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Hp HP LaserJet 4

Officejet G85 Scanner Failure and Grinding

Hello....Our HP G85 will initialize, warm up and the display will read the time and date...everything is fine UNTIL you push copy. The black scanner piece/cartridge thingy (that you can see thru the glass) moves about an inch and then you can hear a grinding noise in the right (upper-I think)corner of the printer. Then the display reads: Scanner Failure....Power off and back on. We have done this repeatedly and we get the same ole thing over and over. My neice tells me she had to pull paper out the front one time (weeks ago)due to it taking 4 sheets of her paper at once, before all of this happened. Since then if we tried to use the copy/scan feature...it just grinds and goes to the scanner failure message. It will print a test sheet perfectly and feeds the paper perfectly....other than not being able to copy it seems fine. We did the # key and 6 at the same time but got nothing in the display. I am wondering if there is a sure fire method of realigning what ever seems to be out of alingnment? Also, we did peek under the cover and see the blue belt and the gears look fine. When the black "thingy" goes to move back and forth it seems to grind at it final resting place. We took off the belt and turned on the machine...waited for the little belt motor to stop turning and put the belt back on (thinking it would align it that way, but it didn't help) it seemed to want to seek its own position and that's when it grinds....I would really appreciate any suggestions.
Heartfelt thanks to Bert and all who participated. Our G85 would "grind" when scanning but not when copying. I followed Bert's disassembly and cleaning/lubricating instructions for the scanner rod, but that did not fix the problem. On the second disassembly I removed three scanner parts as viewed from the rear of the printer: (1) the scanner belt's gear on the left side (unhook and remove the spring then slightly bend the plastic plate that the gear is attached to while rotating the plate to release same); (2) the blue scanner belt (it simply hooks around a post on the scanner); and (3) the scanner belt's gear/motor/disk sensor assembly on the right side (unplug the electrical connector, remove screw, and lift assembly out). I noticed that the top edge of the belt was slightly frayed, so I brushed the belt cogs with a soft toothbrush and vacuumed the belt, then TURNED THE BELT OVER during reinstallation. I also noticed a small amount of blue material from the belt in the teeth of the gears, so I brushed the gears' teeth and vacuumed same. I then used some Windex (vinegar type) and a soft cloth to clean both sides of the sensor disk that is affixed to the motor - it was dirty. After reassembly there was no more grinding and everything works properly. Thanks again.
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To do a reset, hold in the # and 6 buttons while plugging in the power.

If doing a reset does not help, lubricate the rod that the scanner slides on with a few drops of Tri-Flow, available in 2 oz. sqeeze bottles at cycle shops. I have never disassembled a G85 scanner so I cannnot give you any specifics. If you have to remove it to take off the cover that retains the glass, here is how it is done.

Remove the rear cover.
Looking from the rear, remove the T20 Torx screw on the left. This will allow you to remove the LIU (Line Interface Unit) cover and unplug the LIU. There are two push latches underneath that release the rear panel. It will hinge upward.

Disconnedt the cables
Removing the rear panel will reveal some cables connected to the scanner. Disconnect them.

Removing the scanner
Tilt the scanner upward as if you are going to access the cartridges. You will see two large springs. Remove them. The front of the scanner pivots on two large hinges. Pry them apart with a slot style screwdriver. They will resist but will release and allow the scanner to rotate upwards. Rotate the scanner approximately 90 degrees and it will lift off of it's rear hinges. Use caution as you remove it in case you do not have all of the cables previously mentioned disconnected.
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Actually you don't have to pry the pivoting hinges apart with a slotted screw driver. The hooks at the rear are for your fingers to push the hinges backward and release them,(on my model g85xi) but I digress, thanks for the tip about cleaning and lubricating the MFP. Mine was doing the same thing (grinding noise and scanner failure) until I took it apart and cleaned and lubed it. Works fine now. - Anonymous
Hi I wanted to tell you that this same thing has happened to me on all 3 of my office jet G85, at seperate times of course, I have a small business and have 3 in my office. We had to take the Printers back to be worked on in all cases they were covered under the warrenty and were replaced with refurbished machaines at this present time 1 of the 3 is now doing the same thing again.
Good Luck
Teri - Anonymous
I have a handful of good used motors I'd part with cheaply.

The motor is probably getting hoy because the service station, (wiping thingy), is bound up with dried ink.

Click on my name to email me, put motor in the subject line.
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Hi everyone.
J'm pure danish, however the internet makes it of course
possible for me as well to goggle "fixyourownprinter".
J've spent a lot of time at HP's websites to clear out my scannerproblems.

I cleaned these items: the underside of the glass, the mirror on the scanner tray, the blue rubber-thing and lubricated the long metal-arm.

It works 100 procent.

J'm very pleased with the remarks on this site.
Thanks to everyone.

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Ok! Unit came apart fine....Under the glass there is a thin blue 1/4" (ribbed on the inside) rubber belt that is hooked together at 2 post-seated inside white plastic gears. These run the entire length of the scan/copy bed. We removed this belt and the 4 x 6 inch black scanner "cartridge?" thing "manually" moves freely up and down the scan/copy bed......We did learn that when we put the belt back on and restarted the G85-all in one it warmed up fine-initialized fine...showing the time and date in the window and THEN when we pushed copy, which by the way is VERY bright without the cover, that the 4 x 6 thing (The plastic part you can see thru the glass and that the blue belt is attached to on the rear side of the printer) moves a little one way and a little the other way...short travel if you will, without any grinding noise. It seems however it is supposed to do this??? and importantly....when the black 4 x 6 part goes to begin copying in the same it's "resting position" at the very starting end of the copy bed it is there that it grinds. It's like it wants to go maybe (2 or 3 teeth on the gear) past the starting end of the copy bed than it can. Then we get the scanner failure message. Even tho it is stopped the gears still spin 2 or 3 teeth more. It does this when you power down the unit as well. That is "how" it is making the grinding noise....Now how to fix that is what we need help with. And if it means anything or not I asked my neice how aggressively she pulled the paper out the front she explained she didn't pull any paper....she just held it so the paper could not travel she then got a paper jam message...she powered down the unit and powered it back up and scanner failure. We did clean everything....the mirror glass travel areas and so forth. We did not take off the actual copy bed just the glass...do we need to go deeper??
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The belt slipping and making the grinding noise suggests that scanner cannot detect it's home position for some reason. Not having a G85 to look at, I can't completely visualize whats going on. I doubt that any further disassembly of the scanner assembly will help. I suggest removing the rear cover (see my previous post) and unpluging and repluging the cables coming from the scanner. If that doesn't help, I suspect that your problem is beyond the scope of what I can do online.
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On my 6100 I was about to throw the thing away anyway. so I thought I would loosen the scanner head pickup sensor PCB and try reallign.After 2nd try my scanner found home and I am happy
Calvin smit
south africa - Anonymous
See what ya think about this!
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Connie: I'm sorry, but I seldom see or work on the G85 All-In-One product. When I do its strickly for general cleaning and maintenance and never to actually tear one down. HP Company will not allow their Authorized Service Providers to work on the Officejet Series, under warranty and even discourge us from working on them when they are out of warranty...JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: Because of the high prices of parts from HP Company and in some cases the limited availability of parts on the Officejet models, even to their Authorized Service Dealers, its not always economical to work on those units. Its actually cheaper at times for the customer to get an Express Exchange or even a trade-up directly from HP Company, rather than have me do the repairs...Denny Conway
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Well....go figure! 1 1/2 weeks out of warranty and you guys have helped more than anyone...even tho' I still have an all-in-one that won't work.
Maybe Hp should consider yet another new line of products...i.e. Boat Anchors???? Thanks much you guys...You've been great!
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Did you ever sort out the "scanner failure" problem?

We have 2 all in ones u/s, out of warranty, don't want anything to do with HP ever again but they have a stranglehold on the printer market. - Anonymous
Worked on couple of these. I believe your scanner motor is bad. It is available from HP. Dont know the part number off hand but you can find at the HP site. Cover comes of very easy to look at the motor assembly.
If you need more assistance e-mail me. I will get you part numbers if you need them.

Good luck.
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Ok GREAT News...After reading the post and suggestions...We took this rascal out to the garage! Took it all apart and
blew air into it from the air compressor - cleaned everything possible (inside and out)- plugged it in and it works just beautifully!!!
I am sooo tickled! I am positive that the scanner head could not detect it's home position (scanner failure) and that the grinding noise was indeed
the blue belt slipping on the gears because the carriage was unable to move freely. It sure did sound like plastic grinding and I would have lost my left leg in a bet that it was the teeth on the gears that spin while the carriage moves....but, it wasn't.
It was just plain ole dirt! - I could not believe it...This was fairly easy to take apart and took less than 2 hours total. My hat is off to Bert-Bill-Denny. You guys should be proud of how you help people save $$$. Bless you! And yes, I take back my comment about the "boat anchors".
Apologies to HP!
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Anyone know of a depot repair facility for an HP G85xi. My unit reports a "Scanner Failure".
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Eric: I work for an HP Authorized Service Dealer and we are told by HP, to have our OfficeJet/All-In-One customers call Hp Technical Support, for possible help. If they are not able to help you with your systems problem over the phone, they will give you your available options for Express Exchange or sending your system back into HP for repair and the charges involved. The HP Voice Activated Support Line number is 1-800-474-6836 and you will have to listen to the available choices, until you get to the Technical Support Department. If your Officejet is no longer under warranty, you will have to have a credit card available before you can talk to that technical support dept, because there is a charge involved...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Also, if you go to their (HP) website they have troubleshooting problem index and possible fixes to your problem..
Scanner failure often times means that the light from the light bar cannot be detected...although ours looked VERY clean it was still dirty so a good washing and blowing out the dust might help!
To find Hp-go to Goggle and type in Hewlett PAckard...and look for the URL that indicates HP's Home Site. Cheers!
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I to have the "Scanner system failure. Turn power off then on again." error on my G85. I will certainly follow the procedures listed in this thread to resolve this problem.

The treatment I received when I called HP (somewhere in India - home users support apparently has been off-shored) was unbelievable. They told me that it would cost $30 just to talk to someone to see if it was a technical or mechanical problem; and I would be out the $30 not matter what. Then they said, if I thought it was mechanical, I could sent it in for an exchange (they said that they did not repair these units). They told me they would make the exchange and send my a "6110 All-In-One" for $250 (actually it was about $250, don't remember the exact price because of what happened next - see next sentence). While I was on the phone with them I looked up the printer on 'Amazon.com', and found it listed starting at $229. At this point I asked them if they knew what a "flim-flam" was, which apparently is not common knowledge in India. You can decide the rest for yourself.

So just wanted to say thanks to you all, even if this does not work for me; as it is nice to have somewhere to go, where I can converse with knowledgeable individuals without being scammed (I mean "flim-flamed").
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I did the right thing. After speaking to the manufacturer's representative, who was only interested in selling me a new printer/scanner/fax, I promptly took his advice and bought a new printer/scanner/fax. BUT, I made sure it would NEVER, EVER, EVER, in my 2000 person enterprise, ever be an HP printer EVER again. They are absolute theives with no scruples and do not stand behind their products. Ms Fiorina, shame on you.

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I have the "scanner failure" error on a G85 too.

I took the top scanner part apart fairly well, and cleaned it all out, blew it with an air compressor.

On attempting to copy, the scanners optics move left, right, wiggle a bit, it pauses and thinks.. Then just as you think it's going to start copying.. the error appears "Scanner failure please turn off then on again" or similar.

Grrr, annoying.

Please help in any way you can, HP's email support has been reasonable so far but from what I read here I can't trust their proper support much..!

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Well my own 'scanner failure' error has been solved.

It turned out to be a blown capacitor which needed replacing, all is fine now.

So there's another thing to look for...
If you're feeling adventurous, a blown capacitor looks like this:

Pretty similar to a normal one, but expanded like a carton of out of date fruit juice (the top, for example, bulges out but it should be flat). You could also of course apply some basic tests if you know what a capacitor does.

Simply replace with a similar rating capacitor, shouldn't cost more than $10 for a pack of a few of them.

good luck!

- Anonymous
For scanner problems:
The scanner has to find 'Home'. If you have ever had the glass off of the scanner and looked at it from the bottom you will see 'Home'. It is the white strip on the bottom of the plastic strip attached to the glass.
1. The strip has to be straight. With the scanner plastic top off you can see an indentation in the top where the strip should fit when the glass is in place.
2. The scanner optics have to see the white strip. That is why cleaning the optics, the underside of the glass and gently blowing it out with air sometimes fixes the problem.

Hope this helps.
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This seems to be the information I am looking for! I have a G85 which was dropped from the table, and the scanner glass shattered. I took the thing apart, cleaned out all the glass bits and moved the scanner aperture into the middle of the scanning area. Powered back on, started a scan, the aperture finds its extreme right position. Unit warms (I wonder what), aperture wiggles, display says "sanner failure, power off and back on".
SO, following your explanation the scanner line cannot detect the white line on the bottom of the glass because the glass is no longer. Can anybody describe to me how the white line is supposed to look like? I would like to imitate it on a fresh piece of glass (not from HP, of course) - birnbacs
My G85 (out of warranty) apparently sprang a leak somewhere in the toner system. I found it sitting in a pool of what looked like toner -- but there was so much of it there had to have been more than one cartridge that leaked over time. Got it to the garage without ruining the carpets, but had to burn my clothes. Now trying to take it apart to find the problem(s) for possible fix so I can at least use the machine as a spare. Through the goo I keep wiping off, I can't figure out how to get into the machine to where I need to go. I've never been so stumped trying to take a piece of machinery apart. The marketing strategy is pretty clear -- turn it into the boat anchor mentioned above, and buy a new one. The exploded views of the machine at the HP website, as far I can tell, don't show the location of the fasteners, or what they are. Local repair person, who sounds reputable and makes sense, says he wouldn't try to work on it because too much chance that even if I get it cleaned up and running, a circuit board will probably fail soon from exposure to the toner or the cleaning agent. But I'd sure like to give it a try. Anyone know how to get into the machine?
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The waste ink from priming the cartridges has overflowed from the service station. If the ink is only in the bottom of the printer, and it will be if you transported it more or less horizontal, then it's repairable. It sounds like your repair person didn't want to get into what can be a messy job. Have some newspapers to sit it on, some latex gloves, and some cloths that can potentially get stained and the printer can be salvaged. I've cleaned several of them that are back in service.

Officejet G85 Ink Spill Cleanup

You will need T10 and T20 Torx drivers. I suggest wearing latex gloves once you get the case off. I use a slow trickle from a garden hose to rinse the ink out of the bottom of the printer. Avoid getting water on the electronics boards, carriage, and motors (not all that hard).

Turn on the power. Open the printer as if you are going to change a cartridge and then unplug the power.

Removing the rear cover.
Looking from the rear, remove the T20 Torx screw on the left. This will allow you to remove the LIU (Line Interface Unit) cover and unplug the LIU. There are two push latches underneath that release the rear panel. It will hinge upward.

Removing the rear panel will reveal some cables connected to the scanner. Disconnect them.

Removing the Scanner
Tilt the scanner upward as if you are going to access the cartridges. You will see two large springs. Remove them. The front of the scanner pivots on two large hinges. Pry them apart with a slot style screwdriver. They will resist but will release and allow the scanner to rotate upwards. Rotate the scanner approximately 90 degrees and it will lift off of it's rear hinges. Use caution as you remove it in case you do not have all of the cables previously mentioned disconnected.

Removing the rest of the case
There is a flat piece held on by four T10 Torx screws and two side covers that will hinge outward when two T10 Torx screws on each one are removed. When the side covers hinge outward they can be removed.

Removing the Service Station
1. Unplug the connector from the carriage drive motor.
2. Unplug the connector from the main electronics board.
3. Viewed from the front, remove the red screw from right side of the service station.
4. Remove the screw in the vertical frame to the right of the carriage drive motor.
5. Remove the screw in the vertical frame to the left of the belt tensioner.
6. Looking from the top, remove the two screws going through the carriage rod.
7. The vertical frame will now hinge up and come free of mechanism.
8 Looking from the front, there is a large latch on the right side of the service station. The wiring obscures it. Using a slot style screwdriver, release the latch and the service station will rotate CCW and lift out. Unplug the motor connector to free the service station from the mechanism.

Cleaning the Service Station.
1. Remove the service station motor by removing one screw.
2. Scrape as much congealed ink as possible from the service station.
3. Immerse the service station in hot water to dissolve the remaining ink. This will take a while but after a few rinsings nearly all of the ink will be removed.

Other things that should be done
1. Clean the carriage rod with alcohol.
2. Clean the encoder strip on both sides with a mild diluted cleaner like 409.
3. Replace the carriage rod lubrication/cleaning felts, 2 req'd (P/N C6409-80003).
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Hi Bert,

I wanted to thank you for the great instructions for cleaning out the g85 service station...they worked perfectly! I had the same problem with black ink leaking from the bottom right side of the unit, and when HP's website offered no clues I Googled the problem and stumbled on your post. I was amazed to find that a number of other people have had exactly the same issue. I appreciated the clear, step-by-step directions, and especially the specific mention of needing the Torx drivers. I was able to get the tools needed for the job and was well prepared to perform the task from start to finish. I found everything inside the printer to be just as you described it.

Needless to say, I have bookmarked your site for future reference, registered myself, and am telling all my techie (and non-techie) friends about it. I am most grateful for your help!

Susan - mamacat1
Thanks, Bert -- quick response, and it sounds like exactly what I need. I'd gotten the LIU cover off, and suspected there must be screws or latches in there somewhere. I've tried to keep the goo in the bottom, so maybe there's hope. Have a great weekend.
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Until recently, the scan function was working fine. Today I get the error that it cannot connect to the PC. It copies and prints ok.

I'm on a Mac running OS X. Any ideas?

by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2005 at 4:51pm Add comment
During a recent move the LCD readout on the control panel of my printer got smashed (well, just broken but the result is the same). Id like to replace just that assembly as the rest of the printer seems to be working ok. Does anyone know where this can be purchased (besides HP of course)??
by gart on Apr 16, 2005 at 11:35am Add comment
Front Panel Assembly - Includes Front Panel PC Board, LCD
C6747-60001 Just $94.76 at


Or find one somebody will sell you off of a parts machine.
by garym on Apr 16, 2005 at 3:30pm Add comment
I've had the "scanner failure" problem for a couple of weeks now. I did a search on google and this thread was the first hit on the list. I followed the instructions for taking apart and cleaning and it fixed the problemm!!! I joined the forum so that I could say "Thank You" to all, it saved the hassle and cost if getting it fixed at HP.
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I meanwhile managed to fix my broken G85. Had to replace the broken glass and transfer the plastic strip to the new sheet, which was not that hard, using a scalpel. If you have a G85 that keeps complaining about "scanner failure" after a prolonged "heating up" phase, make sure the scanner bar has a good view on the plastic strip on the extreme right of your scanner glass. It is probably required to determine zero position and make a white-spot and black-spot calibration. Make sure the strip is straight.

To test if the strip is your problem, turn off the device, manually move the scanner bar to a middle position (you must take the tension from the driving belt for this) and place a good black/white contrast a bit right to the scanner bar. Power the unit on. If the scanner tries to get a good view of the (replacement) strip, you have found your problem. If not, make sure your dummy strip is absolutely straight and try again a few times.
by birnbacs on May 30, 2005 at 4:41am Add comment
Well I also was getting the scanner failure message and after reading this board I decided to open that puppy up figuring ok the mirrors are dirty. This is my bosses all in one and he smoke cigars. Well anyways I got it all opened up opened the top of the scanner assembly and found the real problem. the laser assembly board has a fried I guess resistor. It is C24 it is a very tiny little rectangle box on the board. and it fried so bad it melted the board. The board P/N is #C6747-60163 I'm trying to find out if this is a part that is available for replacement. I think if I replace this we will be back in business. I cleaned the mirrors while I was in there cause they had turned blue.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
by unknown on Sep 12, 2005 at 9:49am Add comment
Thanks for this post on the C24. Sure enough, checked the pcb in my scanner head and it's blown as well. This is definitely an engineering design flaw. These capacitors are not the correct voltage for them to blow up like this.

Wonder how many people have experienced this problem? If there is enough, maybe we should start a class action suite to get HP to do something about it.
- Anonymous
Hello Carol,

The component you found burnt, designated as C24, is infact, NOT a resistor BUT a capacitor.

This is electronics terminology for designating componets on a board.

Resistors are shown begining with R.... and Capacitors as C....

If you could send me the schematics, if you have them, that is, I would be able to tell you precily the value of the capacitor.

From your description the capacitor appears to be, what is known in the industry, as SURFACE MOUNT.

You may be able to get one off a board or buy from your local electronic hobby store.

Sincerely - Anonymous
I also had a fried C24 and a melted connection below. C24 is a block condensor for voltage regulater (78xx family). So i replaced the SMD C24 with a normal 100nF condensator and the melted connection under the condensator. Then everything was OK! - Anonymous
There is no laser in a G85.

What are you really talking about?

Is the board you mentioned part of the scanner?

You will probably have to buy another machine to get parts.
by Stephen on Sep 12, 2005 at 8:05pm Add comment
That clear rectangle thingy with the DIP outline on the inside of the scanner board is the CCD image sensor, which scans either 480 or 600 pixels, maybe more per line. I don't know how many lines it scans simultaneously, but it picks up reflected light from the CCFL bulb off the document or photo under the glass being scanned, and transmits this information as serial data to the main control board. After a complete scan of its sensing grid, the stepper motor advances by a premeasured amount to scan the next group of pixels. That is, unless the top document feeder is used. The scanning head is then positioned to the small window on the far left of the glass and the document from the top feeder passes by this window in steps, until the document is completely scanned. When the top loader is finished, it sends the command to return the scanner head back to home position. - Anonymous
There is no laser in a G85.

What are you really talking about?

Is the board you mentioned part of the scanner?

You will probably have to buy another machine to get parts.
by Stephen on Sep 12, 2005 at 8:05pm Add comment
I too have the scanner failure error. I followed all of the instructions and took the entire scanner apart and cleaned inside and out. I checked the blue belt & the gears and they look good. I used the oil on the scanner rod and tested again, but alas I still get the scanner failure. Could the scanner head be bad. That is what the black box is isn't it? I think that the glass is cleaner than it was when the unit was purchased and yes I remembered to check to white line and it is straight. The scanner head lights up moves slightly toward the left & the right, the light goes off after warming up and it then gives the scanner failure. No grinding at all, but boy are my hands dirty. Any help you can give me will be very much appreciated.

by SharonJ on Sep 17, 2005 at 8:52am Add comment
I took the scanner apart second time and cleaned the disk attached to the motor and it works like new.try it ,good luck - Anonymous
Big thanx to all the folks who gave their good advice! Had the same problem, grinding sound when positioning the G85 scanner.
Now it works back fine.

I cleaned these items: the underside of the glass, especially the little white strip there, then the mirror on the scanner tray, and also the transparant wheel on the drive motor and (very softly) the lamp.

Maybe some remarks about opening the G85 can be usefull for someone else with the same problem:

First disconnect and tilt of the automatic sheet feeder (straight upwards); then take out the two bolts behind the glass (on top of the G85, visible after removing the sheet-feeder, the bolts are in the space where the feeder fits in). Now the backside of the cover+glass comes free.

To release the front side of the cover, lift up the front-panel as if you were to replace the ink-cartridges and look under the display-buttons-panel: on the left and right side you find a notch to release the front part of the cover+glass, so you can take it of completely. So in my case there was no need to disconnect any cables or else on the inside of the printer.

Good luck, and once again thanx.
by unknown on Oct 2, 2005 at 3:40am Add comment
Even though you posted this message about 8 years ago, it is still paying off..... Thank you so much for explaining how to GET to the underside of the glass on the scanner (I have a G85). Though several others explained the importance of cleaning the white strip etc., not a one explained how to actually GET to it so one COULD clean it. I am going to try this right now.... Thanks so much for your forethought and explaing how to actually get to the scanner to clean it.

PS: I am a fellow NightOwl as well. It is 2:06am here and I'm just getting started!

Dan Hunt
Danbury, CT USA - LightShifter
Even though you posted this message about 8 years ago, it is still paying off..... Thank you so much for explaining how to GET to the underside of the glass on the scanner (I have a G85). Though several others explained the importance of cleaning the white strip etc., not a one explained how to actually GET to it so one COULD clean it. I am going to try this right now.... Thanks so much for your forethought and explaing how to actually get to the scanner to clean it.

PS: I am a fellow NightOwl as well. It is 2:06am here and I'm just getting started!

Dan Hunt
Danbury, CT USA - LightShifter
My Officejet G85 is also getting the "Scanner Failure" message. I followed all of the great advice in this thread cleaning and lubricating the scanner parts but this did not help.

At power-up, the scanner "box" returns to the home position without any grinding noise. Once I hit the copy button, the LCD displays warming up and then the "Scanner Failure" message. The motor assembly with disk/sensor is working as blocking the sensor with a piece of paper will result in the scanner box not returning home if started far from the home position and the "Scanner Failure" to be displayed immediately at power on. The scanner lamp is working. I also tried re-seating the ribbon cable connecting the main circuit board and the scanner box along with spraying with contact cleaner. I inspected the circuit boards for obvious burnt components but did not find anything.

Given this, I assume the scanner box is what has failed. I guess it could instead be the main circuit board. Any suggestions what else to check or where parts can be purchased (economically). I am currently checking the auction sites for someone with a broken G85 printer who would be willing to sell individual parts.

Thanks to everyone else who posted helpful hints in this thread!
by Anonymous on Dec 13, 2005 at 8:17am Add comment
Your problem very well could be the same problem I had which was the one ciucuit board in the scanner head had a resistor fry on it. I ended up having to have it fixed professionally since and only paid 149.00 to get it fixed.

- Anonymous
Thank you to everyone who gave advice re fixing the grinding noise - I followed the instruction re cleaning everything and now my G85 works perfectly
by Len on Jan 3, 2006 at 7:42am Add comment
we have taken our G85 apart twice and cleaned everything but we are still getting the scanner failure message. We did a reset by holding down the # and 6 keys at power up. I am not sure we held the keys down long enough. How long does the reset take? A computer friend said the lamp may need replacing in the G85. Does that sound likely? Really happy to have found this source of information and experiences of others in the same boat!
by unknown on Jan 15, 2006 at 6:23pm Add comment
%It is simply. Scanner can not initialize its self. The best it is change scaner lamp. You can clean all mirrors inside of scanner it helps for while. Problem is scaner lamp and I have no idea where I can buy. Let me know if you find.
by unknown on Jan 29, 2006 at 11:40pm Add comment
I took the G85 to the Authorized Service Dealers because of the 'Scanner Failure', they said that the part C6537-69016 was broken. What is this? Where can I find it in the machine?
Is it possible to repair it without ASD (they ask for $235)?
by unknown on Feb 1, 2006 at 2:40am Add comment
I took the G85 to the Authorized Service Dealers because of the 'Scanner Failure', they said that the part C6537-69016 was broken. What is this? Where can I find it in the machine?
Is it possible to repair it without ASD (they ask for $235)?
by unknown on Feb 1, 2006 at 2:44am Add comment
Buy a Dell
by unknown on Feb 1, 2006 at 3:37am Add comment
just thought I'd post a quick pic of the source of the grinding, (in the case not relating to the scanner assembly) it turns to be a little MITSUMI M35SP-9... looks to be shorting out, and... didn't notice until it was apart, but there is a small round burn mark on the exterior plastic, behind where the motor sits... so it's getting hot enough to melt plastic :) (see link)


it's really not worth dealing with, but if someone wants all the working parts, they are $90 plus a bit for shipping. eme at macdrew @ earthlink.net.

(today is march 15th, 2006) in a few days i'll put it up on ebay so check there under "HP G85 Parts" 7 day auction. Should be up by this Sunday.

yeah, HP is making a lot of bad products, they are run by a Marketing department, not Engineering like their fabled roots... so sad.

by Anonymous on Mar 16, 2006 at 6:26pm Add comment

Where exactly did you find the "expanded like a carton" capacitor.

by Anonymous on Mar 29, 2006 at 12:06am Add comment
Have OfficeJet G85xi running on Mac 15" PowerBook under OS X 10.4.6. Been trying to scan documents, but get intermittent error, where the scan stops about 1/4 to 1/2 down the page, times out and says there was a communication error with the HP printer. I've updated to the latest driver from HP. I've tried different USB cables, with no luck. I called HP and they won't help because printer is past warranty. I couldn't even pay to have a tech help me (last HP product I'll ever buy). Have not taken apart to look for any blown capacitors etc. Any ideas?
by Warhense on Apr 11, 2006 at 7:44pm Add comment
With all those junk G-85's, does anyone have one of those thin transparent indexing mylars used on the paper feed? My G-85 ate the indexing wheel.
by unknown on Jun 13, 2006 at 7:09pm Add comment
Wow - after my scanner being shafted for at least 2 1/2 years I've finally managed to solve the problem.

About a year and a half ago I followed this thread for cleaning the scanner and it worked for a day then broke again. However I have finally managed to solve it again after one last ditch attempt before totally junking it.

I just bought a donor machine for about £6 off eBay (makes me weep that does since I paid £468 for mine brand new just for it to fail when it was over a year old) - I swapped the scanner unit and the main circuit board and it still didn't work.

I think my problem all along was that the guideline sticky thing on the glass had moved (what I think has happened is at some point in the past when I've tried to sheet feed something to photocopy it the moving bit in the top of the printer has grabbed the guide and moved it slightly) I took all the glass out and noticed a smear of glue - the guide was out 5mm at one end so I pulled it off and reapplied it straight this time.

Hey-presto it now works, I also wiped the plastic wheel on the motor that was mentioned in past threads (although this didn't seem dirty anyway).

To get the HP Director software to work in XP I had to set its compatability mode to run as 98. right click on the Director icon on your desktop and set it there.

If I can give any advice to anybody then it's probably that your hardware (scanner unit etc.) is probably not at fault and your wasting your money buying new ones (if its still possible), clean it all real good and make sure the line indicator on the glass is in line - worse case buy a donor for next to nothing off eBay.

by unknown on Aug 10, 2006 at 7:07am Add comment
many thanks to all who suggested cleaning methods for the hp g85,
i did as advised and now do not have a problem---it's a shame this information could not be given by HP themselves it would save many dissatisfied customers, shambo.
by unknown on Aug 21, 2006 at 10:11am Add comment

like other people I had the same problem, the fatal message "Scanner failure. Turn power off then on." after push on copy button.
So, I follow the instruction wrote on this forum and open the machine with the correct screwdriver, open the black scanner box and with a cleaner liquid like my wife use to clean the window, I cleaned all mirror on the scanner, blew some air everywhere I could and cleaned the motor captor.

I fix back all piece and tested !!!
It's work succefully!!!
So, thanks to everybody who participated to this forum and shame on HP to don't give this kind of solution !

Good printing and scanning !!!
an Happy guy !
by Anonymous on Sep 8, 2006 at 2:10pm Add comment
Hi everyone.

I had the scanner failure as well. I clean'd it everywhere possible with 93\% alcohol, internal and external. The scanner works now, but only in segments.

When I use the copy-function, it copies it in the scanner, and start printing it. But when the paper is half way out, it stops, giving me the well know scanner failure, turn off/on.

The odd thing is, that the copy is successfull, once i get it out after a restart.

I'm really going nuts here, only being en inch from my goal, so any help on what the heck could be wrong, will be very well accepted.

If it's any help, I think it may be louder than it used to...

Cheers :o)
by Anonymous on Sep 19, 2006 at 1:05pm Add comment

I just fixed a nasty scanner failure. The G85 would make a copy, then the light would go out on the scanner head's return trip and the "scanner failure" message would be displayed. I tried cleaning things, nothing helped. I hallucinated a blown capacitor, swapped out the circuit board in the scanner head, no help. However, I REMOVED the encoder strip on the scanner motor to clean it, and then realized it was glued on and not meant to be removed! So, I was forced to replace the scanner motor assembly with one from a scrapped-out unit. That fixed it, even though there was no grinding noise whatsoever from the old motor and no indication of overheating or burning near the motor.

There are only so many things in the scanner to go wrong. For scanner failure, the first thing to do is clean the glass, mirror, and encoder strip as recommended above. Then it's time to stop and think! The optics should be fine as long as you don't unscrew the screws that HP has put rubbery stuff on to warn you - that destroys the alignment (been there, done that). The lamp can fail, but so far my scanner failures have NOT been due to a dead lamp. The motor can fail (even without grinding noises), or the drive belt can fray and slip. The capacitor can blow on the circuit board. Of course, all flat ribbon cables must be intact and connected. Anyone have another cause for the dreaded "scanner failure" message?

by doctuh on Nov 20, 2006 at 2:14pm Add comment
Hi all,

Thanks for your posts. I had the same problem and couldn't see what the problem was. After reading your advice, I opened up the scanner, and - although everything looked fine to my human eye - decided to clean everything as much as possible anyway, including especially the glass plate and the famous 'home' position indicator (white line). After this, everything worked again! Thanks a million! (If only I could buy you guys a beer, at least!)

by unknown on Dec 3, 2006 at 3:20pm Add comment
Seems to be a recurring thing with the G85. I am an ASP too but since the G85 is in the "consumer" category all we could do was swap with one of the depot's "repaired" units even for simple stuff we knew we could repair (or do it and not get paid). Anyway I've torn probably 200 apart to the metal base and totally overhauled them in the last 3 or 4 years and the main problems these have are broken paper pusher fingers in the carriage area, broken glass and scanner failures. Broken glass can be replaced with single strength window glass from a hardware store. Heat the strip lightly and then replace exactly the same place on the new sheet after properly cleaning the glass with windex then alcohol. Scanner problems stem from a dead scanner, dirty strip marker (won't go-to-home correctly, bad around industrial sites and where people smoke) or a dirty encoder wheel on the motor at the far end of the blue belt. On occasion a dry or dirty carriage rod causes the same due to drag. The paper pusher fingers are repairable with a replacement pusher bar. HP thought they were cool dropping supplies on a high breakage part but Printer Works has an aftermarket at the same price as the OEM and better quality. Takes a full teardown to replace it but it's worth it to keep a fine machine. Another problem is carriage stalls in the printer usually due to dry and dirty carriage rods and overspray on the encoder strip or the encoder wheel to the left of the platen. A full teardown, cleaning and lube fixes this.

Very seldom do I see a non-repairable unless the unit has taken a hit through the phone lines or power line which usually kills the logic board and/or LIU (modem).

I am back to full time service here in Ky after nearly a year of slave labor working as a Toshiba Depot "bench jockey" that UPS-SCS runs in Louisville. Hated the corporate bit and the drive to get more out in the same time yet no raises. Make more now in 3 hrs than I did in 10 there and I set my schedule. I personally have 2 of these in working condition and 4 I'm reworking for resale later. I also work on about any worthwhile all-in-one, portable, laser, color laser, plotter, etc whether dropped off for bench work, shipped to me for bench work or onsite if near enough. Things like the G85 are easy and quick turn around and I strip them totally down and rebuild them to near factory rather than just fixing the one problem it came in for. These machines are worth keeping - the newer ones in the last 2 yrs (mostly the PSC line) aren't worth putting another set of cartridges in let alone fixing.

Russ Blakeman
RB Custom Services
Clarkson, KY USA
by unknown on Dec 27, 2006 at 1:34pm Add comment
I might add on the scanner failure - use ispropyl alcohol first when cleaning the underside of the glass especially if in an industrial or dirty environment or where dirty heating (like oil, coal, wood is used) or smoking is normal. This cuts the haze then the Windex cleans it properly. Make sure not to leave paper or rag residue (lint). Flip the id back onto the unit and snap in place to test. If the lid is off it will fail even if the scanner is good due to no home mark to zero onto. Also clean both sides of the plastic encoder wheel on back of the carriage motor of the scanner assembly and then a light drop of oil on the one white wheel's hub and then lightly coat the rod with oil on your finger. If you must move the carriage pull back on the white tensioner on the right side of the belt to slack it off the motor pulley or you will damage the cogs of the belt.

Russ Blakeman
RB Custom Services
Clarkson, KY USA

by unknown on Dec 27, 2006 at 1:45pm Add comment
Hi All!

I found this thread by mistake and it helped me to fix my "scanner failure"!

I did all the cleaning stuff without any success until I payed attention to the post regarding the famous C24, this component soldered near a 8 pins called 8L12A (For the technicians, a regulator I think). This capacitor C24 (it is!) is a regular one. It's maybe a 100nF one, just putted here to help the 8L12A to have a cleaned power supply during high drain current. I changed it by one I found on an old motherboard (slot 1 one) near the processor slot. The biggest is, higher the admissible voltage is. Keep in mind you need to find a same colored one. If you respect this, you won't do anything wrong enough to damage further your AIO. By the way, you need soldering skills to doing this. If you are not sure, unscrew the PCB which contains the CCD captor (mind the captor, handle it very carefully) and ask for someone who is familiar to electronic devices. Don't touch the gold or silver colored screws but the blacks ones (near both ends of the PCB).
Hope it will help someone. My scanner was broken mid afternoon and already fixed for now so don't be scared and go on, don't let it broken for a 5 cents component!
Good luck.
by unknown on Feb 1, 2007 at 3:41pm Add comment
I have an all-in-1 photosmart 2610 with the same problem. I would like to take it apart in a manner described above, but a different printer may mean a different method of tear down. Can anyone help?
by unknown on Feb 2, 2007 at 5:53pm Add comment
Officejet G85 scanner lamp does not light. How can I replace the lamp. What lamp do I use as a replacement Is something else causing the problem
by unknown on Feb 3, 2007 at 10:32am Add comment
I've got the grinding noise and scanner failure message, but only intermittently. Has this been what others have gone through? It (sometimes) works for me when I turn off/ on the printer. The error and noise can come at any time--when faxing, copying or printing. Any special advice for intermittent problems?
by zumatech on Feb 9, 2007 at 7:13pm Add comment
We have an OfficeJet G85. It was making a grinding noise and displaying the message "Scanner Failure". We took the thing apart and cleaned everything, looking for stripped gears or anything to cause it to make the grinding noise. We put it all back together and no more grinding noise, but the "Scanner Failure" is still coming up. We are unable to send more than a one page fax or make more than one copy at a time without having to shut the "all in one" down and restart. Any more suggestions?
by unknown on Mar 22, 2007 at 3:38pm Add comment

I had a G85 with a "Scanner Failure" message. It turned out I needed to replace the scanner assembly (the big black box). First, I would verify if the stepper motor is working and can move the scanner assembly. Disassemble the top of the printer, relocate the assembly to be at the left side of the printer, reassemble and then power up. If the initialization process moves it back to the right and attempts to locate the mark on the glass on the right side of the printer, that is a good indication the motor and belt is functional. Also check if the bulb is lit during initialization. Hope that helps.

Rich - unknown
The grinding is because the idler on the right end of the belt is sticking and not tightening the belt correctly. - Anonymous
Ever clean the mirror and lens inside the scanner? Overspray, dusts and contaminents and even cigarette smoke residue causes problems as does a dirty glass underneath. All the G85 and G95's I've done I've had 2 with actual scanner problems. Also lubrication of the white wheel hub and making sure the white idler is tight and lubed is another cause as is a dirty encoder wheel and sensor on the left side of the belt.
by unknown on Mar 22, 2007 at 9:05pm Add comment
I have a HP PSC 2170 that was not initializing due to scanner failure. I cleaned the glass on both sides, the mirrors and bulb and now it is working like new. Thank to all for your postings here.
by Anonymous on Mar 24, 2007 at 9:47pm Add comment
Connie P:

I think I had the same problem a few years ago. One thing that HP tech support always told me to do, was to power down the printer,unplug power cord from back of printer, wait a full minute, then while holding the power button down, plug the power cord back in. That seems to reset everything. I may have run the print test sheet as well. Hope that helps.

by Warhense on May 11, 2007 at 12:32pm Add comment
How did you open the printer? Are there directions somewhere that you can point me to? I need to open it to clean the under side of the scan glass.

Thanks in advance.
by Anonymous on May 20, 2007 at 11:00pm Add comment
Contact me direct (anyone) on the G85/G95Xi/G95 for ship-to/repair/ship-back service for US. I don't get into the forums much due to lack of time right now.
by Anonymous on May 21, 2007 at 6:32am Add comment

Thanks for some great info on how to open the scanner, clean it and fix the "Home" problem (White strip). However, all this did not solve my problem. If any of you had any idea of what I can do, thanks a lot, here is my problem:

Win XP SP2 with USB connection to HP OfficeJet G85
Problem when asked to copy a page on the glass or in the load-in tray. The head starts to calibrate, goes back and forth near the white strip underneath, then moves forward at the top of the page. A page is loaded in the printer. Then the head scan about 2 inches and starts going forward and backward 2 inches near the top of the pages. Seems like it's stuck. If I press cancel, the page being printed will be thrown out but the back-forth movement continues and only stops when I shut down the machine.

I tried to open, clean the strip, place the head at midposition, take the blue cord out and clean it etc...but nothing helps. Tried also # 6 and # 9 (from HP support hotline) did not help.

This is how the problem started by the way. I asked the printer to start a print job from my computer while at the same time someone opened the glass tray to copy a page from the scanner. The scanner stopped and does its back-forth ever since.

I can send a video of the scan head or a picture of it. If you have any tips, thanks!
by petitniv on Jul 25, 2007 at 6:04am Add comment
Could be a number of things under the circumstances. Try to unplug then while holding the # button and 6 button at the same time plug in the power in back to reset to factory to see if that helps. It can also be a dirty encoder at the back of the scanner drive motor or for some weird reason a bad mainboard. Contact me if this doesnt help.
by unknown on Jul 25, 2007 at 8:03am Add comment
Good thing too since about everything but cartridges have become NLS or No Longer Supplied from HP. At least you could read the values on the parts, I just repaired one that was lightning struck, took out the LIU and the mainboard. Found someone gutting a machine on another list and got both for $25 shipped. There are tons out there but the ones that go the way of the landfill make the numbers smaller and smaller.
by Anonymous on Aug 6, 2007 at 8:34pm Add comment
A surprising number of parts are starting to turn up for the OJ G5 and its relatives online from secondary suppliers at reasonable prices. If you have the HP P/N they are easy to find. The scalpers that have been there all along are still there but now we can chuckle at their ridiculous prices rather than frown.
by Bert on Aug 6, 2007 at 9:59pm Add comment
Had the same problem: stuck scanning mechanism. I turned the whole darned machine on its left side, gave it two smart smacks, and the thing started working again. Really.
by unknown on Nov 6, 2007 at 8:43am Add comment
I read this option.
Thanks it took me less then 5 minutes and than it realy works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Officejet G85 Scanner Failure and Grinding by garym (4/6/05 9:55 AM) reply + / -
For scanner problems:
The scanner has to find 'Home'. If you have ever had the glass off of the scanner and looked at it from the bottom you will see 'Home'. It is the white strip on the bottom of the plastic strip attached to the glass.
1. The strip has to be straight. With the scanner plastic top off you can see an indentation in the top where the strip should fit when the glass is in place.
2. The scanner optics have to see the white strip. That is why cleaning the optics, the underside of the glass and gently blowing it out with air sometimes fixes the problem.

Hope this helps.

by unknown on Mar 24, 2008 at 1:19pm Add comment
Great!!!! I've fix the same problem with psc 2715 just by simple wiping!Thank you guys!
Alexander /Moscow
by unknown on Apr 6, 2008 at 7:30am Add comment
I found this site about a year and a half ago when my G85 began suffering the infamous "Scanner Failure and Grinding Syndrome". I figured that my "all in one" was ready for the dumpster, but I went ahead and followed the cleaning instructions outlined here.

Lo and behold! The glass and locating strip were filthy. I also cleaned the light tube on the scan module and the drive scan assy. mylar disk and put it all back together. I haven't had a single problem with the scanner or copier since! Not a single new part needed, just cleaning.

The printer started acting up about a week ago. I took the G85 completely apart again and cleaned out the "service station" and tank assy., cleaned up and oiled the carriage rod and gave the scanner components a quick clean while I had everything apart, and reassembled and tested everything yesterday morning. This thing sounds and works like it's brand new again!

My point here is that the G85 is a very durable and dependable machine. It seems that component failure is very rare. However, cigarette smoke and cooking smoke and grime are its major enemies. It looks like I'll have to schedule tear down & cleaning maintenance at about 36 month intervals on my G85 to avoid future issues as long as I use this thing at home in a smoking/cooking environment.

Many thanks to the site owner and the contributors to these forums for making printer techs of those of us who were previously clueless... There is a wealth of info and experience compiled within this website.
by wenter99 on May 8, 2008 at 6:46am Add comment
Hi Bert...............

I also have grinding and scanner failure problems.

The printer option still works but I can't copy, scan or fax since the unit indicates "busy" when I try any of these functions.

I like this model very much and have gotten many years of good service out of it.

I want to give it a good cleaning but I'll need you to send me the PDF instructions on how to take this baby apart.

I'm not very mechanically inclined and always seem to have some screws/parts left over after I reassemble anything with multible parts.

Thanks very much for you help.

by MAC46 on Jun 11, 2008 at 12:56pm Add comment
Remove the scanner glass and clean the underside, the mirror on the scanner head, and the small plastic disk (encoder disk) on the scanner head drive motor. Use Windex or a similar product.

Officejet G85, removing the scanner glass

1. Unplug the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) cable in the rear.
2. Remove the ADF. Open it as if manually scanning a document and lift straight up.
3. Remove the two T20 Torx head screws in the well where the ADF hinge was.
4. Release the latch under the right and left corners of the control panel and the glass assembly will lift off.
by Bert on Jun 11, 2008 at 4:45pm Add comment
Have had "scanner failure" message for months, dead printer. Read posts today, removed top cover, removed blue belt, scanner, and glass top, cleaned all, replaced scanner bar to see white line, and printer is like new again!
Thanks much for the info!
by sidmassey on Jul 9, 2008 at 6:32pm Add comment
I had the same allignment problem of the scanner and the scanner drive motor (mine an hp 3030 with a mitsumi ms35sp motor) and I solved it as follows:

1. I opened the scanner.
2. I cleaned the white strip from dust. The dust had made spots on the white strip.
3. Scanner worked!

The problem was that the scanning bulb could not scan the white line in order to find the position zero (home position) of the scanner.
by unknown on Sep 23, 2008 at 6:38am Add comment
FYI - Had the same issues of "scanner failure" and scanner cartridge not moving for my Officejet G85. Took off the glass and found on another forum to clean the mirror, glass and plastic disk on the motor (lefthand side back)with alcohol. I cleaned it in place, front and back and moved the disk forward using my finger. Put it all back on and it worked. Apparently the disk reads the positioning for the scanner. Hope it works for you.
by sbrenusa on Nov 28, 2008 at 6:07am Add comment
WOw, thanks forum members! Incredible help and guidance. Had the same grinding, scanner failure message as others. Took the printer apart and using the "do no harm" philosophy, cleaned at first just the underside of the glass and the rubber belt. No change. Apart again and cleaned the mirror, lubed the carriage rod and repositioned the scanner head. No change. Apart again and cleaned the clear plastic? wheel attached to the motor on the right (facing back) and got the same error although this time the damn thing actully started to copy!!!. Apart for the last and final time, took out the wheel/motor assembly, cleaned carefully with qtips and alchohol, blew carefully into the lens pickup just above the wheel and presto! working 600 buck printer! yes i paid 600 for it when it first came out. Its a good printer and i am glad it's working again.

thanks for all the help

by unknown on Jan 17, 2009 at 12:40pm Add comment
Can someone please explain in detail how to move the scanner box without grinding the gears I want to move it forward to see if moves back to home by itself. I have tried everyting mentioned here and still my scanner only works intermittently and it ALWAYS gives the failure message but will copy ONCE anyway after power up
by Nmmn7HP on Mar 30, 2009 at 12:19pm Add comment
I have cleaned the printer/scanner twice. The last time I left the black box in the middle to see if it would return to home after startup which it did. I tried making a copy and could see the light on the scanner. However, shortly after, the light went out and I received the error message again "Scanner failure" Any help? Is the motor bad. Anything else I can try. All the parts look good.
by Anonymous on May 17, 2009 at 2:53pm Add comment
Cleaning the glass is only one thing it can be. It first has to be cleaned underneath where the white reflector strip is with the small logo. If that fails check that the carriage rod of the scanner is not dry or coated with pollutants. If so clean it and rub a light coat of sewing machine oil or teflon based oil (dont use WD40 as it will dissipate) on the rod. Also clean both sides of the round encoder wheel on the back of the scanner drive motor located at the left rear of the scanner bed. If still an error you have to open the cover of the scanner by lifting the tab that is towards the front then csrefully clean the mirror surfaces and the lens surface inside. You'll need to use swabs with Windex and repeat until the mirror and lens are streak free. Light touch only or you'll break the mirror. In some rare occasions the CCD can be bad or the bulb but you've stated the bulb comes on then goes out so the bulb is functional. This all takes care and the only disassembly you should have to do is disconnect the cable for the ADF then lift the ADF off and set aside then remove the two torx screws in the wells that were covered by the hinge side of the ADF then pop the tabs to the front of the bezel that holds the glass and lift the bezel and glass assembly off to get inside. Not sure how removing the LIU comes into play except to replace the LIU or tear the unit down for repairs to the printer section. - unknown
I suggest making sure that all of the connectors on the scanner head (black box) are plugged in solidly. Also remove the rear cover and check the cables that plug into the main electronics board. If the lamp continues to malfunction your only option is a new scanner head (assuming a cable is not damaged), HP P/N C6734-60073. They cost approximately $100 online.

Removing the rear cover
1. Unplug the power.
2. Looking from the rear, remove the T20 Torx head screw on the left. This will allow you to remove the LIU (Line Interface Unit) cover and unplug the LIU. There are two push latches on the underside that release the rear cover and allow it to hinge upward and then be removed.
by Bert on May 17, 2009 at 11:17pm Add comment
Nevermind I see that Bert was starting to tell how to get into the replacement of the scanner head. Good luck finding one anymore though as HP dropped replacements for these years ago and you take your chances on used ones. My guess is that the bulb is going off because of the scanner error as I've seen many times on other machines.
by unknown on May 19, 2009 at 5:23am Add comment
If you are looking for G85 parts machines, check with your local computer/ printer recycling facilities, flea markets and garage sales, occasionally on the curbside, and also on eBay. Sometimes you get a real good deal on eBay that just needs a little TLC and you make out like a bandit. Sometimes too, you may end up being stuck with a turkey that you can't get to run no matter what you do. Buyers beware! - Anonymous
My scanner never really worked and with the hp6100 all in one. I never dealt much with it but now it grinds and won't allow me to print. I don't know how to get the strange little screws out as they don't fit my screw drivers or phillips, I tried about 6 different kinds please help
by Anonymous on May 27, 2009 at 12:46pm Add comment
The screws are "torx" and are available in the tools of most retailers including department and auto parts (many taillights use torx) - unknown
If you can't find them anywhere http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/specials/misc

#10 is the smaller one
#20 is the larger one.

Those are the 2 that are commonly used on OfficeJets.
by moe on May 27, 2009 at 1:14pm Add comment
Thank you and of course I find 5 differ torx bits and none are #10 which I need
by Anonymous on May 27, 2009 at 5:06pm Add comment
I think the ones for the GT20, or are you talking about the other Officejet model you mentioned (1600 was it?) I have a set of small bits I bought at a Tractor Supply Co store, other places like Big Lots, Kmart, Walmart, Sears, etc have sets with the smaller bits. I have them in all sizes plus other type bits because on I work on this stuff all the time. The small bits come in handy for things like cellphones and some video games and small household appliances as well. - unknown
That above should read G85 no GT20 (not sure where that typo came from). I guess by needing a smaller bit it's a 6100 you mentioned.
by unknown on May 27, 2009 at 6:44pm Add comment
I have "repaired", really cleaned my printer 3-4 times. Just recently my usual cleaning of the glass failed to clear up the problem. After repeated attempts, I noticed that the "arm" that moves across the glass has a small thin piece of glass (look down through the top of the "arm") that also needs to be cleaned. After taking a Q-tip and cleaning out the dust, it worked like a charm. I was just about ready to go buy another printer...a non HP printer at that!
by Anonymous on Jun 21, 2009 at 9:23am Add comment
WOW! I'm really thankful I'm not the only one having all the issues. My G85 does two things. First it always wants a printer alignment and then it won't scan. It says that it has failed and to turn on and off. But before I do, I hit the scan button and it says that the option is not set. Does this relate to any of the previous issues that are fixed with cleaning or is mine something different? And if anyone knows how to get rid of that alignment issue without having to align each and every time, I would greatly appreciate that also. Any help would be greatly welcome.
by husk on Nov 1, 2009 at 10:15pm Add comment
Alignment Issue
All colors must be printing to do a cartridge alignment. If they are then you may have a spot sensor issue. The spot sensor, HP P/N C6426-60013, is on the right side of the carriage under the bulging cover held in place by one T10 Torx head screw. Check the sensor for a clear rectangular lens on the lower edge. Also make sure the small interconnect cable is connected solidly on both ends. If the lens is missing you need a new spot sensor. The part is available online for approximately $25.

Scanner Issue
Your description of the scanner problem is a bit muddy so I suggest these possible solutions.

If HP Director is installed on your comptuer I suggest checking it's setup options. If you need the User Guide get it at the link below.

If Internet Explorer is newer than version 6 then HP Director may be disabled. A site search will reveal extensive discussions on the issue.

Also see my 6/11/08 4:45 PM post in this thread.
by Bert on Nov 2, 2009 at 12:00am Add comment
Hey Bert! Thanks for your help. I took my printer apart and cleaned it to try to fix the scanner, but it didn't fix the problem. It was really clean when i took it apart, even before the cleaning i did. Could it be something else that i need to take apart? And I tried installing the CD that came with the printer and checking out the settings, but everything looked as it should be. Is there anything else that i can do?

And considering the part that keeps saying that it needs a cartridge alignment, I took that part apart and saw that it still has the sensor. So i just don't know what to do about that.

I would really appreciate any help you or anyone else can offer. Thank you.
by husk on Dec 12, 2009 at 10:54pm Add comment
after i change cartridge i have message "Scanner Failure....Power off and back on"
by Anonymous on Jan 17, 2010 at 10:41pm Add comment
Did you read the thread? It seems to deal with your problem. - moe
I had scanner failure and read thread regarding cleaning, etc. I cleaned mirrors and the one on the bottom of the scanner head was pretty foggy with whitish powder. When I reassembled my G85 Officejet I didn't get the scanner failure, but now it says "Open door. Clear carriage jam, and then press enter". I've tried a number of things including light lube on the rail and cleaning the encoder strip on both sides with damp tissue and made sure no fibers left on it. The cartridge will not move into the middle when the door is opened, nor to the right to the service station when powered down or up. What happened?
by unknown on Mar 15, 2010 at 3:06am Add comment
Adding to my last post...I also have not been able to get a proper partial reset...ever. Depending on if I am looking at the HP website page on how to do a partial reset, a forum, etc., I have read to push # and 3, # and 6, + and 3, but none of these get what I expect. It never says "reset" and just seems to do nothing. Which numbers do I push? How long do I hold them? What is the display supposed to show? What's up?
by unknown on Mar 15, 2010 at 3:15am Add comment
Like all who visit this site I too have a wonderful G85. I have looked through the threads but cannot find anyone with the same problem I am experiencing. When asked to copy a document either B&W or colour, the machine takes ages to respond. When it does so it likes to print a single line at a time then wait maybe 20 or 30 seconds before it moves on to print the next. In this way I am able to copy a single A4 sheet in about 23 mins or so.
When sending print data to the machine from my XP machine it waits to the point that the computer gives up and returns a failed to print error message. If I didn't know any better I would say that it seemed like the machine had a huge file in it somewhere which had made it constipated. However, I have tried the hash key and 6 button machine reset and this has not managed to clear the fault. If anyone has any suggestions other than buying a new machine I would be very glad to hear from them ASAP.
by Martin Stoakes on Apr 27, 2010 at 4:42am Add comment
I am so frustrated! I have taken this G85 apart many times, and cleaned the mirrors, the lense, the motor sensor plate (but everytime i clean the plastic plate on the motor with alcohol it seems to be desolving the printed codes, and the swab gets dirty), oiled, and cleaned the rod, and bushings, opened the scanner head, inspected for bulging caps, took the mirrors out and cleaned them with alcohol, there seems to be a pinch on the ribbon cable inside the head that connects to the board behind the head, there was a brownish spot on the ribbon cable with a slight pinch where it lays on the board chip(from the processors heat i think), tried to reset the printer by holding *3, *6 and #3, and #6, restarted the machine several times, the motor seems to be working, the print cartrige comes out of the craddle, cycles several times, while the lamp starts to warm up, print cartrige seems it has waited too long so it goes back into the craddle, and then shortly after, the scanner head moves slightly, and I get the display "failed scanner"
I am not sure what i have missed, can any one help?
Have a wonderful day!
by Max777 on Aug 20, 2010 at 1:27am Add comment
My g85xi scanning lamp is burned out. Anyone know where I can buy a new lamp? I've searched the Internet for the last 3 hours with no luck.
by unknown on Oct 23, 2010 at 4:13pm Add comment
I have did all of the above. I have taken it apart cleaned it. I think it makes more noise than before. If anyone can help please answer.I had it in storage for a couple years. Let me know if there is anything else i can do.

All help appreciated
by unknown on Apr 12, 2011 at 8:22pm Add comment
I have been in and out of G85s for years, and all of mine are still up and running. I just fixed one that had grinding in the scanner. The cause was dirt under the plastic encoder wheel on the scanner motor. I removed the motor assembly and rotated the wheel passively, used a alcohol-wet and dry Q-tip, and got black stuff that looked like ink. Grinding went away. I don't have any more spare scanner motors, so that saved a G85 from the trash.
by doctuh on Apr 14, 2012 at 2:34pm Add comment
I couldn't beleive it! I was certain my lamp was burned out, but I decided to take the advice of several other users. I cleaned everything - mirrors, lens, belts, etc. Then I turned it on, feeling quite certain nothing would happen. But, to my surprise, it came on, and prints just like it did when it was new!!! So I don't need a lamp. Many thanks to all who suggested a through cleaning!
by unknown on Apr 15, 2012 at 8:07am Add comment
Hi to all i have repaired mine by cleaning sensor of motor here picture,thanks to all for advices now i can scan high quality iphone,ipod boards to make hardware solutions.
by unknown on May 15, 2012 at 8:29am Add comment
I also have this "Scanner Failure" message,,,, Great thread!
by LightShifter on May 21, 2013 at 10:25pm Add comment
How does one get under the glass scanner bed to replace bulb and or clean mirrors etc? Any links here for that?
by LightShifter on May 22, 2013 at 1:07am Add comment