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Brother DCP-J125 Paper Jammed Problem

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Brother DCP-J125 Paper Jammed Problem by ipilgraphics (6/30/11 11:39 PM) reply + / -
Please help me with my Brother DCP-J125 all in one printer, my problem is if i send a document to the printer will error says "unable to print" when i open the back cover of the printer, i notice that the paper is jammped.... if i put only one paper on a paper tray, there is no problem... if i put more paper the printer were jammed

Re: Brother DCP-J125 Paper Jammed Problem by Graham Hodder (12/5/11 3:01 PM) reply + / -
My Brother DCP-J125 printer is one year old and had given no problems.
It has just started jammimg on normal 80gsm paper. Sometimes it jams with the paper screwed up, sometimes the paper feeds through to the white serrated (?) plastic strip running across the bed under the scanner.

Can you suggest the best thing to do?


Graham Hodder

Re: Brother DCP-J125 Paper Jammed Problem by akram ali (4/2/12 5:55 AM) reply + / -
unable to print 5A

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