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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Printer Life span


We have a couple of HP Laserjet 4,5 and 6's in the office and I would like to know if i need to replace them. They have been here for ages and I would like to get some data that I could use to justify replacing them.

Any info would help.

Properly serviced, HP printers can go on indefinitely. They really have no set life span.
by jon on Apr 27, 2004 at 9:22pm Add comment

4,5,6! Why they are barely adolescents.

I have customers with LJ IIs that are still going strong. How old are they? Proably about 16-17 years old. They run thousands of pages thru them every month.

And when something goes wrong with one of them, it is likely that this very site will have an economical fix.

by Lee on Apr 28, 2004 at 9:43am Add comment
Roy: The older HP LaserJet Printers were fairly big and heavy and built like tanks, so they are real work horses. They may not be as fancy or possibly as fast as the newer models, but they will still be around and working when the newer more disposable models are retired or have died. Its a disposable world anymore and they just don't build printers [or almost anything for that matter] as well as they did in the past. I'm sure that HP would love for you to retire your old printers and buy new ones. That way you will probably be buying new laser printers every 3 to 5 years, instead of continuing to simply use your old work horse type printers that seem to last forever. You are much better off spending $300 or $400 to repair your old printers [if needed], than buying a new printer to replace them with. As a printer tech, I generally work on more of the newer laser printers [last 5 years], than the older models [over 5 to 10 years old]...Denny Conway
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I still use DOS based database and data analysis software, which I discovered won't print out on most printers built today (current printers only print Windows print files). So I picked up a rebuilt LJ4. I am printing text OK with it, but can't get it to do the graphics that my old LJ IIP was doing. Do I need a special driver, or just the right driver? I can't get any LJ 4 driver from the HP site. Any solutions or ideas would help.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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John you should have started your own thread. That said the HPiip driver should work just fine on the HP 4. If you are still having problmes try the HPII or HP III driver which you probably have. Most hp lasers were made backwards compatible. In other words the HP 4 series would run fine using the HP II/III driver except for envelopes and the HP IIP and IIIP would work fine for everything.
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I got a HP Laser 4 PCL 5b (Resolution Enhancement) from a friend. It has 1992 Manufacture date. I want it to run on W2000Pro. It runs on self test, but does not recognise that I have paper in. I looked for driver but cannot locate one. Can anyone help?
by unknown on Apr 30, 2004 at 6:21am Add comment
Ellen: The available Printer Drivers from HP Company, for the Laserjet 4 Printer, using Win's 2000, can be viewed on the HP web-site by clinking on: . If what you want is not listed on that HP web-site, then you might try doing a GOOGLE SEARCH, at Luck! Denny Conway
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Hello folk,
Thank you Denny for your reply to my problem that's still listed above.
I successfully loaded the Win 2000 driver for the printer (HP LaserJet4 PCL5e - not 5b as I listed).
I met the technician who told me this was serviced before been donated. That explains the fine quality of self test printing. (The drum looked new!)Alas! Win 2000 Pro NT still does not see that there is paper inside. Technician says that printer defaults to US paper sizes and I use English-Irish paper measurements and that it can be changed in minutes! I have looked in all areas without success. (Advanced, Properties etc.)
Good luck and thanks.
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Ellen: I hope someone else reads your posting and has an answer for you, but if not, then you may want to contact the "HP Technical Support Department" and see if they can be of any help to you. You can go to this HP web-site page to see the available ways to contact HP Support, including e-mail = . Just to let you know: When a printer is out of warranty, you must have a credit card, before the technical support department can help you, because there is a charge involved. There is no charge involved if you simply e-mail them for help or advice...Denny Conway
by Denny Conway on May 17, 2004 at 10:02am Add comment

Those model printers are more durable than the current HP models of LJs, you should replace them when you have a real need to replace them, if they are working fine and everything, you should keep using them till they die.

by Andrew on May 20, 2004 at 8:11pm Add comment
Hello folk,
Good news: my printer is working fine now. Here is how I solved it not recognising paper. I went into Printer Properties, adjusted paper size to A4 which is English/Irish paper size. Also ensured the paper defaulted to lower tray. I had done this many times before, yet it defaulted back to US size. Last week I got a "Trojan Horse" website on computer and had to format and re-install all programs. I noticed that several times I had to re-start computer. As I reset my printer settings, I thought, why not do the same, so I switched printer off and immediately on again. Hey Presto! it began to print a couple of pages previously in memory. It is going fine since. I said I got it, yes, but I exchanged my HP695C (made 1998, purchased, late 1999)which was fantastic on Win95 but only a shadow of its former self on Win2000Pro. Apparently it was made for home printing. My friend has Win 3.1. Printer is working, but does not dry when black cartridge is used.
I guess I will solve it somehow! Thank you Denny for your great help, thanks Alan and anyone else who even thought of a solution. I will look in at the site occasionally and see if I can help someone else.
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