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cartridges set to default quality

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cartridges set to default quality by Bateson (1/12/12 2:51 PM) reply + / -
I changed the color cartridge on my new HP DeskJet 3054A (a freebie from Apple) for the first time, followed the instructions to print and scan the alignment page, then got the error message: Alignment Failed Cartridges are set to default quality.
I have reinserted the cartridge several times and even reinserted the old cartridge. I get the same error message and when I have tried printing anyway the color is wrong.
I have, of course tried switching stuff off and on.
I have little technical knowledge, so if anyone is good enough to help please bear this in mind!

Re: cartridges set to default quality by sue o (1/12/12 3:26 PM) reply + / -
You need to replace your color cartridge, it is faulty.

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