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Epson XP-305

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Epson XP-305 by Destery (12/17/13 4:40 AM) reply + / -
I brought an epson xp-305 printer about a week ago, and I've ordered new ink which came today. I put the ink into the printer, and tested it to see if it would work by scanning a piece of paper with writing on it. Anyway, y printer prints nothing. I've tried doing the system maintenance; nozzle and head clean, as well as head alignment. What do I do?

Re: Epson XP-305 by philly5706 (12/17/13 12:05 PM) reply + / -
Have you tried printing from your computer or only tried scanning?
Do you hear the scan head moving? I'm not familiar with this specific model but most of them work the same way. Try printing and post the results here.


Re: Epson XP-305 by Guus (11/3/14 12:05 PM) reply + / -
You probably already fixed it by now, but for the record, you probably did not remove the seal on top of the cardrigdes.

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