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epson power supply

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epson power supply by faceyeah (6/15/12 8:24 PM) reply + / -
i have a epson t23 that is the same model of epson d92.
the thing is that yesterday I was printing and my printer turn off and canīt turn on. I test the power supply and is good but low the energy. I need the electric circuit diagram of the power supply , is a eps-117e of epson the same of t23 or d92. please need .
Thank you very much

Re: epson power supply by faceyeah (6/15/12 8:28 PM) reply + / -
I forget this :
The model number on the power supply motherboard is EPS-117E and I believe the part number and description of the power supply itself is 1465598 POWER SUPPLY UNIT 200V ASP.

thank you very much

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