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Epson 630 close the scanner unit error

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Epson 630 close the scanner unit error by bcblackwell (2/16/13 9:30 PM) reply + / -
The scanner unit is closed but the screen repeatedly says to "close the scanner unit". Turning off the unit does not fix the problem.

Answer: after researching the problem, I found the answer. Open the scanner unit. In the top part that was raised up, just under the word Epson (on the left front side), there is a small section about an inch long cut out from the rest of the panel. In that cut-out section there is a small projection. That projection is what presses down the lever so that the printer thinks the scanner unit is closed. I got some scissors and pressed it down the lever (in the bottom part of the printer), and it printed just fine. After determining this was the cause of the issue, I put a few strips of scotch tape over that projection in the top bit. This gives is just that little bit of extra to push down the lever and everything is back to normal again.

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