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Ip 100 eror 6a00

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Ip 100 eror 6a00 by Moz (6/24/10 8:08 PM) reply + / -
I have a Canon PIXMA iP100 which recently came up with an error (6A00).
I GOOLED it and soon found I was not the only one having this problem. I read some fix-it stories and think I have a handle on the basic problem. The trouble is everyone else has bigger printers then me (600 and 800 and such) and they seem to come apart a little easier them my 100. I am reasonably good with my hands (or so my girl-friend says). I got the screws out of the casing and managed to pry it apart a little, but there must be some holding lugs that I canít see as the case refuses to come away from the casing. I am a little handicapped as I donít have many tools, but have managed to get this far with a tire iron, a hammer and a wire brush.
Is there anyone who has pulled a 100 apart and can help me do the same thing.

Re: Ip 100 eror 6a00 by Stitchintime (7/20/10 4:55 PM) reply + / -
Check out the forum for: S530D 5C00 Error-Waste Ink? Below is my post after using those solutions. They worked!
You don't need to take the printer apart, only get the ink cartridges moved all the way to the left, then remove the ink pads on the right. CAREFULLY - use tweezers and don't drop them into the works.

I used these two year old solutions to fix my Canon Pixma ip100. After calling my local service and Best Buy, who both advised me it would probably cost more than $100 to have them fix it, I was told by my local print guy to check this site out (bless his heart - LOVE small town living.) I moved the ink carriages over manually - very carefully - while the unit was still completely unconnected (the carriages wouldn't move when it was on anyway) - popped up the two ink pads and using hair dye gloves so I didn't end up inked, pressed the pads between paper towels until no more ink released...then pressed paper towel all over the pad containers and area. Popped the pads back in, attached the cords, plugged it in, connected it to the laptop, then turned on the unit..ran maintenance (aligning and cleaning) and she's working just fine now. For now. Text is printing cleanly and photos are printing nicely. Maybe a touch less sharpness than before, but good enough for government work! Sure beats a new printer - thank you all so very much for sharing.

Re: Ip 100 eror 6a00 by jillcant (4/12/11 11:40 AM) reply + / -
I bought the 2nd Canon iP100, and was ready to discard the 1st one when I stumbled onto this site and read the advice by Stitchintime who suggested moving the ink cartridges to the left then lifting out the pads and removing excess ink with paper toweling. Thank you! Thank you! It also worked for me. Don't know how long it will work, but it is great to not have to take this little gem of a printer to recycling.

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