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Brother HL-5370DW: Replace Toner

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Brother HL-5370DW: Replace Toner by ZippyDan (9/13/10 8:31 AM) reply + / -
My Brother printer insists that it is time to replace the toner cartridge (Toner light is solid orange, Satus light is solid red).

I have tried replacing the toner with brand new 3rd party and OEM toners. It still tells me to replace the toner.

I have reset all factory settings.

I have tried taping over (what I think is) the toner sensor.

It still tells me to replace the toner and will not print.

Any thoughts?

Re: Brother HL-5370DW: Replace Toner by Prestine (9/26/11 11:32 AM) reply + / -
I can confirm the prior comments. I have an HL-5370DW, and my toner light had been coming on for 4-5 days when printing before it finally refused to print. I looked around and discovered that Brother has built in various you-must-buy-new-toner mechanisms into its printers. To defeat them:

1. Open the door, and remove the toner from its carriage. Apply electrical tape/a sticker/something dark and sticky to the clear plastic windows on BOTH sides of the toner cartridge. Replace toner in carriage. (marking with permanent marker is no longer enough, brother has upgraded their lasers)

2. Run the toner reset sequence (taken from Ananda Q)
2.1. With Printer off open the toner door
2.2. Hold the Go button as you turn the printer on.
2.3. All lights will turn on. Keep holding Go until status light goes off.
2.4. Press the Go button 2x.
2.5. The Paper, Drum & Toner light will come on
2.6. Press Go 6x
2.7. Status light will turn red
2.8. Close the front.

Worked like a charm.

Re: Brother HL-5370DW: Replace Toner by sonny3010 (3/7/12 6:00 PM) reply + / -
Yup, like a charm, THX!

Re: Brother HL-5370DW: Replace Toner by ishredthecello (8/7/12 6:49 AM) reply + / -
I use whiteout to cover the holes, that seems to do the trick.

Re: Brother HL-5370DW: Replace Toner by msliz (12/20/13 5:06 PM) reply + / -
Well I tried everything and THIS WORKED!!

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