asked Apr 26, 2004 at 9:43am
Hp HP Fax 750

HP PSC 750

My HP PSC 750 printer will not recognize a new (replacement)ink cartdrige. It will only recognize the older one. I have refilled the older one but the printer still shows the cartdridge as almost empty.
Bruce: Even though you refill an ink cartridge, sometimes the printer will not recognize that the cartridge is full because the printer has already electronically marked that cartridge as empty or bad. Ink cartridges have expiration dates stamped on them, that the printer can read thru electrical connections and once an expiration passes, the ink cartridge can be shut down. If the ink cartridges for your printer, actually have a small Electrical Chip on the cartridge itself, then that chip would have to be reset by a Chip Resetter, before it can be reused. AS TO THAT NEW INK CARTRIDGE PROBLEM: Here's some possible Ink Cartridge problems and you may simply have to eliminate these areas to try and find out just what is causing your printers problem: a wrong cartridge; a bad cartridge; an expired cartridge [check the age date on the cartridge or the box it came in]; possible dirty electrical contacts for the ink cartridge causing problems; sometimes even that the pull tape was not removed correctly; even corrupted Printer Drivers causing problems [download new drivers from manufactors Home Page web-site]. First simply try cleaning the electrical contacts carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag. Its more likely that the electrical contacts on the ink cartridge, or inside the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly, may simply be dirty. Using damp Q-tips [not wet or dripping], gently and carefully wipe off the copper colored electrical plates on the cartridges and the electrical contacts inside the holder assy. Its best to use "Distilled Water", because it has less chemicals and minerals in it, than tap water and regular tap water can actually cause additional problems. Use new dry Q-Tips to dry off all the electrical contacts after cleaning...The only way to really eliminate a possible bad cartridge [even if it happens to be a new cartridge], is to actually replace it, or test it in another printer that uses the same cartridge and was working ok with its own cartridges installed. Unfortunatly, that is usually not practical, unless you know someone that has the same printer or uses the same cartridge in their printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I have followed these procedures and have gone as far as having HP send me replacement cartdridges to replace the "bad ones" that I bought from 2 different supplies. Thanks for the input though.
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I am having this same dang problem.

Went thru all the things the Denny described and I called HP but they won't help without cash cause the PSC 750 is "obsolete". I have this horrible feeling that HP updated the #15 ink and didn't bother updating drivers for this series because of it's obsolete status.

I have gone thru 4 different "new cartridges" and get the same error on all of them! "Incorrect Ink Cartridge"
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please find installed 750 printer
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