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How reset page counter drum brother hl-1440?


how to reset page counter(drum) laser printer brother hl-1440?

Open front cover. Hold down button located under LED's until all LED's are lit. Release button and make sure drum LED is off, then close cover. For some odd reason this procedure is not in any Brother manuals. Must be hiding it from Al-Queda.
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It Worked. Thank you. - Anonymous
I'm not sure how it's done in the DR400 drum. On the DR200 there was a plastic strip labeled "Please throw me away". When the printer was turned on, the strip moved through the printer and reset the drum count. The DR400 could have a similar reset procedure. Of course, once you throw the strip away like they want you to, you can't reset the count.
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Instructions are included with drum cartridges purchased directly from Brother. This is probably to discourage users from purchasing generic drums from other sources...
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I used this technique to reset my printer after the drum light stayed on and trying all the other tricks.

It worked!
We were just going to throw the printer out but now we don't have to.
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Yes, this works great. Why buy a new drum when the old one works good. - Dave-plw
I was able to get a lot of extra life out a of an Brother DR-400 drum by taking it apart. The 4 screws are a bit tricky, but not too bad. Then I cleaned all the junk toner off the brushes, rinsed all the toner off the corona wire plate, and put it back together. The prints darkened a lot, and I pushed another 2,500 pages through the printer.

Eventually I replaced the drum. The official OEM Brother instructions read "Keep holding down the button until all LEDs turn on with the front cover open, then release button. Make sure that the Drum LED is off. Close the front cover."

This printer has been great. It's lasted for years. It takes one-side-recycled paper without jamming. About the only problem is that it won't "grab" a new sheet of bypass paper when it's in sleep mode (and that's a firmware issue, not a mechanical issue).

My next printer will be a Brother!
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I have a Brother HL-1440 with the original DR-400 drum/TN-430 cartridge, I received the low toner light warning light however there's still toner left. The pages don't even look faded. The light has been on for awhile but now its refusing to even print.

I tried the "Keep holding down the button until all LEDs turn on with the front cover open, then release button. Make sure that the Drum LED is off. Close the front cover." trick. I was able to a few pages after that but the toner light comes back on and the printer stops printing again. If I try the trick again, the toner light still stays on and I can't print at all.

How can I permanently reset it so I can print more from my TN-430?
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The drum LED was on, so I bought a remanufactured drum and installed it. I tried to reset the drum counter, and after all LED's illuminated, I released the button. Then the alarm LED started blinking. When I closed the cover all LED's illuminated and stayed on...I then turned off the printer and turned it back on to find that the drum LED was on again.

Anyone have any idea how I can get my printer working again?
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Try this...

How to Perform A Factory Reset:
Turn the printer off.
Hold in the circular button on the front panel of the printer.
Turn the printer back on.
When the DRUM light is lit by itself let go of the button.
Hold in the circular button on the front panel again.
Once the Alarm light comes on, let go of the button.
This has performed a factory reset on the printer.
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It worked! It worked! It worked! Thank you ! - Anonymous

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OMG as the kids say! Holy cow, I've spent beaucoup hours, replaced toner, downloaded new Mac OX X drivers from Apple and Brother and the legit driver download site. I didn't have gray hair before I began dealing with this printer!

The factory reset worked! 9 years and counting on this wonderful printer. So cheap to operate and with so many features, I was broken hearted at having to rely on the old DeskJet for backup.

Thanks loads!

Can you tell I'm happy???? ;-)
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I have done all the above as far as resetting drum counter. Still getting blinking Ready Light and Blinking Alarm light. No other lights on. Toner cartridge is realtively new. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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Should have mentioned -- DON'T have a paper jam. I did find that info on Brothers also. Have taken paper out, replaced. Took drum and toner back out put back in. Held buttons, turned off computer and rebooted. Unplugged printer and plugged back in. Still blinking Green Ready light and Red Alarm light. Any other suggestions. Thanks.
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open door behind drum paper path back outside over power plug and input connections look for partial jammed paper and close completely if none found close again to test interlocks cheers

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