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Hp HP Color Inkjet CP1700

CP1700 error code

Problems with repetitive error codes on HP CP 1700 printer all starting C013xxxxxx (x are various numbers. For example : C0133145 or C013160D)
This happens intermittently.
could anybody help with this specific error code ?
Subject: CP1700 error code
Problems with repetitive error codes on HP CP 1700 printer all starting C013xxxxxx (x are various numbers. For example : C0133145 or C013160D)
This happens intermittently.
could anybody help with this specific error code ?
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We kept getting similar messages as well as messages to change the print heads. Changing the printheads did not help, so I started testing.

I bypassed the cover open sensors (ie - jammed some rolled up paper into the two slots w/ the switches) tried printing a few times. Got the errors every time, but noticed that the carriage was in different places. I'm guessing it either has something to do w/ the ribbon cable or the timing sensor.

I cleaned the timing fence and a small contact near the bottom of the printer and have been printing all morning w/ no problems. You might want to try it:

Look for a clear plastic strip that runs above and along the carriage shaft. It should go through the printhead carriage. If you have really good eyes and look closely, you'll see a bunch of tiny tick marks on it. There is a sensor in the carriage that counts the ticks along this strip so that the printer knows where the carriage is. If the strip or the sensor are dirty, it'll lose it's place and kick out an error.

First, take a clean paper towel, moisten it SLIGHTLY and clean the part of the strip you can get to. With the carriage at home position, I was unable to clean the 3 or 4 inches of strip there, so I sent a print job and as the carriage moved left, I pulled the power cable out to stop the carriage away from home position & finished cleaning the strip.

That's when I noticed a small copper plate at the bottom of the printer just to the left of the head pumps/home position hole. It was covered in ink, so I wondered if this might have anything to do with anything. I took the time to clean that and the home position parts that looked absolutely filthy.

So - maybe it just liked the cleaning, or maybe the timing strip was causing weird enough errors to confuse the logic of the printer, but now it seems to be printing full color pages fine. When I get a chance, I'll lubricate the carriage shaft and maybe even take the carriage apart for thorough cleaning.
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This worked great for me as well! Too bad the new printer will be delivered tomorrow. Maybe they'll let me put this one in my office, now that I know how to revive it.

Thanks a whole lot!
Celeste - Anonymous
thank you, I knew the clear plastic strip was loose but i did'nt know where it went. I ran it back thru the carriage and with some difficulty attached it and I was able to print again.
Got any ideas on how to make the printheads and ink last longer in the HP cp 1700? Is it true that Hewlet Packard are placing chips in the printheads and ink cartridges to make them go dead sooner? If so, how do you get around it? thanks again - Anonymous
Thank you so much for this advice. It has cleared my problem up and the printer is finally behaving normally again. Why doesn't HP instruct users to try this?
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Because they do not know as much as we do.

I know, I've talked to their support often enough.
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Okay, first things first. I brought home a well used cp1700 the other day without knowing its functioning at all. I wanted to replace the well loved 1120c with a newer model.

Well, it wouldn't print at all when I got it home...said that the ink was expired. What??? How does it know??? Well, this just peeved me because I could feel ink in every cartridge in the machine. Well, I took each ink cartridge out, cleaned the place where it flows through in case it was dry (with alcohol on a q-tip) and all of them had dried ink on them. Then I went inside and did the same with the print heads. I thought that since they might be dried up, maybe that contributed to the printer thinking they were exptired. Well, that didn't work, still said expired cartridge. So I looked online and found the bypass which involves finding the small disc shaped battery in the left side of the machine and dislodging it from its mount. It worked like a charm! But now I had streaky printing, so I needed to clean the print heads some more. So another search came up with taking the cartridge and soaking the bottom of it in about 1/4" of very hot water (luckily our tap water comes out very hot). Worked great on all but the black, but I think that's because the black is almost to the very last drops or even completely out. All I did was take the head and put the bottom into the water, sloshed it around a bit, then after the water started to cool, I took it out and tapped the bottom on a rag until the ink flowed freely into a rectangular shape on the rag. I did this with all of them and my print head cleaning page was getting better and better.

Think I'll go and spring the $35 today for a black cartridge so I can really see what this baby can do!
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