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Hp HP OfficeJet G85

Hp Officejet G85

When the printer finishes printing a sheet of paper, there is a mechanism with three prongs that directs the paper onto the tray. The prongs are spaced left, center, and right on the top of an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper.
Two of these three prongs broke off when a thick piece of paper got jammed in the machine and now the paper does not flow smoothly into the tray. I have tried using Crazy Glue and plastic cement to no avail. I'm handy- how would you recommend repairing or replacing this? Thanks for your help!
Some Precautions
First, I would not start this project until I had the new part in hand (P/N C6429-40031). Second, check the Service Station sump for liquid ink. If there is it complicates the repair. You will have to tilt the printer and liquid ink may spill. Removing and cleaning the Service Station is another issue

Officejet G85 Removing the Case

Turn on the power. Open the printer as if you are going to change a cartridge and then unplug the power.

Removing the rear cover.
Looking from the rear, remove the T20 Torx screw on the left. This will allow you to remove the LIU (Line Interface Unit) cover and unplug the LIU. There are two push latches underneath that release the rear panel. It will hinge upward.

Removing the rear panel will reveal some cables connected to the scanner. Disconnect them.

Removing the Scanner
Tilt the scanner upward as if you are going to access the cartridges. You will see two large springs. Remove them. The front of the scanner pivots on two large hinges. Pry them apart with a slot style screwdriver. They will resist but will release and allow the scanner to rotate upwards. Rotate the scanner approximately 90 degrees and it will lift off of it's rear hinges. Use caution as you remove it in case you do not have all of the cables previously mentioned disconnected.

Removing the rest of the case
There is a flat piece held on by four T10 Torx screws and two side covers that will hinge outward when two T10 Torx screws on each one are removed. When the side covers hinge outward they can be removed.

Removing the Fixed Paper Handler
1. Slide out the paper drawer and release it by pressing the button that's off center to the right.
2. Look into the cavity where the drawer was. You will see a shiny piece of metal about 1"X2". Take note of its location because it may fall out before you're finished (not a problem to reinstall).
3. Remove the paper handler body (there may be two wires that need to be unplugged before it will come free from printer). To do this release the two claw latches on the underside of the printer and pull the handler body straight out.

Removing the Paper Pusher
1. Remove the right and left Wing Frame Asms. These widgets have the spring-loaded flappers on them. They are held in place by two small claw latches. Be careful because the latches are easily broken.
2. Rotate the rubber rollers toward you. This will raise a bar that will allow removal of the Rail that retains the Paper Pusher. Before lifting it out note the tab that raises and lowers the Paper Pusher. If this is not reengaged properly on reinstallation the Paper Pusher will not work.
3. Lift out the Paper Pusher and Rail Assembly. The Paper Pusher will snap out of the Rail.

If you've gotten this far without giving up you should have no problem reassembling the printer.
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I just want to say thanks for all fo the help you have given! The 3/25/04 post on the paper pickup was a life saver!!

Thank You!! - Anonymous
Thank you for the very thorough instructions, Bert! I would like to give this a try. Do you know of any places where I would be able to purchase the part? I have seached online for Hp parts and I get sites with cartridges and common parts.
Thanks again for your help.
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I know I had a diagram of the spot sensor assebly but I can't find it now. Would you please tell me where I can find it. I need to replace the spot sensor. Than you very much.
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The spot sensor is on the right side of the carriage. It is under the bulging cover held on by one red T10 Torx head screw. The usual failure is a missing rectangular lens that is on the lower edge. Replace it with HP P/N C2693-67037. Avoid breaking it in the future by removing paper jams through the rear access door.
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I have P/N C2693-67037 to replace the spot sensor. I would like to see a diagram showing where the spot sensor is located. I have looked at the right side of the carriage and see a T10 Torx head screw (mine is not red, by the way). I have removed the screw by there is no way to remove the cover. I am not sure I am looking at the same T10 screw as you are talking about. It is on a panel that is back of the bands that move the cartridges. This panel has a bulge but it does not move once the T10 Torx screw is removed so I am thinking it is the wrong one I am looking at. Could you please tell me what to do next? Thank you so much for your help. JoAnn - joann112
Thanks so much for the instructions relative to fixing the spot sensor on my G85. A few weks ago I had an envelope jam up in the printer and in the process of getting the envelope out, I noticed a small retangular piece of plastic and a tiny mirror about 1/8" square. However, my printer worked fine so I just set these pieces off to the side and just about forgot about them. Yesterday, my color cartridge needed replaced and that's when I found out that the printer couldn't complete the alignment. After reading various notes on this site, I determined that the parts I found when the printer had jammed previously were part of the spot sensor. Following the great instructions on this site, I had the parts super glued and back in operation in less than 15 minutes. I really aqppreciate the instructions. My other choice was to give my printer to Best Buy for a minimum of three weeks, pay a minimum of $25 for a diagnosis, and who know what the ultimate charges may have been. GREAT SITE.........THANKS - lksouth
Email me by clicking on my name and I'll supply some pictures. Mention that you want pictures showing the location of the spot sensor.
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I'm trying to locate a Right Wingframe assembly Part# C6429-60006 HP said they do not make parts for this printer anylonger any help would be appreciated. Also looking for instructions on how to replace in the event i find the part.....
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You have to find one on a broken 9XX series printer or similar machine.
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I have a G85 that constantly displays this message: REMOVE AND CHECK BLACK CARTRIDGE. I have removed and checked the cartridge for abnormalities, nothing changed. I have replaced the cartridge and still the same message. The printer still prints but always displays the message. What can I do?
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