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Brother MFC-8640D paper jam issue resolved

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Brother MFC-8640D paper jam issue resolved by kikikikopa (9/7/11 11:48 AM) reply + / -
My solution to solving the so called "phantom paper jam" was to replace the circuit board that has the optical switches that control the paper jam mechanism. It's located under the machine and is fairly easy to replace. The cost was about $30 with shipping and is available online from Spare parts Wareshouse. The part is: BROTHER - LJ9274001 - Factory Direct ENGINE PCB ASSY; DCP8025D/MFC8820D/MFC8820DN. This was a tricky problem to troubleshoot and I was unable to find this solution anywhere online despite spending a lot of time looking. Hopefully my discovery helps others keep their MFC-8640D up and running for a long time to come.

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