank It Alwas Dose That When I Turn It On. - Anonymous
Ohhhh how sad to read that my printer, JUST out of warranty, is one of the dreaded "Clear Carriage Paper Jam" lemons.

I too used to stand by HP products, having loyally bought them for their quality. This is total garbage and I am no longer a supporter. Too bad - if they just offered serious fixes I would keep buying their products. But no way now.

by unknown on Mar 31, 2005 at 6:25pm Add comment
Quisiera aclarar que tanto la officejet serie 5100, officejet v40, fax 1230 y la deskjet 3820. Todas llevan el mismo service station. El engranaje pequeño, lo podeis conseguir en la siguiente dirección [email protected]
by unknown on Apr 1, 2005 at 2:06pm Add comment
i have an hp 5550 series...but i thought some1 could still help, when i try to print something it sends it, but the printer does nothing, when i open up the queue its there but it doesnt do anything, the printer prints when i reset it so the ink and stuff is fine, but when i send stuff to the queue it just sits there, and when i try to delete it it just says deleting and doesnt delete, causing traffic jams in my queue....someone help
by unknown on Apr 4, 2005 at 4:03am Add comment
i have an hp 5550 series...but i thought some1 could still help, when i try to print something it sends it, but the printer does nothing, when i open up the queue its there but it doesnt do anything, the printer prints when i reset it so the ink and stuff is fine, but when i send stuff to the queue it just sits there, and when i try to delete it it just says deleting and doesnt delete, causing traffic jams in my queue....someone help
by unknown on Apr 4, 2005 at 4:08am Add comment
by Anonymous on Apr 8, 2005 at 11:09am Add comment
I seem to be having the same problem as all of you. I have an HP 5110, and there is supposedly a carriage jam. We believe that it was caused from pulling jammed paper out through the FRONT of the machine. Apparently, you're not supposed to pull it out through the front- you're supposed to open the back and pull it out from there. Anyway, we were able to upgrade to a 6210, but I still would like to keep the 5110 for our other computer. Is it worth it to try to fix it? I've read through this entire board, and I've come to the conclusion that I need to follow the photo instructions and purchase new gears. Will that work for the 5110? Has anybody had success from that? Thanks!

by hockeychic15 on Apr 10, 2005 at 11:04am Add comment
Same carriage jam error message - just 17 mths old - Hp said only thing is to send in for exchange at £117 with 3 mth warranty, but I can buy a new HP 6110 for £114 with 12 mth warranty!! So which make all-in-one should I buy next time guys?
by unknown on Apr 15, 2005 at 9:03am Add comment
Same carriage jam error message - just 17 mths old - HP said only thing is to send in for exchange at £117 with 3 mth warranty, but I can buy a new HP 6110 for £114 with 12 mth warranty!! So which make of all-in-one printer should I buy next time guys?
by unknown on Apr 15, 2005 at 9:05am Add comment
My boss has bought this stupid thing (5110) in Greece. We live in Russia and HP doesn't sell this model here. Its gears have broken some about one month ago. Nothing of parts for 5110 HP haven't in Russia. And we just made them (small gear and big one) ourselves. For now this absurd "printer" works great. But I don't know how long it will be so? Hope that for enough :-) The man who helped me with these gears said that he would make them more. If anyone needs 'em - write. We can talk to the point of help you. I think it will be not high price for them.
by unknown on Apr 20, 2005 at 12:27am Add comment
so e-mail me directly and let me know what you did to fix it? What is your name anyway? - unknown
Thank you for your help. As I use my printer/fax every day I have had to buy a new one - Canon this time, never HP again. But I will try to mend HP as spare printer, using helpfull pictures on this website.


by unknown on Apr 20, 2005 at 1:09am Add comment
maybe bad move going 2 Canon,my multipass F20,costing me $500.00 lasted but 16 months,,,think again...I got a hp5110 now & it is broke also.says "but in original"... tried that many times will not work,still waiting 4 help on this forum.BETTER then H.Ps'. help,,,or canon, they r all alike,,$$$$ - Anonymous
I live in Africa and bought one of these wonderful printers. It worked great until the other night when the same thing that seems to happen to everybody happeneded. I tried to use the part # that was given but I don't actually think that is the right part. Does anybody have the part # and know where we can buy the part? Please let me know. Thanks for your help,
by keiths on Apr 26, 2005 at 3:46pm Add comment
I just got three HP Fax 1230(identical base system to 5110) machines replaced free from HP with free upgrade machines instead of identical models. All three were experiencing the carriage jam problem being discussed. Helpful tips when calling HP:

1. Be clear about exactly what the problem is with your first technician. They most likely won't understand the problem that clearly in First Level Support and you should ask to be escalated.

2. Explain clearly that the problem is a documented DEFECT in the product and that you have found numerous other instances of this DEFECT occurring in forums, etc.

3. Explain clearly that you want a replacement and if they indicate that they cannot do so, continue to ask that your call be escalated until you get someone who can do so.

4. I found that when calling the HP Support number there is a step that asks if your product is out of warranty. When I answered 'Yes' I repeatedly got foreign outsourced teams which caused some communication difficulty. However, when I answered 'No', suggesting that my product was still under warranty(which it wasn't), I got transferred to a US support team who immediatly recognized the frustration I was dealing with and quickly arranged for three replacement machines with prepaid shipping for the returns.

5. It helps if you're working for an organizaton and can explain how frequently you purchase HP equipment.

Many thanks to all the info posted in this forum, especially the photo instructions on disassembly


which helped me verify and clearly grasp the problem so that I was well prepared by the time I called HP.
by unknown on May 3, 2005 at 6:26am Add comment
I have a HP fax 1230. There is a " Carriage Jam" message.
After trying everything on HP website, I can't make it work.
When I open it to try to fix the print cartridges they won't appear. It seams that they are stuck inside.
What should I do?
by unknown on May 3, 2005 at 10:15am Add comment
A fatal mechanical failure typical of the 1230. See the previous post for insturctions on dealing with HP.
by Bert on May 3, 2005 at 10:29am Add comment
Mine is doing the same thing! I get the "Clear carriage jam, then press ENTER" error message!!

I have tried everything (no, I'm not a repair guy) and I don't know what to do....after spending $500.00 on this darn thing and it's been over a year. The ink is bran new, the paper is not jammed, I've cleaned all the points the HP website said to clean on the trouble shooting page for this sh** thing and nothing works.

by lucian_33 on May 7, 2005 at 2:19am Add comment
Well, I just experienced the exact same problem with the OJ5110; plastic tab broken on gear, and now the $150 fax/scan/printer is nothing more than a $2 clock. I'm going to find an open area and shoot it about 50 times with a 12 gauge, I'll be sure to post the .avi here.

F)(*&# YOU HP.

by unknown on May 8, 2005 at 11:22pm Add comment
Enough people complained about the 3820, which has the same gear. Why not try the same with the 5110? This site has gotten a lot of people new printers. There is a lot of info on the 3820 threads on how to go about it. Couldn't hurt. Of course you won't get your aggressions out, but look at the money you'll save on a new printer and ammunition.
by moe on May 8, 2005 at 11:28pm Add comment
Wow! I am a victim of a crummy HP 5110 that died under light use and just after warranty, and of course after reading these postings I realize that literally hundreds of people experienced the same problem I did at approximately the same time in the printer's life.

So . . . I cruised through this website to explore some other possible replacement printers (NOT HP), only to realize that ALL the inexpensive printers are manufactured to be truly disposable. They are simply not designed to last.

I will venture into my next purchase with that understanding, and I hope the rest of you won't waste too much time seeking the Holy Grail of printers. Doesn't exist - - not in this price range, anyway!

Best of luck to all of you! Cheers - -

by unknown on May 10, 2005 at 1:34pm Add comment
Another hp (hulk of Junk) bites the dust... never, never hp again. Had an interesting conversation with one of their so called reps. They know dam well that these unit are crashing and burning globally, but let me walk you through this nice little script that I can read to you off my computer screen. What a joke, just acknowledge that you screwed up on the design of this cramp and recall them all. Oh but sir if you know the gear in the ink well is scripted because you opened it, your null your warranty even if the unit is 10 months out of warranty. The bic lighter of all in one, use it and toss it into a landfill. "We are a green company" HA!
by unknown on May 16, 2005 at 10:53am Add comment
Add another one to the list

Today my printer bit the dust with the carriage jam error. It makes a grinding noise during initialization and will not print. My zip code is 37830.
by unknown on May 19, 2005 at 5:34pm Add comment
by unknown on May 20, 2005 at 1:45pm Add comment
One more to the carriage jam problem! I've never done this before, but I fixed the gear through the pics on the link http://pg.photos.yahoo.com . I beat a neeedle into the gear and I use a little epoxy to fix it inside. Be very carefull you can break the gear!!! After it you can fix something around the needle (I used the insulation from an electric wire)
In Hungary HP fixes it for the original price of the OfficeJet!!!!!I hate them.
by unknown on May 21, 2005 at 7:20am Add comment
I'm having the same problem " Carriage Jam, clear carriage and press enter" . There's nothing to clear. Hp "all in one 1230 series ". Product is only 15 mo. old. Called hp for tech support. Was asked if product was under warranty - said No. Then was transferred to India where a muddled voice with strong accent wanted $ 33.00 issued by my credit card for further instructions. I told him I preferred to pay by check at which point he said " so sorry, cannot accept payment by check ( which I already knew ) and then replied " have a nice day and hung-up... I suspect the problem with the 5110 officejet is the same as the one for the 1230 stand-alone 'all-in-one'... Like others here, years back, I thought HP was the best. What happened to them? HP now = Junk. You don't know what you got until after you take it home and use it until the warranty expiration date, after which the product fizzles. There must be a cubic mile land fill site, somewhere, flowing to the brim with hp's.
by unknown on May 21, 2005 at 8:24pm Add comment
There must be a cubic mile land fill site, somewhere, flowing to the brim with hp's.
yes there is....and it has company from printers manufactured by canon, lexmark, epson, brother, samsung, and practically all other manufacturers....welcome to the realm of unsupported "disposable" printers. As far as most people are concerned, a decent inkjet hasn't been made for 3 years or so-
Thank carly for ruining HP =.(
by Cprossu on May 21, 2005 at 8:37pm Add comment
Just wanted to add my 2 cents to this site about the HP 5110 and the famous "clear carriage jam" after just out of warranty.... and about 2 days after I just installed 2 new cartridges at about $75. Looks like we are all in the same boat. I have owned several HP printers (laser and inkjet)in the past 20 years and this is the only one that has broken (usually just upgrading to smaller and faster). My last HP 940C (which luckily uses the same cartridges os the 5110) is 3 years old and gets 10 times the use of the 5110 and it still works great...knock on wood!
Will not kick out HP yet on one bad model experience.
by Bob W on May 22, 2005 at 10:12am Add comment
These are my small and big gears after repairing. It works perfectly now, but who knows how long.


by unknown on May 25, 2005 at 7:19am Add comment
I had a different gear break a tooth:

It's about 2.5" long, and resides above the spittoon. Anybody know where I can get another one of these things?
by SavagePenguin on May 25, 2005 at 11:57am Add comment
Hi everyone. I have to buy an all in one for my home office. I was looking at Office Depot yesterday and the 6210 and others fit my expense budget.

Anyone have these models? The dialog here is spooky as nothing ticks me of more than a busted $.05 part on an otherwise ok machine (read Sony Walkman 1980s!).

Any input is greatly appreciated as I have never had a home printer, let alone one that does all this other stuff (supposedly!)
by marty on Jun 5, 2005 at 11:04am Add comment
My two honor roll students use HPs to get assignments done. One missed a deadline when the HP 3820 suddenly failed. We were still on the first cartridge but out of warranty. Don't print that much but it is always important....I had spare 78 and 15 cartridges I did not want to waste so I ran out and bought a 5110 thinking it was just the 3820 that was bad. Wish I'd known.

The other day I heard a loud "thunk" from 5110 - purchased about 15 months ago and still with that first ink cartridge - now is giving me the cartridge jam error. So its the tabs I heard breaking I suppose. HPs used to be good but this was made in China so they build em cheap and make lots of profit so the execs can pay their beach condo fees.

Does anyone know how to start a class action lawsuit? It seem the current mentality of our government (run by an MBA) - has made offshore/outsourcing a religion. Is this the end of HP? THe end of American prosperity. $500 worth of printers and cartridges that I barely got to use. This is saying something about what is happening to American companies. Pretty soon nobody will buy anything from an American company and so nobody will be able to afford to buy anything. Just living on borrowed time. The Chevy Suburban in my driveway keeps breaking down and GM's CEO blames health care costs - rather than just greed and incompetance. They can all go to hell. Unfortunately, we'll all get dragged in with them....Ross Perot was right - that sucking sound of all those jobs going down to Mexico (and China).
by Vince on Jun 9, 2005 at 2:55pm Add comment
The printer is stuck on "Initializing." Have had no prior problems with the printer. I have removed power; uninstalled, reinstalled, reset, etc. Running XP and am at wits end. A new printer is on its way; yet, I was trying to salvage this one as a back up. Thanks for any assistance.
by Replacingthe5110 on Jun 13, 2005 at 8:32pm Add comment
Having the same problem with my hp 5110 officejet with the printer stuck on "initializing". I have had no prior problems and would like to figure out what may be the problem. Maybe you can give me an idea to where to start. It seems to me that maybe a component went bad. What do you think? - Anonymous
my color wont work and i put a new cart. in and tested it please help its holding me back from working! thank you
by slove on Jun 15, 2005 at 8:37pm Add comment
Thanks to this page I found and repair the dame thing (litle gear). now it ask for the Alligment page after firing it up again????
Sofar so good.
Where do I get the alligment page?
Any help?
by Putzke, Gisela on Jun 19, 2005 at 3:45pm Add comment
You can print the alignment page from the setup. - unknown
We are reading all the postings and they are matchng the problems of our 5110 all in one, now 13 months after purchased at Office Depot in Sotuh Florida.

It worked fine up to 3 months ago, and printed no more than 300 pages on its very short life. But, now we firmly believe the poor design is an issue for a public action.

Please jot down our name if you know there is a claim against this poorly designed HP officejet 5110.

I want my money back ($ 275.00)
Zip code 33433
by unknown on Jun 22, 2005 at 3:44pm Add comment
Try to do so, but it got stuck in the setup, call HP and have a new printer now.Ther say the software got mestup.
Thank you any way.
by Putzke, Gisela on Jun 23, 2005 at 7:24pm Add comment
I guess I'm not surprised to see so many people with problems. My parents 5510 broke with the "Paper jam" message. As they went out and bought a new printer, I took this one apart to see if I could fix it.

(excuse my terminology, I'm not a computer guy) I don't believe there is a problem with the gear in this one, however under the belts there are 4 metal pins that sit on top of rollers. Well one of the plastic ears that the pin sits inside has broken off leaving the pin stranded. I've been trying to find replacement but the only luck I've found are a few cheap 5510's on ebay that are also broken. Maybe I can scrap one of them for the piece I need. Anyone have any ideas? HP=junk
by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2005 at 10:35am Add comment
I am getting vertical lines which print down the page only when I use the copy function, not when printing a Word document. I cleaned the glass, but no better. Is this a problem with the cartridge or the rollers or something else ??
by jkennedy on Jul 14, 2005 at 10:36am Add comment
i need the manual repair of offijet 5110 I have the same problem
the support does not give solution me to my problem
by unknown on Jul 15, 2005 at 12:02pm Add comment
DON'T TAKE YOUR 5110 APART. It isn't worth it. HP WILL REPLACE IT. This was my second 5110 after a warranty replacement with the exact same issue (carriage jam, clicking). This time it happened at 13 months. After reading these postings and the fact that this is the same problem I had last time, I emailed HP Total Care (from hp's web site). I did not gripe, I just stated the facts and copied and pasted this post at the end. Within an hour I had a response from HP...

"I understand that you are experiencing carriage jams with your Officejet 5110 All-in-One. I regret for the inconvenience caused. I appreciate all your efforts tried to resolve the issue... If the problem persists, then I am afraid to inform you that this problem seems to be due to a Hardware Malfunction of the All-in-One. As the issue is due to hardware malfunction of the unit, we would be glad to give you a replacement printer."

My new on is on the way. Don't bother getting ink all over your self.
by unknown on Jul 16, 2005 at 7:53am Add comment
Hi all of u i need of hp 5510 service manual if any one can post link
by anival on Jul 17, 2005 at 6:39am Add comment
Hi all of u i need of hp 5510 service manual if any one can post link
by anival on Jul 17, 2005 at 6:41am Add comment
HI ggmungai it is low ink prob b4 geting new one can u send me
HP 5510 parts location foto i mean foto of in side tnx
by Anonymous on Jul 22, 2005 at 9:38am Add comment
I just called HP for service on three HP5110 printers.. They are sending replacements for all three.
by unknown on Jul 26, 2005 at 10:21am Add comment
I just called HP for service on three HP5110 printers.. They are sending replacements for all three.
by unknown on Jul 26, 2005 at 12:44pm Add comment
Same crap, same printer, same noise, same screwed boat we are all in. how can we get hp to be responsible to us all.
by unknown on Jul 28, 2005 at 5:01am Add comment
After reading these posts, I sure hope the same problem does not apply to the Deskjet 5160.
by unknown on Aug 4, 2005 at 11:30pm Add comment
Well, I got this v40 I'm trying to fix. I opened it up and the gearbox is much more simplistic and smaller than the one in the 5110. I did remove a huge stalactite in the ink bin, but that didn't solve the problem. What I see looks like a timing problem. The carrier moves all the way to the left and tries to keep going, resulting in a "paper jam" message. If I hold the carrier in place, the same error occurs. Now, how do I fix this timing problem?
by Impreza WRX on Aug 10, 2005 at 9:14pm Add comment
Oh well, bought this for my son's use at college last year and now after purchasing 2 new print cartridges it groans, bangs, shreks and rachets and warns of it's looming death nail......after warranty and HP knowing it is a design flaw makes you realize they STILL NEED TO INVENT. Seems the only invention they have is in covering poorly and purposefully designed OFFICEJET 5110'S with a car salesman's answer. Thank god they do not build air planes or autos.
by unknown on Aug 13, 2005 at 1:35pm Add comment
by unknown on Aug 18, 2005 at 5:24am Add comment
Yesterday, my 5110 joined all of the above with a big klunky noise. Just when i needed to print something important. mine is appr. 14 months old and is barely used. I guess it wears out from standing still ?!
I'm going to contact hp netherlands to see if they'll send me a new one (not likely, but you can't blame a guy for trying)
If i don't get a new one, i guess i am going to try to fix the damn thing myself.
I wonder if the gears are the same as the gears they use in model racing cars. usualy they are made of brass instead of plastic. Has anyone looked into this already. And would brass gears work in the gearbox, or is something else going to give then??

"An HP is as strong as the weakest gearwheel"
by unknown on Aug 19, 2005 at 2:55pm Add comment
I'm having the same problem as everyone else.I've called the hp line.Keep getting people that don't speak english.My son called. It's out of warranty, by only a month or two at the most.I'll never buy hp again.
by unknown on Aug 22, 2005 at 3:16am Add comment
I have to say I am impressed with HP. I have a 5110 that just died on me last week. After contacting HP support via e-mail, I was contacted by phone within 2 business days and offered a no charge refurb unit as a replacement. The unit was approximately 1-1/2 years old when it kicked. I was very disappointed when it broke, but also pleasantly surprised to see that they're willing to try and make it right. Now I have a shot at using up all the new ink carts I had stockpiled for this thing. Don't hesitate to let HP know what's going on. Try the E-mail route like I did and you may get lucky.

Thanks to all who've posted here. Without this board and all the input I might have just tossed the damn thing and said goodbye to HP altogether.
by Anonymous on Aug 23, 2005 at 9:41am Add comment
The very same problem guys: Paper jam. Another Officejet 5110 that bites the dust.

I was so proud of my 5110, but now. Fu-ck them all.
I'm visiting the web hp-spareparts and the problem is that they ship packets of 10pcs.

I'll open the printer and see which rotor is the broken one and buy those f.ucking spare parts.

I'm from Spain, I hope they send the parts all over the EU.
by Reboot on Aug 29, 2005 at 3:37am Add comment
Ok, guys, I've dismounted the printer and filled my fingers with ink (it's a weird spectacle seeing how the ink absorber returns to white when immersing it under alchohol). And I found the fu.cking gear with the broken tab.
Fortunately I also found the tab, so I'm going to fix it with cyanocrilate, and let it work for a couple of weeks/months (hopefully).

I hope you die, HP. For saving a few f#@!ing cents you f#@k all of us, users.

I'll never again buy another HP product. I swear, "por la gloria de mi madre".

EDIT: After waiting for the cyanocrilate to dry I switched on.
The paper jam dissapeared, but now the printer won't feed the paper anymore, unless the paper jam error appears again eventually. When starting the printer it commences with the same pattern as with the paper jam: Feed (CRRRRRRRK), throw the paper out (fffffff), and clean cartridges with that unsane noise (CLAK, CLAK, CLAK ... brrr.... CLAK CLAK CLAK)

When trying to print the paper doesn't feed, the cartridges remain in the bucket, and the carriage starts to move like printing (pup-pup-pup) but the cartridges don't move or print.
I'm opening this evening again the printer to see if the fixed tab hasn't even resisted the switch on.
by Reboot on Aug 29, 2005 at 10:18am Add comment
The problem I have with this all-in-one is that as soon
it is switched on, the power on light blinks on and off,
and the LCD screen is stuck on initializing. Bad pcb board ?
Is it worth reparing ?
Thanks for any info.
by unknown on Sep 1, 2005 at 5:18am Add comment
Try making a Full Reset. I mean, unplug the printer, then while pressing the printer keys 6 and #, plug it again.
It will say something about reseting and eventually will ask you again about language and so on.
Beware this will erase all your parameters you have stored, and you'll have to reconfigure it.

Maybe this will help.
by Reboot on Sep 1, 2005 at 8:00am Add comment
Thank you for the reply. If I do so, the LED will be stuck
on Initialising
S-FULL Reset
but I won't be able to go further. - unknown
That's bad news :(
You better trash the printer. It's a piece of junk. The worst buy I've done ever.
by Reboot on Sep 1, 2005 at 8:23am Add comment
Decided to try to fix my hp but when i was disassembling mine if noticed i had two little silver metal cube parts that i have no idea where they go. They are cubes with a threaded hole through it with a little foot like stop off one of the sides. The top of the cube has a curved notch almost like it fit up againist something round. Thank you for any help in this matter.
by unknown on Sep 7, 2005 at 8:13pm Add comment
They are the mounts for the carriage rail, they fall out easily.

If your printer had the carriage jam error, then HP will replace it free.
by Stephen on Sep 7, 2005 at 8:18pm Add comment
Thanks for the info will they replace even out of warranty a few months? - unknown
Even out of warranty a couple of years for the 3820's.
by Stephen on Sep 7, 2005 at 8:54pm Add comment
Just a bit of sunshine for those (like me) having a busted 5510 suffering the symptoms others have described above:

My 5510 is 11 months old, so still under warrantee. I talked with a very nice and professional guy in Bangalore who dubs himself "Harry", he walked me through a series of checks and inspection on the machine, and bottom line, I'm to have a new, off-the-shelf 5510 delivered tomorrow. I'm to put ONLY the old carcass (not cables, ink, books, etc.) into the same box and return it to HP service via FedEx (at their expense). To get overnight delivery cost me ten bucks.

A point to bear in mind: at the beginning of my conversation with Harry, I made reference to having found this page out on the web, filled with disappointed complaints by HP customers about the 5510.

The other factor, of course, is that my machine is still (just) under the 12-month warrantee, though Harry mentioned their records show the manufacturing date, which would put mine out of warrantee, but the date of sale will, of course, be the warrantee date shown on the sales receipt I emailed to them on Harry's instructions as to what reference numbers to provide. Within moments of sending this off, I got a robot reply showing me the URL to click on to track the status of my service request and the current status of shipment, etc.

Now, one of the things Harry told me was that I have the option of upgrading at any time to another more sturdy machine. I asked him which he would recommend, and he suggested the 6210 at an upgrade cost of $113. I plan to check it out and definitely consider making the swap.

It's lousy that these units have managed to make it just beyond the warrantee date before failing, and I am fortunate mine went sooner. If HP is claiming these to be "throw-away" machines, I think they risk becoming a "throw-away" company. Good job, Carley.

Hope this helps someone.
by unknown on Sep 12, 2005 at 9:46am Add comment

This thread deals with the HP 5110!!!

Your post is about the 5510.

They are totally different machines!!!

Different engine, different ink, different power supply, (need I go on).
by Stephen on Sep 12, 2005 at 8:02pm Add comment
Apologies for the error. - unknown
you might want to post that under its own thread, the OJ635 is a totally different beast than the OJ5510, and due to the 5110's notorious history, many folks don't even read this thread anymore because they know the outcome and the answers for that model (5510) are already in here for those who read it.
by Cprossu on Sep 13, 2005 at 11:51pm Add comment
Earlier, on 8/19/05, i wrote my grief about my OJ 5110. As i wrote in that post i was going to try to get some response of HP Netherlands. So i went to their website and found a button wich connected me to an online chat with one of their tecs. I explained the problem and the first response from him was to reset the printer. When i told him this wasn't working he told me to perform a hard reset. I told him i had already tried that too. Then i asked him if it could be an gearwheel problem and linked him to this thread. The next response i got was to give him my name, adress and serial number of the printer. Next thing i knew there was a internetpage opened by him and i was told to select a shop nearby. when i did so, i got the message that i strip my printer of cartridges, cables, etc. and return it to the store of my choice. Within 3 days i returned my printer and got a refurb instead. That one is standing on my desk now and working perfectly.
I am very positive about this service and i hope that others get the same service from hp as i did.
by Fradi on Sep 16, 2005 at 4:48am Add comment
Thanks for all the posts.

I came on this site from Google, after the dreaded call that asked for "Out of Warranty -$30.00". I chose not to pay and after finding this site called HP back and referenced the different comments on the defects.

The tech tried a few things with me and we did the "#""6" reset with still no results.

The tech then offered the free upgraded replacement 5510 which I accepted.

HP might have made a cheaper machine but at least they are standing behind their mistake.

I thank all for their comments and especially the poster who painstakingly did all the pictures of how to correct. This is what encouraged me to call HP back. I knew that what you did was beyond the average persons skill level and definitely beyond my patience threshold.
by unknown on Sep 17, 2005 at 12:53pm Add comment
SO... does anyone have the ansewr to the printer carrier tries to break through the left side of the printer?
by Impreza WRX on Sep 18, 2005 at 8:20pm Add comment
Impreza WREX

Yes, we have the answer to that!

Now if you'd asked why it did it I'd have given you the answer, want to try again?
by Stephen on Sep 18, 2005 at 8:51pm Add comment
Just read all the thread in order to know why this happens.

It's called the "gear to hell"
by Reboot on Sep 21, 2005 at 8:59am Add comment
I took the bastard apart, and there is no bad gear in there. All the gears are good!
by Impreza WRX on Sep 21, 2005 at 5:16pm Add comment
Check that the encoder strip is threaded through the sensor on the back of the carriage.

Is it's threaded properly then clean it.

It's either that or the sesor on the back of the carriage that the strip threads through is dirty or bad.

What are the first two digits of the serial number?

(Wouldn't it have been simpler just to have asked the question to start with instead of being pushy? Free help only have to answer if they feel like answering.)

by Stephen on Sep 21, 2005 at 5:31pm Add comment
first two letters of the S/N are MY - Anonymous
If the serial number starts with MY, then it probably uses the DeskJet 9XX engine, which does not have the same gears as the serial numbers starting with CN.

Check the diameter of the carriage rod, if it's a half inch then it's definitely a 9XX engine, the newer, (cheap), engine uses a 3/8 inch rail.

The 9XX engine is generally repairable.
by Stephen on Oct 5, 2005 at 6:32pm Add comment
my printer just got screwed about a day ago and it sucks. i tried to print then the 'Carriage jam' error occurred. it seemed to me that the white thing on the right of it is blocking the cartridge so i reached in there and flipped it back. this cleared the jam error but now it doesnt work for some reason. it keeps making clunking and whirring noises and sucks in about 5 sheets of paper and spits them out when i open the printer. after that the status said "Your HP blah blah is ready" then i open the document and click print and the print request gets deleted by itself. i open up the status window to check and it says 'memory is full'. someone help me before i trash this thing with a bat.
by unknown on Oct 11, 2005 at 8:45pm Add comment
Read the whole thread.
You have broken the gear-of-pain.
Well, in fact... It wasn't your fault. But, anyways, it broke.
by Reboot on Oct 12, 2005 at 4:31am Add comment
I get the error remark "Clear carriage jam, then press enter". I open the little door on the left side, the carrige i stuck on the right side, I pull it over manually, there does not seem to be any jam. I hit enter, then the readout says "initializing", where it appears to be stuck then forever. The on off switch ceases to function and only by unplugging the unit can I restart this endless procedure.
Printed fine until about two weeks ago. This problem suddenly started with no warning, from a cold boot.

Any ideas?
by unknown on Oct 23, 2005 at 10:54am Add comment

I tried the repair described in


It didnt work on the first go.

So I thoroughly cleaned and oiled a bit the mechanism and put in new tissue, now it's been o.k. for more than 100 prints.

I guess that the gear(s) start breaking, when the tissue in the box is so full of ink that it no longer can hold the surplus ink. The ink then goes out, makes the mechanism stick - and the gears break.

Therefore I expect these machine to fail every 18-24 months - when the ink tissue is full. Maybe it would be a good idea to renew them in this interval.


by Anonymous on Oct 24, 2005 at 5:36am Add comment
Could you repair the gear???
by Reboot on Oct 24, 2005 at 8:35am Add comment
Thought my 5110 had a problem (lines down page) so bought a HP photosmart 2610 instead. Didnt like using the flatbed for copying so decided to try to "fix" the 5110. Success - got rid of the lines by cleaning it!

HOWEVER now it copies fine but when I downloaded the new 7.3.1 driver and then connected it back up to my G5 Mac the mac doesnt see the printer at all. Tried different leads, different usb ports etc. but no luck.

Any ideas anyone please?

by unknown on Oct 25, 2005 at 9:38am Add comment
Thanks for the advice. I will try the gear repair and report back. One problem IS its really hard to see in side if the only access is the trap door on the left of the main unit.
by unknown on Oct 25, 2005 at 9:51am Add comment
I can't see the parts described above inside the printer. Ic an only open up that little trap door.

additional symptom == I cannot use the on off switch to turn the unit off, I hae to unplub

additional symptom -- when I try to turn the unit on, it always goes through the rounds of printing a page, but that comes out blank. Sounds like the carriage is stuck, there is a grinding noise.

Then the on off light turns from steady green to flashing red orange
by Anonymous on Oct 25, 2005 at 2:42pm Add comment
HP said they would replace my printer.. of course the confirming phone call is now two days overdue..
I went on line for the free on-line help chat.
by unknown on Oct 28, 2005 at 4:57pm Add comment
My 5110 just stripped its gears - found this site when Googling for repair tips. Glad I did - saved me a lot of time.

BTW - I found three stores selling the HP4215 for $99 and tossed the 5110.

If you love off-shore support, take a look at this link:


by unknown on Oct 30, 2005 at 8:46am Add comment
And as of Sunday HP has not contacted me for the final part of arranging to send me a replacement. Were they just playing games to get rid of me?
by unknown on Oct 30, 2005 at 9:10am Add comment
HP replacement for the HP5110 is an HP5500. Not sure if it is better or worse, but the only cost to me is 2 new b/w cartridges to the 5110- and the ones that were in it. Far better than trying to fix the dead 5110.

My advice. if your HP goes bad, go on line to the chat service and see what they advise!
by unknown on Nov 5, 2005 at 1:49pm Add comment
Thanks for the info, everyone. Rather discouraging, not at all the answer I was looking for, but at least I got an answer. Printer lasted perhaps 2 years.

It replaced my Laserjet IIp, which finally gave up the ghost after 14 years or so of service.

Let's see, Laserjet IIp=14 years, HP v40=2 years. Hmmmmm.

by unknown on Nov 9, 2005 at 9:27pm Add comment
It's kinda curious. The more the number it describes, the less they last.
2 -> 14
40 -> 2
by Reboot on Nov 10, 2005 at 3:54am Add comment
All right, that's it, I am throwing in the towel on this one! I checked the back of the carrier and the cable was good. Then, instead of the carrier trying to break through the left side of the printer, it would say "carriage jam" after the little tray thing does its job. The gears are fine. I even cleaned them. Then it would roll the scanner feeder for an hour and say it was jammed. Then it would do the previous. Grrr, this printer SUCKS more than a warp-driven vaccum cleaner!!
by Anonymous on Nov 10, 2005 at 6:40pm Add comment
Looks like HP has stepped up and is taking responsibility here
Don't throw it away. They will replace it...finally

"I am also informing you that HP is giving an extended warranty for HP Officejet 5110 All-in-One even the product is out of warranty, we will replace the unit. Therefore, please get back to me with the exact serial number. We will be glad to assist you"


HP Total Care
by Anonymous on Nov 13, 2005 at 4:27am Add comment
I have two 5110's with the same problem, carriage jam - no print.
Serial numbers are CN3AUB109C AND CN3BOB12H1 - unknown
Called and had an online chat with service - extended warranty is valid and a new printer will be shipped.
Was experiencing the carriage jam and ratchety sounds as described in other posts. - Anonymous
My Serial Number IS: MY38FB20Y4. - Anonymous
My Serial Is: MY38FB20Y4. - Anonymous
Hi all,
Thank you for your postings. I contacted HP in one last-ditch effort. I got one email admitting to the problem and saying that they would send me a newer and better unit, not a 5110. Then I got more emails saying that they wouldn't. Ironically, the same day my wife got an email saying that "J.D. Power Selects HP for Best Service & Support."

I just went to the JD. Power website (http://www.jdpower.com/cc/global/content/contactJDPA.asp) and registered my complaint against this award. I sent them the address of this posting and told them it doesn't sound to me like a company that deserves an award. I think everyone should register their complaint with JD Power. Let them know that they are putting their company's reputation on the line with HP, a company whose reputation is already shot in our eyes.

On another note, does anyone else have ethical issues with our "disposable" society. They want to make printers out of oil and othe chemicals. Then want us to just throw them away after two years. That concept really bothers me.

by emhecht on Nov 17, 2005 at 8:14am Add comment
I admit that while the 5510 they sent me replacing the 5110 was "betteR"., i was then out of pocket on three printer cartridges and frankly preferred the 5110. I noticed, too that the 5510 was flimsly.. but in all honestly its not much oil its made out of. And the cartridges now come in a way that makes them refillable.

Just be happy your car or cycle is not made out of flimsly plastic!
by Anonymous on Nov 17, 2005 at 8:44am Add comment
My 5110 is doing the same thing. Cartridge jam and will not clear and will not re-set. I do not consider $200 a drop in the bucket for this thing. I have had it about two years and had no problem til now. Like you I will not buy another one.
I am sending HP a nasty e-mail on this one.
by unknown on Nov 22, 2005 at 9:45am Add comment
Hi there I have a g85 that a mouse got inside and had a pee on the power supply board ,,,( little shit ) anyhow I cleaned the board and now have an error mesage c00F0401 any idears ,, yea I know I should replace it but I can drive it and would rather keep it working ,,,, Martins
by martins on Nov 23, 2005 at 3:15am Add comment
Another HP 5110 all-in-one bit the dust..... 3 mo. after warranty.
"Printer Carriage Jam". I'm not technical enough to try & repair it. I will not have another HP! $200 is too much to be disposable for 12-15 mo.!
by unknown on Nov 27, 2005 at 2:30pm Add comment
My advice to everyone. Go on line at HP and use the free chat help service and see if they will just replace your machines!
by Anonymous on Nov 27, 2005 at 5:22pm Add comment
thank you for the GOOD advice. i went in chat with hp yesterday and i am getting a brand new printer 5510-replacement for broken 5510(bought sep/2003). thank you again. - Anonymous
He Folks..

My 5110 blew its gears as well and after some live/chat with HP they offered up a FREE 'thats' FREE replacement along with an appology for my trouble.. Guess they've heard of this before!!!Being that the 5110 is now out of production it was replaced/upgraded to a later/better machine.. 'ALL' shipping 'both' ways was covered as well.. Credit Card ifno. withheld for security of the new machine until the 'dead beat' is returned, (must be complete/clean and as new condition to qualify) and must be recieved within 30 days for a ZERO cost replacement..

Don't toss'm...THEY'LL replace'm

by unknown on Dec 2, 2005 at 11:12pm Add comment
I am having hp officejet 5110, Sr no CN 333B20T3 & with in 14 months same problem occurred which I got it repaired from dealer who charged me quite a high rate stating that the part is not supplied by HP,that too without any guarantee. And rightly after 2 months again back to the same problem. "Initializing----taking the paper coming out blank------error remarks--clear carriage Jam,then pres Enter---sounds like the carriage is jammed----there is grinding noise-----beep sound with flashing Red light."I am really very sad to have invested in HP.They should exchange this machine at a nominal cost with some better printers is the least they can do.
by unknown on Dec 6, 2005 at 5:18am Add comment
I am having hp officejet 5110, Sr no CN 333B20T3 & with in 14 months same problem occurred which I got it repaired from dealer who charged me quite a high rate stating that the part is not supplied by HP,that too without any guarantee. And rightly after 2 months again back to the same problem. "Initializing----taking the paper coming out blank------error remarks--clear carriage Jam,then pres Enter---sounds like the carriage is jammed----there is grinding noise-----beep sound with flashing Red light."I am really very sad to have invested in HP.They should exchange this machine at a nominal cost with some better printers is the least they can do.
by unknown on Dec 6, 2005 at 5:21am Add comment
OK....Here's what happened for those that want to pursue satisfaction from HP.. 5110

After talking to HP live/chat and doing some light diagnostic/s they kindly offered a replacement/renewed 5110, and were 'very' nice about it.. Mine was out of the 'purchased extended' warranty by about 4 months.. After a explaination from HP as to the terms/conditions of these replacements 'Collateral' credit card info. was taken the next day, as they said they would call at 'my specified' time :).. Collateral, being that they'll charge your credit card if the dead printer isn't returned in the agreed 15 days (chat told me 30).. They called FIRST THING in the AM.. The rep said they aren't offering (or were out of 5110's??) and said they'd upgrade mine to a 5510 flat bed scan if I wouldn't mind.. NO PROBLEM.. The replacement is a BRAND NEW unit and works WELL too!! ALL'n ALL, HP was absolutely 'GREAT' in the replacment transaction, 'and' the support for a machine (5110) that NO DOUBT has repeat issues and problems.. Guess this post is good PR for them/HP, but I was sure I was going to be told to 'pound sand' on the old 5110..

The 5510 seems like a decent machine, time will tell...but works WAY better than the old 'grind'n 5110..

Nice job on the support HP............

by Anonymous on Dec 7, 2005 at 10:51pm Add comment
All I can say is you are so lucky (for once) to be living in the States. Over in UK, you get nowhere with HP support. They are, to be quite frank, totally and utterly useless. They have no knowledge that it relevant, are rude and unhelpful. Unfortunately when using the technical chat or email routes, once they get to the end and ask where you are based, they then cannot help any further once it is known that you have a hardware fault and are outside of the US.

So, after days on various support methods, I've sent a letter to the HP UK MD and will be buying an epson or lexmark. And I worked for HP for 10 years until recently. God, how that company has gone down hill as of late. Sad.... :-( - Anonymous
correction: for broken 5110
by Anonymous on Dec 9, 2005 at 4:25am Add comment
ditto, and thanks to the persons making the previous posts and to this site.
by Anonymous on Dec 22, 2005 at 10:51am Add comment
One other thought. With all the experience we have attained, is a speed contest for assembly and disassembly in order? lol
by unknown on Dec 22, 2005 at 2:34pm Add comment
Regarding the HP 5110 extended warranty replacement program. It appears to be at an end. Our business has a few hundred 5110's so the warranty replacement process has been a weekly duty of mine for the past two years. I sent a replacement request this morning and this is the reply I received:

"Thank you for contacting HP SupportOne.

The extended warranty on the OfficeJet 5110 Series is now expired.
Please follow your standard process to obtain out of warranty support
and/or service on your product."

HP Special Solutions support

Clearly this is a product that should have been recalled by HP. Most customers never knew they could get an out of warranty replacement if they explicity mentioned the carriage jam error, and made the request to just the right person.

That HP did not treat all customers equally seems like a fine basis for a class action suit. That HP knew this was a design flaw and chose not to inform their technical support staff to direct customers to an existing out of warranty replacement program, constitutes in my non-legally trained opinion, fraud.
by Anonymous on Jan 5, 2006 at 11:27am Add comment
Glad everyone who has bad 5110s got those 5510s!
by Anonymous on Jan 5, 2006 at 4:22pm Add comment
I had also posted in this forum about my bad 5110. I wasn't sure, at the time, if it was the dreaded "Carriage Jam" plague or not. Well, since my last post, I've started getting the carriage jam indication, which is something I didn't get before. I got the online tech at HP to go through the checkout procedure with me and he said, "I would be happy to process the request for a replacement printer with your permission. However, the printer is a collateral product, that is, you would be required to ship the defective printer on receipt of the replacement. Therefore, you would be required to provide us the credit card information as security. This replacement would be free of cost. Please provide us with the convenient date (2 dates) and time to call you for taking the credit card information." So I did but no one called. I called back the next day and informed them of this. They said, "I understand the issue. I really appreciate your patience. Is it okay if I arrange a call now to collect the credit card information? You will receive a call within half an hour." I waited for 1 1/2 hours but no call. I called back and informed them of the two previous chats. They said, "Could I have a few moments of your time while I refer to the previous chat session?" Yes! Then they said, "Our database shows that your call has been done." No, I said. I've been sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call me. Then they said, "I am sorry to say that the extended warranty was expired. Avail a 15\% discount coupon code for purchase of a new HP printer." I said, "So let me get this straight. I have been promised a replacement printer by one tech, verifyied by another and then told by a third that HP changed their minds about the whole thing but here's 15\% off and we want you to buy more of our products." I am now waiting for someone to call me as this last tech supposedly escalated it. Wish me luck!
- nexus37
P.S. sorry for the book!
by nexus37 on Jan 5, 2006 at 6:31pm Add comment
you should go in chat with hp again and just copy-paste that chat session where they promised a replacement. don't talk to them on the phone. good luck. - Anonymous
I had a tech support online session in early mid-December where they promised me a replacement printer if I registered the 5110, but unfortunately waited to register the product (because had to track down the receipt, holidays , etc.) until late in the month. Just did tech support online today to follow up, and now all they offered is this same 15\% coupon/ $95 refurbished 5510 offer (plus other offers on new top of the line models at prices I can get elsewhere -- thanks). Clearly, HP has changed their tune in a matter of weeks here. This should have been recalled and I am going to keep fighting. Hopefully the fact that I chatted with them when this "extended warranty" program was still in effect (although note that no one ever told me that this was what they were doing or that there was a time limit -- I just thought they were standing behind a defective product like they should), will help, but frankly it shouldn't matter. If I get results from HP HQ (phone customer support from India was a big waste of an hour and half today), I will post. If anyone else does, please let us know. Apparently the fight has not ended!!
by telecilo on Jan 7, 2006 at 11:24am Add comment
So, this "Carriage jam" error can not be fixed?
by Anonymous on Jan 7, 2006 at 2:30pm Add comment
There are a bunch of posts in this forum where folks have gotten creative with parts from different models, nails, super glue and an assortment of other items and have managed to get their printer limping along to some degree but to my understanding, HP does not support the 5110 with parts anymore - at leaset not the part that appears to be the common problem with the carriage jam issue. - Anonymous
Just wanted to thank everyone for this thread. I was able to receive a replacement for my defunct 5110 with little hassle. As mentioned above, I contact HP via their live on-line chat, and after several sessions (and a couple of phone calls) I managed to get the okay to receive a new replacement 5510 all-in-one printer. I did have to specifically request that the unit be replaced by a new product since it was only a little over a year old...prior to that request, they were heading toward a refursh/repair type arrangement. I did have to provide a credit card #, but it was not billed as I returned the defective printer with 15 days.
by Anonymous on Jan 9, 2006 at 9:59am Add comment
i am looking for a power cable for the HP5110 office jet all in one printer. Please let me know if anyone has one to sell.
by Anonymous on Jan 9, 2006 at 6:13pm Add comment
Can someone tell me WHERE the stooopid replacement ink cartridge goes??? The cartridge p'wk shows a drop-down door on the right side o the front, to the right of the drop-down paprer-holder drawer...but i can't seem to find anyway to open it...
thanxxx, if anyone can help an old guy out with these new-fangled pains-in-the-arse electronic equiptment...
by unknown on Jan 17, 2006 at 6:37pm Add comment
simple fix guys, my 5110 was doing the same thing. Simply dissasemble the case of the printer...(completely). Then completely remove the cleaning trays inner workings... you can tell the cleaning tray by the 3 or 4 red colored screw. Take out all the red screws and remove the cleaning mechanism. Break it apart if you have to just be sure not to damage anything else. I did this and now my printer works great although I have to manually remove the cartridges now and clean them by hand when they are due for cleaning. But yea.... ridiculo\\uos that something that costs so mch can break so easily.
by Anonymous on Jan 19, 2006 at 3:34pm Add comment
My new out of the box,just plugged in for the first time. It will not grab the paper and pull it into the machine. I try to manually push the top sheet in, but it still wont work.

Any thoughts?
by unknown on Jan 22, 2006 at 6:45pm Add comment
I hate this printer!!!!!!!!!!!!! you name it its happened...paper jams....cartriges not inserted.....'out of paper' when theres plenty....frequent random bleeping and clunking.....the lcd screen is tiny.....awfully designed and has that cheapskatey plastic feel. It has just churned up 14 sheets of photo paper yet printed another 5 okay inbetween....Buying one??? dont bother. Thanks hp
by Anonymous on Jan 23, 2006 at 9:52am Add comment
Well, this will be my laast post on this issue unless someone has some specific questions. My HP 5110 is essentially a boat anchor. After much on-line time with HP techs and multiple emails, I have basically been told that HP is going to do nothing. Even after the promise of a printer swap, even after they read it in their transcripts, they yanked it away. It is clear to me that HP, like much of corporate America, is only interested in how much you spend on their products TODAY, not yesterday. Today, you are number one and fit nicely in their quaint corporate mottos and engraved mission statements but after that ... you are gum on a shoe. They really just want to be rid of you because after all, you already spent your wad, you serve no valued interest to them at this point. Technically, if you call after a purchase, you will actually cost them money! Customer service is all about quality and building relationships. Provide good customer service and it can have effect on your business. Provide poor customer service and the same is true. Customer service is just as important as any other criteria used to place value on a product. I have always purchased HP products rather blindly relying on the promise of good customer support. I think I'll forget about HP for a while!
by nexus37 on Jan 23, 2006 at 4:28pm Add comment
Hi all
Thanks so much for all your posts.

I have a 2 year old HP 5110 OfficeJet that died with the carriage jam message yesterday.

After two hours troubleshooting and two more with tech support chat (who said I was out of warranty and could buy a refurbished one at a discount if I wanted); I followed the excellent instructions on this forum, borrowed tools and took apart my printer!
The smaller gear tab was broken, but I also found the broken piece

-Cant I just glue the broken piece back onto the small gear using Super Glue or sometihng (dont know how to drill or 'cut off nails' and stuff)
-I found a HUGE Glob of black ink on the pad, was just amazed to see it there. I assume I can just immerse all these parts in alcohol to clean them off ?
-For those of you who have given up on HP, what other printer did you end up buying?
-How come some people whose printer was out of warranty were able to get replacements for free? I asked the tech, but of course he abruptly ended the chat session!!
Thanks in Advance! - Vina
by unknown on Jan 29, 2006 at 7:22pm Add comment
Hi all

Had the same "carriage jam" problem few months ago. fixed it the way you guys said (nail on the little gear). thanks a lot for that.
After 3 months it broke again. I fixed it again (drilling on the opposite side of the gear) and decided to try and find replacement gears.
I did order the gears some of you described here (C5870-40017 and C4557-40079). just got them today.
These parts DO NOT FIT THE 5110. I just spent $50 for nothing.
The only place I know of to buy the matching gears is http://www.hp-spareparts.com but they want to much money (10 pcs min.).
Don't know what to do next (when it will break again, and as we all know it WILL BREAK!).

by unknown on Jan 30, 2006 at 2:54am Add comment
They will accept a min order of 1pc if you ask them.... - Anonymous
Glad I found this thread. I got the same carriage jam error. I worked through the web site knowledge base and then started and online chat only to be taken step by step through the knowledge base again. I have now emailed HP, knowing the after warranty offer is over. I will email Carly next if I have too. HP should stand by their products if they want people to keep buying them. This is ridiculous to make someone go through this.
by unknown on Feb 1, 2006 at 10:51am Add comment
Hello Vina:

-Cant I just glue the broken piece back onto the small gear using Super Glue or sometihng (dont know how to drill or 'cut off nails' and stuff)

Super glue is not enough I tried it and it broke again.

-I found a HUGE Glob of black ink on the pad, was just amazed to see it there. I assume I can just immerse all these parts in alcohol to clean them off ?

Yeah. Try using 96º Alcohol. Be careful not to stain anything because that ink is very resistent.

-For those of you who have given up on HP, what other printer did you end up buying?

I ended up buying a Brother... But I did wrong, because ink-jet Brothers have lots of problems too. I wanted to buy an Epson, but unfortunately I couldn't find an all-in-one (fax/copier/printer) from that brand.

-How come some people whose printer was out of warranty were able to get replacements for free? I asked the tech, but of course he abruptly ended the chat session!!

Yeah, it's very simple: You must have oppened your trash bin, and then you must, very carefully indeed, deposit your printer in it.
by Reboot on Feb 1, 2006 at 11:34am Add comment
Cowboy: Not much point emailing Carly. She was sacked some 12 months or so ago....:-)
by Anonymous on Feb 1, 2006 at 1:28pm Add comment
Well - after sending an email to the CEO of HP, I got a prompt call from corporate in California. She was very cordial but also very business and apologized for the problems and assured me that this would be taken care of. I forwarded her my chat session transcripts and it clearly showed that the HP tech said he would send a replacement. The next day, she said that they would be sending me a replacement PSC2610 for my broken 5110! Cool! About an hour later, a case manager in New York called me and only wanted to verify if I need an ADF or not and that the printer would be shipping out Wednesday and I should have it Thursday or Friday. Friday came - but the printer didn't. I called the case manager and corporate but no one knew why it didn't ship but they would look into it. I finally get another call the following Tuesday with good news - your printer is shipping today! Well its Thursday and I expected to have it by now, seeing that it was shipped NDA. Well, I just did a track on the pro number and it turns out it just shipped today. I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth?!
by nexus37 on Feb 2, 2006 at 6:37pm Add comment
Hi Nexus37
can you post the email id of the CEO of HP that you sent the emails too? I think I will do that too.
I am very disappointed (to say the least) with their service (two online chat sessions, 3 emails so far) and they are adamant that since printer is out of warranty, they will nto replace it and keep offering coupons instead!

Thanks to folsk who responded trying to help answer my other questins! this site is great

Thanks in advance
Vina - unknown
I have a 5110 with similiar symptoms to all of the above conversations. I called HP, told them my printers issues, went through 15 minutes of troubleshooting, asked them for out of warranty replacement, and they're going to send me a new unit. Thanks to everyone before me who put in all the good notes on what to do.
by unknown on Feb 3, 2006 at 1:19pm Add comment
Here here! Thanks for this site. My husband has spent hours ... NO ... days now trying to fix the carriage jam/clunking noise.

He's just found a broken pin on the nylon gear next to the ink sump. I have previously spoken to HP about our problem and their solution was to manually rotate the rollers at the back which subsequently broke off a tab on the cartridge carrier (my husband has also found this piece lying in the base of the unit).

HP is not willing to help out and our next step is unknown. ... Probably the next local council clean up for this piece of sh**!

HP has just lost another valued customer! Just for the record, the unit was not 2 years old.
by Anonymous on Feb 4, 2006 at 5:56pm Add comment
Here here! Thanks for this site. My husband has spent hours ... NO ... days now trying to fix the carriage jam/clunking noise.

He's just found a broken pin on the nylon gear next to the ink sump. I have previously spoken to HP about our problem and their solution was to manually rotate the rollers at the back which subsequently broke off a tab on the cartridge carrier (my husband has also found this piece lying in the base of the unit).

HP is not willing to help out and our next step is unknown. ... Probably the next local council clean up for this piece of sh**!

HP has just lost another valued customer! Just for the record, the unit was not 2 years old.
by Anonymous on Feb 4, 2006 at 6:01pm Add comment

My 5110 works perfectly except the FAX function - no dial tone - HP tech support says I need a new 'FAX MODULE.'
by unknown on Feb 11, 2006 at 1:41pm Add comment
go to:


Mark Hurd is the CEO.

There is an email link on there to send him an email otherwise, hp's email standard globally is [email protected]

All emails to him will go to his office, not him directly.

Good luck.....
by Anonymous on Feb 12, 2006 at 4:09am Add comment
The All in One 5510 officeJet printer can stay for a very short time after installation and soon it starts failing. The problem may be detected when a document is sent for print. It gives an error that the printer is not detected. The documents are queued and when the computer is restarted the printer starts to print. Sometimes the printer may start installing itself everytime the computer is powered on and produce a copy which will be the one that will always be detected when the printer is connected.
This seems to be a problem with the USB drivers, they fail after some time and then when the computer is restarted the drivers connect. I fail to solve the problem and i tried to seek online help but it didnt prove adequate to provide a concrete solution. If you can have any suggestion i'll be glad.
by unknown on Feb 15, 2006 at 12:10am Add comment
The site http://www.hp-spareparts.com

sale one pcs of repair gear set for service station dj3820 v40 5110 ...
by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2006 at 7:41am Add comment
I've received a lot of valuable info here and wanted to give something back to the forum. I contacted Tribar about purchasing individual otherwise unattainable replacement gears,I sent them a link to this forum and explained that many of us are wanting these parts but not in bulk, the offer above was their attempt (from them) to let the forum readers know single sales are welcome. I didn't think their post(offer) was very clear so here’s what they sent as a reply to my inquiry:

Hello Mike

Thank You for your interest. Yes we can send one pc too. We are preparing 3d secure internet shop. There will be possibility of buying one pc. There are two possibilities in this time:

Send the money in envelop to our address. After receiving we will send the gears via post in envelop too.
We prepare invoice and send to you. You will send the money via bank transfer to our account.

The price by the one pc is 15 EUR. Transport cost 5-10 EUR (Sorry I don’t know where you are from). If you are from EU and have not WAT number, we must add our WAT (19\%), if you need invoice.

Thank You for contact to internet forum.

Best Regards

Ales Sedlacek
Tribar s.r.o.
Na Cihadle 51, 16000, Praha
Czech republic
tel.: +420 233 336 232

Here’s the link http://www.hp-spareparts.com/

Hope this may help someone...just doing my part to stick it to the greedy HP man, thanks all, Mike
by unknown on Feb 20, 2006 at 2:16pm Add comment
I have never had this problem before. My printer will print anything BUT an 8 page article. It was printing it but won't now. I can test print and it does great. I can print anything else but just not this. I hate to retype these 8 pages again but may have to.
Does anyone know what the problem is? If it wasn't printing anything at all I could understand but it does, just not this. I have even copied and pasted it to one page and it still won't print.
by unknown on Feb 21, 2006 at 1:06am Add comment
Hey all
a quick update from me (I have a broken HP 5110 with carriage jam)

-I sent email to the CEO of HP with details and especially about the inconsistency of support from their online chat. Have heard nothing back.
-We did a lot of research and bought a printer yesterday CANON PIXMA MP780. We need a multi function printer and I did not find negative feedback on this printer on this fixyourownprinter.com site or on reviews on the web.

Wish me luck! :-)
by unknown on Feb 21, 2006 at 5:49pm Add comment
Before you toss the thing (HP Officejet 5110), and after you've tried the HP website and the online help, I suggest you just pick the thing up and shake it. I'd just got an Epson delivered today, but, before unplugging the HP and carrying it out to maybe try opening it up and looking inside some day, I picked it up and firmly shook it--and now it works! Might be worth your trouble if anyone still has one sitting around out there.

Earlier I had the carriage jams. Lately it had been refusing to print, but no message showed. The icon would briefly come up in the task bar but then disappear. After my online chat ended with "I regret to inform you that ...the unit needs to be serviced to fix it", I kept doing the unplugging, plugging routine, and moving around the cartridges until I got a message: "Press enter to align the cartridges." To align cartridges, I needed to print the alignment page, but it wouldn't do that. Cleaning cartridge contacts with water didn't help.

I kept trying for about three weeks, thinking something might kick in. The shaking was the thing; it has aligned, has copied, and is printing.
by swanzi on Feb 27, 2006 at 7:49pm Add comment
Just wanted to post my own experiences ... this morning I got this error (carriage jam) while doing a 1 page color copy on my 5510 ....

I chatted with HP, and they had me turn off the printer ... hold # and 6 simultaneously while turning the printer on ... it does a semi-something reset ... and surprisingly it fixed my printer (for now at least).
by unknown on Feb 28, 2006 at 9:16am Add comment

I repaired a set of gears - worked for a while, than broke again.

I'm willing to buy a handful of the famous gears from hp-spareparts.com.

As they do have a certain minimal amount, I have to order more gears than I need. I'm willing to resell the surplus pieces for EUR 20.- + shipping. I can accept paypal or wire money transfer (BIC/IBAN in Europe), no credit cards.

If anybody is interested to get the crucial gears remade in Duraluminium (should be much stronger than the original plastic), please contact me at:

[email protected]


by Anonymous on Mar 1, 2006 at 1:45am Add comment
Had the carriage jam message.. Called HP support and they are sending out a replacement unit. (in the warranty period).

Thanks to all on this post. I was able to self diagnose the issue and use this info to get a replacement unit.

Thanks to all and good luck with your own HP issues.

by unknown on Mar 6, 2006 at 12:36pm Add comment
Glad I found this message board on the HP 5510 AIO "Carriage Jam" issue. I too am having the same trouble. Now I know my choices going to first try to get into the thing to fix broken gear. But, alas I fear I will end up shtcanning the dang thing. But, thanks to everyone's input to this thread I can at least stop stressing over the worthless piece o' well you all know where I'm coming from, lol. Good luck to all I know I'm going to need it. Have a good one. TearraHrt
by Anonymous on Mar 11, 2006 at 4:47am Add comment
Finally I've read some1 with the same problem as I. Were you able to go further than the Full-Reset message? I'm still stuck at the same message...

I would be greatful if you have some opions...

Thanks You.
by Anonymous on Mar 15, 2006 at 11:32pm Add comment
Finally I've read some1 with the same problem as I. Were you able to go further than the Full-Reset message? I'm still stuck at the same message...

I would be greatful if you have some opions...

Thanks You.
by Anonymous on Mar 15, 2006 at 11:34pm Add comment
I have someone looking for a ac power supply for a hp 5110 if anyone wants to part with one.
by pogle on Mar 21, 2006 at 10:15pm Add comment

My 5510 got struck by lightning and HP won't provide me a new motherboard. Has anyone out there who is about to to 'turf' their printer because of mechanical failure prepared to sell/give me the motherboard?

by unknown on Mar 29, 2006 at 5:07am Add comment
My 5110 doesn't print. It initializes until the carrier moves to the right and THAT IS IT! I get the press ENTER to print align page. I press ENTER. I get the message that it is printing, but no paper feeds and nothing prints although the feeder rollers advance ever so slightly like it thinks it's printing. The cartridge carrier is stuck on the right side of the printer but the printer doesn't seem to know it. It locks there. BUT IT DOESN'T KNOW IT. The only way I can unstick it is to have the printer run it to the left and turn it off before it runs back to the right.

I talked to HP. After going through all of their procedures, the answer was, of course, we're afraid that it "needs to be serviced." And of course IT IS NO LONGER UNDER WARRANTY. They offer me a trade in for two other models that are no longer sold. NO DEAL!

I have taken the printer apart. I have cleaned it. After a week the ink is finally wearing off my hands. It isn't even smart enough to know that it isn't printing.

It sounds like this is a common problem here. I have followed the solution of SHAKE IT, but that doesn't work either.

Is there a schematic somewhere? Is it a gear?



by unknown on Apr 5, 2006 at 4:14pm Add comment
I have two 5110 machines both which had broken gears I was able to repair these without too much trouble, I believe that the printers were working O.K. before the broken gear problems however since the repair neither one works ,both displaying identical symptoms. If you open the cartridge access door the carriage does not move , if you try to print a head alignment page nothing happens no paper feed or carriage movement however the roller (platen) moves as though printing , if you try to print from the computer the display on the printer says printing ( nothing is happening) however the HP Director status screen reports the printer display as saying "Shutting Down" eventually the computer gives a print error message. During initialisation the carriage moves to the left and returns to the right in an apparently normal fashion. Thinking that maybe the problem was in the gear repairs I removed the service station assemblies completely ,this resulted in no change ,both identically faulty, does anyone know more about these printers than HP apparently does , am I right in thinking that they should print without the service station. Any advice would be appreciated.
by zamiac on Apr 15, 2006 at 6:25am Add comment
I got one of these 5110's that someone else was throwing out due to the same old "paper jam" problem stated above many times. I was just wondering if it could still be used as a scanner? Can I get rid of the error message for the "paper jam"?

Thanks all!
by unknown on Apr 23, 2006 at 10:23am Add comment
Isn't the the 5110 the same as a deskjet 3820 with the gears breaking in the cleaning basket? It is usually the smaller gear and I have ordered some from a European company. They are about $7. There is another company that makes both gears out of metal and are about $9 each. Anyone interested let me know and I will give you their email.
by unknown on Apr 26, 2006 at 6:01pm Add comment
Yes the cleaning basket or service station has to work for the printer function to initialize. It runs back and forth to a stall and remembers the positions. If it cannot do this it will fault. You cannot fool this operation unless the internal firmware is changed and that will not happen. HP has deserted users of the 5110 and the 3820 on this problem. My first one I was able to exchange it for $74 and for a while HP was giving newer printers in exchange. Even though they did not fix the 3820's they wanted them returned. Just forget HP now for help on this as they stopped any replacements last Dec 05. I had modified the small gear on mine and it worked and then the big gear broke. A european company that services HP products made the small gear and not the big gear. As long as the small gear is replaced with the proper one the big gear will last. My mod did the big gear in. They are giving me one from a junked printer. I am crossing my fingers on this since it has taken a lot of time emailing and figuring out a way to pay for the gears. I used paypal and everything seems ok for now. The metal gear sets are from a company in Chezch Republic and saying they are planning on setting up a internet site so these parts can be purchased on line with Charge cards such as Visa etc. I will try to post my results on what happens.
by unknown on Apr 26, 2006 at 6:24pm Add comment
Thanks to everyone who came up with fixes for this printer.

It is a real shame that HP has gone so far down in the sewer, they used to make great products, (even high class electronic test equipment).

I wish I had been smart enough to find this site before I took this printer apart down to the baseplate. Oh well, at 69 and retired, it was fun and kept me out of the bars & worse.

The repair was fairly easy, (I have a machinist, electonic, background), did it with a short piece of a jumbo paper clip after drilling a proper size hole. The BIG problem was synchronizing the sump pump with rest of the system.

This thing may just work for a while (it was given to me, for filling up a couple of cartridges)

I own a HP-PSC 500. It has worked very well for 5 Years.

Thanks again, hope I haven't bored anyone!


by unknown on Apr 30, 2006 at 11:33am Add comment
Anyone know the timing of this ink waster. My first fix didn't last. Guess I will make a brass replacement gear, and would rather not play cut & try again with the timing.

Thanks for any help.

by Norman L jones Sr on May 12, 2006 at 9:31am Add comment
Hi Scott,
I have the same problem with my hp officeject 5510 all-in-one, has anyone told you how to solve it. Another problem I have, is when I print in colour, say stickers, the printing goes off the page, it starts in the correct place at the top of the page but by the time its at the bottom of the page, its off the paper. Any suggestions?
by Anonymous on Jun 6, 2006 at 3:45am Add comment
Dear All,

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by bjinnovator on Jun 6, 2006 at 5:59am Add comment
I have an HP OFFICEJET 5110, as soon as I turn it on it says 'INITIALIZING' then starts feeding paper through, then it says 'OPEN CARTRIDGE DOOR AND PRESS ENTER', I do that and then it goes back to saying 'INITIALIZING'.
by Anonymous on Jun 25, 2006 at 2:59pm Add comment
In October 2006, had the carriage jam message.. emailed HP support. No offer to replace. An offer to "upgrade" to 5510 at basically retail cost. As not within 1 year of sale, will assume that the "extended" warranty no longer exists. If anyone knows otherwise ...
by unknown on Oct 19, 2006 at 2:02am Add comment
I also got the message "carriage jam, open door, press enter". Nothing causing the problem visible. I took the printer apart and still couldn't find anything. Then when I was just about to give up, I noticed that the power connector to the motor that moves the heads was disconnected! Don't know how that is possible. Just finished printing two pages and it wouldn't print a third. Anyway, before I started printing, I moved the printer from one desk to another. You're not supposed to do that? After I put the connector in place the printer was fine again. So the error message wasn't really correct, but understandable, since the heads wouldn't move without power
by unknown on Nov 14, 2006 at 2:20am Add comment