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Hp HP OfficeJet D135

HP Officejet d135 - Carriage Jam Error

Soft report
The print cartridge carriage is stalled.

Machine report
Open door.
Clear carriage jam and then press Enter.

I use d135 from May 2003, I have never changed the printing heads. I have changed a lot of cartridges though.

-Did try a semifull reset #6. No solution.

-The precipitated ink in the service area had gathered up like some small mountain. I removed it with some screw.

-Have already cleaned the cartridges.

The only things remaining are sending it for service or try buying new printing heads. But if I am to buy new printing heads I want to be really sure, cause they don't come cheap.

If anyone could help, pls do so.
tHIS IS A COMMON PROBLEM WITH THE hp OFFICEJETS (NEWER ONES). Check the lower gear on the cleaning station. It is probably damaged and will not activate the other gears. I have seen about a dozen HP with this this summer. This is a pain in the butt, and truthfully, a waste of time since no-one has the gears and replacing the entire tank is too costly.
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Thank you very much for sending in your message, i have been looking at this model and the problem is the same. (carriage jam error) After reading the reply message, i have decided to give up on this one
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My Officejet d135 was having the same problem. Here is what I did and it fixed it.

1) Open door so print heads move to the center
2) Unplug the unit. (Don't turn off, just unplug!)
3) Open back door
4) Look inside the back left side for a small black gear (About the size of a quarter)
5) Spin the gear with a screw driver (I'm pretty sure I spun it clockwise). Spin it and watch the inside of the printer where the print heads park. You should see a tray move out that has four rubber blue rectangles on it on the right side of the unit (this is where the print heads park when the unit is not printing).
6) Keep spinning the gear until the plate moves all the way forward.
7) Grab the plate and try moving it forward more.
8) Put the back on and close the top.
9) Turn the unit back on.
10) Open the top again
11) Unplug the unit again. (Don't turn off, just unplug!)
12) Grab the tray, from step 5, and slide it all the way forward and all the way back multiple times.
13) Make sure that the print heads slide left to right smoothly
14) Remove ink cart's and clean the contacts with bottled water and a q-tip. LET DRY BEFORE REINSTALLING!!!
15) Remove print heads and clean contacts with bottled water and q-tip. LET DRY BEFORE REINSTALLING!!!
16) Clean the inside of the printer with a soft dry cloth, use a slightly damp, with bottled water, lint free cloth (Glasses cleaning cloth works well) and wipe off the rollers in the front and back of the unit. See HP's cruddy support site for details on this step.
17) Hold down #7 (reprimes the printheads with ink) and plug in the unit

If needed also turn off and do a #6 to reset the unit.

Do all the above at your own risk! It worked for me but might not work for you.

Good luck,

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Eric, your ideas worked on my machine. HP's "troubleshooting procedures" are a waste of time. This little bit of maintainance got my machine up and running again. Thanks! - Anonymous
Eric: I couldn't use my printer as I was getting a Carriage Jam Error message. I read your post on how to fix the problem. It worked great. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave - Anonymous
This advice from Eric was the ticket. It was hard to find the little black gear but I found it. It's towards the bottom and its very fragile. I broke a little tooth off it but it still works. I was not able to get the park tray all the way forward but the thing that you want to achieve is to just free up the park tray or perhaps get it in alignment with the other mechanisms. Don't overlook cleaning the little white slider thing next to the park tray. My white slider could hardly move due to the build up of ink under it. I want to take this unit in to be fully cleaned out, If not I think I'm going to crack it open to clean it all out. Thank you to you Eric....could not have done it with out your advice............Joe - unknown
Hey Eric-

I read your info about carriage jam and when I open the unit the heads don't move at all, any ideas - Anonymous
I meant to ask this in my previous post. Can someone please look inside their d135 and tell me if the positive ( ) side or negative (-) side of the battery is facing out?

To look at the battery, open the lid, move over to the right side of the machine, then look all the way over to the left side's wall in the front. It is to the left of the ribbon cable connector. It's on the circuit board.

If you can see CR2032 or any other text, then the positive side is facing out.

Thank you!

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how do i open the top of a D135 officejet? i cant figure it our....i took out all the star screws from the copy machine portion and it wont budge...i need to get in so i can clean the gears
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Officejet D135, removing the case

Remove the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
1. Open the ADF 90 degrees. There is a black sliding latch near each hinge. Slide them up and the ADF lift off.

Remove the Scanner
1. Lift the scanner as if changing the cartridges.
2. Disengage the hinged supports by prying apart the latches attaching their lower ends with a slot style screwdriver.
3. Rotate the scanner 90 degrees and remove the metal plate at the left rear of the case. The plate is held in place by two T10 Torx head screws.
4. Unplug the four cables interconnecting the electronics board and the scanner.
5. Lift the scanner straight up and it will disengage from it's hinges.

Remove the Case
1. Inside to left is a gray ribbon cable. Unplug it.
2. Remove the vertical panels on each side of the paper tray. Reach inside and grasp the edge, then pull outward.
3. Remove the rear access door.
4. Remove the two T10 Torx head screws on the top surface.
5. Release the latch behind the panels removed in step 2. Release the finger latch on the underside of each end. Release the latch behind the two vertical surfaces in the rear. The case will now lift off.
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How do you remove the battery in HP d135? Thanks for all of your help thus far. Right now I'm still struggling to remove the metal case. There is one thin cable (out of the four) to remove, that seems to be permanently attached to the mother board. So I can't get it off, cause I'm scared I'm going to break it. So, i'm about to try removing the battery and doing some resets, in lieu of the metal case.

I'm trying anything right now. - unknown
thanx that worked great
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We had the 'print cartridge carriage stalled' error message and came sooooooooooooo close to buying a new All In One, but then someone told us about a sensor which is probably covered with ink and needs cleaning. We tried it with Excellent results - saved hundreds of dollars yesterday!!

Flip the door up and the sensor is located on right side. We used alcohol with qtip and then with tissue as there was so much ink you could not see the sensor.

Hope this works for you... millie & peter

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This really works!! We had the same, sudden "Carriage stalled" error on our HP 7130... We tried cleaning everything, but what did the trick was cleaning that sensor on the lower right side (below the white plastice piece in our model).

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!

;-) - Anonymous
Have you ever experienced the following problem? I'm in the midst of trying to solve this problem for my 2.5 year old printer. I'm trying to avoid shelling out another $500 for a new printer. Please help if you can.

the lights flash on, really fast, just ONCE and then off. So I know that the machine is getting power. I used to think that maybe there was a circuit breaker, of some sort, inside of the machine that keeps getting tripped off, to make it shut off immediately. I don't know if that's the case or not, because there was a time, when I first experienced this problem. I left it alone for about a month, went back to it, plugged it in, wiggled the cord in the back, and mysteriously it came on and worked just fine. Then one day, my friend turned my printer off (not know about my problem) and now I can't get it to come back on.

I've done all of the resets, but I don't think they're working considering the power to the unit doesn't come on.
******************************************* - unknown
I'm having the same error message with my 2 1/2 year old d145 except on start-up I hear a little "springy" sound and it's definitely coming from the gears on the left side of the main carriage. I've removed the case per the above instructions...but can't really see anything missing teeth, everything aligned and turning properly.

There is a black plastic rod which runs along the back side of the rollers...side to side, with a hook type of latch on the left side which is just laying in the bottom of the chassis. Can't see where it should go. It would seem this might be the culprit.

I checked the ink well about build-up that others have experienced with their machines and don't really see any appreciable build-up of any kind...just some dust.

I'll try any suggestions to try to resuscitate this machine. It has operated flawlessly until now.
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Can you provide a picture of the "rod."
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on page 66 of the manual, I have found where it talks about the carriage error.
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Another specfic problem that I found was after a paper jamb, the carriage head could not return to the "Parked" position. There is a small sensor that resides under where the heads are when in their "Change Cartridge" positon that was dislodged.
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Removing the battery? You shouldn't have to do anything other than open the top, look to the left and you will see the battery (about the size of a nickel) on the left circuit board. If you CAREFULLY pry apart the plastic clips on the two big stand up hinges (same ones you see when you are replacing the tanks), you will have a lot easier access. Anyways, let it sit for an hour to be safe before replacing.

Good luck,
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I am having the carriage Jam Error and seem to have isolated the problem to the carriage not being able to move back and forth from one side to the other. It gets stopped on the right side before it can park under the four rectangular blue spots. The carriage hits the white plastic piece and can't get past it. I have no clue how to push the white plastic piece backwards as it seems to be going back as far as it can.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It seems your service station is bound up.

You might be able to remove and clean it out.

It can not be easily moved by hand as you are turning a motor through a plastic gear train if you push it.

The cp1700 service station probably will work in this machine if you move a metal grounding piece from the old to the new service station.
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Eric your the best...Couldn't get my D145 to work, followed your steps and now it's working great!!!

One problem I had already bought a new printer and had uninstalled all of the software for my D145 now I can't find the CD. Any ideas on how to get new software?
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HP Officejet d145, about 5 years old

"The print cartridge carriage is stalled"

I was getting the above error...

...and read the fixes on the d135 and thought I'd change the printheads. Now I'm getting the message...

"Preparing device. Please wait..." (to align printheads)

with an onscreen error of...
"The print cartridge carriage is stalled"

...but it occasionally comes up with

"Clear Cartridge Jam and then press enter"

The cartridge is not always realigning to center to be able to access the black and color ink jets; in fact, I am only able to get them to do so on occasion after I've turned the machine off and back on a time or two.

Sometimes, the machine makes a fast clacking noise after I turn it on. It's coming from the left side of the machine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks. Patricia
It's been great up until now.
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I cleaned the sensor on the right side of of my D135 printer and cleared up the problem of the "Carriage Jam Error". I did not try Eric's method.

I opened the printer so the print heads moved to the center, then unplugged the power cord from the back. The sensor is a rectangular piece of circuit board with a reflective metal surface on the left side of the service station. The service station is located on the right side of the printer. The sensor is held in place by a white piece to the rear of it.

My sensor was so covered with ink that it was not even visible. While wearing rubber gloves, I used rubbing alcohol and a tissue to carefully blot off the ink until the metal in the center was clean.

The error was gone and the printer worked just as it had when new!
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Rubbing alcohol has a 30\% water content. Ink is water soluble. 100\% water works a lot better as alcohol has zero effect on ink. - moe
Whatever the argument about ink solubility, the rubbing alcohol cleaned the ink off perfectly (and what's better than that?). The alcohol also seems to be a safer solvent to use around electronics because it dries more quickly, reducing the possibility of shorting things out.
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I can't find the sensor on the hp d145. Anyone?
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I have a picture. Email me by clicking on the crossed tools to the right of my name. Please make sure that your email address is correct and not expired.
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Problem: Print cartridge carriage is stalled. Would not center when access door was open. Carriage jam error. Followed Eric's steps, and found a large ink ball in front of tray. Removed and cleaned ink covered sensor, which initially did not correct problem. Ink ball appox. 1/2 inch in diameter. Now it appears to work again. Thanks for the help. Take care Dave
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My Officejet d135 hangs on printing recurrently. It will work sometimes for me to restart the computer and try again. Seems very finicky. I have an Intel MacMini and am using the latest printer driver from the HP website. (related to the driver-- the fax driver icon looks exactly like the printer but the printer driver icon does not--is this part of the problem?)

Thanks for any help,

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I had the same carriage error. Cleaned the sensor on the right side with a Windex wipe and the error cleared.
Thanks to a lead from this site
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Hi All,

This thread gave me courage. Replaced my ink cartridges for the first time, and got the freakin' carriage jam error. Did everything... Nothing worked. Saw no broken parts, wires etc. Called HP and whined like never seen before. No love. Made me order new printer to the tune of a bunch of money. And, like a moron I did. Life is too complicated and I just needed the damn printer to work. Then I went back to my 7410 thinking I usually can fix most things...why can't I even figure out what is wrong here.... I looked, and I looked.... And you would not believe what I found!!! On the left hand side of the printer (if you were facing it) in the cavity that has space under the plastic boxing (the exact opposite side of where the print cartridges are replaced) I noticed a big plastic piece, which I figured was meant to be there, but it was sitting cattywhompus. So I touched it and it moved. And it thought, hmmmm, that's a pretty big part to be out of place. I picked it up with my fingers and it was a B&W print cartridge just sitting there, unattached to anything!!! Now I wasn't missing a printer cartridge, so I don't know how it got thrown out of the cartridge carriage, or if it even did... Somehow an extra cartridge was just there. I thought, No...... But, I pulled the aimless cartridge out, unplugged and plugged in the printer, and VIOLA!!!! It worked. Perfect! I was SO happy. Called HP and cancelled new printer order and get to save $350.00. I have no idea how this happened, but for any of you who get that carriage jam error message, check the left hand side recessed area under the plastic casing to see if there is anything in there and good luck. I really needed that $350.00. It was just a crazy blessing. Good luck to the rest of you, and thank you for posting. You gave me courage to just not roll over.
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I found the same problem once on a different model. Science used to have a theory called Spontaneous Creation. Maybe they ought to rethink it in terms of printers.
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I have been using my D135 for about 4 years. I just got the message Open door - Clear carriage jam and then press Enter. It was stuck to the right and would not come to center. After reading here, I did some cleaning with about 10 dry q-tips. Now it works!
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How about the 7100 -carriege jam error
by Anonymous on May 6, 2008 at 8:24am Add comment
How about the 7100 -carriege jam error
tankyou for u'r contirbution
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i cant figure out to fix my printer because of carrige jam error
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Cleaned the sensor lower right and it corrected my problem too. Laura 002/04/09
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Heh, mine had the paper jam issue, then the carriage jam issue. I tried everything in here and it didn't work... so I threw it in the trash.
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my printer is also saying that the Carridge jam and i just purchase the printer a week ago didn't even use it
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When you open the printer to access the cartridges where is the cartridge carriage; left, right, middle, or wherever? Is there any strange noises?

Make sure that the encoder strip is connected on both ends. It is made of thin plastic approximately 1/4" (6.35 mm) wide and threads through an optical sensor on the backside of the carriage.
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please someone helppppp!what r th carriage jams. i cleaned the ink tray with q-tips now what do i do?????????
by unknown on Oct 26, 2009 at 3:05pm Add comment
officejet all ijn one 7310
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Hey, This advice worked for me to tonight too, after taking a step back and looking on line for a fix!!!

Thanks for the posts from you guys and from Eric was the ticket.
It was hard to find the little black Gear after moving the Print Cartridge Holders all the way to back of the printer, but I did find it. I basically used baby wipes and Alcohol on Q-tips and cleaned the whole plastic tray that holds the Cartriges.

Once the tray starts moving back and forth with little effort, the problem was fixed.

Don't overlook cleaning the little white slider thing next to the park tray. My white slider could hardly move due to the build up of ink under it.

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hi i am having trouble with my printer saying it is printing but it starts spitting out 2 papers then it stops with 1 paper half way in and half way out. then it says out of paper ????? HELP!!!
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Our c5580 reads carriage jam. However the carriage moves freely.. help!
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Hi, in my case none of the above solutions worked. I had to take out the complete service station and find a repair solution to that, as I had no spare parts for it. It all started when the printer started to give 2x a cranking sound every time after turning on, and soon after it stopped printing.
The cause being that the carriage could not return to the park tray on the right side because the headpark tray (where the printheads rest normally) got dislocated and stood higher than the printheads, physically causing an obstacle. This park tray is held by 4 plastic claws and a spring on the upper moving tray inside the service station.
In order to get the service station out, you have to dismantle the printer, you can find on the net instructions on how to get it out. When you get to the service station, the upper part of it is still held by 3 screws. Before removing them remember what and how they hold, because during reassembly you can destroy their plastic threads, and the upper part is important to keep the plastic moving trays inside in place. Also disconnect the cable from the sensor to the motor.
In my case, one of the 2 plastic tooths on the underside of the lower moving tray inside the service station broke off causing the tray not to stop at the designated point, hence the park tray gets dislocated as well.
Glueing back this broken tooth didnot work for me, so what I did was that I put 2 identical plastic caps in between the two trays moving inside the bottom of the service station (not to be confused with the park tray which is different and is connected to the upper bottom tray of one of these via the way see above) so that they work like bumpers, stopping the motor to push them to far to the front. My guess for the depth of the plastic caps would be around 1.2 cm, as I have not measured it and did not even bother to glue them. You would have to manually check the correct size (depth) by manually rotating the tray with the cover of the service station on so that you can see how far the park tray should go. You can see that from the scratch marks made by the park tray on the side of the cover. If the caps are not deep enough you would still hear the cranking sound, if too deep the park tray would not be in correct position so either the carriage can still not return to it or the carriage can return, but no printing happens without any error messages. In the latter case if the carriage can return to the park tray but no printing, which happened to me, cut of around 1-2 mm more.
Hope that can help and its not so difficult as it looks. Sziasztok! Isten legyen Veletek.
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