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Epson Stylus R360 - memory card problem

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Epson Stylus R360 - memory card problem by nicktalbot (edited 5/1/12 5:51 AM) reply + / -
Very grateful if anyone can suggest a fix for this:

We have an Epson Stylus R360 photo printer. Of its memory card slots the CF and Sony type memory cards work perfectly - but the unit has decided to take issue with SD cards and declares that it cannot recognise the memory card. Lots of different SD cards have been tried.

A reset to factory settings has made no difference.

If anyone has any suggestions - other than getting a new printer - they'd be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Re: Epson Stylus R360 - memory card problem by Wes (5/3/12 11:26 AM) reply + / -
Maybe the SD card slot contacts are dirty. Fold a piece of paper around the SD card. And try installing it a few times. The paper will act as a light abrasive and clean the contacts. Be careful not to rip the paper.

That is the easiest thing to try first.

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