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Brother Brother MFC 3100C

Reset ink sensor for Brother MFC 3100C

Okay I admit, I cheated...I was not willing to pay 30 dollars for a new (not refurbished) cartridge for my Brother MFC3100C. We bought a refill kit instead when the levels were still shwoing "low". Now the printer shows the inks are "empty" and I can't figure how to reset. I've checked the brother website and my manaul. I've even called Brother, but since they were refilled cartridges, she said the "printheads wouldn't recognize them" and she couldn't help me. Help anyone?
I also am looking for an answer to this. Not having any luck so far.

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There is no ink reset for this particular machine. This machine doesn't have an ink dot counter like found on other machines. There is a sensor that detects the ink levels but unfortunately doesn't work well with refilled ink cartridges.
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Hola me aparece un error de brother mfc c
no reconoce en cartucho negro que hago ?
por favor aparece empty blank
gracias - Anonymous
Do a search here for brother 3420c ink. It explains in detal how to fix it.

In short, on the front of the cartage (the part you can see in the machine) there is a mirror that it uses to decide if the ink is low. Cover this area of the cartridge with black electrical tape. This should fix your problem :)
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I have a brother MFC 8840, had no black tape, just covered the holes with little squares from sticky notes and it did the trick. - unknown
THANK YOU FOR THE TRICK! It worked perfectly! - Anonymous
the black electrical tape fixed my issues cheers for that - unknown
Please advise.

The 'toner empty' message appears and printer is disabled with toner cartridge used at one third.

Thanks a lot.

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i have a brother MFC-3240C and had the ink cartridge problem , i.e. when one ink cartridge gets low, it requires you to replace all 4. i read on the net the aforementioned electrical tape fix and another involving black trash bags. i opted for the trash bag fix becuase it seemed easier and voila! no more empty cartridge notices.

you just wrap each cartridge in a piece of black garbage bag,and tear a small hole in the bottom for the jet to poke through . just make sure that all sides are still covered by the bag and insert back into the printer as usual bag and all. the light sensor that reads ink levels thinks they are all full and won't give you an error. just be careful not to run them completely dry or you will damage your print head.

i will never buy another Brother printer, but this one is still going strong with my trashbag fix
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WOW! After a ton of frustration, wasted money and ink-stained hands from refill kits, I finally got my MFC-3100C to print. Your black bag/tape trick saved me!! (I had no black tape nearby so I used the trash bag!! I only wish I found your site earlier. THANKS!

David - unknown

Where are the holes?

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You guys rock, the black tape thing worked like a charm, i use to love these machines but when it dies i will gladly throw it in the lake...... THANK YOU.....THANK YOU.....THANK YOU.....THANK YOU.....
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Does anyone know if the balck tape trick works with the Brother DCP-115C ?? I'm a poor student so can't buy new ink cartridges. I refilled the old ones and it worked for a week or so. The old cartridges were hardly used but it said replace ink!

I can't see any reflectors on the cartriges - checked everywhere.
If anyone knows how to do this or how to switch off ink monitor levels, etc. I'd really appreciate it!
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Hi, Have just tried it on my Brother 115C printer and the black bag trick works great! All you do is cut a square of black bin bag out about 30cms by 30cms, place the cartridge in the bag, cut out a whole for the ink hole at the bottom and put back in printer cutting off any excess bag. Sorted!! - unknown
if ur not sure where to stick tape look here

or just stick em in bits of black trash bag not forgetting to make little hole for ink :S

thanx mrjohno!!! xoxo
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OMG it worked!!! i used only a small piece of paper and a cella tape... btw, mine is Brother MFC-260C--i think it'll work with all the printer if you know where to cover,, try coverin the part [on the cartridge] that you can see the ink level..

THANKS a million!!
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i have a lexmark z1300 and theres no window showing the ink level. does the black bag trick work for this printer? i tried covering everything but the holes and it just kept saying "ink cartridge missing". theres still ink in there cuz i got some on my hands and the pages never faded out before it stopped working and saying it was empty...
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I have my brother dcp130 and converted it ciss just to save on inks. Lately, I have a problem and this is still existing, the magenta color is not coming out. Is the process of wrapping the cartridge applicable here? Hope you can help.

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i am tired by printer head block i have tried cleaning and i have also tried purging also. but its not work. what can we use to clean the nozzel is there some acid or to clean the head nozzel. please send me reply i am looking for this
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Excellent...Man this works on MFC -290 c also

Just put the tape around the see through area!

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How do I make the sensor not detect the level of the ink in the cartridge, My brother MFC3360C Black cartridge has been refilled a week ago, it worked for a week and not it shows "Replace cartrige and reinstall" Please help me to get the solution
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glad i could help, all.

Here's another tip. always unplug your printer while not using it. Brother has designed these printers to do a daily head cleaning cycle that wastes ink.
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If you're using refill inks, never unplug your printer, or you'll have a dead dry print head very soon. - unknown
I just bought new ink, and the black when I hit the copy button is very light. It will copy if I hit color copy, but not black. What could be wrong.
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Thanks - Covering with black electrical tape on the transparent side (nozzle side) of an ink cartridge for Brother DPC-135, will indicate an ink cartridge as full, when it still as some ink and was indicating empty.
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I have tried using this trick with the electrical tape several times on my MFC-3240C, and have never been successful. The black reads as full, but the color cartridges all read as near-empty... and I just installed brand new Brother catridges. I installed the tape precisely as shown on drfaulken's site, but to no avail. Any ideas?
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My Brother MFC-290C won't recognize that it has a new black cartridge in it. What can I do? It reads the other three.
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This link is amazing. I needed to print something right away and of course my printer decided to die on me. I tried and tried and tried and here it is, the answer to my prayer. I love the internet and love google search, wish if I bought a ton of their stock long time ago. Thanks everyone for posting the fix for this problem. I used the tape, mine is blue, don't have black trash bags.
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My printer is showing error code 46 I see from the forum it needs a new absorber pad or some say it can be washed.
The problem is I cannot even find how to access the absorber box or even get into the printer. Can anyone help?
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My brother MFC7470D shows "Toner Ended" message and stops printing. Ban anybody help me?
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