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Hp HP DeskJet 820CSE

Printer Problems

I have a hp820Cse Desk Jet and the black ink is not printing properly....I've aligned, cleaned, put new cartridges in and nothing seems to help printing. The words have lines thru them and its blotchy. It prints like the ink is running out but I have a new cartridge in!!! what else can I do?

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Jackie 9-28
The odds are extremely good that your printing problem is caused by ink build up in the service station. Turn it off and open the cover. Just to the left of the parked cartridges there will be a mountain of ink that has accumulated. The cartridges are hitting it and getting clogged. You can remove some of it with a blade screwdriver but the best fix is to remove the service station and clean it out completely. It's a little messy so you may want to wear latex gloves. You will need two Torx drivers (T10 and T20) to disassemble it. You can get them at a hardware store or a tool specialty store. You have a printer that is worth the trouble if this is what is wrong. It is cheap to operate compared to most new ones.

1. Open the cover and allow the cartridges exit the service station. Unplug the power.
2. Remove the paper tray by squeezing the latch on the underside.
3. Remove the two screws (T20) in the top of the case.
4. Release the latches on the underside at each corner and lift the case off.
5. Remove the screw (T10) securing the service station and slide it out.
6. Scrape as much congealed ink as possible out of the service station.
7. Immerse the service station in hot water to dissolve the rest of the ink. This will take a while and a few rinsings.

Since you have it apart I would recommend some preventative maintenance.
1. Clean the encoder strip with water and paper towel.
2. Clean the feed rollers with rubber rejuvenator. Get it here. http://fixyourownprinter.com/kkx3.html
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The replacement part number is C6429-40031.

Some Precautions
First, I would not start this project until I had the new part in hand. Second, check the Service Station sump for liquid ink. If there is it complicates the repair. You will have to tilt the printer and liquid ink may spill. Removing and cleaning the Service Station is another issue

Removing the Case
1. Remove the two Torx (T10) screws in the top of the cover
2. Remove the rear access door and press the release tab in both upper corners of the opening.
3. Open the hinged cover and release the two "claw" latches using a slot screwdriver. One is in front of the Service Station and the other is on the opposite side in the same relative position. These are a bit tricky to release but patience will prevail.

Removing the Paper Handler
1. Slide out the paper drawer and release it by pressing the button that's off center to the right.
2. Look into the cavity where the drawer was. You will see a shiny piece of metal about 1"X2". Take note of its location because it may fall out before you're finished (not a problem to reinstall).
3. Remove the paper handler body (there may be two wires that need to be unplugged before it will come free from printer). To do this release the two claw latches on the underside of the printer and pull the handler body straight out.

Removing the Paper Pusher
1. Remove the right and left Wing Frame Asms. These widgets have the spring-loaded flappers on them. They are held in place by two small claw latches. Be careful because the latches are easily broken.
2. Rotate the rubber rollers toward you. This will raise a bar that will allow removal of the Rail that retains the Paper Pusher. Before lifting it out note the tab that raises and lowers the Paper Pusher. If this is not reengaged properly on reinstallation the Paper Pusher will not work.
3. Lift out the Paper Pusher and Rail Assembly. The Paper Pusher will snap out of the Rail.

If you've gotten this far without giving up you should have no problem reassembling the printer.
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Clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. If that doesn't clear the problem, all you can do is substitute new cartridges (one at a time). Hokey? Yes.
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HP has a service bulletin on this very problem...effects printers using the 51645A cartridge. Stalagmite-like sludge formation in the ink spittoon...has cleaning instructions

Do a search in support area on that cartridge number and the document and recommendations should be found
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paper hesitates to slide.different paper maybe?
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i am having problems with the paper feed on my printer which is a DESKJET 632c. IT WILL NOT READ THAT THERE IS PAPER PRESENT NOR WILL THE BLACK FEEDER WHEELS TURN
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i am having problems with the paper feed on my printer which is a DESKJET 632c. IT WILL NOT READ THAT THERE IS PAPER PRESENT NOR WILL THE BLACK FEEDER WHEELS TURN
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If the power light is on and there are no blinking lights, do a self test. Press the Resume button for five seconds. The printer should print an internal self test page. If it does, have you installed the driver on to the computer from the CD that came with the printer? Is the cable okay that goes between the printer and the computer?

If the self test did not print, did any of the lights start blinking? If so, go to these web pages.

http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/document.jhtml?lc=en&docName=bpd09168&pro dId=dj690c

If none of these suggestions help, you may have a defective printer.

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I have a Hp Deskjet 670C and there is a yellow light that wont stop blinking which is stopping me from printing anything from my c+omputer. Now usually the yellow light blinks when i'm out of paper but thats not the case this time.
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My hp970 deskjet has broken kicker feet so the paper always jams on the way out... argh!
Is this a d-i-y project, if so where can I get the replacement part? Any advice? I really don't want to add this printer to the landfills, it works great otherwise.
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Better than 90\% of DJ 600 series printers can be repaired by doing one of the following.

Verify that you have good cartridges and the correct cartridges. Don't assume that your cartridges will work just because you refilled them.

Clean the carriage and cartridge contacts, i.e. the electrical connections as opposed to the print nozzles. Use a cotton swab moistened with water.

Clean the carriage rod with alcohol and lubricate it with a few drops of Tri-Flow available in a 2 oz. bottle at cycle shops.

Clean the paper feed rollers with a moist cloth to make sure the printer can pick up paper. Use rubber rejuvenator as long term solution.

If you have horizontal streaks in the printout go to this web page.
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can anyone please tell me that how can I understand which ink cartridge is faulty when the power light is on but resume light is blinking.
Thanks in advance
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Hello, my HP Deskjet 670C keeps telling me I am out of paper even tho I have put some in. Can u advise please? Thanks for ur time.
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Remove the paper tray and clean the feed rollers with a damp cloth. If that helps, apply rubber rejuvenator and allow it to dry for a few hours.
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