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HP Photosmart 5514 not printing black ink

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HP Photosmart 5514 not printing black ink by lisa zido (8/19/13 7:30 PM) reply + / -

my printer is no longer printing black only. The other colors work fine. I've tried the Clean Printhead option several times, and printing test pages and aligning the cartridges. Nothing makes it work. I've tried resetting it, and cleaning the screen with a damp cloth to make sure there are no dried ink clots. I've tried replacing the cartridge with a brand new genuine HP cartridge. Still nothing. And of course HP won't help me whatsoever because it is out of warranty according to them, so I can't even call them without them charging me $25.00. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to try removing the printhead and cleaning that manually, however I can't figure how to remove it.

Thank you in advance,

Lisa Z.

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