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Hp HP DeskJet Deskjet

HP deskjet 1220

My printer is dead! It happened suddenly.
I have read the manual and followed it carefully,
I only get - Your printer must be serviced. where do I go from here?
Where can I get a power supply unit at a reasonable price? hp deskjet 1220c
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The problem may be an open resistor R13, 15 kohms on the power supply unit. Good luck!
by unknown on Jan 5, 2004 at 7:31pm Add comment
Thanks to this site and your recommendation to check R13 I was able to resurrect my 1220.

Best Regards,

Paul - Anonymous
My hp1220c is also not printing blue or yellow. i have replaced the ink cartridge and tried cleaning the electrical contacts as you suggest, but still get only magenta in the colors (black is fine).
I see in the post to "Jessica" above with the same problem a mention of an email with other suggestions. Could someone post these here? Thanks!
by judith on May 25, 2004 at 4:38am Add comment
We have a 1220C that took a power surge in an ice storm. This printer, our only color printer, is heavily used by students in an electronics lab, and finals are next week! We had to get it fixed, and fixed fast! We did locate an HP service manual (on the Internet via Google), but the manual has no schematic. Without the R13 clue, we never would have been able to get the printer fixed.

On visual inspection, the resistor looked perfectly normal. No evidence of burning or scorching. Measuring it in-circuit showed a wildly erratic resistance reading on the DMM. When we removed it and measured it out of the circuit, it was open. We replaced it (with a 1/4 W, as recommended). Measuring it in-circuit again produced the expected 15K-ohm reading.

The printer works perfectly! Thanks very much for this valuable information.
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Okay, I'm a victim of slow-firing neurons. I have the bleeping cord. I was looking for a transformer. Then it occurred to me that I had never in my whole life seen a length of cord with that "8" shaped thing on both ends. Duh! I stuck it in the matching hole, plugged it in, turned it on, and am trying to balance the busted paper thingey so I can duct tape it down! G'nite all! All my printers are HP, so I'll be B-A-C-K!!!! Patti
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The most common failure on the DJ 1220 is a failed power supply. Does the power light come on when the power button is pressed? Any blinking lights or strange noises? Give move details.
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it come on when the power botton is pressed, no blicking light but the green light is on and it shows the orange light static. There is no noises and when I sent print from my computer to the printer it would display print failed.Please help me what can I do about this problem because i have a lot of things to do. - Anonymous
orange light flashing - Anonymous
I am almost sure it is the power supply in the printer, do you know where I could have it replaced and approx. how much it would cost
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Before you assume that the power supply has failed make sure the rear access cover knob is in the locked position. One of the locking "claws" pushes a switch that enables power on.

I don't make specific recommendations concerning who can repair your printer. A lot of people have repaired DJ 1220s themselves. The major challenge is removing the case. It takes patience but once it's off replacing the power supply is easy. The power supply P/N is C2693-67012. Here is how to remove the case.

1. Remove the two T20 Torx screws in the top.
2. The extensions on the end covers, that form the sides of the paper tray, have small clips that secure them. Pry them loose with a small slot screwdriver.
3. Remove the end covers. There is clip front and rear one each one that is accessed from underneath. When the clips are disengaged the covers will lift vertically, more or less.
4. The rear cover can be removed after either end cover is removed.

The paper tray sides tend to relatch while you are trying to to remove the side covers. Avoid the temptation to slam the printer against a wall.

Reassembly is a little tricky because the end covers interlock with the back cover.

Since you have it apart:
Remove and clean the service station. Scrape out as much congealed ink as possible, remove the motor (you will need a T10 Torx driver), and immerse the service station in hot water. After a few rinsings it will be nearly like new. Cleaning it avoids an eventual overflow.
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your a STAR....
I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what was wront with my printer befor i read your posting- WORKED LIKE A CHARM

THANK YOU - unknown
Thanks, I have tried everything else, so hopefully this will work.
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I have cleaned the service station and put it back in. I connected the power cord, but i still don't get anything to light up. I probably need a new power supply. Does anyone know where I might get one at a reasonable price?
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HP's price on the power supply (part C2693-67012) is prohibitively high: $74. For another $25 you can get the whole HP 1220 (refurbed) on ebay.

If you have ruled out the obvious causes, like a bad power cord or tripped breaker, and you don't get any indication of power at all, you're better off buying a "parts unit" and robbing the P/S. If you get even momentary indication of power getting to the unit, don't assume a bad P/S yet. As Bert noted, if the rear access door is malfunctioning or not installed, the green power light will come on for about 3 seconds and then go out. This is not an indication of a bad P/S.
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I can print with plain paper but the machine will not pick up and run thru photo paper?
by Anonymous on Jan 5, 2004 at 1:07pm Add comment
Thanks for your advice I have been watching. I too am in the same trouble and as far as I can see it is the Power supply. I am considering trying a repair by replacing all of the "burned looking" components on the board. I would prefer to purchase a "parts" machine for 100 bucks but shipping to Ireland is too high. If you come across a new source of replacement supplys please let me know. Much appreciated.
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The $100 I quoted was from an actual ebay auction for a fully-functional, refurbished HP 1220c printer. I would not pay anywhere near that for an "as-is" unit. If I need a power supply, I look for an auction where the seller states "it prints OK in black, but not in color," or some other indication of a partially-functional unit at bargain basement prices.

Still, you have a point that shipping to Ireland would be an expensive proposition. Have you looked into local sources like computer consignment stores that sell used equipment, or garage sales (you might call them "boot sales" in the UK)? Living in a large city, I am lucky enough to attend a monthly flea market dedicated to sales of new and used computer equipment. You may also try to get your hands on a monthly computer magazine that covers your geographical area, and identify more sources there.

If it comes down to fixing blown power supply components, make sure you take precautions to de-energize and discharge it before you start work. And don't be surprised if you don't find a smoking gun. My experience has been that power supplies can be faulty even without visual evidence of damage. That usually means you need either a schematic or a troubleshooting manual, neither of which HP has made available to the general public. I'm not trying to discourage you -- you may find an obvious fault. But too often it isn't obvious.

One other note: The power button does not connect directly to the power supply. It goes through the logic board. So if the connection from the logic board to the power supply is faulty, it may not get the signal to turn on. This is another reason for de-energizing first; on some HP's the power supply is always hot, as long as it's connected to the socket. That is, voltage is present on some of the P/S circuitry, even when the printer is turned off. But it isn't sent to some or all of the logic board until you push the power button. Be safe and use a volt meter before touching anything, and be aware that some voltages are AC and some are DC.
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I've just had the same problem. I replaced the small startup caps on the PSU and it's now OK. try that
by Chris on Jan 7, 2004 at 4:32am Add comment
On my HP1220cxi printer when I press the power on button, the power led blinks once for a split second then goes off. I can do this repeatedly, with the led blinking once when the key is pressed, but the power doesn't come on. I do have the service manual for this printer and while it doesn't have my specific issue in the topics, I followed all the procedures close to this issue.

Here's what I've done so far:

After contacting HP Support by phone, and going through the typical troubleshooting process with them, I was told that no parts are available to the end user from HP and to get a refurb'd printer from them. I didn't believe that to be the case so...on further surfing the web I came across http://partsurfer.hp.com which is HP's own part store, and thinking it may be just a fault keypad, I ordered a replacement keypad, keypad wiring harness and power assemby wiring harness, total outlay was $22Cdn. UPS shipping was included in the price.

I replaced all these parts, but my problem persists. My next course will be to get the power supply itself which is $111 Cdn. I'm just hoping it isn't the logic board which is very expensive ($230 Cdn).

HP told me they could ship a totally refurb'd unit for $260 Cdn with an additional $891 Cdn reserve put on my card until they receive my old one back. If I can fix the issue with a power supply then my final cost will be half that of a refurb'd unit.

I haven't seen anything close to my issue other than the power led stays on for 3 seconds which mine doesn't. If the power supply does fix this one, we'll have another symptom and possible solution to offer.
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I was lucky to have a spare printer that worked and when the second one had just the problem you stated. I took the power supply out of the second printer and put into the first printer and it worked. The conclusion was the logic board was bad. I swapped the logic board out and the problem came to the first printer. So the logic board was bad. - dcycle

Please see my earlier post above, where I noted:

If you get even momentary indication of power getting to the unit, don't assume a bad P/S yet. As Bert noted, if the rear access door is malfunctioning or not installed, the green power light will come on for about 3 seconds and then go out. This is not an indication of a bad P/S.

On power-up, this printer checks to see that the rear door is latched in place. If it senses that it isn't latched, it turns itself off. To see if this is the case on your printer, here's what to do: Remove the rear door. Operate the door's locking knob and make sure the two tabs are fully extending on the left side (left, as you face the rear of the printer). If they are not, take apart the door by removing the two Torx screws in the center, and unsnapping the plastic clips that hold it together. With a little study, you will be able to see how it is supposed to work, and probably be able to fix it.

If the latches are fully extending (especially on the left side), you need to look at the holes where the latches engage the printer. In the upper left hole you should see the lower end of a plastic lever that is actuated by the corresponding latch. If you could see the other end of the lever, you would note that it interrupts a light beam in a switch, signalling the power supply that the rear door is latched. In all likelihood this lever is not working properly, so the printer thinks the door is not installed. To fix this lever (or fool the switch) you will have to remove the outer covers of the printer. One cover is the end cap that includes the keypad, and the other is the combined top lid and rear upper housing. Your service manual should show the 2 Torx screws and several clips that hold these housings in place.

Once you have gained access to the lever and optical switch, you can test their operation by manually breaking the light beam* with an obstruction like a piece of cardboard. If the printer now stays powered on, the lever isn't doing its job. [*Note: You won't actually see a beam of light; but it's an optical sensor]. If the lever can't be fixed but the switch is operating, you could bypass the switch by leaving the cardboard in place. Just beware that this is a safety mechanism to keep fingers from being caught in the back of the printer. So you shouldn't defeat it if you have children in the house.
by unknown on Jan 18, 2004 at 12:01pm Add comment
I've removed the back completely and verified that the lever is extending through the optical path when the back door is in. I've also tried the cardboard blocking the optical path method with no success. I guess I'll look on eBay for any refurb's available. It is a shame that lots of owners of this printer model experience this issue, it is such a nice unit and has done great work for me these last 3 years. For the original price I paid, I'd expect it to perform much longer than that.
by unknown on Jan 18, 2004 at 1:09pm Add comment
I have given up. I feel the same way about the printer, and I am dissappointed with HP. I discarded my printer and am going with another brand of printer. Thanks for your help.
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I was getting the exact same problem with my printer. The power light would come on for 1/2 a second, I just purchased a power supply
at a authorised dealer and payed $111.00 CND. Now it works properly. The new power supply Part # C2693-67012 (Old one was
C2693-60002) is more robust because the parts that heat up can support more power(Example: One resistor is 1/2 watt compared to 5
watts on the new board). They also replaced the Yokogawa side card with 4 onboard chips. The technicien at the dealer mentionned that
this is a common problem and they very often replace this power supply board. So this printer was still selling for $650 last year and I got
it for free from my boss because of this problem so for $111 bucks it's ok for me. This printer prints better than my HP882C but the ink
cost twice as mutch. So if you think it's worth the money than go on the HP site and locate an authorised dealer near you.

In Canada
by unknown on Jan 23, 2004 at 7:14pm Add comment
Yesssssssssssssssss.... My Problem Settled.
(the green power light will come on for about 3 seconds and then go out.)

by unknown on Jan 26, 2004 at 1:02am Add comment
try checking the four startup caps on the PSU. Also sometimes there's a chip on that side board that can go.
by Chris on Jan 27, 2004 at 4:43am Add comment
I had also a problem with the Power Supply and one of the messages gave me a clue.
Indeed resistor R13 (15Kohms) was open, and I replaced it by a 1/2 watt type. (vertical mounting).
Since the PS was completely encapsulated by a black PVC cover I removed the upper part of that cover in order to get a better ventilation and thus increasing service life.
by unknown on Jan 27, 2004 at 6:05am Add comment
I'm glad this is working out for everyone who is posting here. I'm about to order my PSU, I only wish I was qualified enough to try the replacing resistor option! Thanks to all for the extra info!
by unknown on Jan 27, 2004 at 3:34pm Add comment
I had the same prob (power light would come on for a second, otherwise---dead!) A service came and took the printer (under warrenty!) away and brought it back and said it was working fine for them. And...it is now, maybe something's loose in back? I know it has a terrib;e time when I need to feed heavy paper through the back. I always have to place it just so...and it OFTEN misfeeds, ot doesn't feed, or otherwise misbehaves. Soooo frustrating as I didn't see anything about this when I was reviewing what printer to buy.

by Anonymous on Feb 24, 2004 at 4:10pm Add comment
Both lights come on and stay on when I plug in my printer. The printer is dead with the lights on. Cartridge carrier will not move. Every troubleshooting guide I see does not mention this symptom. Any idea what could be wrong? I took it off line and carefully placed it aside to use my older laserjet, but now my 1220 won't work. Thanks
by Peter on Feb 25, 2004 at 5:30pm Add comment
The same which my 1220c. The power supply failed three times. Each time we replaced resistor R13 and cleaned the print from glue. After that the green light came up two seconds but the printer did not initialise. Then, waiting two days or so, another try to start the printer, and yes, this time the printer started suddenly. Big surprise. I have the service manual but no schematic of the power supply print. perhaps someone can help to get the schematic. Thanks
by unknown on Apr 13, 2004 at 9:10am Add comment
I'll do the same and try again. Thanks
by Peter on Apr 13, 2004 at 9:58am Add comment
ok, I just did the R13 resistor replacement--it worked!! It was actually quite easy--i've never soldered before and it was a piece of cake. Remove cover, remove power supply, locate R-13. Bought solder iron, solder, 15k 1/4w resistor from radio shack, flicked old solder off and pulled old resistor. Fit new one in and soldered in place, cut long leads off. Everything works!
by Tim on Apr 21, 2004 at 11:07pm Add comment
Hi Tim,
please, can tell me how many Ohms has the resistor R-81 on the Power Supply HP1200 (C2693-600002)?
Thank you very much: Carlos - Canary Islands - SPAIN - Anonymous
Everyone hers seems pretty knowledgable. My printer is not printing yellow or blue. We tried replacing the toner, and reinstalling the drivers with no improvement. Any Ideas
by unknown on Apr 22, 2004 at 8:08am Add comment
Jessica: Here's some possible Ink Cartridge problems and you may simply have to eliminate these areas to try and find out just what is causing your printers problem: a wrong cartridge; a bad cartridge; an expired cartridge [check the age date on the cartridge or the box it came in]; possible dirty electrical contacts for the ink cartridge causing problems; sometimes even that the pull tape was not removed correctly; even corrupted Printer Drivers causing problems [download new drivers from manufactors Home Page web-site]...As you said that you have already replaced the color cartridge and reinstalled the Printer Drivers, then simply try cleaning the electrical contacts carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag. Its more likely that the electrical contacts on the ink cartridge, or inside the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly, may simply be dirty. Using damp Q-tips [not wet or dripping], gently and carefully wipe off the copper colored electrical plates on the cartridges and the electrical contacts inside the holder assy. Its best to use "Distilled Water", because it has less chemicals and minerals in it, than tap water and regular tap water can actually cause additional problems. Use new dry Q-Tips to dry off all the electrical contacts after cleaning...The only way to really eliminate a possible bad cartridge [even if it happens to be a new cartridge], is to actually replace it, or test it in another printer that uses the same cartridge and was working ok with its own cartridges installed. Unfortunatly, that is usually not practical, unless you know someone that has the same printer or uses the same cartridge in their printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway...P.S. Check for an e-mail from me, with some other peoples suggestions, that were previously posted on this Printer Repair Site.
by Denny Conway on Apr 22, 2004 at 12:51pm Add comment
My printer was completely dead. No power at all.
I replace R13 and I'm back in business. Beautiful. Thanks for the help.
by unknown on Apr 23, 2004 at 12:52pm Add comment
OK, I am making a valiant effort here to remove the right side panel to get to the power supply. This HP 1220c desk jet printer interlocks like a Chinese puzzle. I removed the top Torx screws and can work with the clips on the paper tray. BUT, there seems no way to release the three clips from underneath the printer without bending and breaking the panel.It also looks like the bottom section can be separated from the rest of the side panel. Is there another clip around the back under the printer cable connection? Who has the knack to doing this they can share? Thanks, Peter
by Peter on Apr 23, 2004 at 5:33pm Add comment
It's a miracle! I stopped messing with the printer and put it back together making sure the back interlock was working properly. Turned it on and it now works. Thanks for your forum, it helped me work through this. No R13 this time, but you never know!
by Peter on Apr 23, 2004 at 6:10pm Add comment
do you have a schematic for HP deskjet1220c power supply.
by unknown on Apr 28, 2004 at 12:31pm Add comment
Tony: You would probably need to try and find a Service Manual on-line, that you could purchase and download for reference. Even a Service Manual may not actually have a schematic for your printers Power Supply Assembly, but that would be your best chance. I have not checked, but you can normally find Service Manuals and or Service Adjustment Programs/Resets for most printers, at www.2manuals.com (most Service Manuals can usually be downloaded for around $10 /- ), or http://www.sm.copyprofi.net/index.htm ...Denny Conway
by Denny Conway on Apr 28, 2004 at 2:16pm Add comment
Thanks for pointing me towards the R13 resistor and Radio Shack thanks you for another 3 cents. I did see signs of some overheating on the PC board around the resistor, so I went ahead and bumped the resistor to a ¼ watt.
by Dana on May 5, 2004 at 5:20pm Add comment
can any one tell me the resistance of r13 in the power supply.
by Gordon on May 10, 2004 at 12:57am Add comment
My problem is that I took the unit in...1220c.
They said that the printer unit assembly prints onto the paper about 3 inches and then STOPS.
Sign pops up stating that the carriage has jammed.
They say that the complete assembly has to be replaced at a cost of $265 for the assembly plus $90 labor. add tax to that and you can buy a brand new unit! There has to be someone who can repair the problem??????? Just HATE to junk a nice unit.
by unknown on May 26, 2004 at 3:31pm Add comment
Art: If you have not already tried it, then I would suggest that you first simply clean and lubricate the Carriage Assembly and see if that helps. Although it's possible your printer has an electronic or mechanical failure, the most common problem is that the Carriage Assembly is simply DIRTY and or DRY, causing it to stick and sometimes even make noises. That sticking usually results in the printer loosing track of just where the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly is actually at and that can cause the Error Light/Led to come on. Sometimes when the printer looses track of where that assembly is at, it then keeps telling that assembly to keep moving and can even cause it to slam into the end of the printer. Try wiping off all around the round metal carriage bar or shaft [that the Print Cartridge Holder assembly moves back-n-forth on], with a lint free cloth. Also clean the outside of the metal bushings with Q-Tips, that the carriage bar passes thru, on both sides of the cartridge holder assembly. You can also use alcohol on the cloth, if there is a lot of build-up on the carriage shaft/bar. Then lube the metal bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication. A drop or two of a Teflon based lubrication or Tri-Flo lube is best. Manually slide the holder assembly back and forth to spread out the lubrication and wipe of any excess lube or blackish build-up that appears on the bar. Look for an e-mail message from me with more in-depth information, that might help you in that area...You can check out this link, supplied by WES, to see different lubrications: http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/oil.html ...Good Luck! Denny Conway
by Denny Conway on May 26, 2004 at 4:07pm Add comment
Hi...this seems to be a good place to ask..i have a problem with my 1220c, it keeps telling me the black cartige is damaged...tried 2 brand new ones and still get this message! the cartrige is fine!checked the cartrige carrier thingy(that they sit in) and the color slot has a metal bar between the electrodes but the black slot does not..theres nothing loose inside the printer ..could be that this part of it ismissing? if thats it where can i get that part?
by wanda on Jun 6, 2004 at 9:42am Add comment
What you are seeing is normal for your model. Clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. Test the cartridges in another printer. Many of the DJ 900 series use the same catridge.
by Bert on Jun 6, 2004 at 5:02pm Add comment
I just wanted to post a followup to my earlier entries about my 1220 printer not powering up. I did order the PSU from HP and installed it and all has worked just fine since. I'd like to thank everyone for making this site so very useful in resolving printer problems.
by unknown on Jun 6, 2004 at 7:06pm Add comment
I bought my printer HP 1220 by just $5 bucks, it was out of order, I just changed the R13 15K resistance, and it's working now, it seems to be a common problen in the P/S

Thank you very much
by unknown on Jun 14, 2004 at 1:41pm Add comment
The problem with my 1220 is that it won't pick up any phot paper, actually it has problems with any kind of paper like matte, glossy, etc. It prints fine with regular paper. I think I just need to clean something but I am not sure.
by unknown on Jun 22, 2004 at 11:40pm Add comment
Rich, this thread is too long and is antique.

You need to repost using your own name and of course listing the complete make and model in subject line. Review other postings on this forum and you will see how this is done correctly.

New posting for a new problem (yours does not even remotely relate to that of the original author here) is just common sense.

Your difficulty will be cleared up quickly as volunteers respond to your new post. Do so now.

Others who may follow...start a new thread with your problem(s), especially if a different model of HP.
by Rudy on Jun 23, 2004 at 5:06am Add comment
Remove the rear access door and clean the feed rollers with a damp cloth. If that helps use rubber rejuventator as a long term fix.
by Bert on Jun 23, 2004 at 11:41am Add comment
I've just overcome the SAME problem - HP DJ1220 not powering up. I managed to fix the PSU by replacing R13 - a 15KOhm resistor which had gone open circuit. This resistor is near by the big 400V electrolytic capacitor but right alongside transformer T1 This may be a common fault.

Good luck

by unknown on Jan 20, 2005 at 3:06am Add comment
Wondering if someone has succesfully print on 196gram paper. I am trying this right now, but I don't know how to do this.

Am I right when I feed the paper from the back??

by unknown on Feb 8, 2005 at 4:33am Add comment
My son just ripped out the gray plastic strip the the print head follows (registration?)
does anyone know where to buy a replacement?
by jeff-f on Feb 25, 2005 at 6:43pm Add comment
I love my 1220 deskjet and have printed lots of neat stuff with it but have a problem printing on cardstock recently. Someone mentioned a piece of velcro he got from HP to clean the printer but this was at a meeting where we were interrupted and I had no chance to learn more about it. Does anyone know of something one can get to correct a feeding problem?
by unknown on Feb 27, 2005 at 2:10pm Add comment
I had the same power problem mentioned above. When pressing power, the light would come on for a split second then go off. I decided to replace the R13 resistor but I removed R11 by mistake (I know, learn to read and pay attention). I figured this would not be too much of a problem, I would just replace it. Simple right? It would have been if I had not lost it. Now I am missing a resistor and do not remember what was there. Does anyone know which resistor should go on R11?
by GregT812 on Mar 29, 2005 at 3:59pm Add comment
100K (same as R12)
by Bert on Mar 29, 2005 at 4:13pm Add comment
Many thanks to this thread. Your advice was spot on! R13 was open. I sympathize with our Irish comrade. Here on Vancouver Island Canada everything takes two days longer, cost 15\% more and you get to pay PST and GST. So this was a real help.
by jimcourt on Apr 25, 2005 at 2:18pm Add comment
New power supply came from HP in 2 days, $66. Now powers up but the cartridge light (leftmost yellow) stays on (doesn't blink) and printer won't function even with new ink cartridge. Anyone have this problem?
Also I possibly had a "leftover part", it looks like a terminal crimp connector that was never crimped - brass colored. It may have fallen out when I had the printer apart. Thanks for any help
by unknown on May 19, 2005 at 7:05am Add comment
Clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. If that doesn't fix it, if possible, test the cartridges in another printer. Most of the Deskjet 900 series use the same cartridge set. If the cartridges are good, make sure that all of the internal cables are plugged in securely including the flat cable going to the carriage.

Temimal? A picture may help identify it.
by Bert on May 19, 2005 at 9:00am Add comment
Thanks, Bert
I have a pic of the part but it won't paste in. Can you tell me how to paste it or provide an email address I can send it to?
by tyler on May 20, 2005 at 6:55am Add comment
Unless you can post the picture on a web site, you'll have to email me so I can email you back with my address.
by Bert on May 20, 2005 at 4:00pm Add comment
I've replaced R13, but still get no power light.

I've made sure the back "clean out door" sensor is made, but nothing happens when the power button is pressed. I even tried momentary contacting the 2 prong header where the power-on switch is connected (by the black covered cable)to the power supply, but I get nothing at all.

Is there something else that can be checked for a "No Power at all" condition?

Thank you.
by LarryG on Jun 14, 2005 at 7:57am Add comment
This is a way to determine if the Deskjet 1220C power supply is operative. WARNING, for people who have ELECTRONICS TROUBLESHOOTING EXPERIENCE ONLY. There is LETHAL VOLTAGE in the power supply.

The power switch connector pins must be shorted together constantly for the power supply to operate on the bench. Working from the top of the power output connector down here is what to expect.

+18 VDC, Com., Com., 0V DC, *PSE (+13.3V DC), Com., +32 VDC

What I have named “PSE” (Power Supply Enable) is the pin I assume tells the power supply that the main board is connected. The +13.3V DC it is pulled down to essentially 0V when connected to the system. The printer power switch makes momentary contact, therefore something has to tell the power supply to 'latch' on if the main board is connected, otherwise the power switch pins would not have to be constantly shorted as in bench testing.

Connected to the system
+18 VDC, Com., Com., +5V DC, *PSE (0V DC), Com., +32 VDC
by Bert on Jun 14, 2005 at 8:43am Add comment
I've bench tested the power supply and there are no voltages present on the power output connector (Power switch pins were shorted together)

Just to make sure I was doing it correctly, I tested another power supply that was working properly, and I did observe the voltages as you described.

My electronic skills are basic, but is there anything else I can test on the power supply to try to figure out what's wrong with it?

Thank you.
by LarryG on Jun 14, 2005 at 11:18am Add comment
R13 being open is the typical failure. The exact cause of the other failures has not been discovered. I suspect an electronic component on the vetically mounted board.

It may make the most sense to purchase a new power supply, P/N C2693-67012.
by Bert on Jun 14, 2005 at 1:19pm Add comment
I suppose the low power of the resistor makes it burn as fuse when the carriage rod has lost lubrication and motor needs more current to move the carriage.
Lubrication of the rod at regular intervals would prevent the failure. May be we should try resistor of 1 watt? - Anonymous
I have a deskjet 1220c printer. I bought the machine 3 years ago so unfortunately it is out of warranty but I am still on the original cartridges that the machine came with. I believe they are still about half full so the machine has had very little use.
The problem is when I turn the machine on the service station makes a grating noise and the two lights to the right of the printer flash continuously. It looks as if the carriage inside the service station gets pushed to the end of its travel until it will go no further. I have tried replacing the service station with a new one but this has made no difference. Has anyone got any suggestions?
by unknown on Jun 27, 2005 at 3:42am Add comment
Some times the circular encoder disk at the left hand side of the unit is loose and gives similar problems. hence rollers turns but the disk isnt giving correct value. This is the same for all other models with encoder disk. - Anonymous
Make sure the encoder strip is threaded through the slot in the carriage. It should not be deflected horizontally or vertically when installed correctly. Since the tiny lines on the strip are detected optically, theoretically there should be no contact with the carriage. If it is threaded properly, you may have a defective carriage electronics board.

Go here for reference.
by Bert on Jun 27, 2005 at 10:16am Add comment
I have checked the encoder strip and it does run through the carriage. If the carriage is pivoted verticaly the encoder strip does deflect backwards and forwards slightly but not much. The place where all the noise is coming from is the service station. It is almost as if the section that moves backwards when the printer is initialising gets to the end of its travel but the motor doesnt know and it then makes the grinding noise. Does the encoder strip have any control over this? - Anonymous
I am trashing my working 1220c for an i9550
Anybody want any parts?
by blu82 on Jul 7, 2005 at 11:28am Add comment
i went over the forum and the advices were really great!!! thanks!!! as to the R13(15Kohms), why is it that on my printer(hp 1220c-c2693a)) the color code computation is 68Kohms (blue,gray,orange,gold)??? the resistor is located right infront of transformer and the heat sink, with R13 marking on the PCB...

what could be the problem if both power and resume are blinking???
by unknown on Jul 21, 2005 at 1:42am Add comment
This just started happening with my 3 year-old 1220c last night, in the early stages of an important printing job for a client. I found the manuals and prior posts, and the solutions for a carriage stall aren't working...

I've followed all of the advice about cleaning the service station - what a pain in the neck to get the covers off! - and cleaning & lubricating the carriage support rod.

The lubrication seems to have made things worse - now the carriage won't move with the toothed belt... except when I move it by hand.

This printer gets only light use, and based upon my experience with other similar HP printers, I did not expect any problems.

So, does anyone have a fix for the carriage stall ghost? I kind of need to get these drawings printed in order to get paid before I go looking for a new printer to replace this beast... - unknown
Error ligh indicator comes on when I turn the printer and it won't go out. Changed the Cartridge the error still comes on. Clean the Cartridge and the sensors on the printer. Anyone HELP!
by unknown on Apr 29, 2006 at 8:45pm Add comment
After replacing R13 (glue was typically discolored, but the R13 was good) my 4-year old dj1220c worked for a while, then the same problem: momentary blink during depressing the power button. During playing with it I noticed, that sometimes the printer responds to a “shock therapy” such as slamming the cartridge access door, rapidly turning the knob on back of the printer, or removing and reinstalling the Power Supply Assembly. With help of a good magnifying glass I inspected soldering on back of the Power Supply Assembly. On several points I found what appeared like a circular micro-cracks on the solder around ends of soldered wires. I have re-soldered them. I also found two ends of soldered wires bent in such a way that they might had created an unwanted short circuit due to vibration, or accumulation of dust + humidity, (I am not sure of this, but it did not look good so I have cut the suspected ends off). For over a week now the printer has been working fine.
by MMW on Oct 19, 2006 at 6:43pm Add comment
Power on... 3 seconds...power drops off. Found optical actuator arm is not in "run" position. What activates this switch? I don't have a Locking Lever" on the back of the unit as I saw described in some of these posts. If I push the switch actuator into the proper position...the unit starts normally. What do I do now?
by unknown on Nov 29, 2006 at 9:58am Add comment
Power on... 3 seconds...power drops off. Found optical actuator arm is not in "run" position. What activates this switch? I don't have a Locking Lever" on the back of the unit as I saw described in some of these posts. If I push the switch actuator into the proper position...the unit starts normally. What do I do now?
by unknown on Nov 29, 2006 at 10:01am Add comment
Power on... 3 seconds...power drops off. Found optical actuator arm is not in "run" position. What activates this switch? I don't have a Locking Lever" on the back of the unit as I saw described in some of these posts. If I push the switch actuator into the proper position...the unit starts normally. What do I do now?
by unknown on Nov 29, 2006 at 10:08am Add comment
The locking lever is the thing you turn to latch the clean out door in place.
by Stephen on Nov 29, 2006 at 1:53pm Add comment
Peter Pan
Skip the blue log
Do sacrifices for sinners
by unknown on Nov 29, 2006 at 4:39pm Add comment
I have a hp desk jet printer, I am in need of a operator
manual or a Instruction manual.
thank you
by unknown on Dec 15, 2006 at 9:17pm Add comment
Follow the next link: http://www.eserviceinfo.com - Rudy67
My HP Deskjet 1220c was crash down on floor and the power supply brokened along the electronic parts about 4 inch.. :(
Can help me somebody with power supply schematic?
The part number's : C2693-60002
by Rudy67 on Jan 18, 2007 at 11:03am Add comment
I can verify that the carriage assembly being jammed is a problem with this model printer. It seems that when the power light and paper out light blink at the same time that is the error code. By gently reaching inside the housing with a finger and pulling to the left and slightly upwards, the assembly moved over. I pulled it over about midway, shut the cover and it worked again fine. Eventually, the bar should probably be lubed to prevent it from jamming up again.
by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2007 at 2:06pm Add comment
If your DJ 1220 is getting carriage jams, I suggest that you clean the carriage rod and replace the felt washer on each side of the carriage. They come prelubricated. The P/N is C6409-80003. HP no longer sells them but they have turned up at secondary suppliers. Don't get ripped off at everp....com. (The company astounds me with their prices.)

There will most likely be ink buildup on the carriage rod near the service station. Use a mild water soluble cleaner to remove it.

Actually the best cleaner is the plastic polish sold at auto parts stores. It is very mildly abrasive and does a quick and great job. DO NOT use it unless the rod is removed from the printer, otherwise it will end up some place that you don't want it. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.
by Bert on Jul 31, 2007 at 3:33pm Add comment
My printer is suffering from the power supply problem that's been described here and I'm trying to get it apart without throwing it against a wall! HOW DO YOU GET THE END PANELS OFF??? And how do you move the ink cartridge carriage from its right hand home position so I can get the cartridges out (so I don't spill them all over everything)?


by Al.1020 on Aug 11, 2007 at 2:35pm Add comment
The cartridges cannot be removed without power on a fully assembled printer. Your only recourse to remove the left end cap with minimal tipping of the printer to avoid potentially spilling any liquid ink that may be in the service station sump. If the printer has not been heavily used the odds are against liquid ink being in the service station.

The disassembly procedure below is an updated version of the one previously posted. This is not a project for the impatient. You will need T10 and T20 Torx head drivers. If the procedure does not suffice, email me asking for the service manual. Make sure your email address is correct and active!

Deskjet 1220C, Removing the Case

Before you assume that the power supply has failed make sure the rear access cover knob is in the locked position. One of the retractable locking pins pushes a switch that enables power on. If it is not latched, the power light will blink when the power button is pressed.

1. Open the hinged cover and remove the two T20 Torx screws.
2. Release the left end cover extension that forms the left side of the paper tray. It has four clips that secure it, three accessible from the top and one from the bottom. The top three clips are released by prying three slots with a medium slot style screwdriver. The forth clip is on the underside. Patience is called for because the extensions tend to relatch. Avoid the temptation to slam the printer against a wall.
3. Release and remove the left end cover. There is clip front and rear that is accessed from underneath. Release them with a screwdriver and the cover will come off horizontally, assuming the cover extension is not latched. There will be some resistance.
4. Remove the rear cover. It has tabs that go under the right end cover. Looking from the rear, it slides to the right. There will be some resistance.
5. Remove the right end cover. Follow steps 2 and 3.

Since you have it apart:
Remove and clean the service station. Scrape out as much congealed ink as possible, remove the motor (you will need a T10 Torx driver), and immerse the service station in hot water. After a few rinsings it will be nearly like new. Cleaning it avoids an eventual overflow.
by Bert on Aug 11, 2007 at 3:22pm Add comment
Can you please email me the service manual you refered to as i can't find all the clip release slots to get the sidecovers off and i don't want to break it. Thanks for the help:) - Anonymous
To remove the power supply you don't have to remove the side covers. Remove the back cover first:

Remove two torx-15 (jewish-star shaped) screws under the top cover.
The top cover is easily removed with the back cover attached together. Just twist it and pres on the back cover from the bottom to the up to unlatch two latches on the back, hidden behind the back cover. Brute force also help here without significant damages.

To remove side covers:

Use small flatbed screwdriver to unlatch the tree latches on that part of the cover that forms the side of the tray. Unlatch two latches on the bottom (front and back) of the cover. These are thick and hard to unlatch. Unlatch the place where the torx screw was tightened pulling the plastic upward. Then slide the cover to the side of the printer taking care latches not to latch again. There are dark-grey plastics under the covers. They should stay on the frame. When reattaching try to slide the cover sright. There are two plastic shafts inside that have to get into apropriate holes. Brute force will break them down.

To unlock the carriage, manualy rotate the big gear that drives the service station, on the right of the service station. You cannot unlock it before taking covers off.

The right cover has control panel on it and a harness that connects it to the PC boards. Take care of them too. Two of the wires are connected to the power supply and are hot wires. Do not disasemble before detaching the power cord.

If you have used third-party inks to refil the cartridges, try not to turn over the printer when unlatching bottom latches. The original inks tend to become like mud and do not flow, but refiller inks stay liquid in the service station's spitton.
by unknown on Aug 11, 2007 at 3:37pm Add comment

I think my 1220c has been hit by a power surge (even though surge protected). Power light wont come on at all. On removing the back and looking under the black plactic cover, two of the brown tower things have burst and some beige gunk has come out. Any ideas on what needs fixing?

by unknown on Aug 12, 2007 at 11:00am Add comment

I think my 1220c has been hit by a power surge (even though surge protected). Power light wont come on at all. On removing the back and looking under the black plactic cover, two of the brown tower things have burst and some beige gunk has come out. Any ideas on what needs fixing?

by unknown on Aug 12, 2007 at 11:02am Add comment
What you have is not the usual way the power supply fails and therefore not easy to fix. Buy a new power supply, HP P/N C8173-67019. HP still sells them at a reasonable price.
by Bert on Aug 12, 2007 at 5:45pm Add comment

First, thanks to all who post to the forum.

Sympthoms: 1220C does not power up.
No LED's, No sounds when power button pressed.

Printer Model: C2693A
Power supply: P/N C2693-60002

Found Diode D2 on the board shorted at 10 Ohm both ways.
Measured without the circuit. Diode is paralleled with two 150K each, 2W resistors (R6, and R19) as well as capacitor C8 on the board. This could be just the beginning.
I also replacing the small electrolythic capacitors, despite they tested good - just a habit - as they tend to dry out (the printer is 7 years old). Keep probing the active components - I will try to post the update on the issue. If not please email me if interested in the outcome.

Schematic diagram would be an asset here. Does anyone have?

All R11,12,13 are in good order.

Thanks to all.
by unknown on Sep 5, 2007 at 9:03pm Add comment
This is an update of my previous post.

Diode D2 was replaced and found to be the only problem in the power supply. The printer is now (like) new again.
To all of you who still not giving up reairing, here some hints.
D2 is just to the right of R11 and R12.
The type of diode used is not known to me and labeled somw weird "PC9D". The manufacturer is not known. However from analysing the circuit I assume with the high degree of certainty that this is common fast switching diode. I picked FR107 (1000Vrrm,700Vrms,1A) for the replacement. The FR107 is more than capable to work in this application. At below one dollar cost.
Free Datasheeet for FR107 can be found here:

I recommend to print the datasheet and take it to the local store that sell industrial electronic components. Some of the stores in my area are: "Active components", "B&E Industrial Electronics"
If you don't have local store that sells components, try online store: http://www.digikey.com/

To those who don't know how to test the diode in the circuit, use your Multimeter in the "Diode" dial position. It should read infinity in reversed polarity and somewhere bertween 500...900 Ohms staright. Failed diode will read either infinity in both directions or low, close to zero) resistance in other.

If your multimeter dial doesn't have "diode" option set it to measure resistance to 2000K range.

Good luck. hope this helps.

Thanks to all.
Pavel - unknown
Download the manual here.

The download is in three parts and you'll need a program that can process files compressed in .rar format.
by Bert on Mar 16, 2008 at 9:23pm Add comment
I have an Hp desk jet 1220c printer that shows an orange light error on the cartrige and stays there for good when i switch it on and does not initialise to be ready to print.Could any person assist me on how to fix the problem.
by unknown on May 29, 2008 at 3:43am Add comment
Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridges and carriage with alcohol and a cotton swab. If that does not solve the problem you may have a defective cartridge.
by Bert on May 29, 2008 at 5:26pm Add comment
I have a HP Deskjet 1220C. It print text wonderfully but pictures...forget it. It prints half a picture or not at all before it just stops. Sometime the light will blink or no light at all. Sometimes a pop up error message "This document failed to print".
I've used cotton swab to clean the inside, I've replaced the cartridge more than I care to count.
How do I fix this annoying problem? I'm tempted to just get an OKI Printer instead.
by unknown on Jun 1, 2008 at 2:27pm Add comment
Uninstall and then reinstall the driver.
by Bert on Jun 1, 2008 at 5:01pm Add comment
I purchased a HP 1220C off eBay, and it doesn't turn on. I am checking the various items suggested in this set of postings.

I may need to open the case up to look at the power supply, including looking for the R13.

A few questions:

1. Is opening the case, and looking for the R13, something an inexperienced person can do safely?

2. Will it be easy to spot the R13, or do I need the schematics/pictures mentioned in these postings?

3. If the R13 needs replacing, is that something that someone with no electronics experience can do (after going to Radio Shack for the part and the tools)?

Thanks for your help.
by hardtdavid on Jun 23, 2008 at 7:54am Add comment
See my 8/11/07 3:22 PM post in this thread.

When the power is disconnected it is completely safe to open the case. You will need patience and dexterity to do it. If you don't have soldering experience it may be advisable to seek someone who does when replacing R13.

You don't need schematics. R13 is between the toroidal transformer and R11 and R12 (which are both standing on end). All of these parts are to the right of the small white power switch connector. R13 may be covered with some solidified brown 'goop'. Use a 1/4 watt instead of the small 1/8 watt or what ever it is. Go to an electronics store and tell them you need a 15K 1/4 watt resistor. It is wise to measure the resistance of R13 before assuming it has failed.

There is at least three versions of the power supply. R13 must be in the exact location described or this info does not apply.

The current HP P/N is C8173-67019, approximately $125 when you do a Google search.
by Bert on Jun 23, 2008 at 9:16pm Add comment
I have 2 printers at work
1220c and 1280
The 1280 gives me unexpected paper size all the time
What i have done
-checked the paper size setting to A3(i use mostly A3)
-unchecked the page sensor and got a print but in black and white
-reinstalled the driver 3 times
The 1220 gives me partial prints and all leds blinking
I push the power button and the printer becomes ready for another print but..again all leds blinking
changed the computer and again on test page all leds blinking
I've read the manualand it says repair shop for this :(
by adriss on Dec 17, 2008 at 10:29am Add comment
Deskjet 1280

Check the spot sensor. It is on the right side of the carriage under the cover held in place by one T10 Torx head screw. Make sure the cable is plugged in solidly on both ends. If the printer is still malfunctioning after doing the check, replace the spot sensor (P/N C8173-67024) with the one on the 1220.

Deskjet 1220

When all three lights blink on Deskjets the HP solution, if the error cannot be reset, is always send it in for repair. I suspect "send in for repair" is a euphemism for failed main electronics board (P/N C2693-67010).
by Bert on Dec 17, 2008 at 7:59pm Add comment
Email me by clicking on the crossed tools to the right of my name.
by Bert on Jan 25, 2009 at 4:08pm Add comment
Just throwing in my 2 cents,
I followed the advice above given to Sabrina regarding the purchase of the R13 resistor from Radio Shack, but they do not carry a 15K ohms resistor. I know you can use their 12K + 3* 1K, but that's a mess and the kit is $13. Instead I found you can order 5 - 15K 1/4W for $0.53 from https://ordering.digikey.com

For whatever its worth,
by cchdpcye on Feb 24, 2009 at 10:18am Add comment
I have the problem of intermittent contact with the arm on the cover thats tells the printer that the cover is closed. It seems that it does not press deep enough.

Printing starts and stops when, due to vibration, the cover lifts ever so slightly.

Can I raise the sensor, lower the arm?
by unknown on Dec 17, 2009 at 11:39am Add comment
Make sure that the piece that the cover hinges on is seated. It is held in place by two T210 Torx head screws.
by Bert on Dec 19, 2009 at 8:46pm Add comment
My 1220C still prints very well but is often reluctant to pick up and feed the paper right around the rollers.
It seems to go far enough to fool the logic that the paper is there and puts ink all over the tack where the paper should be.

Seems to be a simple traction problem. Anyone know where I can find the info to take it apart and clean/lubricate/free up the mechancal bits?
by GeoffRH on Jan 8, 2010 at 3:42am Add comment
i have a hp deskjet 1220 printer....
initialize normaly...
but when i print..... or self test the printer......
the out of paper light continously blinking... but there is a paper on the tray...
and it doesnt even feed a paper......

by Anonymous on Mar 15, 2010 at 8:13am Add comment
Did the experts check-out in 2009?

My work HP Deskjet 1220c stopped in the middle of printing, and then the yellow light started blinking. It won't do anything (but blink yellow/orange) after I've plugged and unplugged everything several times. I've also replaced both ink cartridges. It has apparently spit-out pages of tiny printing when a co-worker tried to use it after I did. It is a shared printer with 3 total.

Any help out there? Thanks-
by unknown on Apr 29, 2010 at 11:37am Add comment
my desk jet 1220c power on for some sec. then go off, but if you press middle switch the yellow light will glow.
what can i do pleas?
by yinkusyinkus on Jun 12, 2010 at 2:27am Add comment
my hp deskjet 1280 power will not turn on, when i plug in the power cable it makes a quickie sound as if there is a spark, but on switching on the power switch it will not come on, could this be with the PSU? PLS HELP!!
by unknown on Sep 13, 2010 at 6:20am Add comment
Buenas tengo una 1220c y aprecen los tres leds encendicos a al vez, no se mueve el carro, no da inicio de arranque, leyendo las recomendaciones sobre algo parecido le camabie la R13 y no da, sigue parapadeando, la retire la R13 y no para de parpadear; sigue lo mismo, encuentro que dicen que la R13 es 15k pero la refencias de 68mil ohmios y su valor en vtios dicen que es un 1/4 otro de 1 vtios,cual seria real su sus vtios, deseo su ayuda para solucionar este impace de mi amada 1220c
by ECIBA58 on Apr 29, 2011 at 11:40am Add comment
I still use my HP desk jet 1220, though, I haven't used it for awhile because I can't find the power cord. I know what it should look like, and I know its part number, but I don't want to pay $$$$$ just for the privilege of printing tabloid size paper. Speak to me of some Radio Shack or eBay or something solution to plugging this thing in. Thanks! Patti
by Pharada on Aug 2, 2011 at 9:39am Add comment