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Canon Canon FC 2

Canon i865 unknown problem

From a 2 months I have a Canon i865.
For 3 weeks it worked fine, sudenly one day it stoped, the information window gives no info about the error, the light flashes green and orange 12 times (technical service needed!?!) and also gives an advise to unplug the printer for a few time and plug it again. Some times it works, sometimes not. After days of trying anything, figured out the procedure of hanging the printer : when it comes online the first time it prints, then when it goes offline and try to print again it goes online but the error apears, a sheet goes through but nothing is printed on it and then nothing. Unpluging again for a 10 min. to 2 h. and its back again.
If someone knows a solution, please reply, because the tehnical service near me can't do anything. They dont even know about this error (is it hardware fault in the printer or something else)
My printer is a Canon i865. Approx 3 years old.

The printer is working ok. It is a colour problem. When I was printing photos they have started printing with a green tinge. I have done nozzle checks, cleaning, deep cleaning, head alignment, re-installing driver, but no improvement. I thought perhaps the waste tank required emptying.
The nozzle check print out shows 6C, 6C 6M, 6M and 6Y in shades of green whereas the manual indicates that these are shades of grey. Also M and N boxes are green and the manual indicates these to be black.
Advice appreciated please
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You have a Media Sensor Error.
This unit has a 1 year warranty
Call 800-423-2366 for Canon Automated support
or 757-413-2848 to speak to a Canon Technician
Evidently the tech service near you are not trained on Canon units.
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For my great sorry I live in Bulgaria, and the service I speak about is the only one authorised to repair Canon printers.
So is it fixable or I must throw it away from the fifth flour ;)
Also I have no warranty (the reason is too long to explain).
Great thanks for the answer.
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I have a Canon i450 and it too, is flashing its light orange and green instead of printing. I have tried all the procedures of disconnecting the cable and electrical source for various degrees of time (up to 12 hrs.). I fear that it may be the waste ink tanks are full. I read another sample of what is involved in emptying the tanks...too much for me! I have poor eye sight, so do I throw it out the 5th floor window? I've only had it a year, but have used it a great deal. If I toss it, what else should I buy (I print homemade calendars, cards, and nature photos)?
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The technical service here ordered a new one i865 and will begin changing part by part to understand what is the problem. When I have an answer I will post it here.
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The media sensor on the i865 is the black thing with weels on the input tray. So the problem is solved by replaceing the uper cover of the printer. Then folow the wires leading from this sensor to the main board - clean the contats. !!! Also there are two light diodes in the whole "big black thing" Clean them carefuly and your printer might be back working. Aperantly these sensors are very sensitive (they also react on light - if you have a light source nearby you must remove it) and the electronics recieving signals from them also is sensitive. That's all from me.
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I can't install the i865 printer driver. I keep getting 'printer not recognised' when I try to install from the disk. I have disabled the anti virus and the firewall and checked that the USB printer cable works by swapping it with the modem cable. I keep getting the 'auto load new hardware' box on the screen; when I click cancel and unplug and replug in the USB cable it just comes back again. Then I get 'Printer not recognised' up on the screen again. Finally I have unplugged everything, uninstalled everything I can think of except XP (inc i865 drivers) and started all over again and I just get 'printer not recognised' on the disk install screen, along with the auto load screens.Help!
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All new USB devices need to install the drivers first before plugning the device. XP will not help I guess. Canon support opinion for the XP drivers is that they are not fully cmpliant with these printers. So if you get an XP you will need the Canon drivers from the disk again. Sometimes if the device is pluged and online while instaling drivers comes this problem. Your problem might be another one, but I think that is as I say. Solution : if you can, search the registry for trails from instaling the drivers and remove them. Then First install the drivers and when the install program prompts "Trying to find printer" or something like that - plug the printer. You can try doing this without editing the registry first. I have installed this printer on a XP system and on a W98 with the drivers suplied from Canon. This actualy works and for many other devices ;) I had a similiar problem with a webcam, scanner and others.
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This post is for the media sensor error :
Disconecting the media sensor at all makes the printer works all the time with no problems ;)
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My printer is an i450 and I think the media sensor might be the problem. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of ink in the bottom of the printer and am not sure if that is normal. Where is the sensor located on the Canon i450? I called Canon tech support and they were unable to help me over the phone. Wouldn't they have known how to clean the sensors? Appreciate help since I've just about given up.
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I haven't seen i450 and I dont know where is media sensor situated. On HP printers the media sensor is situated ot the cartrige holder. On the i865 is situated on the input tray. If you think that your problem is in the mess on the bottom you might disassemble the printer, clean carefuly and assemble it again, cleanin all "light diode" like elements and all contacts (plugs) an so on. InkJet printers make something like mist from ink while printing and this mist spreads everywhere in there making everything dirty. I am not shure for the base of the canon inks but I think they are alcohol based. HP's are water based. But with alcohol you must be very carefull because some parts may be alcohol soluble.
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got problem with canon printer just email me
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i have a canon i865 once turned on i get 5 orange flashes then 1 green flash i have tried several reset modes but have had no luck in the printer resetting . Can you help ? - Anonymous
canon i865 will not print properly despite change of printhead and realigning along with cleaning.
For a one page word doc printer puts through 3 or 4 pages with only top few lines of text.
When attached to another computer works ok.
any ideas?? - Anonymous
Could you please send me the reset code for the above printer (i450).

I have tried the i350 reset code on the forum but, to no avail.

This is what is happening with my printer:

@ 7x orange flashes
@ 1x Green Flash

Have tried the i350 reset
when power on the power light stays green but when i press resume button the light will change colour.

please help me if possible


cape town
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Could you please send me the reset code for the above printer (i450).

I have tried the i350 reset code on the forum but, to no avail.

This is what is happening with my printer:

@ 7x orange flashes
@ 1x Green Flash

Have tried the i350 reset
when power on the power light stays green but when i press resume button the light will change colour.

please help me if possible


cape town
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To Anonymous with the i865. This must be the overseas version of the Canon i860. Anyway, the Service Manual says that the 5 orange flashes means, "The printhead is not installed",.."or the printhead is not installed".. Then is says, "The data from the EEprom on the head is faulty".

Clean the contacts on the back of the printhead. Clean the contacts in the Carriage Asm. Unplug the power cord and let the printer set for 10 minutes. Then replug and power on.
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Hi guys
client has a I865 printer, when restarted the light sequence is as follows

18 Green lights. then goes orange/green orange/green this sequense keeps going, I have re-started the printer, when trying to get to the properties of the printer is says unable to connect, the print spooler is working fine on the pc and has been restarted too

anyone any ideas how to fix this? the printer is also out of warranty so contacting cannon is not an option for support

any help will be welcome

thanks in advance Rabron
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I find that my prints are coming out in washed out colours with a pink tinge, I have tried changing the settings, and the quality of photo paper, and last but not leasr re installing the drivers.

Nothing seems to work.
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Hello, I tried to turn on my Canon i865 but there is no life in it at all.

I checked the output voltage from the back of the AC adapter and I am getting 7v dc from three different combinations of plug pins.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be..

Many thanks
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Andyhaynes,... The I850 and i860 AC adapter puts out three voltages,.... +5, +24, +27. If you don't have those voltages the AC adapter is dead. Call Canon Parts department at 1-732-521-7230 and ask for the Parts department.
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I have the same problem. Can you please tell me which pin outputs which corresponding voltage? I have been trying to look for diagrams but to no avail.

Thanks in advance. - unknown
jinrs,... Here is the pin layout for the power connector as it plugs into the logic card. To make any measurements you have to connect your Volt-Ohm-Meter between the pin in question and the ground pins.

CN501 (DC power supply connector)
Pin No. Signal Name Function
1 +5V Logic Voltage
2, 4, 6 GND GND
3 VH +24 Volts
5 VMREM +27 volts
7 LOW_PW_CONT Power consumption control

The signal on pin 7 is a control signal from the main power
module that an over current condition has been detected. This signal will shut down all operation on the logic card and shut the printer off. It will not power on as long as this signal is at a logic ground.

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i have a problem with my printer too . Mine is a canon i865 and i dont know how long ive had but when i try to print something it doesnt come out clear and i thaught it was just that the black ink was low so i changed it and still the same problem . Please help!!
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Greg,... Have you ever taken the printhead out of the machine and cleaned it. Here are the steps.

1. Open the top cover and when the head comes to the center, pull out the power cord.
2. Remove and cap all the ink carts so they won't leak or dry.
3. Unlock the carriage lever and then lift out the printhead.
4. At your laundry room sink, use medium hot water and flush all of the ink out from the filter screens. Turn the head over and focus the water stream directly on the nozzles. Now turn the head over out of the way of the water and examine each of the filter screens. They should be wet with colored ink. Rinsh this out and turn it back over and focus the stream on each set of nozzles. Continue this until you see no more colored ink coming out.
5. Use an Air compressor to BLOW all water out of all parts of the head. You may have to use a HAIR Dryer at low heat and High air flow to dry the head. You may have to let it set over night to totally dry.
6. Check the ink flow of each ink cart. Use a 1/4 folded paper towel and blot the ink cart on the towel. You should immediately get a good wet spot of that ink. If not, Use your mouth to blow air into the top rear exit port and you should see 1 or 2 drops of ink fall onto the paper towel. If you don't get this your ink cart is internally drying up and needs to be replaced.
7. Clean the contacts on the back of the head with ISOPROpyl Alcohol, and also clean the contacts inside the carriage.
8. Install the head and the ink carts and do a "Cleaning Cycle" from inside the PC printer maintenance window.
9. Print only a "Nozzle Check Print" to prove you have returned good ink into the head.

If all of this fails to give you a good nozzle check, click on my USER ID and send me a note. I will respond with another note and then you will be able to send me a scanned image of the nozzle check.
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I've just tried this on an old Cannon i865 I was about to throw away and it works, brilliant. My new Epson SX515w stopped working, after 6 months, its very difficult to refil the carts on new printers because they all have chips on them that stop you from refilling them easily, also the Jettecs I bought didn't really work very well. Trying to clean the Epson is a nightmare it uses a lot of ink, if one ink cartridge runs out the printer will not work until its replaced etc etc. I'm Hanging on to my old Canon now it'll save a small fortune in ink. - unknown
Thank you, trigger1937. I didn't even know it was possible to remove the printhead.
My i865 works again after following your procedure. No air compressor needed, just some firm shaking to get rid off the water. Took me under half an hour to get printing again.
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Zoef,... You have to be very careful to dry the printhead, otherwise you could short out the very sensitive electronics on the circuit board at the back of the head. Even if you have to wait till overnight and let it dry.

I'm very happy for you and glad my instruction worked for you. By the way, even though this was posted in a i865 error message, which is just the overseas product number for the i860, it also applies to all of the Canon ink jet printers from the i550 to every ink jet printer Canon makes that contains a printhead.

If you ever have a problem you can't fix, just click on my USER ID and send me an email with your request.
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GB1,... It sounds like your are missing most of your Magenta color or it is not sufficient to balance the other colors. I need to see a copy of the nozzle check pattern and to do that you need to send me an email by clicking on my USER ID above. This will open an email note to me and once I get that I will return a note to you. This will provide you my email address and then you can scan the nozzle check and send it to me.

You also need to check the flow rate of each ink cart to verify those carts are not clogged. Have you ever taken the printhead out of the printer and cleaned it externally?
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The problem with my I865 is (I think) something else.
Today I was printing and suddenly there was no ink on the paper anymore.
The inktanks are full, the paper is coming through and de printhead is moving as if it is printing.
But nothing on the paper.

When I switch on the printer (after 15 minutes) and startup a testprintpage, he is busy with a lot of preparing activities. After a while he is ready with preparing and the light is green.
starts printing the page, but no ink on it.
light still green.

Does somebody has a solution?
kind regards,

by RobGerr on Sep 18, 2010 at 8:03am Add comment
RobGerr,,,.. It can something as simple as a very clogged printhead, since you did not mention any attempt by use to do a cleaning or print a nozzle test print, or it could be something more complex such as a damaged purge unit. You did mention a testprintpage but you did not say what kind of test page.

I have sent you an email. When you respond I will send you a test to do on your printer and this will give us the answer.

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I have Canon i865 which I have had since new and has just started printing incorrectly on photo paper but prints fine on normal paper.
On photo paper seems to be mainly producing yellow but no cyan or magenta. I have deep cleaned, cleaned top of nozzles with Q Tip and put in new cartridges but still wont print properly on photo paper or CD label settings. Any ideas appreciated. Printing on ordinary paper is spot on. Thanks Ian
by seagullz on Jan 29, 2011 at 11:44pm Add comment
Canon i865 prints fine from my accounting package but will not print anything from any other software, e.g., excel, word. Any ideas??
by unknown on Apr 25, 2011 at 6:48pm Add comment
Canon i865 won't print colour anymore
only b & w, inkt tanks are ok, cleansed heads allready.

All of a sudden this happened in the midst of printing.
Restarted PC already.
Problem remains.

Anybody there who could give me a hint?
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