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Epson Epson Stylus C82

EpsonC82 not printing after replacing ink cart.

Last night I decided to change out the printer cartridge of my Epson C82 for the first time. I had just finished printing out about 4 pages (with the "Black Ink Only" setting) and there were no problems. The red ink light hadn't come on yet, but I noticed that I should change out the black cartridge because it was showing to be very low in the status box that appears while printing is occurring. (My color cartridges still have plenty of ink by the way.) So, I followed all the directions in my printer manual for changing out a low ink cartridge (I even shook the cartridge 4-5 times before placing it in the printer as the directions suggested). Making sure that I did not touch the exposed "computer chip" area of the cartridge, I gently pressed down on it as it clicked into place. I then decided to print something to make sure everything was okay, but when the pages came out, they were all blank. The printer head was moving back and forth like it was printing, but when the sheet came out, there was no ink on it. I then decided to change my printer preferences to remove the "Black Ink Only" setting, in order to test the other colors. However, when I tried printing again, the page still came out blank. I then ran the "Head Cleaning" job and still that did nothing to correct the problem.

At this point, I decided to then take out the new cartridge and reinsert the old one, to see if the problem lay in the new cartridge itself; but when I put the old cartridge back in, and printed a page, nothing printed yet again. At this point, the red ink light did come on and I went through all the steps again for changing a low ink cartridge. I shook the new cartridge several times again before placing it back into the printer, but again this did not work because after trying to print again, I still got blank pages.

I then decided to run a "Nozzle Check". The printout had some faint blue, red and yellow lines this time, with skipping in the red line, but no black lines appeared at all. I then ran the "Head Cleaning" job again and still that didn't fix anything. Next I decided to run a "Printer Check" by turning both the computer and printer off and detaching the printer cable. Again I got the same printout that I received from the "Nozzle Check" - blue, red and yellow lines, with skipping in the red line, and no black lines appearing.

Does anyone have some suggestions as to what I need to do? Should I try shaking the cartridge several more times or running more "Head Cleaning" jobs? Please advise. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your attention in this matter,
I am having the same problem, but with my C80.. Please help usssss!!!!!!!!!:..(
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Melissa: As I already told Alejandro, as an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. It's possible that you may even have an actual HARDWARE PROBLEM [parts problem], or possibly even a clogged printhead assembly. Most of the problems people have are caused by something they did, or did not do and are not always the printers fault. If you removed the old cartridge and left it out for over 30 minutes, that lets air into the "printhead nozzles", they can dry out and clog. When you remove your cartridge and then reinstalled it, you lost the internal pressure inside the cartridge and allowed air to get into the nozzles. With no pressure inside the cartridge, the air can dry out the nozzles, causing a clog...Epsons need to be used often to keep the tiny printhead nozzles open. If you happen to be using refilled or non-Epson ink cartridges then its even worse on the printhead assemblies and you may not actually be able get the printhead assembly to work again. You might want to try using the "printhead cleaning kit", available through the home page on "fixyourownprinter.com" and see if you can get the printhead nozzles to open up again. Its around $10.00 and includes a syringe and the RED Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution, which is the best cleaning fluid to use, by far. This fluid is capable of disolving most clogs, especially if you use Epson inks. If it does not work, then its generally time to replace the printhead or the printer. Although the kit is not designed for the "C80" series printers or the newer Epson Ink Jet Style Printers, the red fluid and syringe can still be used the same way. The main difference is the instruction for the FELT PAD/CAP ASSEMBLY. The C80 series and newer printers, use a different stlye "cap assembly" that does not use a felt pad, so you have to ignore that portion of the instructions...REMEMBER: The "nozzles" inside the printhead assembly can be easily damaged by using to much force. Damage can even occur when you are using the correct cleaning method: the RED Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution and Syringe, found in the "printhead cleaning kit" sold off the printer repair site. If you try to force the fluids thru the nozzle, the nozzles can be seriously damaged. The correct method is to use the syringe to add the fluid into the nozzle and then leave the fluids set inside the nozzle for several hours, to try and dissolve the clog....Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I can not fix the problem with my c 82 at all. it says "no ink cartridge installed". I really do not know what to do at all!!!
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Brent: Are you using compatible cartridges? Can you see any damage in the eletric contacts touching the intellidge chip on the cartridge?
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Brent: Unless you have been using refilled ink cartridges, refilling your own cartridges, or using non Epson ink [third party or generic ink] and your "C82" is less than a year old, warranty will take care of your problem. Just call "Epson Customer Relations Department" at 562-276-1311 and they will arrange for a WHOLE UNIT EXCHANGE for you. Epson will send you a replacement printer, with a return shipping label and instructions for the return of the defective printer to them...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I just purchased the stylus c82 and I am not impressed price $79.00. I have used and sold cannon,hp,lexmark,etc. This is the only printer that I have tested with clients that if you use third party cartridge or ink it will clog the jets. So I took this week old printer and placed it in the trash. Epson needs to work on this model printer, at the cost of epson new cartidges clients need an alternative (cartidge cost as much as the printer) I see how Epson makes their money. I am staying with the other companies.
In-Touch Computers
Albuquerque, New Mexico
PS same problems with new Epson cartidges.
Good Luck to all
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Your analisys is incomplete: the cartridge price is high but the cost per page (only ink) is the lowest among all the printers today available on the market.
About the third-party cartriges, it simply seems to me that epson cannot be considered responsible for the poor quality of these products.
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I have similar problem with my Epson 880 jhe
printer goes through the motions but the paper
comes out blank. I was considering the C82 but
having read the above comments Iam wondering
if this is a wise choice.
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I have similar problem with my Epson 880 jhe
printer goes through the motions but the paper
comes out blank. I was considering the C82 but
having read the above comments Iam wondering
if this is a wise choice.
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I just had the same problem with no printing after installing new cartridges. All Epson authorized cartridges, followed the directions, installed the new ones right after removing the old, cleaned the heads 6 times. If an air pocket in the cartride caused the head to dry out I wouldn't think that's a very good design. Anyway, looks like I'll be buying a print head cleaner. I paid $60 for the cartridges, now $10 for the kit. Amazon is selling the C82 for $80 with cartideges. For the time I spent with the printer it makes since just to buy a new C82 when the cartridges run out.
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We just replaced the ink cartridges in our 6 month old c82. Now we do not have any color. Repetitive cleanings have done nothing to solve the problem. We will not be purchasing another Epson.
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I am having the same problems. I have now used a set of compatable cartridges and they print like rubbish. **BUT** if I print in photo quality, it is 100\% spot on.

I am sure that ink cannot be supplied fast enough in economy print, that is the feeling I get.

It also doesn't make me happy when the printer driver conveniently informs me that the cartridges are not genuine. It is easy for software to produce rubbish results if they detect non-genuine cartridges.

I certainly wouldn't recommend this printer.
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This is what worked for me : i applied a little alchohol , about one drop, on the nozzles , and the colors worked fine.
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this is what worked for me : i applied a little alchohol on the nozzles of the cartrige, about one drop, and the colors worked fine
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the same thing happened to me I replaced a cartridge and that color stopped printing. after repeated cleaning cycles the other colors ran out and after replacing them I get nothing. Can anyone offer anymore advice? or failing that can they recommend a non epson printer that has lasted more than a year?

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I have had similar problems with not being able to print after changing cartridges. I changed my magenta cartridge using an actual Epson replacement when the indicator showed that it was empty. At the same time, the Yellow and Cyan were low but not empty. The printer then failed to print in Magenta, though yellow and cyan printed ok.

By the time I ran a couple of charging and cleaning cycles, the cyan and yellow showed out as well, so I replaced them. Now nothing except my Black cartridge prints and it is about half full.

This was the first time I changed color cartridges though I had changed the black cartridge previously. Could the nozzles have SUDDENLY become clogged?

Any advice appreciated.
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after I posted earlier I complained to epson and office depot where i purchased the replacement cartridges. Epson was no assistance and told me that because I leave my printer on almost all of the time that caused my problem. I also challenged them on the fact that the printer worked until I installed their ceritfied replacement cartridges so I wanted them to fix my printer because of faulty cartridges. They didnt buy that either. Anyway I now have a epson that doesnt work that I am saving in the hope that I will find someway to fix it in the future because I did like the printer. But from now on I will print on my new Canon I560 printer. Basically Epson corp was not interested satisfying a good epson customer. Maybe they thought I was using aftermarket inks or something. Who knows. If any epson reps read this I sincerely hope they note that I replaced the epson with a canon.
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Ditto on the Problem!
All new Epson Cartridges (About $70) and I'm getting Blank Pages. I cleaned the heads and checked the nozzlesd and no luck. It would have been cheaper to get a new printer...an HP that is.
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I ended up having the authorized repair center give me a reconditioned replacement. Seems fine now.
Wish I had my old Stylus Scan 2500 working -- my wife blew it up by plugging it into the wrong voltage here in the UK.
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What a piece of crap the C82 is. Mine was working fine too, until I replaced cartridges with CERTIFIED EPSON CARTRIDGES!

I saw the alchohol solution and I have some questions regarding it. Where should you apply the alchohol? How do you get to the print nozzles? Do you just pull the cartridges and put the drop where the ink goes into the print head?

After reading the posts here and experiencing this problem, I will never buy another Epson printer and I highly recommend that other people do the same.
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You could use alcohol but plain water will do the same thing and is safer to use on the face of the print head but never inject it into the print head.

For info on how to correctly clean the print head click here http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/printhead.html you can get the Epson print head cleaning solution from here if you need it http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kea0.html. The cleaning solution is made by Epson and will work on a clogged print head.

I hope this helps.


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There is a lot of info about the c82 printers and the print cleaning solution specifically mentions the C80 as an exception. Any one cleaned a C80?
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You can still use the print head cleaning solution they sell here. It will clean the print heads but the C80 is known for poor print quality so if you have always had poor print quality it won't help that.

But if you have a clogged print head where it no longer prints a color or colors or all black the print head cleaning solution will help.

If you need the link for the cleaning solution here it is. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kea0.html

I hope this helps.

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Seems as if my answer to this question is on this thread. Just a worthless printer, it seems.

My eighteen month old Epson C80 has given me fits in decent printing. Originally, and when the printer was new, I used supplied Epson cartridges. As I remember the printing was satisfactory. After that I purchased cartridges from a couple of manufacturer's, but I have had unsatisfactory results in printing and completely using the contents of these cartridge.

Now, I have a generic black on my C80 with the need for replacing the Cyan and Magenta cartridges. I have replacement Epson products for this replacement.

I want to determine if I have a printer malfunction, or an ink problem before possibly having the printer service.

What cleaning technique should I use before installing the two color Epson Cartridges? On this
site I have read about using a little distilled water, dabbing with a Q-tip, etc. Is this enough?

Thank You,
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You can try these directions http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/printhead.html for cleaning the print head. And the link below might help explain a clogged print head after changing the ink cartridges.


I hope this helps.

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Jim: Unless the printheads on your printer are actually clogged, I would not worry about trying to clean them. If any of the nozzles are not open or firing when you run a "Nozzle Test", then you could always try using a "Printhead Cleaning Kit", to see if you can get those nozzles open. The printhead cleaning kit sold by the "fixyourownprinter.com" printer repair site, say they are not designed for the "C80" printers. Although the kit IS NOT designed for the "C" series printers [such as the C60, C80 or C82] or the NEWER SERIES of Epson Ink Jet Style Printers, the fluid and syringe can still be used in the same way. The syringe and Epson Fluids that come in the kit are still the best thing to try, if yoy have a possible CLOG. The main difference is the instructions for the FELT PAD/CAP ASSEMBLY. The "C80/C82" series and newer "C" series printers, use a different style "cap assembly" that does not use a felt pad, so you have to ignore that portion of the instructions...If you want to try using the "printhead cleaning kit", it's available through the home page on "fixyourownprinter.com". Its around $10.00 plus shipping and I'm told that it includes a syringe and some Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution. The Epson fluid is designed to dissolve most clogs, especially if you were using Epson inks. You can try it if you want to and see if you can get the printhead nozzles to open up again...Check for an e-mail from me, with some other information..."WES" HAS SUPPLIED A LINK THAT MIGHT ALSO HELP: If you want to see what's involved in print head cleaning try this link. http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/printhead.html ...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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It is fixable. There is a solution (on this site but i can't find it now.)Look for the thread that suggests how to reconnect the plastic tube under the cleaning pad, under where the cartridges sit. It's fiddly but not impossible and I mended mine with instructions found on this site.
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I've found the thread again to fix your Epson - instructions posted by AVTECH on how to reconnect the plastic tube underneath. Thank you, it really worked. Search the thread that starts with "Epsom C82 not printing" & look for references to Avtechs suggestions
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You may be speaking of the "Dura Brite Blank Output Information Page", at http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/duraink.html . JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: It seems like most of the problems are not actually related to clogging, or even a bad or empty ink cartridge, but is usually more of a hardware/parts failure, but no way for me to really know. The most common failure seems to happen most of the time, just by simply repacing the ink cartridges, or simply happens during normal use of the printer. The most common problem found on some of the newer "C" & "CX" printers, is the tubing on the cap assembly becomes disconnected. The cap assembly can't clean the print head if the tube is detached. That information page may be of some help on your printers possible problem, if that tube has actually come off...Denny Conway
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Yes, that's the tube. Pictures are useful but the AVTECH thread contained invaluable info on how to get the case off the printer, where to find the loose tube - under the little foam pad beneath where the cartridges usually sit - for the complete amateur who has no idea what a cap assembly is. Might i suggest you give it greater prominence as a potential solution as it doesn't always come up in the printer questions & answers. It is very gratifying not to have to add to the mountains of scrap printers in this throwaway world. - julia warin
when i put my new ink carriage in my printer when i press print on my Epson c82 its saying makesure it's in the write port.
So when i press print after a few times the sign go's but then when i do work and i want to print no black ink is coming out i only bought the ink yesterday. i am really not happy about this!!!
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Try looking underneath where the cartridges usually sit to see if there is a loose tube. If so look up the instructions posted by AVTECH to re-attach it. it's very fiddly but my printer has been working fine since I did it.
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I purchsed 2 black and 1 each of the other 3 colors cartridges from the same manufaturer - not original EPSON brand.
I used up all black ink in the last 2 months and still have 1/2 of each of the other three colors.
When I replaced the black ink cartridge, it said it is charging the ink on the 1st time bud did not print black at all. So I cleaned the Nozzle with alcohol and after that and putting back the new black cartridge it says "Ink out" on message BLACK T0321.
Any help is appretaited
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my c82 worked fine. After I run the clean header utiliy,
now when I print out red color. It comes out magenta and no
yellow color either. Any idea what's wrong?
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March 28, 2006

Interesting to see how many years back this thread goes, and still no solution! I wonder if Epson has any clue that this is a brand image problem for them.

Anyway, I'm having the same problem with my RX500, which worked perfectly for 13 months. In month 14 (last month) I replaced an Epson black cartridge with an Epson black cartridge and voila! no more black printing. I have never used anything but Epson brand cartridges in the machine, and I never refill them, so it's not either of those possibilities. I use the printer all day, every day, and turn it off when not in use.

This is the first time I've had something go wrong. Out of frustration I turned the thing off for the weekend and when I came back on Monday morning it suddenly worked again. At least it did until that black ink cartridge ran out, today. I just replaced the cartridge and now it doesn't work again - nozzle check prints everything except black.

I find it hard to believe that the printhead could dry up and clog in the 2 seconds between taking the old cartridge out and putting the new one in, especially since this didn't happen once during the entire first year.

Why would a hardware failure suddenly occur during the changing of a cartridge, reverse itself after "resting" for the weekend, and now re-occur when another new cartridge is installed? Very weird.


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I have a C66 - I have been TRYING to print my invitations for my wedding. I dread it when the ink runs out. I can never get it them to print again. I run all the maintenance programs. Its total pants, i will definatly not purchase another epson.

I have the same problem if you print in normal mode the text comes out really faint like its starving the ink, so i have to print on photo and best picture.

Its 8.00am i have been sitting at my pc for 2 hours trying to get the black to print. i would like to put a hammer through it righ now. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *SCREAM*
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have a c62, it sucks can't get new cartridge to put oout any black ink
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Can't advise about C62 but my C82 is still working after following the instructions I found here for reconnecting tube underneath the cartridges. That was 2 years ago, back in 2005. - Anonymous
i have epson 1290 that won't print some colurs after changing the catridges ,i have tried clening but nothing positive has come by,where do i order a print head for replacement as a last resort

Somebody help out there please...

L Mohase
Southern Afica
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I replace the blacck ink but I face withe big problme, the printer trinte two lines but the thirde printe only the tope of the line
this probleme akerd only withe the black,for athere colores ther is no probleme.
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