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7600 Error 100000E0

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7600 Error 100000E0 by Joelwb (12/13/11 10:29 AM) reply + / -
I just got the above error message (Error 100000E0), and all lights are flashing
on the control panel. I have gotten the advise that the main board is bad. I can
get a main board for about $375. The head is good as yet, but a new head would
cost about $500. I would abandon it at that point.
My questions are:
Can I easily change the mainboard?
Do I need software to calibrate?
Can I get the software?
Is it worth it?
I print Peizography on this machine through StudioPrint. The new Epson 7890 or
7900 will not allow this. I have funnel fill carts for this printer, and if I
were to replace it with a 7800 I would need new carts as well and would have to
spend about $2000 for an old printer.

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