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Canon MX860 doc feeder problem

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Canon MX860 doc feeder problem by chas045 (11/9/10 2:43 PM) reply + / -
My Canon mx860 is over a year old but I never actually got the automatic document feeder to work (out of warranty now). It doesn't pick up the paper. There is a little lever that the paper pushes down as the paper is manually pushed over it. The printer beeps when this happens. I assume this is supposed to tell me that I have loaded the paper. When I ask the printer or software to copy the document, I hear a soft noise or click but nothing happens and then I get some message that I have forgotten (couple of weeks since I called canon about this, with no actual help other then pointing out the lever) that indicates that I need to feed the document.

Any idea what I might look for to get the paper to pick up? I suspect the roller doesn't move but the cover needs to be down to make it run so I can't be sure.

Re: Canon MX860 doc feeder problem by shortbutsweet45420 (5/22/11 4:36 PM) reply + / -
The Cannon website has instructions how to clean the document rollers (which the printer will perform). To see the instructions go to the following link:


FAQ ID: 8200384500

It helped me. I haven't had any problems with my printer, which I've have for nearly two years, until I experienced the same error. I thought I would have to replace the rollers, but I followed the roller cleaning instructions and I experienced no more problems.

Perhaps it will help you too.

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