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Paper jam in HP Laserjet m2727nf

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Paper jam in HP Laserjet m2727nf by JSexton (9/3/10 1:40 PM) reply + / -
My HP m2727nf began jamming recently, but only when printing in duplex mode. Same behavior every time: page two is printed successfully, then I get a jam message. The paper is stuck behind the back panel with maybe half an inch of paper showing in the top bin. It's not wrinkled or folded at all. There are two dark marks on one side, presumably from the rollers that it gets stuck on. I get the same behavior whether it's from the manual feed tray or the automatic paper tray. I don't hear any unusual noise coming from the printer. Any ideas?

Re: Paper jam in HP Laserjet m2727nf by Stephen (9/4/10 6:39 PM) reply + / -
Have you checked the duplexor to see if there is any paper in it?

What is the error code displayed on the panel? (and any message)

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